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Astrology channel in English (with English subtitles).

1. Bollywood hollywood film or glamour industry astrological yogas

2. Political yogas in astrology President, minister, mp, mla politics l elections predictions

3. Visa issues, foreign travel, foreign settlement, green card, citizenship astrology

4. Hypnotism, Mass hypnotism , sammohan, superstition in astrology

5. black magic, evil eye evil spirits, witchcraft, sorcery, paranormal in astrology

6. Vashikaran, akarshan, mesmerism, seduction astrology

7. Supernatural, ghosts, devil, genie, demons in astrology

8. Speculation,unexpected winnings, sudden gains or financial windfall in astrology

9. Betting, gambling, stock market, shares, lottery in astrology

10. Career, Job, Business, Foreign travel settlement , visa, green card using astrology

11. Enemy problems, enemies, litigation, court cases, conspiracy, betrayal using astrology

12. Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

13. Can we bring or get lost love back using astrology Do vashikaran, akarshan,hypnosis, mesmerism exists?

14. Seek help of guardians, angels, spirits in astrology l Horary astrology

15.Vaastu shastra consultant, India

16.Real estate astrology l property lucky charms

17.Planetary influence and waves theory


18. Spirits, magic and mysticism experiences

19. Is there a fix for all problems using astrology Know the odds

20. time buy sell flip using astrology

21. Astrology – Betting big on mystic charts and spirits




Youtube channel subscribe direct  link