Vashikaran, akarshan, mesmerism, seduction astrology

Vashikaran, akarshan, mesmerism, seduction astrology


I get lot of enquiries from people asking about Vashikaran, akarshan, mesmerism, seduction topics. Of course attraction factors, subjugation, infatuation, psychological factors, hypnosis are part of dark occult and tantra. In my years of astrology practise, I have seen lot of occult energies, spirits, magical objects, animal mysticism, magical talisman, amulets for protection, popularity, fame, gemstones which brought luck for certain configurations.

Attraction, beauty and seduction, charm, charisma, good looks, skin complexion, body language, nature, character and attitude of a person makes all the difference in this world. Interestingly, I have seen people posessing natural or mysterious aura, no matter wherever they go, they attract people in their way.There is something strange in the personailty, which drools people to them. Even attracting the opposite gender, if appropriate. The vibes (or prabhav) is very strong and may lead to opportunities like interviews, busine ss proposal, someone you have aspired to meet for a long time, suddenly shows interest in you and a meeting takes place.

Are you not confident about your beauty, looks and charm? Anything is possible through tantra and spirits help.

A lot of people approach us for help in relationship matters, marriage, find love or soulmate. The spirit possess such kind of irrestible charm, charisma, aura and what we call sex appeal. This comes under vashikaran, akarshan or attraction, seduction tantra. There are simple meditation and exercises to connect with spirits, if interested.

Note: Many such posts are hidden from public view. We only share if appropriate and cases, we find appropriate to avoid misuse and abuse. The above post is just a general introduction. I can instantly demonstrate on how to connect with such spirits energies, if interested. (first hand experience.) Depending upon your chakra and energy levels, you can either connect instantly, or few days.

Spirit have access to attraction energies, similar to hypnosis. This is just one post. There are 5+ posts about such hidden tantra in my website.

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Those seeking help for marriage, dating or seeking astrology or spirits help to find soulmate, these arts can be appropriate. There is a lot to say about this topic, in my years of experience dealing with different people, and I can write a whole 100+ pages book about it. Karma has a a major factor to play. Some people due to their good planetary combination, can naturally attract people in their way. But 98% of people, need some kind of spirits and astrology help in matters leading to attraction, beauty, seduction, marriage, dating issues.

Everything is attraction and beauty and world revolves around it. You brought something online or new gadget online, because of attraction. That object attracted you. The same applies for cars, house, clothes and luxury items. Even many opportunities are connected with it. The vibes and spirits moves on different frequencies and dimensions, astral plane and science cannot explain it.

Even I have seen lot of cases, with people of different skin complexion, high disparity in social status, get into love and even get married. Wonder what is the factor? Human aura are of different types.

If you are not confident about your beauty or looks, spirits can say what can be done? If you have issues in marriage, or still single or finding difficult to find a soulmate, spirits can help if appropriate. It aligns your energy with someone of different frequencies, leading to a meeting. It’s all about charm and attraction. One who has beauty, attraction and seduction energies either naturally or with the help of spirits help, always have an edge in many matters. A consultation is mandatory if you are interested, to analyse the energy levels.

A lot of my astrology followers are into cosmetic surgery, fashion and most of them share their experiences with me. Spirits have access to attraction, beauty and seduction abilities and its upto them to share with people who align with their principles. Each and every case is different and not all cases can be approved. There are lot of house rules and ethics involved and most important karma.

All these things are hidden under Tantra. Your heart, relationship and sexuality chakras, may be blocked and you may need spirits help to polarise those chakras.  There are certain people spirits doesn’t want to work with or align like atheists or who just don’t align with their principles. Spirits can instantly give me the outcome using mystic charts, whether they are responsive to your case or not. Spirits can sense things not visible to human eye. So as soon as you ask me a question, I just ask the spirits as medium and it gives me a clear picture instantly. Please read FAQ page in this website for more information.

Beauty, attraction and seduction topics in astrology are very popular. But I have never seen people discussing about it in public domain. Perhaps people too shy or just skip it. Certain mystic exercises or meditation can help you to connect with spirit energies, if I find appropriate. People call them in different terms, in different parts of the globe. Many amulets, talismans, herbs energised and enchanted using special ritual done on planetary hours, animal spirits and many hidden gauardians are invoked for this purpose. Such energies do exist. History has proved that. But occult and tantra is always kept a secret among the followers. It is not for everyone. It requires good and stable mental condition, karma, attitude, character which matters to the spirit.

Vashikaran means attracting someone to your charm. There are certain principles and house rules to follow. Such energies do exist. If you have good looks or natural good skin complexion, you have an edge, though not necessary. I have seen people in love with each other of different skin complexion, dark and white skin or completely different skin complexions, personality and looks. Wonder what is the attraction factor or some magic?
Such people are very lucky. It is something in their personality, that makes people drool over them. Vashikaran is similar to attraction and love spells in the west.

Akarshan means making yourself attractive. There is something which triggers some psychological attraction in them. There are certain spirits which can help you on this purpose. Most of the people approach me, their love got turned down, just because of skin complexion, marriage denied due to skin complexion. There are certain exercises which can help to polarise the chakras and make yourself attractive. Perhaps your heart, relationship and sexuality chakras and blocked and need some occult help.

Mesmerism is holding the gaze of a big crowd or group. There are certain astrological combinations, who do possess hypnotic powers. But they are 1 in million. Even right guidance is required to make use of the hidden potential.

In this world everything is controlled by beauty, attraction, sex appeal irrestible charm, shamans and magicians. Sudden acne breakouts and skin disorders are play of black magicians.

After enemy problems, the major problem among my astrology followers are confidence issues. Confidence is always connected with beauty and good looks. Never be intimidated by office politics, relatives, spouse, own siblings.
Many of my astrology followers are also having lot of issues in marriage and even divorced. If they had that irrestible charm, it would have never happened. There are certain spirits in tantra, whose vibes and prabhav are very powerful, it attracts many people in its way. Similar to hypnosis. No shy! You can discuss such issues with me. Even there is tantra for sexual wellness and aura.

Are you single and still not married?
This spirits can pull someone for you and also for second marriage. It aligns someone with similar sexual frequencies in your way. Everything is energy!

It gives a glow to your face, psychological attraction triggers, no matter what is your skin tone (white or dark) people will be drawn and interested
in you, and you may receive lot of flirting signals, friendship requests and proposals. You are reponsible about how you handle this sudden surge in attractive vibes.  Not only face looks attractive, even full body changes, once you meditate on this. Age bar less than 60 is ideal. Similar to hypnosis.

I have personally seen lot of my astrology clients, found a partner, a soulmate, attact someone matching with their energies. High sex appeal and paranormal energies. The spirit is very friendly and has few simple principles and house rules to follow.

Your enemies may be casting a spell to look ugly, sudden acne breakouts and other skin disorders. I have seen many cases. Evil eye! There is a way to protect from such influences.

There are lot of mature topics in this link.