Indian tantra is very big, mysterious and hidden

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Can astrology and tantra deal with enemies? Even unknown enemies like theives, critics, gossip people who act on your back. In my 8+ years of experience, I have seen many magic. You can get enemies or anyone to get accident, hands and legs broken, deadly disease, heart attack. I have personally seen it. You should be in astrology and tantra field to experience and see such things. My spirits can also connect with any person and give instant answers.

I get lot of spell requests, to fight against black magic, evil eye and tantra problems. There are certain ethics involved. If my spirits say the person is speaking truth, I may interfere, otherwise not.

It doesn’t matter how rich powerful or strong your enemies is, we can always teach them a lesson using tantra. I have made 2 videos for same for more clarity..

1. Justice spells in astrology

2. Tantra constructive and destructive energies.

Court cases, enemy attacks, assaults, abuse, malicious people are everywhere. My loyal followers contact me on daily basis. I may cast spells if appropriate. Just because you don’t like a person or jealous is not reason. I may end up blocking you permanently, if my spirits say you are not speaking facts. But serious cases, grave injustice I do consider. This tantra is not for kids or immature people. I do have lot of serious people or followers. Within days or1 to 2 weeks, I have seen such people get into accidents, divide 2 people, hands or legs broken he he. Top secrets of tantra and astrology.

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Once you are attacked by enemies, false allegations, injustice, abuse, insult you will be serious right? We only need serious people who align with our beliefs. You too should meditate simple exercises from your end for at least 20 min  a day for full power and please spirits. I will provide all background support. I have written a blog post and many videos  about enemy problems, tantra, black magic. He he

Our astrology is based on strong foundation of karma and tantra. I personally believe in lot of tantric traditions and Indian tantra is so big, mysterious and most of the occult are almost hidden from public view. Selected groups, cults in different parts of world embrace Indian tantra and there are certain rituals every year to honour them. A lot of magic is hidden in Indian tantra. (many years of observation)

Indian tantra is also practised in many european and asian countries and including USA and canada. Lot of shamans (tantriks) and magicians have lot of similarities with Indian tantra, and lot of them approach me for different spell requests, astrology readings. These energies, the spirits and guardians work in mysterious ways.

But there are lot of ethics and principles involved. My spirits can instantly sense your energies and gives a lot of information about you remotely. Please read this FAQ page to know more about it. In simple words, there are certain people whom we don’t deal with and reasons are mentioned in FAQ page.

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Tantra constructive and destructive energies: 

Real astrology is all about tantra. It has constructive and destructive energies. It can even maim and kill a person if necessary. That is appeasing shudra devathas. Black magicians control this world.. If in your astrology chart, if you have certain combinations, you will be attracted to black magic..

 I get lot of spell requests from my loyal followers. Big fights, attacks, murder attempt and many injustice. So spells are justified in cases I find appropriate. Ethics are imp..we may also end up blocking permanently if people with wrong facts. Anything is possible using tantra. Mobile phone explode, things catching fire, engine breakdown, break hands and legs,,vashikaran and hypnosis.

I have made lot of videos about such topics on my YouTube channel. This is what seperates men from boys. We don’t deal with kids and immature people.
Enemies, court cases, attacks are very common for me. Most of my astrology followers own factories, industries and disputes and fights are very common
.so tantra is very important for attack and defense.

 So those wagging tail and ego, i always teach them a lesson.oversmart techie. No chance and no match in front of pancha bhutas. Doesn’t matter how rich, powerful or strong your enemy is. We cab attack them using tantra. He he. Magic is a part of astrology and tantra. It can be used for defensive purposes and even attack if appropriate.