How to seduce and attract someone using hidden tantra.


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I get lot of requests from my loyal astrology subscribers on how to seduce someone using tantra? If you ask me, is it possible? Yes, anything is possible using tantra in matters of love, relationships, seduction.

I have seen 100’s of cases in my astrology career, seduction, subjugation and infatuation tantra hidden powers do exist.

In India, we also call them as vashikaran tantra (subjugation),  akarshan (attraction) and sam mohan (hypnosis or hypnotism). There are certain spirits which have access to such magical abilities in tantra. Any determined and serious person can invoke them and seek their help. Spirits only help, if they find appropriate or if it fits their principles, beliefs systems and each have their own house rules.


Hidden tantra method for seduction, love and relationships:

When my astrology subscribers, both men and women, people  from all walks of life, (boys and girls of all ages) come with such seduction requests for help in love, relationships, marriage, I instantly cast a mystic chart and see the outcome. I can understand whether spirits will help or not, whether your intentions are good or not, your attitude, what he/she is thinking about you? whether he/she has already has certain feelings for you, but want you to say hi or take to the next step or propose him/her. There are many requests, I reject daily, because any odd or something inappropriate, my spirits can sense instantly and conveys me the message through mystic charts and many other mediums. It is similar to mind reading. Your character, behavior and attitude is very important for this simple meditation and exercises.

Tantra seduction, attraction, sex and mysticism

Tantra has all kind of hidden seduction called vashikaran, akarshan, sam moham :

IF I find your case appropriate, we seek the help of mystic charts and invoke spirits. In the west, they also call it as god of love or cupid.There are simple meditation exercises to perform for 20 minutes daily to polarise the sexuality chakras and seek the help of spirits.

They have high seduction charm, aura and vibes, which is irrestible for common man. The person will fall in love with you, within days. Some cases, it has even taken upto 2 weeks or more. It removes the blocks from your relationship chakras, heart chakras, sexuality chakras, which opens door to many proposals, opportunities, dating, marriage proposals, and even birds and bees kind.

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A consultation is very important to determine your karma, chakras and energy levels. Your birth chart or astrology natal chart is not required for this.


Well we have certain principles and ethics to follow. There are certain cupid spirits and god of love which can help in such matters.

The ethics are:

  1. The ethics of seducing someone who doesn’t want to be controlled against their will.
  2. The ethics of seducing someone who is already married to someone.
  3. The ethics of seducing someone who is already in an existing relationship.
  4. The ethics of seducing someone who is very young, and he or she has other priorities in life like job and career first.
  5. The ethics of altering or mind control someone against their free will.


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Seduction tantra for men: 

Seduction tantra, no physical presence and daily communication needed for this. Slowly and steadily as you perform meditation and mystic exercises (20 min a day) I tell you, you will attract lot of women attention in your way, if you are a man. Watch out for flirty and dating signals and always smile and be approachable. (important) It is advised to hangout near supermarkets, malls, parks, community halls and socialize during festivals, fairs, exhibition, coffee shops, birthday party or any kind of social venues. You will posess a sexual aura, which makes you irrestible to women.

This tantra works on different vibrations and frequencies and plane. Women want to interview you, know more about you. Those women, who never cared about you, or looked at you in the past, will suddenly will be obsessed with you, want to date you and they will try to make their physical presence to get your attention. The relationships may also end very cozy and ends up in physical intimacy or sex. It is upto you, where to draw the line.

This tantra is tested and proven in 300+ situations since 2011 for my astrology subscribers, who need help in marriage and relationship issues, patch a lost love or relationships using tantra. There are also many requests, I have denied and rejected in the past. My spirits can sense that.

It is somewhat similar to mind control tantra and hypnosis, but done remotely. However, there are certain basic house rules to follow, like no smoking, no alcohol, no eating prohibited animal meat. (I will explain).

If you annoy the spirits knowingly and unknowingly, they may decide not to work with you. I will explain all the basic and simple house rules to follow.

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Seduction tantra for women:

A lot of women astrology followers, approach me for help in marriage, relationship issues and patch lost love. I instantly cast a mystic chart and decide the outcome. We don’t need natal or birth chart for this. I could see how energies are working for this situation using mystic charts. There are many seduction tantra requests, I reject on daily basis, if my spirits sense something indifferent though. Spirits have crystal ball or radar like vision.

So once women gets initiated with mystic arts tantra, (20 min  a day), within few hours to days, depending upon your chakras and energy levels, you can see changes. You can see men approaching your for friendship, dating, also love and flirty signals can also come from sms, email, social media channels. Your chakras get polarised using tantra and it is removing the blocks from heart and relationship chakras and sexuality chakras. Remember, if somebody has crush on you, be it school or college mate, who is holding such feelings or hiding for a long time, may immediately express it, your work colleagues or someone who know, may propose you. You may get an unexpected interview call for a job, dating and marriage proposals. Spirits are aligning things in your way using tantra.

Remember where to draw the line. Same things are identical as mentioned in “seduction tantra for men” above.

Tantra seduction, attraction, sex and mysticism


So how is the tantra seduction procedure ? 

  1. I need to understand your situation and case before  initiating mystic charts. This is the link 

I may reject many cases, for any reasons I find fit. If it is for help in marriage, relationships, save a divorce, I will instantly check using mystic arts, and if the charts are supporting as per my various principles, I proceed. Otherwise not.

2. Once you are initiated for mystic arts, these are basic things to know. Rest I will explain on voice calls or video chat and clear any doubts and conerns.

3. Have a bath. Sit in meditation pose. Keep a bottle of water nearby. You can drink it, if you feel thirsty anytime during meditation.  Clear your mind of all thoughts, related to work, home and any personal issues.

4. Find a quiet room, free from all distractions. A bedroom is ideal. Any outdoor lonely and secure place is also ideal for meditation. For obvious reasons, just say I am doing meditation to your room mate, family members, if they ask. You don’t need to explain them. (very imp). Before initiating you for mystic arts, I analyse your chakras and energy levels instantly using mystic charts. Each and every person is different. Other person doesn’t want to know, you are seeking spirits help. (keep it confidential for obvious reasons)

5. You need to light a lamp. free your mind from all thoughts and distractions and perform the simple meditation and mystic exercises I teach you.Just 20 min a day will do. Even if you miss the meditation or ritual for few days, due to travels or other commitments, it is okay. But consistency is the key. We are doing this meditation to seek the attention of spirits and it will share its magical abilities and vibes for you. So, don’t miss the meditation. If you just can’t meditate for just 20 min a day with concentration, don’t join in first place.

6. I will explain any doubts and concerns on voice and video calls daily. Whatsapp is most preferred. I will be tracking you, whether you have meditated or not. (just a friendly reminder). Skype voice or video calls works better. I will be monitoring you for a week for 5 to 10 min a day for 1 week. Any experiences or any proposals, any shift in energy levels, you find anything interesting and surprising, you can share with me lol.

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