Tantra : the Indian occult, superstition, sexuality and blackmagic

Tantra : the Indian occult, superstition, mysticism sexuality and blackmagic:


Tantra the Indian occult, superstition, mysticism sexuality and blackmagic


Over the years, during my years of astrology practise, I have seen many magic personally and my astrology followers lives. The tantra topic is very vast in India. I believe in tantra and its power and potential. If you can ask me, what tantra, can do, I say anything is possible.  Tantra is also a form of masculine and feminine energies, both are very important for well being of nature, universe and personal self. Lack of one polarity, you will miss lot of aspects, significations, opportunities, happiness, emotional balance, sexuality level in life. Tantra is a balance of male and female energies. Everything you see on universe, human beings, men, women, animals, plants, beautiful nature are all forms of tantra in other form. Without tantra, no occult science is complete.

Tantra:  (the hidden occult and mysticism)

I have seen lot of tantra and extreme cases in my career and astrology practise. It always amazes me.

Attraction, seduction, enhance beauty and charm, infatuation, polarise chakras, improve career,get more opportunities, improve business profits, overcome evil eye, blackmagic, sorcery, voodoo. Get a spouse or soulmate, dating, marriage, overcome enemy problems, health, wealth, gambling and speculation gains, psychic powers, activating chakras, mesmerism, hypnosis, hypnotism, vashikaran, akarshan, sam mohan, astral projection, lucid dreaming, premonitions, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, sexuality charm and irrestible seduction powers, psychic powers, see things and objects, hear things in other dimensions and plane, know the past, present and future, communicate with various spirits, using different mediums, which normal human beings can’t connect. If you need any help in above mentioned matters, we have spirits which have access to magical abilities. There are certain principles and house to follow, however. Don’t shy, all our astrology followers are connected to tantra in one form or other. 


Your body consists of energy centers and chakras. Tantra activates and polarises it. There are 7 chakras in our body. Chakras can be for psychic powers, clairivance, telepathy, heart and relationship chakras, money and career front chakras, sexuality chakras which makes you irrestible in front of others.

A lot of my followers, from India, south east asian countries like singapore, nepal, bhutan, singapore, cambodia, thailand, UK, USA, Canada practise tantra. They have strong natural inclinations to tantra and do approach me. There are lot of posts about it in my blog, about tantra. A lot of people particularly approach us for relationship, dating, marriage issues. I analyse the pros and cons using mystic charts, understand their karma and proceed with spirits initiation if appropriate.

Tantra is intercepted in many ways across globe. Some believe it is magic, Indian occult, dark arts, white arts, some form of blackmagic, whitemagic, sexuality, sorcery, voodoo. It depends upon the practise. Tantra has all kinds of magic, left unexplored. There is lot of hidden, mysterious powers hidden in tantra.

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Tantra has lot of blackmagic hidden in it. I personally have experienced lot of evil eye and blackmagic and later got attracted to astrology and occult. There are lot to explore.

If you are interested, we have mystic charts which  can help to connect with spirits to tap magical abilities. It is also a form of tantra. I have written a blog post about it. https://mystichorary.com/mysticarts

Tantra for attraction, beauty, seduction, hypnosis

Tantra for attraction, beauty, seduction, hypnosis:

Tantra for vashikaran (subjugation), akarshan (attraction or infatuation), sam mohan (a form of mass hypnotism and hypnosis). I have personally seen a lot of cases during my astrology practise, like invoking a particular spirit, following a strict routine of meditation and follow certain basic house rules and principles, any determined and serious person can tap such magical powers. However, karma in your natal or birth chart is very important for any kind of magic or tantra. Good karma in the past life, gives lot of momentum to tantra.

Tantra to improve career, job, business

Tantra to improve career, job, business:

I have seen lot of people in my astrology pool, who have strong set of beliefs and superstition. I personally don’t deal with people, who don’t align with my principles. Many people are interested in my mystic arts, which I suggest for certain people, if my mystic charts support it. Some have great skills and calibre, despite have right skills, they are not able to find a good career, job. Mystic arts is for them. A simple set of exercises, can improve their aura, polarise all the chakras, and many felt shift in energy levels from days to 2 weeks. Some got promotions, any blocked money released, hike in salary, a new proposal or project, a new overseas opportunity, recognition, reputation and respect for their work. It depends upon the spirit. I can see the trends instantly using mystic charts.

Tantra for Black magic, evil eye, sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo 

Tantra for Black magic and evil eye: 

I have seen many horror cases during my astrology practise. People may use any methods, occult, blackmagic tantra  to destroy their enemies, competitor or just due to pure jealousy and envy of others possessions and happiness. You may have enemies, you may have never met them or seen them. They can be your own ex, colleagues, friends turned foe, neighbors, relatives and some cases your own siblings and family members. Anything can be seen using mystic charts.

Tantra to perform black magic may involve appeasing certain evil spirits, demons, sometimes even fiery gods of rage, certain herbs and materials and worse, I don’t want to mention in this post. The effects can be felt almost instantly to few days to few weeks.

Tantra for speculation, gambling and games of chance

Tantra for speculation, gambling and games of chance:

There is this particular group of people who are into wagering, betting and gambling and trying all sorts of tantra, rituals, magic, lucky charms in games of chance. They have their own set of beliefs and superstition. Some are extremely lucky with tantra. They just don’t disclose such tantra.

Such tantra do exist. I personally consider, the planetary configuration in the natal or birth chart for such financial windfall and gains, either through lottery or sweepstakes, games of chance, shares, forex, stock markets, bitcoins or crypto currency , land or real estate, acquisition deals, due to some unique marketing talent and more. I personally consider birth or natal chart configuration and operating dasha very important for this. If you align with the such horoscope and right timing, you can take advantage of speculation gains. Not all are lucky in this regard. But mystic exercises can certainly polarise those chakras. I need to check your energy levels using mystic charts instantly and only proceed if appropriate. Not all are compatible for this. There are lot of external factors, certain principles and house rules to follow.

Tantra for fertility child birth win court cases

Then there are tantra for child birth, fertility, overcome certain diseases (karma matters), win court cases, litigations, disputes, settlements, save marriage from divorce (chakras matters. mystic arts can help. I need to see the odds), justice from someone who is mean, cruel or belittle you or insult in the past. 

Tantra foreign travels settlement jobs green card

Tantra for foreign travels, vacations, foreign settlement and jobs, green card and visa issues, competative exams. ( we need to see how karma is working for you using birth chart first)

Such people exist everywhere. I could instantly see, these trends using mystic charts. I have written a detailed blog post about evil eye and blackmagic. You can go through it here. https://mystichorary.com/bm

If you are interested, we have mystic charts which  can help to connect with spirits to tap magical abilities. It is also a form of tantra. I have written a blog post about it. https://mystichorary.com/mysticarts

Note: Will update this blog post, with lot of interesting things later.

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