Spirits, magic and mysticism and how they can help you?

I have prepared a small 3 min video, speaking about spirits magic. Pls have  a look. 

I am the person who believes in spirits, magic and mysticism. I have invoked such magical entities on various occasions. Now  decided to create a post about this spirits and magic realm. I have also built a reliable pool or community of people online, who believe in spirits, magic and mysticism. A lot of my subscribers are requesting this for a long time. I always restricted such topics, using newsletter or email for my available pool of subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. ( we have lot of likeminded people from across the world, who are into spirits and magic. I believe in friendships and long term relationships.)

In my astrology pool of subscribers,whom I find good Karma and energy levels, aura, (selected people)  I instantly analyse energy levels using my mystic chart, and if I find anything interesting and potential in mystic chart, I contact them and give information about these spirit realm. 90% of the time, these subscribers are very excited. It involves simple meditation and mystic exercises for certain minutes a day. You can also stop and do these exercises in certain days. Consistency matters a lot to improve the energy levels and aura of the body.  

Other people with strong inclination to occult and astrology, approach me on daily basis. If I find them appropriate, after checking their energy levels using mystic art instantly, I will tell them, that they can proceed if interested. No compulsion! So far, we have only serious, determined and people with strong inclination to occult and astrology in the pool. I have also denied a lot of people, into mystic arts, due to conflicting energies, Karma not supporting and many other astrological factors. There is also a small fee, I charge for this, because we are playing with aura and energy levels. 

I only consider people with certain skills, caliber, marketing talent or any other profession or talent, I find has lot of potential. Few exceptions also apply. You have to follow certain rules, avoid beverages and certain food, which conflicts with spirit energies. Remember, you are connecting with a magical energy source. So don’t do anything which annoys them.

So far these spirits and magic realm, have  helped my clients to improve their aura and energy levels, love life, love, marriage, dating, popularity, increase reputation, attract a soulmate, spouse, promotions, change of job, new projects, hypnosis, shift in energy levels, in some cases speculation and small gambling wins, enemy problems, litigation, find a new home, office, get deals at cheap prices in pool. Each and every spirit energy is different. There are 1000s of such spirits, which I  know. Some I have personally dealt directly. Some my network of astrology subscribers in the pool, have introduced it to me, about such magical entities and spirits of their respective countries. 

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My followers for spirits and magic realm are from India, Singapore, USA, Canada, UK and many selected European countries and certain countries in South East Asia.  We carefully choose people, who have the highest odds and Karma for this. My mystic chart, instantly shows the energy levels of a person, the outcome of  a particular situation and depending upon this info, I will decide to proceed or work with the person or not, if appropriate. Some people have strong inclination to occult and astrology, their Karma and all over the world, such people naturally find my website online and connect with me. 

Its all about Karma and Kalachakra. My followers are obsessed with these terms. They could easily connect with the spirit and its energies.

These spirits are completely untapped and also friendly. It aligns with your energy levels, skills. Karma is very important for this. I need to analyse the energy levels of your chart. Still any determined person can tap this magic realm. Its somewhat magical.

These are hidden secrets of astrology and there are groups, individuals and likeminded people who believe in spirits and magic and they naturally connect with me. We are not interested in numbers. For any serious and determined person, channels of communication are kept open.

If Karma coincides, the spirit itself decides, if the timing is right and Kalachakra (wheel of time) is in your favour, you will naturally find about me or my website, my community, its members active worldwide  in various walks of life working in different sectors, word of mouth referral network, you will naturally connect with me, the spirits and magic realm. Otherwise, not!


Spirits magic in astrology Video transcript: If you have listened to above video, you can skip this below article. 

80% of people who approach me, are connected with spirit realm in one way or other. They may have 1 or 2 guradians and angels or spirits assisting them, helping them or protecting them from harm and also bringing them opportunities, name, fame, popularity in the background. Perhaps they don’t know.

Most of them have experienced their presence, their manifestation, but they don’t know  exactly what it is. They are everywhere and can be invoked and summoned by any determined person. There are lot of friendly spirits in this world. Even you are watching this video, or landed on my blog post, there is some kind of co incidence.

Those people who contact me for astrology consultation, are connected with guardians, angels, spirits, animal spirits. So how can they help you? They always connect with your skills and caliber. Suppose you have high potential and believe you are fit for that job or profile or role, then I have observed in most of the cases it works like magic.

You put a request to the spirit. If you follow basic house rules well, spirits do respond, you may get the right job, a new opportunity matching your skills and caliber.

Love matters:
If you love someone and serious. But not sure, whether they have feelings for you. You can put a request to the spirit and follow simple house rules, spirits do respond. The person who, you are in love with may contact you, all of a sudden, some kind of strong feelings for you, some internal awakening and your crush or love may feel that, their destiny and luck is connected with you. You may receive a phone call, sms, whatsapp or direct in person meeting. It’s upto you to take to the next level.

Listen to the entire video for more info.

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