Spells, enemies, evil eye and blackmagic

Do evil eye and black magic, exists in this world? Yes. They exist since times immemorial. I get lot of horror cases related to evil eye, spells, enemies and black magic.

Competation, envy, jealousy are common reasons. It can also be a stranger, you don’t know. Anything can be seen using my mystic charts. If you are affected by evil eye, blackmagic spells, enemy tantra attacks or witchcraft / sorcery or voodoo they call in some countries, you need help of higher energies and there are certain principles to follow to overcome and neutralise them. Contact me for consultation if interested, and including the names of people, concerned person or stranger or someone unknown and my spirits can connect with their energies and gives us the answers.

Can spells be used for good purposes? 

Yes, I have used spells to get best real estate deal for my followers, sell and buy equipment like machinery, cars at best prices, attract a new buyer,  opportunities, promotion, land a new project or contract, new business partnership and joint venture opportunities., extra source of income and even unexpected financial windfall in some cases, also seen. Everything is energy. Each and every case is different. My mystic charts and spirits, can instantly give outcome of any situation of how energies are working for that particular situation.

Spells and magic ( most common requests)

Note: An astrology consultation is mandatory, to determine your case and energy levels. 

Spell requests are not for everyone. We put requests to spirits for a specific purpose. Spirits may not work with certain people, who doesn’t follow house rules. 

tantra 11

So, we  need to analyse the outcome using mystic charts and then only  proceed, if appropriate. I need to analyse how energies are working for you and whether spirits will help or not.There are many spells, which I didn’t add in the list. There are many principles to follow and we don’t deal with people, who doesn’t sync with our beliefs.

Some spells may also require you to follow basic house rules like avoid non veg, beverages, meditating for atleast 20 minutes a day with simple exercises and other few house rules, I don’t want to mention here. Your mind should be free from other thoughts and distractions and privacy is important. All these things, will be discussed during consultation, only with serious people, I find fit or appropriate or who align with our beliefs.  ( Such spells are not for everyone)


Part 2 : Spell requests for enemy problems 

 I have structured my astrology website in 60+ countries globally, by mediating in their enemy problems, disputes, fights, if they are on right side. So my loyal followers come again and again, if appropriate. We have a strong bond.

There are certain principles to follow. Spirits can give a clear idea about intention of enemies and many other answers, using its vision in minutes. Enemies can be unknown, thieves, robbery, gossip, rumours, slander, jealous and envy people, who does things behind your back, cast evil eye,  perform black magic spells,  attacks or grave injustice.  I have supported many, if justice is on their side. There are many ethics and principles involved.

We can put spells on them or request supernatural for help. I have mentioned in blog post. Such problematic people exist everywhere.

 Dangerous enemies. Don’t worry. If you align with our principles and believe in astrology principles, I have seen many magic. I have seen many gangsters, terrorists, mafia wiped out on magical astrological days. Black magicians and shamans have full Control over anyone.

10+ yrs of observation. Not for kids. This tantra is only for serious people.
I have a big list of gangsters, terrorists, mafia, got weak and wiped out, by acts of mother nature.   10+ yrs of observation. Any enemy problems now or in future, let me know. That is how my website spread to 60+ countries. He he

I want to know exact reasons, whether justice is on your side. My spirits can sense instantly.

Just because you don’t like a person, is not a reason. Also even unknown enemies like thieves,  anonymous, also gets hit by supernatural gaze.  Ex: murders, hit and run case, robbery, assault, but you don’t know their identity.

I don’t speak or deal with kids. Only serious people I feel fit.
We can put  a spell on them. Thieves and anti social elements will get caught, weak, accident, paranormal haunt. I will only explain personally.

You too need to follow certain basic principles and I only consider serious people. I am happy to answer any questions you have on this regard.
I never thought I will be an astrologer one day. I believed in astrology, tantra and magic. Despite working for 4 different companies, I was drawn to astrology, due to certain paranormal experiences in my life. He he. So I understand the problems.