Attract love, soulmate, companion using spirits help and astrology


get lost love back using astrology l vashikaran akarshan





Note: Consultation is mandatory to determine how karma, energy levels, aura are acting on you. If you have problems with relationships, attracting a soulmate, breakups, divorce, this simple mystic exercises have done wonders in the past. Energy levels vary from person to person. 

There are certain simple rules to be followed about character, behavior and even food habits like avoid certain non veg foods  and beverages. Because we need to align with the spiritworld, and once you annoy the spirits, they decide not to help you. (I will tell you the rules in advance, what to do and what not)

You just need to meditate 20 minutes a day on a spirit and increase frequency (optional). You will tap some of the magical abilities and vibes, which aligns all dating, matrimony, relationships and even patches old relationships. A discussion is very important for this. Depending upon your energy levels, you could sense change in energy, which polarises heart and relationship chakras and even sexuality, within 3 to 5 days, 2 weeks or sometimes a bit more. It depends upon your energy levels and frequencies.

Note : Not all are compatible for this, and I simply prefer not to deal with them. Reason: Some people, no matter whatever they do, spirits doesn’t align with them. That is the reason, I won’t initiate such mystic exercises in first place. 


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