Astrology and selfie culture

Hot topic: Selfie culture

Why people put their selfie all over internet?

Ans: to attract someone, sudden rise in hormone levels, sexual tension, they are under trance and font know what they are doing. Same animal instinct to attract birds and bees.

I have an easy method. Meditate on my spirit which has lot of energies for seduction, mesmerism, charm and irrestible urge wherever you go, be it job, workplace, interview, parks, shopping malls, yoga, coffee shop, theaters, country clubs, pubs, popular restaurants and hangouts.

Some shy people, with big positions, suddenly become shameless and post their selfie everywhere.

I mean teachers, models, nurses, air hostess, it professionals,. Wonder what vodka they had to make such moves?

No dating, no matrimony, no club membership required.

No shameless selfie required.

Just meditate on spirits. It can make you a people magnet and also sex magnet!

Very selfie obsessed birds and bees. Instagram is the problem!!

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