Saga of mysterious animal spirit – Never ending!!

It all started, when I was dabbling with mystic charts and spirits deeply connected with earth energies. After 7 years of astrology practise, spirits and magic, I was able to intercept a little known mysterious spirit, which is very powerful, which knows the outcome of any situation. This spirit is highly sensitive to human needs and friendly. It went to extreme lengths to get answers for me.

I was very excited with this new spirit guide, and contacted all my astrology subscribers, who have issues in love, relationships, divorce and already divorced cases. My subscribers were very excited. I said, let me determine the odds for fix.

Understand the odds using mystic charts and spirits and make a move, if appropriate. See, if there is any room for spirits help and magic. If yes, its upto you to tap it or not. 

I always use to check the odds and outcome in advance and then contact them, if their problem can be fixed by spirits help and magic. Otherwise, no. Then they ask me series of questions which I answer using spirits help and mystic charts. You can ask me unlimited questions. No restrictions.

From nov 14 to nov 28 2018, I was able to resolve 70% of issues for my subscribers, by analysing the odds. So the aspects of life are relationships, love life, already divorced or divorced cases, dispute, court cases, mediate in business disputes and more. (I just contacted all my subscribers, and tried to fix issues, if odds favor them. Otherwise, not.)

For divorce and already divorced cases, I was able to fix 70% of them, by analysing the odds using mystic arts. Sometimes, you just can’t fix it. Instead, we can have a look at available options, suggestions and improvements if any or the mystic charts has to say. 

Just leave as it is. Karma matters a lot! Many of them agreed for a talk and compromise and most of the issues got resolved with the help of spirits and natural magic. 

Universe operates on karma and mysterious laws. If odds are good and spirits support it, I ask them to make a move. Otherwise, not!

I have also mediated in career issues, evil eye, black magic problems, enemy problems. Spirit just tells me answers with description, when to make move or not!

I was able to fix, 70% of divorce and already divorced cases, with mystic charts and spirits help, little bit of magic to connect with its energies of different frequencies. Everything is energy. There are many energies of nature, you just need to tap them. Also, Karma matters in big way.

How does the animal spirit knows the outcome? mystery!

The spirit is very aggressive sometimes, and guides me the instructions, what if you do this? What if you do that? Contact this person and alert him/her, with descriptions, suggestions and improvements if any. My clients are amazed with this new spirit.

I then contacted many people in my astrology pool, and determine the best odds for them, best picks or choices, get answers about love, relationships, love life or any sensitive matters. Yes or no questions? But no misuse or abuse.

I always respect the spirit, for its powerful vision. (few exceptions)

There are few things, which the spirit doesn’t want you to know. It may be due to universe itself blocking, or the energy of the person in question doesn’t want to trace him/her, or blackmagic which doesn’t want to reveal such info.

Go through all blog posts of my website, to get more idea about us. Also there are lot of friendly spirits in universe, which can help you in many ways. You just need to do a small meditation with faith to connect with them. A lot of subscribers from Asia, Europe and North america also introduce me, lot of my spirits in the pool, how to connect them, their abilities and share their experiences with me.

Planning to start a business:

My spirits can give outcome instantly, after analysing lot of factors like competition, markets, whether it is profitable, how much money you can make, or stop that venture and come with another business idea. It is very good at analyzing real estate, cars and gadgets price to sell faster. (Price range)

Please go through all blog posts of this site for more information.

Contact me for consultation, if interested.

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