Studio and advertising. My old job

I am very happy to help, if you need support in any of these areas. I have spent many days learning them. Don’t waste time or years in trial and error. Just ask me. 


Cinematic videos. After changing my videos and YouTube banners, design or thumbnails I am getting lot of views than normal. So, I decided to provide service to my astrology followers. Recently l learnt about DSLR, film making, video editing, graphic design, how to work with camera and lights. Now I may reach equal to American astrologer….

I also do lot of jobs on side, along with astrology. My entry to astrology is accidental. I was selling advertising services to companies globally. My astrology style, got lot of attention among my peers and they spread it worldwide in different parties and conferences. That is the reason, I have decided to continue with astrology..otherwise I would have left it long ago. I liked my advertising job (independent) in past. Before that I worked in 4 different companies.
Graphic design and YouTube design services.

You may get lot of viral shares and content may go viral. Depends on luck too.
Beauty services. I have lot of my astrology followers interested in this.

I also have a small studio and helped many business owners, shooting videos, video editing, studio and movie effects.. I do have basic gear and equipment.
It took me years, but spare or free time to learn all this on my own. Lot of experiments, trial and error, 1000+ hours on different projects for different people. I am very happy to share my experience for small fee, if interested.

I have created photo portfolio for people, shoot videos outdoor, which helped them in marriage, dating, jobs and hidden opportunities. Video is very imp. It shows your personality, body language, how you look, secret power signals , style, accent. Also how to work with green screen/chroma key. Do video editing, add graphics to video, sub titles, correct videos clarity if possible, audio and light issues.

tantra 11

Also makeup tips, how to look good on camera, the settings, confidence, I have helped many people. I also know a lot about photography. You don’t need high end cameras or lenses, a $150 smartphone can do a lot, if you know how to use it properly. No shy! 

Seeing thus things, some people called me for jobs of such nature in Dubai and Singapore. I don’t have experience. Some people are just interested in my work. 

But I know, how to work with different lights and camera angles, which makes them look attractive. I have done many projects for my astrology followers.Any issues with lights, cameras, equipment, video editing, YouTube banners design, and even the script and storyline, ideas, what to say on video, I have helped many.

You will have issues, if you start all alone in the beginning. I never had a mentor or support. I learnt through trial and error, but it took me 2 years for perfection. But I can guide you on all this if interested. Along with astrology, I also help others in their line of work.
Have a look at my YouTube channel, the banners or thumbnails which is bringing more clicks and visitors. I can do better. Just testing with different designs.

Instagram profile, which brought me calls from dating, membership, friendship and secret clubs. He he.

Note: you may get lot of flirting, dating signals, calls and messages. If not interested, just say engaged and be polite
Etiquette, manners, dress code everything matters. I have YouTube channel, which speaks about my style and personality. So naturally I attract many hidden opportunities. If you shy to show your face, or video, or behave like jerk, such opportunities always goes to someone. Any confidence and beauty issues, contact me personally and we have certain exercises and meditation to connect with spirits.

Note: I do get lot of friendship requests, dating, flirt, proposals, hidden job opportunities, meetup from various clubs. Its all about charisma and energy. I have helped many men and women on this. If divorced, breakups don’t worry. If you meet some interesting people, it will boost energy. I am helped many people since 2012. Not interested, leave it. Opportunity j and signals ust moves to someone. Simple!