Real estate astrology

My own discovery: Real estate astrology.  

This science works well if personal stakes are very high. I have spent years to master this particular area. I hope this will now solve lot of unneccessary problems .Be it any real estate markets in the world,property deals are a cakewalk if buy/sell/flip timings can be timed accurately. Even property prices rise and fall, based on planetary influences. (hidden opportunity)

The movements of any properties in the market, can be tracked using my system. There is a big pain in real estate market. (even accurate date and time can be provided)

Miraculously some properties of my clients, moved upto 35% in a year, for a particular realtor/ realty/real estate agent, who applied my principles in his trade, compared to all real estate offices in US. (planetary influences theory)

Never ever be caught back in a bad real estate deal. call me to know more.