Have a look at this video and listen to it. I have mentioned the consultation services in detail. Must see!


Before buying a reading you acknowledge that, you have read the 3 pages ie, About us page, FAQ page, Readings page (the page you are reading right now). If in doubt or have any concerns, please don’t initiate a paypal transfer. 

Email and then proceed with payment transfer, if i say yes or schedule is available. Very important!

Note: Voice calls only. No chatting/texting. Otherwise please prefer email. To keep the site running and other operational costs, these are our general structure. Give us a try and you will come back again. I am also flexible to my clients, who have bought a reading in the past.

1. 3 paragaraph reading $32 (for limited time)
I will answer 3 specific astrology questions, other than horary questions. Need to provide your exact date, time and location in the submit form.The reading is sent either through email or directly answered on voice calls. (30 minutes scheduled)

Pay $32 (Rs 2000)

tantra 11

Skrill id:

Note: Most countries accept skrill. You can instantly open an account in, deposit money through various options like debit/credit card (instant), netbanking, astropay or  online deposit (may take 30 min to 45 min to reflect in skrill. Then transfer is instant. ( for fast instant transactions)

Other payment methods, contact me directly.

Email me the details to : *******************************************

2. Horary astrology reading $50 (popular among subscribers) (will become $100 soon)

The reading is sent either through email or directly answered on voice calls. I will explain the situation or outcome in 3 to 5 paragraph each.
Can ask 3 to 5 horary questions. Need to provide date, time and location details for horary analysis.

Follow up 2 times, if appropriate. You can also call me through phone or skype if appropriate. (30 minutes scheduled)

pay $50 (Rs 3500)

Skrill id:

Email me the details to :


3. Skype or phone consultation (1 hour) (custom fee)

Most recommended. I will answer most of your questions in real time. You can also call me before paying. (no official rules. contact me anyway on skype or email) After payment, the consultation is fixed for 1 hour. You can ask your questions either through submit form, with
appropriate details, or call me directly through phone or skype. Alternatively, you can ask 5 to 10 horary questions, if you
need service through email.

$100 Custom fee for limited time

Skrill id:


We also have mystic arts for people who are interested to develop chakra and energy levels for specific purpose. I also have many subscribers worldwide, who are practising this. Have a look.

Leverage the power of astrology community.

Enter the community of likeminded people, who believe in astrology, mysticism, spirits and paranormal realm. This community survives on mutual trust and friendship. We also have newsletter subscription, where we send emails once or thrice in a week, 1 click unsubscribe to opt out anytime.

Note: We are not interested in merely increase our numbers. We have kept only paypal gateway enabled at the moment,on purpose to cater the needs of repeat customers, we have built over the years. For other payments via  netbanking, debit/cards, and other international modes of transfer, please contact me through email and I will send you the details. (we have disabled this mode of transfer on purpose to control the volume or frequency of the queue) I have built good network of friends across globe, using this art and continue to do so.

There are certain people, who don’t align with our ideology, say 10 out of 100 people. In case, if the paypal transaction is initiated, I will instantly refund through paypal, once I am available online. Good character and behavior is very important, than merely increasing numbers. Remember, your first point of contact or communication with me through phone, whatsapp, skype or email speaks a lot about you, your character, your intentions as per my mystic art. We don’t need malicious or troublesome elements.  We are a strong community of 2,00,000 members and growing. I have built my own reputation over the years. All my customers, contacts, connections are reliable, and we believe in lifetime friendships, than anything else. Most of the traffic this website receive is either online/offline direct word of mouth referrals from my past customers or loyal subscribers across globe.

Most of them have started their own business, opened own factory, found a reliable partner, friends, likeminded people, even soulmate using my own network of astrology subscribers in the pool, with their permission to expand for mutual benefits, opportunities, scout new horizons in their way. I am serious about this venture, and expect the same.

We are not concerned about whether you schedule or buy a consultation or not, but I believe in expanding the reach of this community worldwide. Spam emails or irrelevant emails, directly go to thrash box. There are certain emails, whatsapp messages, where we can sense ego, arrogance, rude behavior, malicious behavior. Such people will be permanently blocked and emails will directly go to trash. If paypal payment is initiated in that case, it will be immediately reversed, before consultation.

Spamming on whatsapp, skype and continous calling and phone calls, will be just blocked because it affects our conversation with the existing queue.

Note: Majority of my subscribers prefer email. In case of phone call/whatsapp/skype voice calls, I will schedule 20 to 30 minutes time for you. We have lot of subscribers on queue and we need to manage that. In that case, you can write questions on a paper and get back to me.

Note: Indians can pay me directly through skrill. (paypal to paypal transaction is not possible in India for domestic transactions. Skrill is best alternative.)

Skrill id:

For paytm/ bank transfer, whatsapp +91 7736569514 to get details.
(equivalent to INR mentioned in readings page)
You can also contact me on skype/ email for payment details.

Also, if the payment email is different from the email you normally use,
mention that email, when you send me astrology questions.
This can avoid unnecessary delay and confusion.

For other payment methods, contact me on whatsapp/skype or email.