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psychic animals and intuition skills

When I first started my astrology website in 2012, I met many interesting people both online and in person. Before that, I use to consult lot of astrologers from different countries online, psychics, tarot, crystal ball, remote viewing and many other divination methods I find interesting. I used to set aside a budget only for this consultations and any rituals, spiritual trip I find appropriate. I have met more than 25+ such psychics from 2011 to 2014. Some 3 to 5 out of these always amazes me with their skills. Learnt different meditation methods, spirits invocation methods from these people and they too learnt a lot from me.

I used to try lot of consultations for tea leaf readings, betel leaf readings (in person, I know a psychic, who is good at it), other scrying, crystal ball and divination methods. I even tried that nadi leaf readings once. Remote viewing, face reading, parrot reading, card reading, even astrology picks done by monkey and parrot, and some funny animals which I don’t want to mention, palmistry on many occasions, aura reading, mind readings based on omens and elements of nature. India has lot of psychics, with different divination methods. If I find someone during my trip to various places in India, I make it a point to try their divination methods or have a reading from them. My good friends of mine, have also introduced me to some psychics or certain mediums like crystal ball, water and mirror scrying experts, fire scrying and readings. Lot of mysterious things exists. When the time is right, or the intuition planet and jupiter  is good in your astrology chart at certain positions, all these things naturally connect with you.

Strong interest and determination to learn things matters. I always set aside a budget for astrology readings, spells, trying amulets, so called lucky charms from 2001 to 2012. Most important, don’t ask stupid questions or anything which may annoy the person, who is trying to give answers using their methods. Tipping is optional. I always used to tip say $3 to $5 extra and they are happy.

Be polite, respect them and always ask base consultation fee upfront. There are some people who just irritate or annoy them. Most of them are fluent only in their regional language, and some can even speak good English and Hindi. Understand the communication barrier or whether you can understand their language or vice versa.

There was a popular astrology website, which used to connect various kind of psychics, readings and even custom made spells, amulets and potions from across globe. Now the website have stopped those services. Even popular ecommerce website, had a category for psychics and other astrology services. Now they have removed that category.

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Many of my astrology friends, have also tried ouija boards, spirit boards, mystic or occult boards to connect with spirits. Warning: Connecting with random spirit is dangerous. We should only connect with friendly and mysterious earth spirits. It is better to invoke them under someone supervision. They exist on different planes, dimensions and frequencies. Some people can naturally sense their energies, for some matter of minutes/ hours/ days when the properly invoke it. Each one of them have different house rules and they do possess certain magical abilities. It wont connect with greedy, aggressive people. For some people, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t connect with it. I can see this in my mystic chart instantly. We can discuss all these during consultation if interested. This is not for everyone. There are certain basic principles or rules to follow.

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Monkey and parrot astrology picks can be found in certain regions in south India. Animals are psychics and have great intuition. Their horns and tusks, acts like an antenna and receive signals from various frequencies and mysterious earth energies, about where water can be found, sense dangers, attacks, human
presence, enemies and more. When I was a kid, some snake charmers and even some shaman comes home with a bear and the bear dances and blesses you. Even monkey, donkeys, horses, some shamans used to visit my home those days. Some popular beliefs and traditions in that region.

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They consider animals as god. In India, in temples an elephant can bless you with its trunk for a small fee and there are popular beliefs in such regions. I consider all these animals have strong psychic and intuition skills, connected directly with spiritworld and do posess lot of magical abilities. Even certain breeds of pet dogs are considered psychics and my astrology followers used to share lot of their personal experiences.  Now government has banned such animal circus and you cannot keep them as pets. It may exists in some remote places in India.

Animals intuition can sense natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, fire, drought or famine few days in advance. In many countries, people have seen small animals relocating to another place in large numbers, before such an event occurs. They can sense earth vibrations and energies.

Nowadays, internet can connect with any such services instantly. The only drawback, what I have found is that, most of them only support through email, say they take around 24 to 48 hours to respond, after confirmation of order and to and fro communication through email takes lot of time and may be limited to 1 or 2 followups.

This is the reason, I am insisting my subscribers for voice calls only, so that they can get answers instantly in real time and anything you can clarify there and then. I also ask my customers, to write questions on a piece of paper, so that they don’t miss anything during calls. Email is similar to anonymous communication, and there is no relationship.

Okay, let me come to the point. There are many co incidences in meeting these people across globe. Some have near death experiences and survived accidents. Many of them do possess some kind of psychic abilities, and I can sense their energies as soon as they come for consultation. My mystic chart can instantly give me a clear picture. Also spirits have access to such information.

These psychic abilities are random and many of them have experienced telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, sensing dangers, premonitions like what is going to happen after few days or after few hours, sense someone death or danger to loved ones, hear strange and paranormal voices of certain frequencies as if some entity is shouting at their ears. It can be an archetype, demigod, evil spirits  or some kind of angel. Most of my subscribers are connected with animal spirits and I can instantly sense their energy as soon as I meet online or in person.  Everything is energy. Intuition matters a lot. This intuition has saved them from lot of dangers, accidents, enemies and troublesome people.

Note: In my personal observation, animals have good intuition, which helps them to avoid dangers, sense trouble, predict natural calamities, they can feel the vibrations and frequency of earth, and come out fast. Cats, dogs, cows, owl I have observed them. Some information is relayed on them, from mysterious earth energies, and they can also sense any dangers, accidents, death of their owner, spirits and any paranormal realm.

Animals which have horns and tusks, it works like an antenna, which helps them to find food, water, sense trouble and avoid certain paths. Mysterious earth energies rely information to them. Similarly humans too can tap such intuition, by meditating on certain chakras.

If I want to know, anything about a stranger or random person, I just ask my spirits and mystic charts, and I can instantly get an answer for what I ask for.

Some of my astrology subscribers, while driving use this premonitions to find next available parking spot in crowded place, whether it will rain or not, the climate, sense dangers, attacks, accidents in advance and avoid such route, places and people. Such psychic skills are random. Only 1% do possess.

There is this psychic friend of mine, who can sense the death of any person/close friend or relative, just by connecting with your aura. He claims he get certain visuals bit by bit. I have personally seen many danger, accident and death omens, which has lot of co incidence. It is much better you dont know about it. Because things will turn scary, if you see such omens.

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There are few of my psychic friends, who I have personally met in person and majority of them online, who get premonitions and intuition  in the form of unknown voices, body sensations, movements, twitch about dangers, which path to go. They say they got this ability by birth and for some it came later in their life and all their intuition connected to that, is a co incidence.

A few of my friends, I met online and few in person are tarot card readers, crystal ball readers, remote viewing, healers and some also use water, mirror and certain spirit infused objects for intuition. What which works for you, may not work with anyone. What which works for them, may not work for you. (I mean divination method used to get answers. Intuition gives you an edge. The key is lot of practise and experience. Initially start with small questions concerning you and later move to big questions as your intuition is helping you.)

Also have met big gamblers, who are highly superstitious. I like gamblers who come for astrology consultation, because they will do anything to improve their luck and always looking for improvement. Karma carries maximum weightage and few + and – here and there can increase odds in their favour. I mean high rollers, sharks,horse race betting, football pools and other forms of gambling like poker, blackjack popular in those countries. We can sense their energies instantly,and I personally don’t deal with people who don’t align with our beliefs. I don’t deal with atheists. We can easily make out from the first point of contact or conversation. We politely ask them to consult someone online or in their local area.

My astrology followers even include celebrities, politicians, artists, ceo, entrepreneurs from various countries who are highly superstitious and I have good relations, who really want to improve their karma, practise meditation and mystic charts, chakras polarise and improve odds in their way with the help of spirits. To be frank, I am superstitious and I have my own beliefs. I could see omens, tell tale signs when anybody approaches me for consultation, moving to new places, certain areas, meeting total strangers and more.

But years of astrology practise and experience have proved such intuition right. I sometimes ask my astrology customers, to never visit a particular place, certain key places, at particular hours and it proved correct most of the times. Many of them have escaped from an accident, an attack from enemies, or some kind of conspiracy. Mystic charts can show that, if we specifically ask for that.

Another exception is one who has survived an accident, near death experience, they can connect easily with paranormal or astral realm. Few of them even experienced astral projection and it is not possible without concentration or built in psychic ability. The universe operates on mysterious pattern and there is a signature about all paranormal entities, spirits.

Many of the astrology followers, also worship spirits, dragons, mermaid, animal spirits, werewolf, angels, certain archetypes and demigods. Note: Certain spirits or animal spirits are popular in certain tribes, traditions and certain countries, which you have not heard about.

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