Past life love pattern and astrology

Past life love pattern and astrology


After lot of requests from my subscribers worldwide, I have decided to write this post about past life love patterns. Also we provide a good room and space to discuss such issues. (Behavior and character matters to me)
Past life love, will try to make connection in this life too. It may be in college, professional setup, out of the normal map, job at different place or abroad or a spark. Such love is magical.
Odds are very high for marriage, despite many opposition, resistance. I have seen many such cases in my astrology career. Nobody wants to speak about it. But I could see a strong inclination towards each other, but they don’t know what it is.
You may also meet them, while in supermarkets, having a walk at the park, yoga, community meeting, at someone marriage function and more. I mean first point of contact at a glance. You may also feel some vibes, aura and energy.
I have seen many cases, among my astrology subscribers who are just obsessed with someone, they recently met. I mean they are head in heels in love with them.
This infatuation created by such past life energies and universal forces are something which cannot be stopped. It will come, manifest in your life, when time is ripe. Even love is a co incidence. The bond or subjugation happens naturally. I have seen both people having same feelings for each other, but wants he/she to make the first move. All such trends can be easily seen in mystic charts. Also any love triangle astrological factors can also be seen.
He or she may have high feelings for each other and communication will happen for sure, no matter how much they resist initially. Then it is you to take relationship to the next level, like marriage or stay as friends. Everything is energy. Past life love energies are similar to vashikaran or subjugation or infatuation. You may feel like you are under a powerful spell controlling you.
Any love, love life, relationship cases,we get on daily basis, we analyse from all possible angles, determine the outcome instantly and ask them to proceed only if appropriate.
Questions will be like :
Will the boy parents or community or approve it?
Will the girl parents or community approve it?
Will the boy or girl, approve the relationship in first place?
Match making analysis or horoscope matching (very important) 
Any possible suggestions, setbacks, opposition, resistance  and changes if any? 
Does both the people Karma or chemistry support the relationship?
Happiness factor? Will there be mutual co operation and help?
There are many questions like this, which I have removed from this list. Also no birth chart related for these questions. But we can also determine their attitude, mood and psychology. Spirits have answers. We need birth or natal chart details only for match making analysis.
 But if one mate backs away, its not worth your time. Because in past life also that love was diverted due to nature and universal  forces, beyond your control. I have seen 1000+ cases, and ultimately I have given a them a solution, without disturbing guardians on both side, without aggravating the situation or worse.
I have mediated on many such scenarios in my astrology practise career and now they are living happily. We get these kind of cases on daily basis. I could see the pattern. 

Past life love will bounce back and come back to you, if love and relationship karma is strong in your chart. Just wait and watch! Otherwise it is wise to let it slip by.

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Such connection is mystical. Past life love in this life, will come back for many. (Few exceptions)  Love is a psychic source and energy, which heals many, something which medicines and science cannot.  You can have a consultation with me, if you have any such questions.
Note: If you have any issues in attract love, soulmate, marriage, there are certain spirits, which can help you on this regard.
We can also see, whether we can fix any divorce issues, breakups, misunderstandings if any.  You might be also interested in this.
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