Career, Job, Business, Foreign travel settlement , visa, green card using astrology

Career, Job, Business, Foreign travel settlement , visa, green card using astrology



Transcript of video

In this video, I would like to talk about Career, Job, Business, Foreign travel settlement , visa, green card using astrology. Career questions are very common. If you are starting with career please come with 2 or more options if possible to determine the right line of work, which suits you. So that, I can pick the right choice in the pool aligning with your skill and caliber.

And job questions, people come with 1 or 2 job offers in hand. They want me to pick the best one in the pool, whether I can do this job or not, upgrade skills or not? How the market or job market is working? These kind of questions are most welcome, including change of job.

Whether you will get promotion or not? Mystic charts and spirits have vision similar to crystal ball. They can feel the vibrations, frequency, sense the future.

Some people want to start the business. They want to know whether it will be profitable or not? (within 3 months, 6 months). There are many luck factors in astrology, in business matters it is better to align with certain people, will give you better traction, than doing it all alone.

Most of the people approach me, asking when they can start a business? I erect the chart and instantly analyse the competation, market,whether you will make profits or not in the first place.

Many people approach me for foreign travel and settlement. They want to know about visa status, spouse visa, permanent citizenship, green card and many other aspects to settle in foreign country and even bring their loved ones.

Job related questions like office politics, rivalry, any kind of conspiracy. I do get
lot of these cases particularly from asia and europe. I can analyse the background and tell you the outcome, people involved, their intent whatever. If you are like our kind, get back to us. Hope that helps.

Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

I receive lot of emails and calls from my subscribers, to patch up the relationships, breakups, love life, spark love again, divorce, misunderstanding and sudden lack of interest for no specific reason.

They need some astrological help, so that the other person have some kind of nostalgia, strong feelings and contact them back. I use mystic charts and spirits to determine the odds and outcome. Like, whether he/she will come back? Whether he/she has true feelings? Are spirits willing to help? Understand the psychology, mood of the person.  I can answer each and every questions using my astrology system.

I was experimenting a lot, in this area for my subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. There are certain spirits, who are highly sensitive on such matters and deeply connected with earth plane. I was able to fix lot of relationship issues, breakups, connect with lost love, fix divorce and even already divorced cases, using spirits help.

So, how does it works? 

Say, 2 people are in relationship or friendship or you just met them few days ago or months/years in a social setting like someone marriage function, clubs, supermarkets, neighborhood, gyms, yoga, park, university.

They both should naturally have some feelings for each other. This is where spirits energies work like charm in most of the cases. Depending upon the situation, I will request the spirits, to help in this regard.

This spirits create some kind of strong feelings for you, a sudden urge to contact you, say through phone, sms, email, whatsapp or direct in person. Some kind of internal awakening happens in them, which cannot be explained in words. Spirits have such magical abilities. 

Remember, there are some persons who are very reluctant and adamant, and there will be a delay for response. I have tested this mysterious spirit energies or invoked spirit to help in such matters. My subscribers love this form of astrology and love my astrology system, in helping them to know their loved ones better.

My observations: 

Some people received a response within 3 hours either through phone or email or other communication mediums. For some it took say around 5 days, some cases 1 to 2 weeks. For very timid, stubborn, adamant people, it may take upto month. 

Everything is energy. Love and attraction energies do exist. But it doesn’t work the same for each and every person. Along with my initiation, you also need to meditate on particular spirit, which I will tell you the details if interested.

Using mystic charts and spirits (the divination tool, I use to determine the odds and outcome of any situation), shows how those energies are working for you.

You need to meditate for 20 minutes a day, with respect and reverence to the spirit. There are certain simple house rules to follow. Say no meat, beverages. Even character and behavior is important for me, to start initiation i first place.

Spirits don’t like to align with certain people, due to their own nature. I won’t deal with such people in first place. This is the magical aspect of astrology. Each and every case or situation is different. I need to analyse your energy levels using mystic charts, which gives me a clear picture, like whether there is any room and opportunity for magic. There are many such hidden spirits for specific matters in astrology. Even Karma matters a lot.

There are many cases, I have denied any rituals or summon spirits help, because he/she doesn’t want to connect. There are reluctant people. I suggest avoid relationships with such people for your own good, because such patterns remains the same, and they will again shut down. Everything is energy. It’s upto you to proceed or not in such cases.

This spirits polarises your heart, relationship and union chakras and removes any blocks. Spirits energies work on different energies, frequencies and plane. They know a lot about you. If you request them and sincere, they may help. For those people, who are very pushy or aggressive, spirits may decide not to work with you. I don’t deal with such people in first place.

Find marriage/ soulmate:  Many people, were able to attract marriage partner, and a potential soulmate.

Friendships with opposite gender or fling : This spirits can also help to broaden your social circle and friends with benefits kind.

Patch broken relationships, lost love, breakups: In my observations, this spirits creates a magnetic  and irresistible charm to contact you. They may deny such feelings, but ultimately some kind of communication will happen.

Happy re-union : Is there any person, you have some understanding and want them to approach you or look favorably upon you? I was able to fix many divorce cases, already divorced cases using spirits help.

Spirits have access to all aspects of human life. I also see your karma and natural energy levels as per the astrological chart. Sometimes it is your karma, which is blocking things and spirits help are an exception.

Divorced cases: 

There are certain divorce cases, which cannot be fixed, due to other person already engaged with someone and many other factors like he/she may repeat the same pattern or behavior. But majority of the time, people do have feelings for each other, but wants you to nudge or make the first move. I can instantly see, if there is any odds for fix or not, using mystic charts and then proceed if appropriate. In some cases, it is better to leave things as it is.

Old friends, old crush, lost love:

Spirits can also help to connect with old friends, old crush, lost love, with whom you have lost connection. It shares such magical vibes and aura with you, if you align with its principles.

Hidden aspects of spirits: 

There are many hidden aspects of spirits, which can help to patch husband wife problems, misunderstandings, strong bond. I don’t want to mention in this blog post. This is specifically for fixing couple issues. But don’t get too excited. I need to determine the odds and outcome using mystic charts. If your frequencies and energies are at the same level, it will create a strong attraction and bond.

Contact me for consultation, if interested. I may not deal with certain people. Spirits can read your mind. It is upto me to proceed or not. Please have  a look at “Readings page + FAQ + About us page” for consultation. 

If you are interested in astrology, spirits and magic and need help in love, marriage and relationship matters, have  a look at this post.

Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

Betting big on mystic charts and spirits – Hidden wonders of nature

Betting big on mystic charts and spirits

Gambling betting luck speculation astrology

For the past 8 years, I was dabbling a lot with mystic charts and spirits.
One day I got connected with a mysterious spirit, which knows the outcome of any situation.
I got very excited and contacted my existing subscribers, whom we are in good terms and friendship with.

Most of my subscribers have issues in love, relationships, love life, soulmate, litigations, court cases,
problem with an enemy, connect with a lost contact, old crush and their loved ones. How do they react?
Will they consider your friendship and ignite spark? It just works like magic, depending upon the outcome.

I just ask my mystic chart, is there is any room or opportunity to fix the issue? The outcome? The odds?
If the outcome is good, I just contact them and tell them. Mystic charts can also say seeking spirits help for
magic will do wonders. Sometimes it will say a straight no, and nothing much can be done about it.

Say for ex: In already divorced cases, most of the couples stay separated even after 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.
I just ask mystic chart, is there any room for fix? Most of the times, the chances are the couples are still
living separated, without engaged with someone. A small spark, magic and a talk is enough to fix the marriage.

Mystic charts gives me the outcome, the odds, any suggestions and improvements if any.
Sometimes, it will ask me to initiate spirits help for change of heart. They work in mysteious ways.
Don’t ask me how?

I will mediate in their case,
ask them to have a talk, talk with both parties, and most of the times it got fixed magically.
(Note: Outcome is important to me, otherwise I won’t proceed in first place)

Similarly, using mystic charts and spirits help, I was able to determine outcome of any situation,
find fix for marriage, divorce, already divorced cases,litigation, court cases, out of court settlement,
connect with loved ones, old crush, ex, old business partner, compromise with opponents, mediate in business disputes.

How they react? Will they accept your friendship? Perhaps, they are also looking for the same thing.

Betting big on mystic charts and spirits - Hidden wonders of nature

Saga of mysterious animal spirit – Astrology for magic fans

Since 2011, I was dabbling a lot with astrology, spirits and natural magic and found some interesting revelations. Magic always used to interest me and whatever resources, money or savings I had, I used to give a try irrespective of outcome. It was more like a passion or hobby since then. If you are like our kind, this is a big community of likeminded people.

Over the years, I have built a good pool of astrology subscribers, met amazing and interesting people across globe, and got connected with internet. Most of them are attracted to our astrology system, and they share the same beliefs.

I used to randomly erect a mystic chart and even ask my spirits, if there is any room for magic or opportunity for this person. No natal and birth chart required in this case. Because energy levels vary from person to person, and karma matters. Karma is the big magic.

If Karma is good, you will attract things like magic in your way. But unfortunately, 98% of the time, people lack the natural planetary energies and they need some external help for various aspects in life. I always ask my subscribers to work on their Karma.

There are many ways to improve Karma, through rituals, charity, visiting temples, holy places with certain frequency over time, tantra, gemstones, by practicing yoga, deep meditation, mantras, devotion to higher energies and more.  I have also written few blog posts about Karma magic and spirits magic. Please go through it. But spirits always amazes me.

Here is how it works.

I need to analyse the energy levels and determine the karma and how it is working for them. I just ask them,what areas or aspects of life are you facing problems?

Using mystic charts and spirits, I can instantly get the outcome of any situation, the odds, how energy levels are working, if there is any opportunity for magic?

If yes, I tell my subscribers. Otherwise, I will just leave as it is. 

Is it love, relationships, finding a soulmate, job, promotion, career, enemies, blackmagic, lack of energy? No shy! You should speak with me, no embarrassment, be it some conspiracy against you, or something happened to you. We have given our existing subscribers absolute freedom.

Most of my subscribers, consider me as a mentor, a true companion, a friend, and I always consoled them and comfort them. I even went out of my ways, to help my loyal subsribers, if mystic charts and energy levels supports it. But due to the increase in numbers and subscribers, I have limited time right now. I have a good bond with my existing subscribers. 

Mystic charts clearly shows the outcome within few minutes. If the energy levels are good, and Karma is supporting, I tell them there is room and opportunity for magic. we can seek spirits help. If the outcome is good, I will ask them to proceed. I also see, the skills and caliber of a person, his or her profession, most particularly if he / she is having some kind of marketing talent or potential.  I have rejected many requests for mystic arts, because I found they don’t have the marketing talent of skill I am looking for. If they are still interested, they are most welcome. (few exceptions).

Otherwise, not. There is a small fee for this and I will let you know after consultation, if interested. No compulsion! It is upto you to get in or not. However, we only deal with people, who sync and align with our beliefs.

If they are interested, I teach them few simple deep meditation methods and mystic exercises to connect with the spirit and win their attention. The energy levels varies from person to person. Most of the instructions are given online through phone, whatsapp voice calls or message.

In future, most of these people have met me in person and now we have good friendship.

Note: For newcomers, consultation is mandatory to determine the energy levels and Karma. In some cases, I may even say no. But if the person is very interested and wants to initiate into mystic arts anyway, I may consider if appropriate. There are certain people, we don’t deal with, because they just don’t align with our beliefs.

Astrology = Pursuit of Happiness

Do you know a lot of my subscribers, love this mystic charts and spirits, because it gives them, some kind of happiness, once it gives information about your loved ones.

It could be your old crush, love, love life, soul mate, ex, lost connection, relationships, dating, marriage and more.

What they are doing? what he/she thinks about you? Is it possible to connect with them again and ignite spark and friendship?

Come once! You will come to us again and again for more information. They say the true happiness, is once you know more about your loved ones.

Spirits can also describe private lives, birds and bees kind of questions. But it’s upto me, where to draw the line. Some questions, I don’t entertain. Don’t spy too much on others, even though it matters to you. Don’t misuse or abuse the amazing mystic charts.

Mystic charts can answer anything leaving nothing to the imagination. I won’t entertain questions of malicious nature. But regarding the person, you care or loved ones are welcome.

Note: The more you give the description or information about you, it is better for me to do the analysis.

Some of the popular questions are.

Can I become popular or star, celebrity, entrepreneur? If yes, the odds? (sometimes, a simple no)

Is this the right costume/ dress for me?

How to enhance beauty, looks, health? Is this the right supplement/ cosmetic product/ surgery? (among list of options)

Which is the best real estate, neighborhood, rented place, with suits me in the pool?

Parameters: Safety, happiness, new friendships, amenities and facilities can be seen.

Which is the right career choice, course among the list of options?

I have few job offers. which is the best pick?

Will I get a promotion, in next 6 months? Increase in salary? more profits in business?

Suppose you are visiting a new place or institution. Most ofmy subscribers ask me, will I make lot of friends, meet interesting people, fling, dating, amazing friends and even soulmate and someone to cozy with?

Best choice for vacation, deals, hotels, rented apartment, office? (give me list of few options in pool, and I will pick the best one for you)

The sky is the limit. Mystic charts leave nothing to the imagination. However, I may not entertain certain questions, if I find it is inappropriate.

You can contact me, if interested for consultation.

Mystic arts, exercises to connect with friendly spirits


If you have issues in marriage, relationships and any aspects of human life, there are certain friendly  spirits, which are deeply connected with earth plane and can help. In the past, I only disclosed this information to my loyal and existing subscribers, whom we have good rapport with.

A consultation is mandatory to determine energy levels, aura, karma. Pls don’t call over phone, instead schedule a consultation over email and fix and appointment. There are certain simple rules to follow, like the behavior, the mindset, foods to avoid and how not to annoy the spirits. Note: we are requesting spirits for its magical vibes which can help in many aspects of life, which is otherwise not possible using natural planetary energies.

So how this works?

As soon as you come for  consultation, I could instantly determine your chakra and energy levels, instantly using mystic arts and spirits help. Any blocks, fears, mental blocks, we will try to lift it. The mystic chart, will show the odds and outcome very clearly. If the odds are good, for the purpose you have come, I will initiate spirits help, otherwise not. Spirits doesn’t want to work with certain people, who doesn’t align with their beliefs. I may also reject any request for consultation, if I find appropriate. we also don’t deal with people, whom we have issues in communicating things.

If the mystic charts and spirits are showing a clear yes, and they can help in this matter, then it is upto you t proceed or not, from this point. (optional)

There is also a small fee for this and I will talk about it, if appropriate. Keep this in mind, before contacting me. I don’t have any issues with my existing subscribers, but those who are new to this website, it is better to read few blog posts and then contact me, if interested. 

Also, don’t feel embarrassed or shy to discuss any issues during consultation, be it sexuality, fertility issues, enemy problems or any mysterious kind. Charts can show what is going on, and it is strongly connected with past karma or affliction. 









Understand psychology of a person using mystic charts

Do you know that mystic charts and spirits, can help you determine the psychology of a person, why he/she behaves strange or unpredictable behavior?

Do you want to know more about your loved ones, dating, partner, spouse, I can help you understand them much better. Only use this information for good, and we don’t tolerate any kind of abuse. If the person concerns you, it is okay.

Most of my subscribers approach me frequently to know more about their dating partner, new connection, new business partner, a stranger you have met with, their future spouse and preferences. People are different.

Knowing a person better, will strengthen the bond. contact me, if interested. Information needed from you, to get started: A small description about the person or whatever you know about him/her. A photo will be ideal, if you can provide that. I will request my spirits, to sync with their energies, and read their mind. It can also be an unknown stranger or a person, whom you have just met.  You can then ask questions about him/her, one by one at a time. 

Gemstones hidden power – invisible forces of nature

Gemstones hidden power – invisible forces of nature


Gemstones have hidden powers and can take you to great heights, if used properly. It is embedded inside earth crust for 1000 years and then mined. Anybody who can invoke the planet and then wear this gemstone on a particular lunar day, as per your horoscope, gives the owner great powers. It changes the vibrations,frequency and energy level,aura of your body, which opens the doors to lot of hidden opportunities, which is otherwise not possible using mundane efforts.

Leverage the power of energised gemstones from an expert,and bring mysterious changes in your life.Everybody needs some
energy from the planets.

Order a custom reading, if interested.


Gemstone recommendation $15 only (2 to 3 paragraph reading) + followup 2 times on email if appropriate.

The reading consists of 2 to 3 paragraph. I will analyse your natal chart, the astrological configuration. Please provide me the correct details. I will suggest a gemstone and all compatible gemstones, suitable to your astrological configuration.

We will also provide details like carat, weight, name of gemstome, whether it can be embedded in gold, silver or copper, whether it can be worn as ring, amulet or talisman. You can directly approach a jewellery store with this info or a gemstone dealer and get custom made for you

The energisation ritual is very important. I will also suggest  the time to wear that ring on particular lunar day or key auspicious day. Since gemstone is embedded on earth crust for 100’s of years it carries certain powers. Just wear the gemstone on particular time/date of lunar day and that particular planet will be pleased with you. There are other key external factors (confidential) along with this, and I will explain it either through email or voice calls.

Cost $15 only

I need the following details to get started. Please provide correct details.


2. Date of birth format : dd/mm/yyyy

3. Time of birth : 24 hours format (or mention am or pm correctly)

4. city/country

5. total no of questions to be asked, as per reading.

Email the above details to (OR) we support voice calls too. 

The reading will be sent through email, within 24 hours. Thanks for buying.

(OR) I suggest voice calls on skype, whatsapp or FB, for best user experience, because you can ask questions in real time.