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Horary astrology can reveal any hidden mysteries. Enquiries welcome!
It is very popular in europe, asia and america. Horary astrology is pure and exact science. Scientific researches have proved that planets and stars communicate in a language which only the horary astrologer can understand.Astrology is not only about predicting the destiny of a person, but there are other applications too, which you don’t know. Horary astrology has a reputation in different parts of the world. There exists a system to solve life mysteries.“Life on earth is uncertain. A lot of things happen in our background. Sometimes, you need a system or some science help to get a reliable answer. I can help you to answer your mysterious questions, using astrology as a tool. I am very sure, everybody wants this kind of astrology service, atleast 2 or 3 times in a lifetime. I have my own reputation in horary astrology. It took me lot of years to understand this art. Patience and preservance is very important.I can analyse and predict the following cases.

1. missing person
2. lost articles/theft
3. solve crimes (give clues)
4. outcome of civil/criminal cases
5. confirm or deny rumors.
6. patients
7. travel
8. other mysteries, murder, conspiracy, betrayal, treachery and much more, which cannot be described in this website. However, have a talk with me over phone, then proceed with the consultation.

Horary astrologer can solve hidden mysteries. However, it takes years of experience to understand this art.
However, any serious queries or enquiries welcome.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Free will. No force or compulsion, to buy anything.You can bookmark this site, and come back once you have any horary queries.Note: Samples produced on request about real case scenarios, if appropriate, only for reliable and serious people.This horary art is real and scary for some people.I will cast a horary chart for certain below mentioned topics. Please contact or call me first to know more.

This website is just a medium to connect reliable and serious people, who need this service at some point in their life.
Its about convenience.

However, i wont post the events happened in my clients life in this website or blog, because they believe in my reputation as a reliable horary astrologer. High intensity horary charts are cast, and it is confidential.
Their information is safe with me, which is very crucial in this art.
Any enquiries about this horary art welcome. No matter, where are you now in this world, most welcome. Every human being has a question or a mystery to be solved. This horary astrology service fits the bill.Call me on phone or skype for fast results, than email. In some cases, i will give you a callback or ask you to call at a later time, depending upon my schedule. Everything is mutually agreed over skype or phone, about time and consultation. Thanks for understanding.

There are some questions, which are beyond the scope of horary or which cannot be answered, because universal energies of nature itself doesn’t want you to know. In that case, i will tell you straightaway, depending upon the nature of questions. I may initiate a refund if appropriate.

when I started to learn horary, it was a big maze. It took me years to get hands on experience.

Note: If you have any clarification or enquiry,before committing for a consultation, you are most welcome.
I can understand that.

However, i entertain only serious queries, who really need this service.
Calling for fun, time pass or unneccessary talk is not encouraged. I am serious about this art and expect the same from you.
Scientific research has proved that, this horary art is real. People in Europe, America and some parts of India, know how effective horary astrology is.
I have dedicated most of my time, to master this art.
In horary world, information is king.

Still there are much more applications and mysteries of horary astrology. I will post in this blog in due time. I will use ancient rules and special formulas to determine the outcome of query.
some calculations are done mentally before answering a particular question like permutations and combinations.

it is a complicated stuff, depending on the nature of query. It takes years of practise, patience and most important preservance to understand such complicated nature of a query.

In some cases, i will ask you to call after few hours or a day so that horary gives a clear picture. Horary wants you to work for the situation, before you approach me. The question should come from the subconscious mind, and there are few exceptions too.

ex: You have lost an item. Horary wants you to search the item for yourself, and if all the attempts fail, then approach horary astrologer.

if you find the lost item yourself, well and good. But, that is the way horary art is.

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Planets and stars  rule the destiny of humans  on earth. We can change our lives, by aligning with the planets in the horoscope, which various from person to person.

“Karma cannot be challenged”. what is described or destinied in the horoscope will manifest in their operating period.  We can boost up the energy of benefic planets in a specific horoscope and enjoy its significations. On the other hand,  malefic planets should be pacified by doing certain rituals.Maybe the car you drive and money you spend on your friends will boost your social image.  In todays world people  spend a lot of money for external appearances like

1. money invested on high end car/bike, electronic gadgets, smartphones, laptops and other status symbols.

2. lavish parties, wedding, birthday and other social gatherings.

3. money spent on house renovation/ remodel cabinets and furniture/ interior design of home, to boost the property value.

4. slimming/health and fitness/ cosmetic products to look good. spent to promote business,  relationships, brand and other high budget campaigns.

By spending just a fraction of all these or upto your capacity you can improve or boost your life, using astrology as a tool. It is called as “fixing the chart or balancing the energies of horoscope”. Astrologer can suggest certain remedies to nullify the planetary afflictions, which is the root cause of all problems. Horary astrology and vaastu consultation is a lifetime value. Its effects are worth a lifetime.

A house is for 100 years. Build it as per rules of vaastu, without compromising your lifestyle amenities, quality and building materials, techniques. Align with the invisible forces of nature and bring luck ad prosperity in your life as per Vaastu.

Vaastu dosh is a serious affliction.  I have seen a lot of people with chronic diseases, psychic problems, fatal accidents, unneccessary litigation and other problems which cannot be described in this blog for some reasons, due to bad Vaastu or architecture defects.

However, I have some time tested remedies for such architecture defects, by manipulating the energy fields of a structure. Celebrities and public figures use such services, to improve their aura and bring luck in their life. Astrology and vaastu aligned together, will bring good aura to the surroundings for a  lifetime.


Horary astrology client experiences 2

Question 1
Is it better to stay and do business in this building or move to another building at the heart of the city?
I expected negative answer. Surprisingly, horary gave a positive answer. Good aspects to the ascendant and Venus sitting there.
I told the client, the marketing has not reached the right audience, and still it takes time. Better to advertise this particular business online, as there is mercury aspect on ascendant.

Question 2
Will this company acheive MNC status?
Horary chart, replied a strong “no” as per planetary configuration. However, I told the client, that it is a matter of 3 months, so keep on upgrading the infrastructure and build the brand image. I will cast a horary chart for this particular question after 3 months. For the time being, don’t get disappointed.

Question 3
I have a dispute with one of my partners and his associate. This is a company with 6 partners. This particular person and another one, is dominating all the other 4 partners.
I could see a eclipse for this particular question. This person and his associate is very troublesome and up for anything nasty. Advised the client to stay away from him, due to bad company. My client is powerless now, about this situation, and this person is affiliated with the many syndicate. I had a meeting with all the 4 partners of the company, and they admit their situation.

Question 4
Is it possible to open a plant in other city now?
Negative answer. I replied, horary is showing a lot of hiccups, and client admitted that, he  is relieved that he is running the office from his own office space. Commercial space is very costly in cities, and for the first 6 months, you are in a tight budget. The client agreed with the horary response.

Is there any property dosh, where my office is located now?
Horary chart replied a strong “no”.
I replied your operating dasha pattern is normal. However, there is a smooth sailing ahead, for next 10 years as per your natal chart.
Make the maximum of life in this period.

Horary astrology can be used to get answers for any questions concerning human life. The chart is communicating in a language, which only the horary astrologer can understand. In my beginning years of horary studies, I believed this branch is very toughest of all sciences, because there are lot of special formulas and ancient rules for each situation.image

But in natal astrology, as soon as you have experience with 3000+ charts, you have reached that milestone. But horary astrology is a lifetime experience.

Clients call me with different questions. Few examples are given below.
Sample. Horary reading
Client 1 wants to start a new DTP shop, as she is more interested in this line of work. She asked me to answer the outcome using horary.
I erected a map of the sky, using ephemeris for that moment and here is the result.

Horary chat gave negative result.
I asked the client, whether you have any skill, plans, direction, resource,  office space.
A strong “no” for all these questions. I said, it is wise to work with others, who owns a DTP shop, rather than working on your own, very politely to avoid losses in business. My horary analysis proved correct and she agreed with it.

Question 2
Can I apply for loans, and will I get it?
Horary chart, showed a strong yes and she agreed that, she submitted her property documents for loans, and bank decision is in her favor.

Question 3
You said that DTP job is not compatible for me, as per horary.
I do have interest in starting a beauty parlour. Does it work for me?
Horary chart showed a strong “yes” and a elderly Lady is helping in this venture and the business will go well. Who is that lady?
She confirmed that, she is her relative, and she is inviting here to join the beauty parlor business a  long time ago. Again horary gave a clear picture of the situation.

Question 4
Is it possible to buy a dream home, this year?
Horary chart is showing a lot of malefic aspects on property house.  Also it is in cardinal rashi.  Sorry, you can’t buy a home this year, due to many afflictions in that particular house. Also, I saw divine intervention in her 5th and luck house. I also saw a lot of liabilities  owed in horary chart. Better work to clear those liabilities, then buy a new home with small loan, after a year, so that you can have much control about finances in your life, once the dues are settled. The client is amazed, like how I found out, without her describing about the situation, that she owed a lot of liabilities in the form of loans. I said “Horary gives a clear direction once you are really confused about your life. Know the consequences, like what is going to happen in advance, by elaborating the pros n cons of a situation. There is a connection of karma, in any events of life. Horary shows, whether the tides are in your favor or not.

Question 5
Is her ancestor spirit happy about her?
Horary shows a strong “yes”
The ancestor spirit is guiding and protecting her in all ventures. Nothing to worry much. She admitted that everything proved correct and she is emotionally relieved about her doubts.

If you have any emotional or burning questions about a situation or event, or want to know the status of any situation, which has happened in the past, tricky situation, any questions connected with present, past or future, you are most welcome.
Buy a reading, by clicking link “ask horary astrologer” and email me the case details, along with the questions.

Beauty of horary is that, it can answer virtually any questions,  while traditional astrology has many limitations.

She is stunned about the result. Horary chart showing results so accurate. How is it possible?
I replied, everything in this world is ruled by planets  and planets control all aspects of human life. I can determine the outcome of any particular situation, event or query, by just looking at position of planets, houses, transit, planetary strength, aspects, and some special formulas, divisions, lot of sub division of  planet longitude, unique for each situation as per ancient text.
However, it requires years of experience to understand the fundamentals of horary.

It’s not like read 3 or 4 books like tom, dick and harry and predict a chart. To attempt horary, you need at least 2 years of  dedicated experience in Natal astrology, understand each and every significations. Just answer what it shows as per ancient texts.  In case, the answer is negative, ask the client to come after 3 months, ask the same question and explain the outcome of situation.

2 months ago, client 7 called me for Vastu consultation. I found that, the property is new. But the couple doesn’t have children. The lady suffered miscarriage too, were very upset. It’s been since 4 years after their marriage.I asked the horoscope of lady and found that she is having a lot of afflictions on 5th house, also called as house of children. I suggested to do certain remedies to ward off the evil. But in this case, damage already done. I should have seen her horoscope a long ago. But past is past, I have no control over them. She agreed to perform that mandatory remedies. (Again optional to do remedies or not. No force or compulsion. It’s for their own good)

I visited their home, and found that they were sleeping under a beam. I found a unoccupied room,  in NW direction. They told it is a guest bedroom. I asked them to move or relocate in NW direction. NE direction has a lot of magnetic energy concerning progeny, and this miscarriage is not a surprise.

There are other remedies, like removing the dosh, by altering the extensions of building. But since here  there is a safe alternative, it is not required.

3 months ago, a client 8, called me by looking this website. She claims that she is facing reversal of fortunes and career after she shifted to this house. She is not able to get the opportunities, which she had before, as if her luck is drained away, or if she is under the spell of evil eye.

I cast a horary chart for the specific question, and found that there is no evil eye. However, her family deity, is not happy with her and tantra also has a role to play, in her case in particular. I suggested to visit that particular family deity temple at least once in a month and do the yearly rituals without fail and at the correct time.

After inspecting the house, I found that, the sewage tank is installed on NE direction of the plot. I ordered a demolition of that sewage tank, and install a new one on west direction.
After 20 days, she called me and said that she got a transfer to abroad, and in the same city where her husband lives. This is called ” manipulating the earth luck”

Likewise Vaastu can be applied to bring changes in all aspects of life, provided there is a planetary promise in the Natal chart.

Vaastu onsite experiences cont5….

image4 months ago client 6 called me to check the vaastu of factory.
He said that, some 3 or 4 Vastu experts have visited the factory, but the results are not satisfactory.Okay, my first challenge is to look how  these people have manipulated the energy fields.  I measured the dimensions of the factory manually, applied some special formulas. With great difficulty I have found the center if the structure. There is a big machinery placed at the center. I politely asked the workers to move that machinery from the center and leave that space empty. This is the stomach of Vastu purush. It is the energy distribution center, also called as Brahmasthan. I suggested them to leave 9 blocks at the center empty and installed few ionizers and energisers. Installed  mystical yantra at the NE portion of factory. Found that the water leaking unnecessary from the overhead tank, and pipe is leaking unnecessarily. Immediately requested the owner to replace the pipes from the overhead tank to the bottom, since they are faulty. Water flowing source should always start from NE. I wrote a horary map for that moment, to check if there are any mystical entities roaming there. Strong no. Sometimes, yakshas, brahmarakshas move in factory, bringing always trouble to the machinery. I have personally absorbed that, lights, electric devices, mobile phones, react differently during other world entities presence. This is a different topic and there are a lot of entities in spirit world, which I don’t like to mention here. This topic of paranormal is very scary and will talk about it, when appropriate. However, scientific research have proved its existence. Are you suffering from any kind of psychic experiences and can see, feel or hear these entities, you can approach me.
You can’t discuss such topics with other astrologers, but always welcome here. Spirit world is a big ocean. Those who have experienced it in their life, know such a parallel world exist. However, such things are not discussed in public. You can directly call me over phone, and talk about such things after fixing an appointment. No matter, where ever you are in the world. Most welcome!When I went to their office room, they were sitting under a huge beam, which puts unnecessary stress to staff and workers.  I suggested to rearrange the direction of office, such that no one is sitting under the direct influence of beam. Installed few pyramid yantras adjacent to beam.I suggested to build a fountain or water body source in a particular direction. I also found that there is a temple just 200 meters from factory. The diety is goddess. I suggested the factory owner to visit the temple at least once in a week. Donate with your capacity.

After 5 months a miracle happened. A MNC company taking advantage of the infrastructure and human resources,  acquired a stake in the company, elevating the company position to great heights. This pharma company is now a global company catering needs of both domestic and international markets.  A few energy manipulation techniques as per sthapatya Veda, elevated the status of company to great heights.

Recently client 5  saw my ads on internet, and told me, he needs vaastu help to sell a property. He is  trying to sell the property for the past 6 months, but not able to sell it.

He wants to invest some stake in his own factory, and beleives that the money exchanged in this transaction will fit the bill. Okay, it is wise to play with your own resources, than apply for loans and get into some trouble in the future. After all, entrepreneurship is jugaad. I cast a event chart using ephemeris to see the outcome of this investment. The odds are in the favor of my client. He is at loss of words and stunned, of this horary art.

I asked his horoscope for reference and saw that he is running Rahu dasa, Saturn antardasha. This Saturn antardasha will end after 20 days. Saturn is malefic in his chart.
Mars planetary strength is low and placed in enemy house.

I advised him to do remedies for mars and visit saturn temple on each Saturdays, light a lamp there, to speed up the sale process.

I dug a pit of 2 feet depth, installed yantra at an auspicious time and all set for now.
Told him “Boss, only a matter of time. Could you wait for atleast 45 days max?”

After 25 days, a NRI visited the plot and immediately struck a good deal with the owner. The owner is surprised and wants to know what happened in these 25 days.

I explained to him, I am not like other vaastu consultants, I have a strong belief on horary astrology, look at your planetary positions in natal chart. These transits were not allowing you to sell the property. We have done rituals for the significator or karaka of property matters, after 25 days he is happy, and this grace is in the form of NRI, who came in search of this property and got mesmerised by it. Everything on this planet, is ruled by heavenly bodies.
Unwritten rule of astrology.

Vastu onsite experiences cont3…..

How Vaastu solved a  property dispute.I once visited a  home, whose residents are always  in a dispute with neighbors. This took a good toll of the house owner mentally. He started to drink heavily because of this agony. I came to know that, the house owner is very generous person of the town. He has done many construction projects all over India. High stake projects, worth crores of rupees, where money exchanges many hands. He made it big, starting from ground zero. This has invited a lot of evil eye and jealousy of neighbors.

He acquired the entire plot in 4 different stages. First time only acquiring the plot, only to build a home, next time a plot adjacent to it as a status symbol.

He also acquired another plot opposite to his house. The neighbor leaving near to this plot, requested that can he plant few plants as a kitchen garden, tie his goats and cows, as the plot is empty. Since this person is generous he agreed with that. In a span of 1 year, this neighbor used to park 2 cars and 1 lorry without the permission of plot owner and the owner is very annoyed.

He also acquired a plot, opposite to this plot, this created a vedha like NW extension. To be Frank the plot owner acquired the plot at 4 different levels.

During this time, the problem aggravated and that neighbor who is using the plot owner property for all his chores, including playing cricket, meetings, agriculture, without the consent of owner.

When the owner went  to ask him, why he is doing so, this particular person tried to beat him and used foul language. The other jealous neighbors, too joined the ranks of this trespasser, even though they know the truth.  Heart broken, this person was looking for a way out and he saw my ads on internet, and I agreed for a consultation with him.
Before Vastu consultation, something told me to check his horoscope, and here is the analysis. He is under the influence of Sade sati and his 4th year is running, still 3.5 years to go. Saturn is malefic for this ascendant.

Also, mars is combust in his chart and ketu in 2 house. I suggest him to write an agreement with 50% joint agreement with his wife. In his horoscope, there is a yog that he will lose the property or somebody will snatch it from him if he is a stakeholder alone.

His wife was in tears. I advised him to recite certain mantras, for smooth sailing of Sade sati. Do remedies for mars, since mars is combust, in his Natal chart.

I even cast a horary chart, to see the outcome of situation and the result I have seen is horrible. However I stood quiet, and didn’t scare the client. All the surrounding neighbors have a eye on his properties, and someone wants to convince him to sell, either by using brokers or using force. But I kept the horary outcome to myself.

I arranged a pandit and mediated the remedies with the pandit, with the permission of client and introduced the pandit to him over phone, with the permission of client.

Now, when I visited the plot for  vastu consultation, I found that, the north west of the property is extended. I asked him directly, are you facing the problems, after acquiring this particular portion.
A strong “yes”.

This person has brought the entire property in 4 stages, and this extension is the root cause of all problems. I suggested him to erect a different boundary for this particular property, to remove that dosh due to extension. I even installed a mystical yantra by digging 2 feet below the ground and closed it at auspicious time and asterism.

I also found that, it was once a “habitat for snakes” and advised him to do a remedy to pacify them immediately. See, Vastu dosh and property dosh is different.

Installed  4 mystical yantras inside the home, wherever it is appropriate . I assured him, everything will be back on track within 2 months.

After 35 days, the client called me and said, he is relieved from the property problems,  the troublemaker met with an accident, his right hand fractured and severely bruised and many other injuries. He is not in a position to challenge the house owner.

The house owner is relieved and is very eager to know the secret. Indian occult has solution to these kind of problems. Since the main troublemaker is in weak disposition, the other jealous neighbors, started to mind their own business. They are not interested to harass the plot owner.

A few Vaastu alterations, solved the problem, along with remedies for planets, with the permission of client. Again no force or compulsion to do remedies. I explained to him, there are time tested remedies for this situation, and it has worked in most of the cases.
Hope that trespasser got what he deserved. I have solutions for these kind of problems, only thing is it will take a span of 45 days to manifest results.

Again cast a horary chart, after the call, everything seems to be fixed.

Vaastu onsite experiences cont2…..

Vaastu principles can be applied, to improve all aspects of life. Read my previous post on this website titled “How vaastu can help you?” to understand the wide array of applications.
************Client 3 wants to secure an admission in a prestigious university/admission after 10 +2.
This person wants to know, whether vaastu can help in this area. I told him, to be frank, I need to check the horoscope of his child. Astrology and vaastu are like two wheels of a bicycle. If one is broken, no movement is possible. The child is undergoing Mercury dasha. The planetary degrees and position, the house in which it is situated is in top most position. However, Mercury is afflicted due to aspect of Rahu. I advised him to do Rahu pooja. Give fodder to a cow, for 3 weeks continuously, to appease Budha graha. (Note that, I am a horary astrologer and vaastu consultant. The root cause of any problems can be detected using my horary chart). Most important, I checked the Vaastu of the house. The structure is 50 years old. There is a well in SE, which is very fatal. This will bring fatal accidents to the child and the residents residing there.I installed appropriate yantra and nullified the effects of well. A well in the south means female death or other psychic disturbances, which I don’t want to elaborate here.The rest of the house is compatible as per fundamentals of vastu. My Vastu rating for that house after doing remedies is 7/10.

I raised the platform of SW direction by 2 inch and NE portion of the plot is decreased by 2 inch.
This give strong roots to a situation at hand.

Energised and installed 3 mystical yantras, whenever it is appropriate.

43 days later the client followed me and his son got a admission at a prestigious university, after applying the mystical formulas of Vastu and my own principles of astrology. It helped him to set a foot on that particular prestigious university without much efforts. Vastu is a powerful trend in India. Only few people are very serious about Vaastu, and believe that it pays in the long run.