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Marriage compatibility and analysis report

It is believed that “Marriage is made in heaven”

Marriage is the most important event in one’s life. Vedic astrology believes in the concept of matchmaking before marriage. Whereas, in western culture most of them decide on physical, mental, material traits of both the partners. Compatibility report, helps to see if a particular bride and bridegroom match are compatible, whether they will live smoothly, face hurdles in life, avert evils, physical and mental traits of each zodiac signs is compatible with the respective partners. Otherwise, it will bring a lot of issues after marriage like breakup, divorce and other unexpected setbacks, frustrations in martial life. I will manually prepare a report, doing a deep analysis depending upon the principles of vedic astrology.

I will provide you a one page report, doing a through analysis of both the partners. Our Pandits or scholars are well versed in this area and can also help you with any concerns.

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Muhurat or Ephimeris or auspicious time


Muhurat is the most auspicious time to initiate or start any event in life. The success of the venture depends upon at which auspicious time, the work got initiated. Our Pandits or scholars have a list of auspicious date and time, the transit of sun and moon in particular constellations is very important to start specific type of work. Indians and westerns believe in this Ephemeris to start specific events. Life goes smooth, if work is initiated in proper time. Otherwise, hurdles, frustration in the long run, just because you initiated work at the wrong time. It has been scientifically proved. Certain time the strength of the planets will be at the peak for certain events. Sometimes, the planet for particular ventures or work, will be weak. The outcome of the work is miraculously connected with this time.


The specific events in life, for which we look ephimeris or Muhurat are

Marriage (Vivah Muhurat)

  • auspicious time to visit the house of prospective Bride or the Groom
  • Grah pravesh (house warming) Muhurat
  • Starting Education
  • Starting business
  • Investment of money
  • For Purchase and Construction of Property
  • Travel (Yatra Muhurat)
  • Taking Medicine (Shubh muhurat and nakshatra for particular medicines)
  • Applying for Visa and Passport
    Marriage (Vivah or shaadi Muhurat)
  • Ring Engagement
  • Muhurat for starting a Puja
  • Purchase of a Vehicle or conveyances
  • Joining tJob
  • Legal issues
  • Purchase of a Machine
  • Interview
  • Surgical Operation

Speculation astrology


Speculation includes lottery, gambling, stock market, horse and motor racing. Lotteries, gambling and stock share, motor and horse racing the cheapest is lottery. With one ticket of small amount, one can aspire for lakhs of rupees in a single day. In order to control illicit gambling, governments of various countries have regularised gambling in a decent way.


Lots of people with high hopes buy lottery tickets, but only few are lucky to win the prize. For speculative gains, special luck is required, which varies from person to person and individual horoscope.


I will see, depending upon your horoscope, any chances of speculative gain, through this sources or not. I will also see the transit. In some cases, based on my experience, there is divine intervention in speculative gains, which is in the hands of the almighty.

I will give you a 2 paragraph analysis, like speculation is good for you or not, depending upon the position and transit of planets.

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gemstone recommendation from experienced astrologer

Some stones give instant results within 45 minutes of wearing it, you can feel that cosmic energy.

Others take a minimum of 45 days to make the things work for you. Here, I can only recommend gemstones, it’s your responsibility to go to a jeweller and order it. Contacting an astrologer in real world, and asking them for a gemstone recommendation, will cost you a fortune. But here, I am cutting that cost.


Boost your career, health, wealth, luck, sex appeal, magnet to the opposite sex, overcome diseases, overcome enemies mysteriously. People have good experiences with gemstones, which they don’t openly admit with public. Either you can use it as a gemstone, amulet, pendant.



In my personal experience, this particular branch of astrology has done wonders. This has changed the way of life of many high profile personalities. Gemstone is the secret of their success.

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Business partnership compatibility (through astrology)


Most of businessman, desire to have a partnership or joint venture for commercial reasons. It has proved that good partnership compatibility, will boost the business. The partner may take the full responsibility and makes your life smooth. On the other hand, the same partner tries to dominate or ruin the business or create an unhealty environment. Astrology can determine the outcome. It has been scientifically proved. I will analyse the chart of both the partners and see if they are compatible. I will give the outcome in a paragraph. This is called star compatibility.


I will manually prepare the report, and see if the stars of the both partners are compatible.


Information required. (of both the persons)
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Find curses, hex in your birthchart


I am an astrologer with 4 years of experience. I have a speciality of analysing curses in the birth chart. Now, for the first time, I am using this service on the internet. The birth chart is a pre-destined chart, which shows events to happen, that manifest later in life. Seeing, your birth chart, I can analyse if any of this curses are present. This curses prevent you from suceeding in life. This is a 1 page reading. I will just expalin, if these curses are present or not in the reading.

Information required.
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Please subscribe, if you have belief in astrology. Otherwise, please don’t buy. It’s not worth it.

I can determine, whether some curses are present in your birth chart or not. Simple Yes or no reply.

1.Ancestor or generational curse: This particular curse will block you in succeeding in all your endeavors.

2. martial life curse: this spoils the marriage or make the married life miserable. (ex: breakup, issues after marriage)

3. Blackmagic or withcraft effect: Shows that, depending upon your planetary position, you are vulnerable to blackmagic or not.

4. evil eye: Every cultures, believe in evil eye, it brings unwanted troubles in the destination.

There are many other curses, too. But these are the most specific ones.

Other curses accumulated, from previous life are

  1. father’s curse
  2. mother’s curse
  3. brother’s curse
  4. maternal uncle curse
  5. god curse
  6. spouse curse
  7. departed soul curse
  8. serpent curse


I can only determine, the intensity of the hex or curse, and suggest you accordingly. Most of them have it, without them knowing it.

Note: Please provide me a positive feedback, after the transaction is over. Please don’t buy, if you don’t have belief in astrology. This information is sent through email. There is no returns for this transaction.