Men women issues in astrology

Many people come with love, relationship, get a soulmate, help in marriage or madly in love with someone. I just ask my spirits, whether the concerned person is good for him/her. I believe in certain ethics.

If it is men, who have approached me saying they are in love with someone or marriage, I see the girl relationship with boy parents, good with boy friends and social circles or community, cooking or basic homemaker skills and social life. What is more important is the willingness to learn life skills.  I understand it is difficult to get such all qualities, but that is important for mileage in marriage. I don’t like people taking dowry or any gifts, from both sides. Even i dont believe in fabulous marriage, spending lot of money.

Even if parents give some gifts or money, if their financial situation is good, it could be used as emergency fund. Not mere sexual attraction.
If a women approaches me for astrology, regarding they are in love with boy or marry, i see the qualities in men  like they are not criminals or crime record, rude or aggressive behavior, respect girl and girls family, treat her in respect in public, look after kids and being responsible.

Most imp , we see whether both parents agree or not. I can instantly get answers for all these, using spirits. I reject a lot of cases on daily basis, some after only money and later divorce, only sexual satisfaction but doesn’t want to commit family.  We understand men or women are not perfect. At one point in time, you will be attracted to one other. Why people move to western countries. They thibk there is more sexual freedom. Times have changed now. India has more sexual freedom. But beware of men/women linked with crime syndicates. Whatever i say as an astrologer, is best interest of the person who are loyal to us. We dont want to see them in harm or grief later.