Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

I receive lot of emails and calls from my subscribers, to patch up the relationships, breakups, love life, spark love again, divorce, misunderstanding and sudden lack of interest for no specific reason.

They need some astrological help, so that the other person have some kind of nostalgia, strong feelings and contact them back. I use mystic charts and spirits to determine the odds and outcome. Like, whether he/she will come back? Whether he/she has true feelings? Are spirits willing to help? Understand the psychology, mood of the person.  I can answer each and every questions using my astrology system.

I was experimenting a lot, in this area for my subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. There are certain spirits, who are highly sensitive on such matters and deeply connected with earth plane. I was able to fix lot of relationship issues, breakups, connect with lost love, fix divorce and even already divorced cases, using spirits help.

So, how does it works? 

Say, 2 people are in relationship or friendship or you just met them few days ago or months/years in a social setting like someone marriage function, clubs, supermarkets, neighborhood, gyms, yoga, park, university.

They both should naturally have some feelings for each other. This is where spirits energies work like charm in most of the cases. Depending upon the situation, I will request the spirits, to help in this regard.

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This spirits create some kind of strong feelings for you, a sudden urge to contact you, say through phone, sms, email, whatsapp or direct in person. Some kind of internal awakening happens in them, which cannot be explained in words. Spirits have such magical abilities. 

Remember, there are some persons who are very reluctant and adamant, and there will be a delay for response. I have tested this mysterious spirit energies or invoked spirit to help in such matters. My subscribers love this form of astrology and love my astrology system, in helping them to know their loved ones better.

My observations: 

Some people received a response within 3 hours either through phone or email or other communication mediums. For some it took say around 5 days, some cases 1 to 2 weeks. For very timid, stubborn, adamant people, it may take upto month. 

Everything is energy. Love and attraction energies do exist. But it doesn’t work the same for each and every person. Along with my initiation, you also need to meditate on particular spirit, which I will tell you the details if interested.

Using mystic charts and spirits (the divination tool, I use to determine the odds and outcome of any situation), shows how those energies are working for you.

You need to meditate for 20 minutes a day, with respect and reverence to the spirit. There are certain simple house rules to follow. Say no meat, beverages. Even character and behavior is important for me, to start initiation i first place.

Spirits don’t like to align with certain people, due to their own nature. I won’t deal with such people in first place. This is the magical aspect of astrology. Each and every case or situation is different. I need to analyse your energy levels using mystic charts, which gives me a clear picture, like whether there is any room and opportunity for magic. There are many such hidden spirits for specific matters in astrology. Even Karma matters a lot.

There are many cases, I have denied any rituals or summon spirits help, because he/she doesn’t want to connect. There are reluctant people. I suggest avoid relationships with such people for your own good, because such patterns remains the same, and they will again shut down. Everything is energy. It’s upto you to proceed or not in such cases.

This spirits polarises your heart, relationship and union chakras and removes any blocks. Spirits energies work on different energies, frequencies and plane. They know a lot about you. If you request them and sincere, they may help. For those people, who are very pushy or aggressive, spirits may decide not to work with you. I don’t deal with such people in first place.

Find marriage/ soulmate:  Many people, were able to attract marriage partner, and a potential soulmate.

Friendships with opposite gender or fling : This spirits can also help to broaden your social circle and friends with benefits kind.

Patch broken relationships, lost love, breakups: In my observations, this spirits creates a magnetic  and irresistible charm to contact you. They may deny such feelings, but ultimately some kind of communication will happen.

Happy re-union : Is there any person, you have some understanding and want them to approach you or look favorably upon you? I was able to fix many divorce cases, already divorced cases using spirits help.

Spirits have access to all aspects of human life. I also see your karma and natural energy levels as per the astrological chart. Sometimes it is your karma, which is blocking things and spirits help are an exception.

Divorced cases: 

There are certain divorce cases, which cannot be fixed, due to other person already engaged with someone and many other factors like he/she may repeat the same pattern or behavior. But majority of the time, people do have feelings for each other, but wants you to nudge or make the first move. I can instantly see, if there is any odds for fix or not, using mystic charts and then proceed if appropriate. In some cases, it is better to leave things as it is.

Old friends, old crush, lost love:

Spirits can also help to connect with old friends, old crush, lost love, with whom you have lost connection. It shares such magical vibes and aura with you, if you align with its principles.

Hidden aspects of spirits: 

There are many hidden aspects of spirits, which can help to patch husband wife problems, misunderstandings, strong bond. I don’t want to mention in this blog post. This is specifically for fixing couple issues. But don’t get too excited. I need to determine the odds and outcome using mystic charts. If your frequencies and energies are at the same level, it will create a strong attraction and bond.

Contact me for consultation, if interested. I may not deal with certain people. Spirits can read your mind. It is upto me to proceed or not. Please have  a look at “Readings page + FAQ + About us page” for consultation. 

If you are interested in astrology, spirits and magic and need help in love, marriage and relationship matters, have  a look at this post.

Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology

Love, love life, relationships, breakup, divorce ll Find odds of fix using astrology