You should mandatory read this 3 pages, if interested in astrology readings or consultation.

1. About us

2. FAQ

3. Readings

Few important points.

All consultation requests should be sent by email only. ( See form and email address on contact us page). Then I will send payment details or methods, and its upto you to proceed or not.This is fee for readings or consultation only.

We can either look astrology by natal or birth chart, mystic charts. We also have spirits, similar to ouija boards, which have crystal ball or radar like vision, which can also give most of the answers instantly using their vision. It doesn't matter if you have 10 or 20 questions. The questions should make sense and shouldn't be of malicious intent.

Our spirits, can sense your energies, once you contact me first through email, phone, whatsapp or in person and give me some answers about you. Read FAQ to know more. Depending upon that info, I may decide to proceed with consultation or not.

Most of the time, I will schedule consultation within few hours or 1 day  depending upon the queue. Please read FAQ page, most of the common newbie questions are answered there.

Mystic arts, meditation to connect with spirits or summon and invoke friendly spirits and spell requests are only considered after consultation. We don't deal with people, who don't sync with our beliefs.

Note: My time and schedule keeps on changing. I give top priority for  those enrolled for mystic arts and meditation to connect with spirits and daily I followup with them for 10 to 20 minutes. Astrology readings, consultation and spell requests, I only proceed if I have time. This is to ensure that those people enrolled for mystic arts gets lot of individual attention and time. I get lot of requests from people to enroll for mystic arts or exercises to connect with spirits. We only take limited people, based on availability, every month so that each and every person gets lot of  time to interact.

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