Spirits are always looking to fix things for your better future, happiness and security

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How my obsession towards fixing things for others,the surprise, excitement and amazement in them, landed me in a new direction, new experiences and brought
all my loyal subscribers, their referrals of friends, colleagues and family members very closer. Read this full post, till the end to understand much better.

“All these years, I was fixing things about love, love life, divorce, breakups, second marriage, happiness, sexuality, fertility issues for my subscribers. Hidden from outside world. We understood our sympathetic subscribers and went to extreme lengths for them and they acknowledged the same. “

“Using my mystic charts and spirits help, everything moved the way I wanted and expected. I have a clear picture about the odds and outcome, your energy levels,what is going to happen after few days,weeks, months, years in advance, whether magic helps or not. If yes, I tell them. If no, I just leave as it is. Karma matters, which is the foundation of my astrology. That is the way it is. “

This Spirits always want me to give you better future, happiness, safety and security. It is the one, motivating me to do things, against high odds, all alone. Spirits are highly sensitive to human needs. They know what works best for you, any situation. Magic.

If I ask spirits a question about any person, it can instantly connect with their energy levels, shows me their mood, their behavior, their attitude, gives me the exact energy levels, odds and outcome. This information is very crucial in making steps.

How I want mystichorary.com to be? I want it to be the highest ideal. I am always looking for fix for their problems for my loyal subscribers. Using mystic charts and spirits help, I can instantly determine the outcome and odds and make moves if the outcome is favorable. But, due to the increasing numbers and queue, that kind of individual attention may or may not be possible now.

Over the years, since 2011 to present, we have interacted with people of 60+ countries, people from all walks of life, who sync and align with our beliefs. We have understood them much better and know exactly, what they are looking for?
Note: There are certain people, we don’t deal with, because they just don’t align with our beliefs and my spirits tell me, this relationship or friendship won’t last long.

I was able to fix lot of love, lovelife issues, divorce cases, relationships, breakups, martial life problems,patching up with a lost love/ friend/ authority figure. Don’t get too excited. Let me tell you, how I did this.

Most of them are sympathetic to our cause and we reciprocate the same. I only deal with people who align with us, whom we can have great friendship with. Based on the frequency of enquiries I get, I am able to win people in my way, using my website, blog posts, youtube videos. People go through all the content and come to us naturally.

After 1 or 2 interactions, they submit fully with their real life problems, without hiding nothing from me, leaving nothing to imagination.
It requires high level of trust for them to speak such sensitive topics in first place. Everything moved the way I wanted and I expected, using spirits and mystic charts. That motivated me to go even deeper to real life problems.

Most of my subscribers have issues in love, love life, relatonships, breakups, divorce, dating, marriage life, career, job, business, office politics, conspiracy, betrayal, evil eye, blackmagic, health, wealth, speculation, gambling, foreign travel, visa, settlement, court cases, litigation, civil/criminal and other aspects of life.

I have also helped  them to recover after a breakup, divorce, get back into job/profession after a long break or show a new direction as per energy levels. Helping them to find new direction in life and tap friendly spirit energies  for magic. Some of my subscribers are also a victim of conspiracy, betrayal, imprisonment due to things beyond their control, and I was able to show them new direction in life. Everything is energy. 

Love and love life issues:
60% of my subscribers have issues in love and love life. I wanted to do something for them within my means and control, if karma and energy levels support it, because a majority of them are good with me. I used to randomly erect a mystic chart and ask spirits, is there a fix?

Spirits will say a straight no. Sometimes spirits will say yes. A cakewalk. Just having a talk will do. Sometimes spirits will say a little bit of magic will create feelings for you. In that case, I can teach
simple mystic exercises for you. (for a small fee, if interested. Optional)

Sometimes, spirits will tell me to wait for until the bad period or dasha is over. This time may be 1 year, 2, 5 or 10 years, which is not practical and lengthy. In such situations, I always look for room and opportunity for sprits help
and magic. There are lot of cases, where nothing can be done about it. No fix! Everything depends upon karma and energy levels. That is the way it us.

I do get lot of relationship break cases. Using my mystic chart, I determine the psychology and mood of both person instantly. See if other person, have some feelings for you and wants to connect?
Sometimes, both will have their own ego, and even though I tell them go and have a talk, it will be fixed, they won’t do it. I just alert them, once, twice and then stop. A lot of cakewalk cases. Sometimes magic is required.

Divorce cases: (awaiting and already divorced)
There are lot of subsribers, who are awaiting divorce, already divorced and even widow. I am always looking for fix in their life. I just erect a mystic chart, for people who are awaiting divorce, understand the mood of both
persons, and depending upon them, I ask them to make moves if outcome is good or just leave as it is if nothing much can be done about it.

It is all about karma, energy levels and odds. If the chart is telling me, just having a talk will fix the issue, I insist them to shed their ego and ask them to do it. Sometimes magic is required.

I was able to fix a lot of already divorced cases, using mystic charts and spirits help. Only Exception: After divorce, if your spouse is already committed or married to someone nothing much can be done about it. But most of them still say single. This is where magic can help.

They may already have feelings for you. It is all about odds. I could clearly see it in the chart or spirits can reply it to me instantly. It doesn’t matter, if you are divorced after 1 year, 2 year, 5 years or more.
Still I was able to fix lot of already divorce cases, if my chart shows a positive outcome instantly.
Otherwise nothing much can be done about it.

For divorce cases, I always ask my followers to save the marriage. I insist them and alert them once, twice and then stop. It is very easy to break a marriage. No matter, how powerful your birth chart is, be it love marriage or arranged, marriages can fail within a record time of 3 months to 6 months or more.
There are lot of factors, beyond our control. Evil eye and blackmagic, can do damage to marriage.
Initially I didn’t believe, but years of experience of my clients from different countries have proved this point.

Second marriage:
All the attempts to save the marriage has failed. Divorce initiated and got it. Few weeks, months and years passed. I just erect a chart about this 2 people,understand the mood and psychology instantly and see if there is any room for fix. If yes, talk and magic whatever.
If no, nothing much can be done about it. Some horoscopes configuration have afflictions in such a way that, it will cause damage in first marriage. It is play of Karma.

Sometimes, the spouse has been hurt very emotionally and psychologically and they just don’t want to connect. The reasons are many. I don’t like to mention here.

Then I will ask spirits, of there is any room and opportunity for second marriage.
I will also ask if they have any preferences for second marriage like, the person should be in a particular profession, city, looks, age bar and other preferences.
Sometimes magic is required to attract people of same love, frequency and energy levels and more, so that there will be lot of understanding in relationship. 90% of divorces happen, because people marry someone
with different energy levels and frequency, love and they find it difficult to adjust and sync with them.

Spirits will tell me, if there is someone matching their exact preferences, otherwise a bit of compromise is required. Sometimes magic is required to pull someone to align with your energy levels.
It worked like magic. I have invoked spirits help for this purpose. It worked like charm. There are certain simple rules to follow. Since you lack the natural energy to attract a spouse or almost near match, magic is neccesary. However, there are some rare cases, where nothing much can be done, I mean family
lineages who have inherited lot of curses, jinx, which destroys marriage.

In such rare cases, help of higher energies are required.IUsing this art, I have also helped many people in job, promotions, business, foreign travel, settlement,
if your karma and energy levels support it.

If you find it difficult to attract a love, soulmate, I can help you with simple mystic exercises, which polarises the chakras and pulls such frequencies like a magnet. Remember karma and energy levels vary from person to person.

Everything is energy. Love is energy. Relationship is energy. Friendship is energy. Money is energy. Fertility is energy. Sexuality is energy. If you have worked with earth energies, their nature, mystic and spirit energies things become easier. Otherwise, I can help you on this, if my spirits are willing to help you.

I kept a track and record of cases, I was able to fix, using my pro active action and pushing and insisting my clients to take a step, because we care for them. If there is a fix as per my spirits and charts , I help them, otherwise no. The numbers will go in thousands. I will keep it as a suspense. I will reveal
it, when the time is right.