Hypnotism, Mass hypnotism , sammohan, superstition in astrology

Hypnotism, Mass hypnotism , sammohan, superstition in astrology

I get lot of questions asking me, do hypnotism, hypnosis, mass hypnotism, sam mohan, superstition exist in astrology. What is my stand, view and opinions?
In my astrology practise, I have seen many cases of sudden rise to fame, popularity, authority, a superstar, celebrity, elevation, promotion to higher levels. Some people who made to the top from nothing. It is the magical aura which matters, your communication skills. There are certain combinations in astrology chart, which gives you hypnotism like powers, when the time is ripe. Such odds are just 1 in million. Others need some kind of occult, spirits, magical objects help.

Mass hypnotism do exist. History has proved it and its potential. I can make such person out, by the way they speak. There are certain omens and tell tale signs. It is similar to shakuna shastra. Such people can command control over millions of people and hold the gaze for some time. There are certain people you can’t hypnotise though, because they are of different planes and frequencies. Say in a group of 10,000 people, such people can hypnotise 9900 people. 100 or less may be an exception.

Sam mohan is also kind of hypnotism, popular among secret occult circles. Celebrities, politicians, big businessman and authority figures use this.

Hypnosis can bring a person to trance, and changes the perception towards you by other people. You get lot of authority, respect. Hypnosis can also be used for counselling, self healing and certain therapies.

Different superstition exists in the world. I believe in certain superstitions. There is always a co incidence. Say a big danger, someone death of loved ones, a close relative demise, some omens for good and bad news. A person demeanor, which is very negative and you could feel the negative manifestation of them, say anger, rude behavior, lack of courtesy or gratitude in minutes. I can determine the psychology, mood, attitude and character of any person in 1 minute, just by looking at my mystic chart. Do you want to know about anyone? I can help you on this.

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