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Astrology, spirits and magic. (also an active community of likeminded people) Online presence in 60+ nations. 

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 There is lot of magic hidden in astrology, spirits, nature, powerspots, mystical objects. I have seen lot of magic in my astrology career. It is this magical element, which motivated me to explore all the possibilities, since 2011.  (few exceptions)

You should go through all blog posts of this website, to understand this. 

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New blog post:  My daily activities along with astrology


Note: I may not be available on phone, during peak times, because we need to manage queue on skype/whatsapp and email. So it is better to schedule a consultation on email, and I will arrange convenient time for both. Email: 

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 Astrology, spirits, magic and mysticism


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Spells and magic ( most common requests)

Spells and magic, I have written a detail blog post about it. We only deal with people, whom we have existing relationship or those cases, we find appropriate as per mystic charts or spirits. (consultation mandatory) There are many principles involved. They are part of tantra and I have listed only a few.

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We are active on whatsapp, and discuss  daily about current affairs, world news, astrology impacts and various other hot and trending topics, connected with astrology. It can be politics, astrology, elections, psychology, paranormal and psychic experiences of people, different sectors where astrology can be applied and about spells, magic, tantra, meditation, exercises. We have lot of followers worldwide, who are interested in such topics.



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