Planetary influence and wave theory (new theory)

Horary astrology and innovative applications.

Used for tracking movements to own or flip real estate, cars, boats, industrial equipment, products, services, franchise and any other items of value) (Holy grail)

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Planetary influence and waves theory.

This is my own theory. In the past few years, I was working on a system. How to sell real estate, cars, boats, gadgets, equipment, machinery okay,articles like that. So we can calculate any kind of buyers, sellers in the pool and any transactions, so that you can decide, whether to buy an item, whether to rent an equipment, whether buying is ideal or not. So many people approach me for the same, I mean loyal subscribers. Some people are highly passionate about real estate. They love buying and selling real estate, holding it for some time, flipping it after few months to make a profit.

We can say how the market is moving, whether we can make sale with that particular person or buyer or prospect, what is the exact or average price range or scale or ratio you can sell. I mean average. I can give you answers instantly. Spirits can check the vibes. Spirits have crytal ball or radar like vision. It looks through its own eyes, and gives us the answers, through their medium, which is magical.

Some people are passionate about buying and selling luxury cars. They love buying cars, holding for some time and flipping it for profit. Even gadgets and high end machinery and
equipment. High end mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, DSLR or high end cameras,studio equipment. Even big showroom dealers, shop owners they approach me.

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I can calculate and tell you the time frame, when you will get the buyer, what is the exact time frame and price range you can sell.we can calculate these kind of combinations using astrology.

I need a basic description of the product to get started. Ex: If you are selling a car, I want to know the make of the car, model, a photo will be ideal, to help spirits to directly connect with its energies and give instant answers or within few minutes.
If you are selling a smartphone, the make and model of the phone. Whatever it is, a photo will do fine. The same principle works for boats, real estate and any othet physical item, which you can buy sell and flip it for profit. Spirits will instantly connect with that
object, article or items energy and instantly gives answers.

Spirits have crytal ball and radar like vision. It knows what happens after few hours, days, weeks, months, years in advance. However, we should not, abuse or misuse its energies. We may lose the relationship with the spirit, and may not respond. So there are certain people, we don’t deal with them in first place.

If you are interested to buy sell and flipping timing, price range and calculations, pls schedule consultation through email and I will arrange time for voice call.

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This information is very crucial, before getting into any deal. A lot of people are using this science in certain parts of globe. But they never discuss, any such system in general public. This art gained a lot of momentum on 17th century, then went underground, to protect likes and interests of few people.

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Any deal they enter, be it developing real estate, flipping cars, boats, business, industrial equipment, contracts,lease/rent or any items of commercial value, high stakes games (movements tracked using astrology) so that they know very well when a desired movement (buy/sell/flip) is going to happen in advance. Timing is an important factor in todays fast changing world.

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But the real problem is “The science is kept hidden to protect likes and interests of few people. The general public doesn’t even know, there exists a system to track such movements with great accuracy. Most of the time, people don’t know whom to contact for such info, so that they can take calculated decisions. There is pain in the marketplace to buy/sell and flipping certain assets. Here is a fix for that. Contact me, before you jump into any deal. I can tell you the pros n cons of the venture or movement, whether to go forward or avoid it for good.”

I have dedicated a lot of time and years of observation to understand this planetary pattern and its influence, and it worked very well like a charm. Build your reserves or resources using this system, avoid bad deals for good, save time and avoid putting all your efforts to sell that particular asset later.

This system is kept hidden to balance the buyer/seller ratio.

If you need a clear picture, of how this system helps you, contact me using the below mentioned methods. Somewhat, revived the system to put it in good use.

skype id: mailharsha08 (Skype call setup/VOIP)

I can calculate and give a accurate time frame, when the particular movement is going to happen.

Disclaimer: Currently we are also doing lot of beta test, to perfect the art. This art is purely based on timing, and I may discard certain requests, if appropriate.

Note: Information required from you to get started. 

A small description about the object you are going to buy or sell. (Ex: Car or real estate). Describe whatever you know about the object. A photo will be ideal. (optional)

I will request my spirits, to determine a prospect or buyer/seller, the date frame, the price range and other metrics and any other suggestions and improvements, if the spirits provide me. 

Other questions, which match this category. (optional)

Do I need to lower the price range? (to sell faster or to just make a sale)

Market conditions? Is this price range ideal? Is this buyer or seller trustworthy or shady deal?  

Horary astrology and innovative applications.

Astrology = Language of hope