Analyse gambling, betting, wagering and speculation luck using vedic astrology

Analyse gambling, betting, wagering and speculation luck using  vedic astrology

Analyse gambling betting and speculation or wagering luck using astrology

Everyday millions in the world aspire to win lottery, sweepstakes,games of chance or some kind of financial windfall, through gambling, betting, speculation, wagering, horse racing, unexpected sudden wealth, will or inheritance is also a kind of pennies from heaven. Using astrology, such trends can be seen.  To be frank,there should be a strong karma or planetary promise to make it happen. You can consult me for the same for gambling astrology. I shall do an analysis, and see all possible combinations and odds.

Gambling need not be lottery. Even a good product or service or business can bring financial fortunes, if aligned correctly with market conditions, as shown by the chart. To be frank, not all have such odds. Say 10 out of 1000 have such combinations, which works like a charm. This gambling  astrology analysis is for them.

Note: This gambling astrology reading is not for everyone. It is for my established subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. Please contact me before if you want to buy reading about gambling astrology. (for newcomers). The payment tab is enabled to cater needs of my established followers or customers. 

However, there are certain spirits, which can help you in gambling. There are certain rules to follow and it doesn’t suits everyone. I should see the karma in your chart, whether planetary combinations are supporting for certain kinds of gambling and then proceed if appropriate. Betting astrology is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

In my astrology system, there are certain houses and calculations, which gives a clear idea about gambling gains, the appropriate time and when to exit. However, spirits have different energies and any determined person can win over them, which has certain abilities like magical, which helps in wagering or betting as per astrology. Spirits energies work on certain frequencies and vibrations, and there are certain people spirits like to work with, if you align with their principles and don’t annoy them. 

Karma and planetary combinations carries maximum weightage. I have lot of followers from different countries, who believe in spirits and incorporate them in their life. However, there are certain people, we don’t deal with them in the first place. You can have a look at the FAQ page for reasons. 

Some charts are considered lucky, otherwise please stay away from speculation or gambling. However,certain rituals and with the help of lucky charms can help you to increase odds to some extent. (many exceptions)

A lot of people,inbox me about gambling astrology readings and speculation on daily basis.

Order a custom reading, if interested. Starts $15 and above.


Gambling analysis reading or report. (2 to 3 paragraph) + email followup 2 times if appropriate. (top service provider worldwide)

The reading consists of 2 to 3 paragraph. I will do an analysis of astrological configuration, and provide you the time periods, lucky dasha or timeframe like months or years you should be aware for gambling, stock markets and speculation activities. Remember,not all charts are good for gambling or speculation. We are just analysing the possibilities. People want to know their financial future, hidden gains, any possibility of financial windfall in their chart.

Some people, even though they have such lady luck, have just missed it, because nobody informed them about it and they just missed it out and it is a rare speculation if that opportunity arise again. So use your own judgement, and buy this reading if you really care about it. I am not responsible for the way universe has chosen the destiny for you. When the time is up, the universe will manifest on its own, otherwise not. However, you can build such kind of luck using certain astrological rituals and procedures. This kinds of rituals are only for those guys who believe in taking risks. Otherwise, please stay away. I can support a reading on email or voice call. (choose one)

Past life Karma is a major factor in your chart, and certain houses, planets and operating period should have enough planetary strength to manifest results. Just be aware of such transits and use it in your advantage, if you have such lady luck in your chart.

Also, the probability of lottery winnings and speculation and unexpected wealth is 1 in million. You are competing against huge astronomical odds. You can randomly enter into any sweepstakes or any lucky contests, during such transit.

Once again, Please don’t be too much carried away by speculation and gambling. when the time is up,  the universe will manifest it for you.

Cost $15 only

I need the following details to get started. Please provide correct details.


2. Date of birth format : dd/mm/yyyy

3. Time of birth : 24 hours format (or mention am or pm correctly)

4. city/country

5. total no of questions to be asked, as per reading.

Email the above details to (OR) we support voice calls too. 

The reading will be sent through email, within 24 hours. Thanks for buying.

(OR) I suggest voice calls on skype, whatsapp or FB, for best user experience, because you can ask questions in real time.

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Analyse gambling, betting, wagering and speculation luck using astrology

Seek spirits help.

Astrological chart and planetary alignment for gambling and betting trends.

To analyse strength and weakness in gambling astrology, the houses looked are 2 nd house for inheritance and self made money, 5th house for gambling and speculation, 8th house for mysterious money , 9th house for divine intervention and lottery , sweepstakes and games of chance or random luck and 11 th house for unexpected financial windfall and gains.

If the planetary lords of 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th house are strong either by aspects or conjunction and degrees, the person will get some kind of inheritance or unexpected financial gains at some point in his life. Karma matters a lot.

Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Venus with certain combinations as per astrology, bring sudden luck, money in the form of random games of chance, slot machines, powerball, wheel of fortune. There are many forms of betting and online gambling nowadays.

There are certain spirits as per astrology, which can help or increase the luck in gambling. It polarises the chakras and there are certain rules to follow. If you are interested, I can help you to analyse the odds and go for spirits initiation, if
the odds for gambling or betting is strong in the chart as per the astrology.

Gambling is not for everyone. However, luck can also be created to some extent using exchange of luck by aligning with certain people, marriage, friendship, partnership,  lucky charms, even animals can change your luck. Contact me directly if interested for consultation.

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