Analyse gambling, betting, wagering and speculation luck using vedic astrology

Analyse gambling, betting, wagering and speculation luck using  vedic astrology

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A lot of my astrology followers, do believe in luck, destiny, karma and games of chance. (They align with our principles and house rules of spirits)

Everyday millions in the world aspire to win lottery, sweepstakes,games of chance or some kind of financial windfall, through gambling, betting, speculation, wagering, horse racing, unexpected sudden wealth, will or inheritance is also a kind of pennies from heaven. Using astrology, such trends can be seen.  To be frank,there should be a strong karma or planetary promise to make it happen. You can consult me for the same for gambling astrology. I shall do an analysis, and see all possible combinations and odds.

A lot of gamblers worldwide contact me on daily basis. Most of them are good friends of mine. Horse racing bets and football pools are very popular among them followed by other betting forms in their country. Even people who try their luck in casinos, both online and offline like blackjack, poker, dealing with cards, slots machines, wheel of fortune and games of chance, dice all contact me. 

I could sense the energies of gamblers instantly, as soon as they contact me on phone, whatsapp, email, skype or in person. Astrologically gambling is all about luck and energy (aura) which varies from person to person. Very few are extremely lucky in gambling or other forms of games of chance. A particular spirit, can influence the wheel, dice, cards and even intuition. Many mysteries here and many principles to follow. Gambling is not for everyone. For serious people, we have certain mystic exercises. But I don’t entertain all such requests. We also have a queue to manage. Since a lot of my astrology followers are gamblers, align with our principles, I am writing this post. These astrology followers have good relationship with me. 

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Some of these guys, have won jackpots and I  hear lot of small winnings here and there, few times in a week. It is completely random luck. Astrology and spirits may help to increase odds, for those guys who follow principles and house rules of spirits. To be frank, gambling is not for everyone. Atleast, there are few people, who play lottery and other games of chance. They set aside a small budget for lottery every month, and it doesn’t affect their lifestyle. Everyone aspires (most of my astrology followers) to try their luck in games of chance. The house always has an advantage or edge and always wins. 

People with good gambling combinations in astrology chart (na tal or birth chart), I see them on daily basis. They have an edge over games of chance. Other people, you can request help of spirits, but there are certain principles and house rules to follow. (Includes spells, simple exercises and meditation). People do share their gambling experiences with me. For some, gambling addiction is a serious problem. Such people, it is better to stay away from gambling.

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Note: This gambling astrology reading is not for everyone. It is for my established subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. Please contact me before if you want to buy reading about gambling astrology. (for newcomers). The payment tab is enabled to cater needs of my established followers or customers. 

However, there are certain spirits, which can help you in gambling. There are certain rules to follow and it doesn’t suits everyone. I should see the karma in your chart, whether planetary combinations are supporting for certain kinds of gambling and then proceed if appropriate. Betting astrology is not everyone’s cup of tea. (Lot of casino players, request astrology exercises on daily basis)

In my astrology system, there are certain houses and calculations, which gives a clear idea about gambling gains, the appropriate time and when to exit. However, spirits have different energies and any determined person can win over them, which has certain abilities like magical, which helps in wagering or betting as per astrology. Spirits energies work on certain frequencies and vibrations, and there are certain people spirits like to work with, if you align with their principles and don’t annoy them. 

Karma and planetary combinations carries maximum weightage. I have lot of followers from different countries, who believe in spirits and incorporate them in their life. However, there are certain people, we don’t deal with them in the first place. You can have a look at the FAQ page for reasons. 

Some charts are considered lucky, otherwise please stay away from speculation or gambling. However,certain rituals and with the help of lucky charms can help you to increase odds to some extent. (many exceptions)

A lot of people,inbox me about gambling astrology readings and speculation on daily basis. There are certain people, we may not deal with. Please read “FAQ” for more information. You can consider to try someone in your local area, some other astrologer or website. I also have a queue to manage and may not have time to look after gambling readings in particular.

Community of gamblers worldwide: (my past astrology followers)

I have managed to built a community of gamblers worldwide, who are interested in sports betting like horse racing, football pools and those guys who frequent casinos, play slot machines and other games of chance. Most of my astrology followers are highly superstitious about gambling. Luck is what matters in gambling. My mystic charts and spirits can instantly determine, how those energies are working for you.

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My personal experience, while interacting with lot of gamblers:

A lot of gamblers, I have interacted with, are very superstitious and highly interesting people. They follow astrology principles, and spirit rules to improve their luck. My astrology followers (those into gambling) avoid non veg foods, alcohol and other beverages, toxic and smoking and abstinence. Including the clothes they wear while gambling, have showed some difference in my observation. If possible, don’t wear shoes, jewellers, watches (except amulets and talisman if any) because they may restrict energy flow.

Meditation is required to be calm at table or venue. There are certain objects, where gamblers get rid through, because it is associated with bad luck. Some of the gamblers only consider playing certain tables, certain dealers, certain dates and only favorite games. Gambling is played for pleasure and leisure. Of course, there are few of my astrology followers itself, who have gambling addiction problem. Some have lost a lot and I don’t want to mention. Most of the gambling venues, having disclaimers for responsible gambling.

They even have options like self exclusion, time outs, daily/weekly budget limit. Certain astrology combinations, in my astrology practise are known to support forms of gambling. But majority of them, it is all about random luck and seeking help of certain spirits, meditation and exercises. (for risk takers only)

Most of them are also practising my mystic arts, simple exercises and meditation to improve their chakras and energy levels. Most of them follow certain rituals before gambling, having bath, meditate for few minutes, request help from talisman, amulets and occult object binded if any. They also believe in vaastu shastra, avoid hurting animals and other fellow human beings.

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Mystic arts (a lot of my astrology followers practise this.