Spirits have answers. (crystal ball vision)

Frequently asked questions. (terms and conditions discussed here)

1.what is mystic horary?

Mystic horary is an astrology system to determine the odds, outcome, pros and cons, energy levels of any aspects of human life. It works by tapping earth energies, which helps me to get the answers, birds eye view of any situation.

We also request spirits for answers, which have powerful vision, they can feel the vibes, outcome and knows a lot about you. Spirits have access to lot of info about you and they believe in certain principles. Spirits don’t like to work with certain people. When you come to us for a reading, say through email, phone, whatsapp, skype or in person, I request my spirit guides, to know about your state of mind, your behavior/your attitude. It just takes me 60 seconds to determine this. Based on this info, I will decide to deal with you are not.

Using mystic art, if I could determine events happened years ago and what is going to happen after few weeks, months or years, we could instantly do a mind reading, your state of mind in 60 seconds, whether we can maintain same relationship or not, or over after the first contact, reading or conversation.  There is lot of surprises, magic, excitement and amazement in this art and the more you go deep inside, the more you will get clarity in all aspects of life. 


Also, astrology is about determining the outcome and odds of a situation. You may not get the answers or outcome, which is pleasant to hear. Due to that, some people keep on bickering and these are the people, I don’t want to deal in the first place. Astrology works on certain principles, and there is a big pool of people who knows that and respect that element.

tantra 11

My mystic charts will also show, whether spirits can help or not. Because karma matters! So please keep this in mind, in case you decide for consultation or reading.

I could see this trend instantly, and I prefer to keep silent or not to deal with such people in first place. Sorry, we are not interested in increasing numbers. We have good numbers or loyal followers, who respect the art and keep coming back to us again and again at certain timeframe.

We also seek help of certain friendly spirit guides for predictions and light intensity magic. We can tap spirit energies, by aligning with certain frequencies, different plane or dimensions and astral realm. Spirits are very responsive most of the times and some manifest within few hours, few days and sometimes within minutes and instantly. However, spirits doesn’t work with certain people, whom they feel as egoistic, arrogant and there are many parameters. I can teach you, how to tap energies or magical vibes of spirits,using simple meditation and mystic exercises, incase if you are seriously interested, or if i feel you have some kind of exceptional skills or marketing talent or odds are very good as per my calculations.

We also have mystic exercises or simple meditation methods, which helps to fix various issues of human life. It polarises the chakras, aura and energy levels to achieve a specific purpose. We need to determine your energy levels for this, which can be instantly seen using mystic charts and spirits help, and I will only initiate if odds are good and appropriate or if you align and sync with our beliefs.  I have written many blog posts about such topics. Please go through that for more clarity.

2. What is this website all about?

An interactive platform on internet, where people can get astrological insights,answers or outcome of any aspects of life,in real time. A lot of people are looking for astrological insights,answers or outcome concerning a specific situation. (confidential) We cater to the likes and interests of those like minded people. Most of the people are comfortable on internet, email or voice calls. If you are not used to the internet folk or crowd, I personally suggest it is better you visit an astrologer or consultant in your local area, whatever. Because we believe in better user experience and engagement on voice calls, email and internet and don’t want to mess with it. So far, I have met people from 60+ countries across globe, and many sync and align with our principles.  We also have given opportunity to speak about birds and bees kind of situations. No shy! I want to give more transparency and liberal. Once people discuss their life secrets, passion, enemy problems, many of my subscribers have admitted that they feel relieved, some problems lifted and some sort of happiness, the psychology varies from person to person. The more you discuss or open up, my chart and spirit guides may have some surprises for you.

3. Can I ask any doubt before ordering?

Yes, you can ask anything concerning your situation or custom reading, through email only. But we entertain serious enquiries only. Email in that case. I may not pick your call on phone/whatsapp/skype if the queue is pending, which will be at peak during certain hours/days. We also have a queue to manage on skype, whatsapp and pending emails  during peak times.

4. Payment methods?

For other payment methods, like Indian netbanking, credit/debit cards, Paytm, WU, MG, Skrill, bitcoins you can email me at


5. Can we order a custom reading or natal or birth chart reading?

Yes, you can order a natal or birth chart reading. You can also order a custom reading, say for specific situations like marriage compatibility, gemstone recommendation, business analysis and a lot more. (Contact me for more info, through email only)

6. Communication methods?

For consultation, first send an email to info@mystichorary.com or buy a reading straightaway.

Currently we support only through voice calls on skype, whatsapp. We have also added  google (voice calls only) in the list. No texting, slow typing. Because, we need to manage the queue. We are not handling phone calls at the moment. (few exceptions) Phone keeps on ringing everytime during certain hours of the day, also beep heard during another call,which spoils the user experience.

In future, I am planning to stop email queue, and will only handle voice calls on whatsapp, skype or phone only. Because voice calls gives to and fro communication in real time, which is very important and gives better user experience and more clarity. Anything you can ask there and then, within the timeframe.

This is the age of VOIP, there is good clarity on voice calls on skype, whatsapp and take advantage of that. There are some remote, hilly, restricted or patchy areas in globe, where internet connection is not reliable or still slow. Only such cases, we prefer or approve email communication. There is an app called “skype lite” which is very light weight on android. Many of my subscribers either use “skype lite” on android or whatsapp to contact me.

7. What is mystic horary all about?

Mystic horary is all about astrological insights for a particular situation, outcome, the timing, how things are working in the background,  insights and answers to who, what, where kind of questions. Based on my interaction with lot of clients online, I know exactly what they are looking for. It can be anything connected to you, in the past, present or in the coming future. we can get answers for you. But questions should be sincere and genuine to get better insights. The nature or universe has answers to all your queries. Give us a try, and you will come back to us again, based on past experience. Good luck!!

Mystic horary, analyses the situation in all angles, it gives yes or no replies instantly,pros and cons of any situation at hand,outcome of a situation, what if I do this or what if I do that type of questions. It also reveals any hopes, available opportunities and directions. I believe every chart, has some potential. With this information, you can have a glimpse of all possible horizons.

We believe astrology as a system, which can give insights to any possible situations. Say for example, you want to know, something which has happened to you in the past and it is pestering or bothering you for a long time. Or past reminiscences or nostalgia and very hard to let go situations. You want to know what is happening in the background, insights or answers. we can cast a chart for this particular situation and get answers for all your queries. Past, present and future insights, works like a charm, using this art.

We have tested these astrology analysis on voice calls for better user experience and my subscribers are happy with the interaction in real time. Also voice calls, helps a lot for casting a chart for specific purpose. (Better user experience, interaction and engagement)

Also, email is a reliable option, if you are not comfortable on voice calls. Most important, privacy and client confidentiality is our main concern. (for right reasons) This website exists for a purpose. we also have a mailing and newsletter list and we only email to highly responsive customers at the moment.

For emails, you need to have a good rapport with us, say atleast one voice call and then you can use emails for day to day questions. Also, we don’t entertain questions asked with malicious intent, sole purpose is to sabotage, harm or damage particular entity.

We are also investing on various ad platforms and channels on internet to connect with like minded audience.  People from all over the world, contact us for the same. At present, we only cater to english speaking markets. We have established pool of subscribers, which we have built over the years. This website or platform, appeals to them, and they spread the word out in their inner circles, with their colleagues, friends, relatives. 80% of our traffic comes from our past audience and well wishers. They believe in our ideology and system and keep coming back for more in regular intervals and frequency. We are not interested in newcomers, who don’t align with our principles. We are happy with our existing userbase and not interested in merely increasing numbers.

8.Astrology and beyond?

Yes, astrology can be used to time lot of events and beyond. It can also track events in real time. Have a look at our research and development projects, which took us years to understand the system.

Timing Buying / Selling in marketplace using mystic horary astrology

Planetary influence and wave theory (new theory)

9. Are you Vastu expert or consultant?

Yes, it is a science of construction and mysticism, parallel or similar to feng shui in the west. Right now, it is gaining a lot of ground and traction across globe and interest among masses have surged dramatically.

People are looking for “Vaastu compatible” homes before buying any property. There is a page on this website about it and few articles on blog. Go through it. Good luck!!

10. Status updates.

In case, if I am on travel for 2 to 3 days or engaged with some other project as a part of my work, I will update the status on my homepage, like when I will be back and active with voice calls.

In that case, emails are answered within 24 hours. Either you can wait for direct voice calls or approach other astrologer, whatever.

I am from India, and be aware of our timezones. Google “time now in India” to get an idea. I am active from morning 9 am to night 11 pm IST (Indian standard time)

11. Privacy and client confidentiality?

Yes, we do care for our subscribers and all the interactions are confidential. (for right reasons) That is the main concern, 90% of my subscribers do come back based on past user experience. We believe in relationships more than anything else. Give us a try, and we don’t disappoint you, in this regard. On Sep 23 2016, we reached a milestone of 100K subscribers. we also have a newsletter and we only email to highly responsive subscribers, based on past relationships.

12. Any other products or services you sell? (I mean gemstone, amulets, astrology items, vaastu yantras, charms, occult and more)

We can get it for you. we only deal with existing astrology subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. You must first buy a reading and be our subscriber to ask about these things. Because I want to know, what kind of person you are, your karma in chart, your psychic energy levels, my mystic art gives more clarity about it, then only any suggestions can be made.

Sending random and irrelevant emails or whatsapp messages, skype and phone calls will not be considered. We only deal with person we know.

I personally ask you to better deal locally or with any other astrologer or similar consultant, with whom you have a good rapport with. Otherwise, I can help you to procure it, or get things done in this regard. This should be completely based on your own self interest. (Contact me for the same)

13. Don’t send irrelevant emails like hi, with no subject. Always give a small description in few sentences for more clarity.  I may block emails, which we find inappropriate.

14. Don’t call continously on phone at the same time. I have a queue to manage and I may block your phone number, if it is interrupting the existing queue. I am not interested in increasing numbers. No spamming on whatsapp. We always schedule consultation, and due to the queue at the peak during certain days/peak hours it is time sensitive and we can only dedicate 20 to 30 minutes per consultation.  Make sure you write the questions to ask on a piece of paper or remember those questions to be asked,  during that timeframe.

It is better to schedule consultation through email, and then we will meet on skype/whatsapp voice call or phone at that particular time.

15. We used to reject 30% of traffic on daily basis. We strongly believe in karmic theory and its ideology and don’t deal with people, who don’t align with it.  I believe in an ideology and stick to it, no matter what. We just ask such people to contact some astrologer in their local area. Remember character or behavior of a person is very important to me, than increasing the userbase. That keeps our existing community safe, lot of activity and mutual trust among members.

Note: We are not interested in merely increasing our numbers. We expect people to come to us naturally. There are good numbers of people, who believe in astrology and they find my website naturally on google or other social media platforms and get back to us if interested. These are the 3 important pages in our website. Most of the FAQ are answered there. If you have time, read it once. That is the natural way, people come to us for consultation.


https://mystichorary.com/faq (same page reading now)


Get back to us if interested. No compulsion! Hope that helps.

16. Can we meet you in person?

We understand that some people, would like to meet in person for consultation. But our website is getting lot of traffic online itself, from all over the world and we are not able to manage or control this queue. So, we only deal with likeminded people or those people who have strong inclination for astrology online . For offline consultation, I politely request you to consult someone in your local area, or some other places online whatever. Managing the queue from internet from my past subscribers and new like minded visitors online is my top priority. So don’t phone call, email, whatsapp, skype ,VOIP calls, asking  for offline consultations, 90% of the time, I won’ t consider. (some exceptions apply here)

We don’t deal with troublesome or immature elements.

We provide an opportunity for our existing userbase  to meet me in person,  whom we have good rapport with, because I believe in friendships and relationships and I got many referrals from such people, due to our good realtionship and friendship.

You should atleast buy a reading, to be considered for such request. Many people from all over the country and different countries have met me in person in the past. My schedule also includes travel, and I need to know this atleast 3 days or 7 days in advance, before meeting.

Lot of people are asking me to visit their country, city. But I can only consider requests within India, as things are easy for me. I may consider 15 days to 1 month, once in a year, visiting  all the key cities in India, where my subscriber base or loyal members  is huge. I will be in top cities for 1 to 2 days. I will inform you the date and schedule in your city in that case.

17. Before buying a reading you acknowledge that, you have read 3 pages About us page, Readings page, FAQ page (the page you are reading right now). If in doubt or have any concerns, please don’t initiate a paypal transfer. 

Email info@mystichorary.com and then proceed with payment transfer, if i say yes.

18. I have built my own network of reliable subscribers or members across globe  and most of the traffic comes from direct word of mouth referrals.  Newcomers please read the about us page, Readings page, FAQ page and only get back to us for consultation if interested. Also, internet brings me random visitors in the pool and knowing about the person is very important to me, before scheduling a consultation. Email me in that case.  There are certain people, who don’t align with our principles and we don’t deal with them in the first place.

19.  Why voice calls are important?

Some people say that, family members or friends will hear the conversation and they are not comfortable on voice calls or there is no privacy. Why I always insist voice call is that, there is always to and fro communication and you can ask questions, clarify if any there and then. Email is limited and time consuming.

For such people, I have a suggestion: 

Why not you visit a park near your home, school or college playground, community hall, say early in morning or evening, shopping mall, a trusted friends home and then contact me on voice call.  I always insist my subscribers to come on voice calls on whatsapp, skype and phone call. We can schedule time in this case, suitable for both in advance. 

We also have mystic arts for people who are interested to develop chakra and energy levels for specific purpose. I also have many followers worldwide, who are practising this. Have a look. https://mystichorary.com/mysticarts

20. Why we don’t deal with certain people?

Astrology is all about principles and I have my own beliefs. There are certain people, who don’t align with our beliefs, we just don’t deal. (Very simple) There are lot of people, who believe in astrology and connected with spirits and they find our website naturally on youtube and search engines and also most of them come through our loyal subscribers referrals.

21. Leverage the power of astrology community. (existing members only). I will send you a form, incase if you want to be  a part of this community. Not interested, no problem. Topic over. This community has lot of activity, and odds or chances are high you may get likeminded friends, business partner, joint venture, a companion, fellow traveller, even soulmate. I can’t guarantee, how this goes for you, it all depends upon luck and karma to be frank.

Enter the community of likeminded people, who believe in astrology, mysticism, spirits, vastu shastra, mystic and occult items and paranormal realm. We have people from all over the globe from India, USA, UK, 25+ European countries, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, Canada and many other asian countries who have strong inclination for occult, mysticism and astrology.

This community survives on mutual trust, referrals and friendship. We also have newsletter subscription, where we send emails once or thrice in a week, 1 click unsubscribe to opt out anytime. (to engage with our existing userbase)

Note: We are not interested in merely increase our numbers. We have kept only paypal gateway enabled at the moment,on purpose to cater the needs of repeat customers, we have built over the years. For other payments via  netbanking, debit/cards, and other international modes of transfer, please contact me through email and I will send you the details. (we have disabled this mode of transfer on purpose to control the volume or frequency of the queue) I have built good network of friends across globe, using this art and continue to do so.

There are certain people, who don’t align with our ideology, say 10 out of 100 people. In case, if the paypal transaction is initiated, I will instantly refund through paypal, once I am available online. Good character and behavior of a person  is very important to me, than merely increasing numbers.

If in doubt, contact me directly through email, for consultation and then proceed with payment or consultation if I say yes. Since this website has an international audience, we do get people, who are rude, egoist, arrogant and what not. Everything should start with a mandatory consultation, because I need to analyse about your natal or birth chart, the karma, what kind of person you are and many other aspects. Other inappropriate behavior will be just blocked permanently.

We have lot of customers, who came back to us again and again, we have good friendship and relationship, and I have even waived off consultation fees on most of the occasions for them. I don’t want people who just want to try everywhere, doesn’t even stick with  1 astrologer, psychic or divination arts.

Remember, your first point of contact or communication with me through phone, whatsapp, skype or email speaks a lot about you, your character, your intentions as per my mystic art. We can sense what kind of person you are, your character, intentions or behavior using our mystic art, well in advance.  I have full liberty to decide, whether to deal with you or not, for reasons we feel appropriate.

We don’t need malicious or troublesome elements.  We are a strong community of 2,00,000 members and growing. I have built my own reputation over the years. All my customers, contacts, connections are reliable, and we believe in lifetime friendships, than anything else.

Most of them have started their own business based on my suggestion, opened own factory, found a reliable partner, friends, likeminded people, even soulmate and many other aspects of life using my own network of astrology subscribers in the pool, with their permission to expand for mutual benefits, opportunities, scout new horizons in their way. I am serious about this venture, and expect the same.

We are not concerned about whether you schedule or buy a consultation or not, but I believe in expanding the reach of this community worldwide. Spam emails or irrelevant emails, directly go to thrash box. There are certain emails, whatsapp messages, where we can sense ego, arrogance, rude behavior, malicious behavior. Such people will be permanently blocked and emails will directly go to trash. If paypal payment is initiated in that case, it will be immediately reversed, before consultation.

22. Mystic arts (magic, spirits and mysticism) 
This consultation is different. I only consider people, who have strong inclination to occult and  astrology. Everything is reviewed on case to case basis only. My mystic art can determine the odds, outcome and energy levels of a person, whether spirits help can be sought or not, instantly. Depending on that info and odds, I may decide to proceed with spirit realm or not. Few exceptions and rules apply. This is not for everyone. If the odds are good, as per the mystic chart, we can proceed to invoke spirit realm  if appropriate, otherwise not.
I personally believe in spirits and magic. I have been practicing this since 8 years and this knowledge is limited to selected astrology subscribers in my pool of customers, whom I believe have some kind of strong inclination to astrology and occult as per the mystic art.  Karma and Kalachakra matters. This is not for everyone.
I have lot of followers from USA, UK, Europe, South Asia, who practice such mystic arts. I can teach you for small fee, if my mystic art, shows that it aligns with your energies and if appropriate. Astrology consultation is mandatory to analyse energy levels instantly. Birth chart not needed or optional for this.  Contact me through email only, and I will consider if appropriate. info@mystichorary.com
23. Spells and other requests. 
Spells requests, we only consider for people whom we have good relationship or brought a reading or consultation in the past. Each and every situation is different and we only consider spells, if I find appropriate. We don’t approve all requests. There are certain ethics and principles involved and there are different forms of tantra or magic. I can instantly determine the outcome of any situation, using mystic charts and spirits, and only consider spells, if I find appropriate. I have listed most common spellcasting requests in this blog post. https://mystichorary.com/spells