Find about enemy problems, enemies, litigation, court cases, conspiracy, betrayal using astrology

Find about enemy problems, enemies, litigation, court cases, conspiracy, betrayal using astrology


Enemy problems, enemies, litigation, court cases, conspiracy, betrayal using astrology.

There is a hidden tantra for dealing with enemies. No matter, how strong or dangerous your enemy is. My spirits can analyse their strength and weakness, if you can give me  a small description or a photo will do. In my years of observation, I have seen dangerous gangsters, militants, criminals wiped out, by using astrology. I have a secret big list (top secret with proof)

You can share all the experiences with me, about your enemies. Don’t shy! We get lot of people with enemy problems. You are not alone. There are certain mystic exercises for enemy problems. Not for kids!

Everybody in this life has enemies. Enemies are very common. No matter how good you are there are certain people who want to harm you, insult you, spread gossip about you. Most of the time they are jealous and envy of your possessions. They exist in every part of the world. I have seen many cases of my clients, where enemies are together and plot conspiracy, false allegations to disturb your peace of mind. Worst in some cases, the enemies can be your own relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, ex, and even family members, due to their indifferent attitude.

Office politics are very common. I get many cases worldwide, where people have lost their jobs due to office politics, rivalry, false allegations, including false cases of sexual harassment. If you are running a bad phase as per astrology chart, you may have experienced these instances. Worse, the damage is already done and you can cannot do much about it. Astrology has certain remedies for such situations and problems, including seeking divine help and justice. If justice is on your side, there are certain archetypes which can help to bring justice.

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Court cases, litigations are very slow in India. Depending upon the type of cases, civil or criminal, it may take few months or years for the final hearing. I can instantly determine the odds and outcome of any case, whether you will get justice, whether to compromise or go for out of court settlement with mutual discussion or talk.

Conspiracy, betrayal are very common. It can be business competitors, rivals, or those with family feuds. Or someone has lot of eyesore on you, due to your talents, skills, personality, beauty, popularity, name, fame, they may go to any extent to see your downfall, even seeking black magic services, cast evil eye intentionally, witchcraft, sorcery and voodoo whatever. I can see such instances in my mystic charts instantly. If you have any such instances, you can consult me for the same.

I have written hidden tantra for enemies in this post