Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse in astrology. Impact on kings, nations, individuals and shamans

Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse are most feared transits in astrology, since the age of kings. In the olden days, kings used to call a shaman or astrologer to check whether this particular solar or lunar eclipse, falls on the zodiac signs of their kingdom, whether there may be any natural calamities, war, invasion, spread of disease or any other dangers.

Eclipses are most feared in astrology by kings, nations and certain individuals. Black magcians and shamans wait for years, for this moment. Evil spirits and dark entities are very powerful during this periods.

It has lot of positive benefits though, it amplifies and multiplies the good and bad aspects.  I have been observing solar and lunar eclipses, since 2011 and its impact on countries, their economy, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, spread of a disease, big accidents and I don’t want to mention certain things. Such is the power and impact caused by solar and lunar eclipses. Eclipses have lot of significance in astrology. Nobody has control over the eclipses. It can destroy any powerful astrological chart, or any powerful kingdom if it wants to.

If there is anyone who considers their astrological chart or planetary alignment very powerful, solar or lunar eclipses, can bring them down with just a gaze. The one who respects nature, universal forces and karma, are an exception. I mean god believer, is given a chance. Atheists do suffer a lot, due to certain forces and odds beyond their control. All my astrology followers are superstitious to some extent, god fearing and don’t want to mess with forces of nature, which cause misfortune or bad luck. They are always looking for room for improvements, using astrology and how to overcome karma.

But those who know how to pacify planets during such periods, and depending upon their karma, they can be spared from any untoward incidents.

So what is solar eclipse as per Indian astrology?

tantra 11

Rahu or Ketu covers the sun for certain hours or minutes. Avoid looking at the eclipse directly through your eyes. There may be darkness and eclipse visible in your country and not visible at all. It may have effects on your country or not. 

Lunar eclipse: Rahu or Ketu covers moon for certain hours or minutes. There may be an average of 3 to 5 or more eclipses in year. (both solar and lunar combined).


  1. It is always advised to have a bath before eclipse.
  2. Do not eat food during eclipse.
  3. If possible, do ritual for rahu and ketu a day before the eclipse. Most of the Navagraha temples, do such pacification rituals.
  4. If Rahu or Ketu, is malefic in your astrology as per astrology, you are suggested to mandatory do rituals during this period. It may aggravate the situation and cause problems, depending upon which zodiac sign it falls.
  5. It is wise to know the dates of solar and lunar eclipses, you can save it in google calendar to get an alert, 2 days in advance or write it in your diary so that you remember.
  6. There is lot of superstition, associated with solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, depending upon the region. Pregnant women should be careful. Avoid physical intimacy, drinking alcohol, non veg during eclipse. If possible chant few mantras for few minutes.
  7. Avoid starting any new venture 3 days before eclipse, and 3 days after eclipse like signing a new contract or tender, a new business venture, foreign travel and visiting suspicious places.

I have observed lot of changes happen worldwide and also mundane life. It can be death of a person, close friend, relative or some old or sick person or bed ridden unexpectedly. A sudden accident, lose of job, litigation, enemy problems, paranormal incidents, blackmagic intensified during such periods.

Certain high level industries like construction, oil and gas, mining and similar risky professions, it is better to stop work for that day. Because I have seen lot of deadly accidents happening, and fatal injuries and even  worse of workers involved after lot of observation, since 2011. There is a strong co incidence due to sudden shift in energy levels, which cannot be controlled.

Good effects can be birth of a baby, a promotion, sudden elevation or promotion or recognition in a company, financial windfall in some cases too, a new opportunity, foreign travel and business proposals. It depends upon the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse and I have observed it always favors 1 zodiac sign and creates problems for some other zodiac sign.

It can either change the tables upside down or just multiply your capacities if extremely lucky. Eclipses have lot of hidden astrological and magical powers. It depends on which zodiac sign their gaze falls and whether it is benefic or malefic. However, remedies can be done, it you believe in astrology. You can request the family member or relative to do a ritual in temple on your behalf, if you are working or make similar arrangements.

All black magicians, tantricks or shamans, voodoo, sorcerers, witchcraft, consider solar eclipse and lunar eclipse as powerful outburst of energy and they do the rituals, which amplifies the effects. A lot of magic and dark or evil entities appeasement, happen during solar eclipses. Avoid risky and adventure sports during this time.

Note: If you need to know, whether planets are benefic or malefic in your chart, seek help of spirits, or you need a consultation, you can approach me on email first.

Bookmark or save this page or above image. Many of my astrology followers are asking for solar and lunar eclipses dates for year 2021 and they were not able to find on internet, and no access to panchang or ephimeris. (astrology planetary calculations book). So all the dates for solar and lunar eclipses are in this above image, you can also download image and send to your astrology friends or keep it for future reference.

Update: I have also included full moon dates 2021 (poornima) and new moon dates 2021 (amavasya) for reference.

full moon and new moon dates 2020

I have made a video about solar eclipse, lunar eclipse. Have a look!

Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse dates 2021 india

Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses dates 2021 india

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