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I have discussed about my daily activities here and  how my subscribers are using my astrology method  to improve their life, career, company, business, make deals and profits.Learn mystic arts, connect with spirits and simple exercises to improve their chakra and energy levels.  Must read!!

So, many people were asking me, what do you do on daily basis? How does a day in your life looks like? Who are your astrology customers? (their profile) Which countries do they come from? What kind of problems do they have? What are their belief systems?

I mean, I get lot of emails from my loyal subscribers. The reason, I am running this website is that, I discovered the high engagement rate of my subscribers. If you speak with them, and establish some kind of rapport and relationship, they may speak everything about them, their problems, their challenges. You can go through all blog posts of this website and even bookmark certain posts and you can reach me later in the future or if appropriate.

I wake up at 6 or 7 in the morning. Have exercise or warm up for 20 minutes. (cardio vascular  and physical exercises). There is no fixed or daily routine. I keep on getting calls or phone keeps on ringing 24 hrs a day, some sms, whatsapp messages, people pinging me on skype. I sleep at 1 at night or most of the time at 3 am, due to the workload or queue.

At 9 or 10 am, I commute to my office, 7 kms away from my home. 1 hour on travel and evening 1 hour travel again. Sometimes, I just work from home, attending calls and emails, so that I can save 2 hours time on travel. (Productivity)

I spend my day, replying emails of my loyal subscribers first. Making few calls and follow up with them, with my existing clients who are practising certain mystic arts, to improve their chakra, energy levels, simple meditation and connecting with various spirits, guardians and angels by invoking them.

Most of the people, were asking belief system of my subscribers?

Most of my subscribers believe in animal spirits, guardians, angels, demigods and different archetype from different parts of the world. By just speaking about such topics, I was surprised, how much they are connected with spirit realm.  Such people connect with us naturally. They find us naturally on search engines for certain search terms.

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Some people were asking me, what kind of people with what problems, they approach you the most?

Most of the people need help in marriage, dating, patch relationships, odds to fix love, breakups, divorce or not, court cases,litigation, enemy problems, overcome competation, blackmagic and evil eye issues, know psychology and mood of a particular person, Know about their career and jobs, health, wealth, financial issues, how to clear loans and debts or the money they owe to someone, life, most of them want to know about their loved ones, horoscope matching, and other mysterious questions.

On daily basis, many people approach me, to find about missing person, lost pets, cats, dogs, lost articles, items, stolen goods or theft clues. I get lot of emails and skype requests. It is not possible to attend each and every case though, due to the queue. I just politely ask them, to consult other online portal or their local area.

So it becomes afternoon at around 1:30 to 2 pm, its lunch time and now following up with people, who have subscribed to my mystic arts exercises. Any random person, who approaches me, I can track their mood and psychology, their behavior, their attitude, how long this relationship will sustain and many other questions instantly. Depending upon this info, I may decide to proceed with consultation or not.

Any random person who approaches me for reading or consultation, I just ask my spirits or mystic chart, what about this particular person? Shall I proceed with consultation or not? If they say a strong yes, I will proceed, otherwise not. This analysis is tested and proven for me.  People are different. I can feel the vibes, nature, character and many metrics of any person who approaches me for consultation. All kinds of elements do approach me online, both good and bad. I only deal with people, who sync with our beliefs. I do what my conscience says. I don’t care much about what others say or speak about me. I have my own beliefs and believes in  tell tale signs and omens.

Note: I have not enabled any payment processor on my website, for a purpose.  People approach me through email, skype, whatsapp for consultation. Once I feel that, they are okay for consultation, we can work with them and relationship will be good, I send my payment transfer details and then proceed with consultation. Later, they can consult me instantly or sooner. I have a goal and purpose in life and have my own beliefs.

I don’t deal with people with negative attitude. They don’t sync with anyone. Wherever they go, they keep on bad mouthing or bickering, anyone they deal with. I don’t want to deal with them. I can instantly feel the vibes, as soon they approach me in sms, email, whatsapp, skype or in person. My spirits instantly connect with their energies, and shows me their exact mind map, their attitude, character, belief systems, whether this relationship will move forward or just stops after the call. You know, 70% of the traffic I get is referral traffic, I mean the past customers, who spread the word out for me.  Everything is energy and vibes.

Most of the the time, I just politely ask them to contact someone in their local area or some other online portal. Character and behavior is important to me. I know each and every person in my subscriber pool on a deeper level. They never hide anything with me. Maybe they trust me. They should sync or align with someone right?

Business class people: 

I believe in generating profits and revenues for my loyal subscribers, through their existing ventures and resources. Read the paragraphs below to get a clear idea, how we do this, using astrology, spirits help and mystic arts. 

Then comes the business class people, whom I attend after 5 pm. They need help to sell and buy real estate, make improvements, hold it and make profits. I calculate the buy/sell time using spirits help instantly. It can also be high stake goods, gadgets, equipment or machinery for a company. Some people ask suggestions about a partnership, whether this will work out or not, their, attitude, behavior and many other questions. Many people had good partnerships, issues in partnerships, average or partnerships turning sour.

In this world, partnerships are very important. But they come with lot of benefits. They can also break or cause unneccessary headache if he or she is too dominating, doesn’t respect your views, or anything goes wrong. Many big companies are found by many co founders. Going solo is appreciated, but partnership can ease any challenges or burden that comes in your way. Solution: Keep looking and find an ideal one. Also securing high stake projects, making and closing deals and contracts in bidding scenario are also discussed.

Real estate agents, builders, and arbitage business, want to know how they can make profits by buy/sell deals. They buy a property, hold it for sometime and flip it for profits. My spirits know the market and how much value they can get from those deals.

People connected with construction/oil, gas and mining business, want to know about securing new tenders or contracts, whether to buy that costly machinery or equipment or not? What about this partner and how it goes?

Some people discover a new machinery or equipment and want to know how much profits they can make using it? (by owning it, leasing it or partnership). They want to start a new business or franchise and want to know whether it can be profitable or not? Any possibility to revive dead companies or acquire it? Acquisition? Buyout an existing company and develop it? What are the future prospects?

Buy sell flip or hold cars / gadgets / bikes / equipment antique or vintage items:

There are many people who love buying and selling cars, equipment, vintage and antique items. They need to know the buyer/seller pool, at what price range they can sell their stuff, when will they get a ideal buyer. Big car dealers and showroom owners contact me for this. I have written a blog post about this.

Spirits have access to all those info. They have crystal ball or radar like vision. We can answer most of the questions instantly in few minutes or some may take time for calculations or spirits can answer it instantly by connecting with the object/person and energy levels and feeling the vibes. 

Questions about new business, venture, company, partnerships, new locations, acquisition, making deals are also discussed using spirits help. Most of my subscribers are big businessman, industralists. Some have factory or office, say with a employee size of 20+ 50+ 500+ and even 1000+. They need help to choose a manager, hire best employee for management with leadership qualities, whether talent is available within or get from outside the company. Some are looking to choose a successor, who can takeover their roles and responsibilities. Some businessmen, need help in mediating business disputes, whether diplomacy works out or not. Many civil, criminal and court cases are discussed here. Whether to invest certain stakes in this firm or not? Whether this franchise or business will be profitable or not?

Spirits have crystal ball or radar like vision and helps me to analyse all odds.

I reach home around 7 pm and again start replying to messages around 7:30 or 8 pm.  (Some days, I prefer to work from home, to save 2 hours travel time)

This time, I have lot of marriage questions. Most of the people, want to know about horoscope match making, whether this bride or bridegroom is ideal, their nature, character, behavior, attitude and many questions. Some also want to know, whether is there any odds to fix the marriage and divorce cases. Divorce cases are very alarming.  9 to 9:30 pm, I take a break.

Regarding marriage, I always ask them to bring 2 to 5 proposals, so that we can analyse each person and see, who suits them the most. Most of them have already narrow down the options and ask which of these 3 will sync perfectly with my bride or bridegroom. There are lot of divorce cases, and people take suggestions seriously. In my personal observation, evil eye and blackmagic can break any marriage or love.

Marriages, Divorce and second marriage: 

These people will also ask, any odds to fix divorce. What is the other person mood and psychology? what he or she is thinking about you? There are certain instances, we were able to fix many divorces. My mystic charts will show it clearly. If there is no way or astrological factors to fix divorce, we see the possibilities of second marriage and ideal proposals, whether it will be happy marriage or who suits them the most, with a list of given proposals.

If the chart says, we can fix divorce and marriage, we may seek spirits help. Otherwise,no. The damage is already done, and he/she is already committed to someone after breakup or divorce. They can’t come back right? So the sooner you approach to know the astrological possibilities, the better.

Love and relationship matters:

Many people approach me for love related issues, that they have met someone a week ago and where this will lead to, say friendship or marriage or will it fade away or break. Someone will be suddenly connected with someone special, and they could feel the change in vibes and energy levels. It happens if that love is connected with past life. Some people want to fix the issues in relationships, patch up any misunderstanding, connect with old crush or love, any possibilities? Whether the other party have feelings or love for them or not?

My response: We need to analyse the odds and outcome using mystic charts and spirits help instantly. Then only we can say. Some cases, nothing much can be done about it. The universe and mysterious forces of nature itself blocks it. But, the charts gives fantastic indications, this relationship can be patched and few vibes will do. Then we will seek the help of spirits by invoking them, if the chart shows a clear yes. We call this mystic arts.

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Then comes the love obsessed ones from different countries. These women love someone who is very unpredictable, stubborn, criminal elements. I caution them or warn them about this proposals, say you should be very careful about this proposal, because I get lot of tell tale signs and omens in the chart instantly, which will lead to divorce, breakups and grief. These women are from Europe, India, USA and south asian countries. My spirits instantly connect with their energies, and gives me information about their character, nature, how he/she will treat spouse after marriage and many metrics or questions in this regard.

There are many cases, which go well and proposal is ideal and there will be lot of love and happiness after marriage. Such cases, we tell them to move forward. Of course, by analysing all odds, whether there is any opposition from their parents side or any warnings. If mystic charts are supporting and my spirits are also showing good signs, I ask them to have  talk with their parents or community or marriage. Otherwise no. I will explain the reasons during consultation.

Some people despite my warnings, about this person or horoscope not matching get married anyway, and I have seen their marriages break in record time of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years. Or he/she doesn’t have same feelings as before and in some cases, people abandoning their spouse even after having 2 kids. They come to me. I tell them, I have given all warnings before and you have lead to this situation. Blackmagic and evil eye is an exception.

I have written a blog post about marriage, dowry, blackmagic and evil eye related issues.

We get lot of questions regarding love, lovelife, breakups and any odds to patch up. I have written a detailed post about the topic here.

Then consoling and comforting people who met with an accident, dangerous disease, some fights with rivals, loss of family member, some conspiracy and betrayal. It takes lot of time here.

Many people lose their jobs, no matter whether it is entry level, middle or manager positions. All those fancy jobs in information, airlines, marketing, sales, support levels come under this category. Some are just fired or just layoff, for no particular reason, or the company just want to increase their profits, or company is not able to find sufficient projects to maintain the numbers in workforce, and many reasons. What is the next step?

Models, artists and fashion obsessed people: 

Some models and artists, approach me for astrology consultation and readings. Even some connected with adult industry want to know more about their future, any suggestions or improvements if any to improve their skills, looks and many questions in this regard.  I have wrote many blog posts about this topic. Most of them are into cosmetic surgery and want to know my suggestion to improve their skin tone, looks, enhance beauty, where they can get a better deal among the available pool for cosmetic surgeries, whether it is suggested or not?

Even spirits can also answer most of such questions instantly. We just need a photo of the person.  Spirits know, how far they can reach, their career, prospects and more.

Where do my customers or subscribers come from?

70% of my subscribers are NRI. (I mean Indians settled or working in other countries).They come from all industries, say doctors, sales and marketing, engineers, businessmen, industralist, software engineers, real estate owners, all professions connected with hospitality sector, even small time artists and models. Others come from western Europe, USA, Canada, South east asia and India.

I work for 365 days, no leave or vacation. Infact 70% of the work is done using internet, I mean replying to whatsapp consultation, skype messages, emails,sms and so on.  70% of the communication happens on direct voice calls on skype, whatsapp and phone. For my subscribers from other countries, we normally use whatsapp and skype voice calls for instant communication.

From 9:30 pm, I keep on attending calls, replying emails, have voice calls on skype, whatsapp and phone. There will be lot of pending emails or consultation requests on whatsapp, skype and email. Due to my schedule, I may not be able to connect with everyone. I have fixed my consulting time per person from 30 min to 45 min max, because I also have a queue to manage. So this goes around for 2 am and at 3 am, I may decide to sleep. There are most of the days, I don’t sleep continuously for 3 days. I am just used or conditioned to it.

Most of my local subscribers, will meet me in my office in person, once we have established a good rapport or relationship. At present, we are not dealing offline, because I am not able to handle the traffic online. I may be travelling most of the time, sometimes without any planning. So for my subscribers, to meet me in person, we fix the date and time. 100% of these visitors are my customers who had consultation with me online. We do not deal with offline customers. I want to keep the portal online and then meet in person if appropriate. Most of these visitors are from foreign countries, whom I have met online during consultation, and once they come to India, they decide to meet me in person.

In India, I can travel anywhere anytime. But my top priority is to manage the unique visitors, I get from internet and 70% of the time, I may deny on site consultation. 70% of the traffic I get are from my previous customers, who have dealt with me in the past, their friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, their bosses, their community and closed ones.

I have waived off the consulting fees, for most of my loyal and recurring customers on most of the occasions and they in turn help me to build the community. (only for loyal subscribers)

These people are very loyal and spread the word out, say word of mouth marketing, say in a social setting, the place they work, or while having discussion with their friends. They do it naturally. Depending upon the relationship or rapport we have with them, I may just ask them to spread word about my website, just naturally describe your experience. Some even share my posts on popular social media platforms. I owe this person a lot and thank them for connecting lot of people in the pool. These people also connect me with media outlets, journalists, reporters, print media and I do get lot of emails and interviews, without doing nothing. But I am happy with word of mouth networking and they trying to create a conversation about my website, what we do say during parties, when they hangout with friends, family members, colleagues.

Our belief systems connect with similar people.

I have met many big directors, CEO’s, managers, decision makers, models, artists and people of interesting roles and profession, only due to astrology. These people have  a natural inclination for astrology and they connect with me.

Either they approach me or sometimes I even make some moves and approach certain people. I don’t deal with certain people, who don’t sync with me. In America, Europe and Asian countries, there are lot of people who are connected with animal spirits, angels, guardians, demi gods and different archetypes. They find lot of similarity in us. I respect their culture and traditions. There are many countries and certain people,  I don’t deal with consultation or astrology readings, because their belief systems are different. I politely ask them to deal either local area or some other portal online.

Maybe we are giving them more clarity about their life, what is going to happen, tell tale signs and warnings, which is crucial for decision making or my mystic arts exercises, and the changes they have felt in their lives. Most of these people had  breakups, divorce, litigation, love issues, conspiracy, faced a personal tragedy, lost a loved one, met with an accident, a fatal disease and many things, we don’t want to mention. You should express your feelings or experiences with someone right.

These people never hide anything from me. They discuss things with me, which they even hesitate to discuss with their closed friends or confidant. They love instant communication on voice calls, clarity anything there and then in real time. New subscribers, adapt voice calls on whatsapp, skype and phone. Email is time consuming for to and fro communication. Voice calls helps me to maintain the queue.

My skills and hobbies:

Hobbies: I do SEO a lot for my friends circles or within my astrology pool for a fee. I have done lot of side jobs in my past, to support my astrology pursuits. Sometimes, I even feel like, quit astrology and only concentrate on those jobs. But high engagement rate, the surprise our subscribers receive, their excitement, amazement, they believe there is lot to explore using this art.

Other skills: Swimming, cooking, blogging, designing and graphics works, help my friends with video editing, photography and communication skills, accent. I have practised yoga and meditation for a while during my college days.

I have helped many people in starting their company or business, the GST calculations, taught them book keeping, both cloud, book or spreadsheet methods. In other countries it is called Sales tax and VAT. For small companies, factory, small home based business, assembling business and ecommerce and many other sectors, I have taught them GST calculations. For filing, it is better they consult an accountant.

Vastu shastra consultant:

I have done lot of onsite vastu consultation during 2014 to 2017 and now I have stopped for  a while, because my website is receiving huge traffic, and now I am managing unique visitors and customers, referral contacts I get from internet.  I do get lot of vastu consultation requests from all cities in India (particularly south Indian cities) and including various requests from overseas or abroad, including USA, Europe and south asian countries. Maintaining website traffic is my top priority.

Mystic arts:

There are certain simple exercises to connect with friendly spirits, to improve your aura, chakras and energy levels. Most of the people have issues in relationships, marriage, career because their chakras are blocked. By using mystic arts, we can request spirits to help in various aspects of life.

Blackmagic and evil eye: 

Issues can also be court cases, blackmagic, evil eye, enemy problems, job, business and mysterious issues. A consultation is mandatory to determine how energies are working for you. People also discuss about black magic and paranormal issues, evil eye and how it is affecting their career,job, business, relationships, marriage, partnerships and various prospects. How their enemies are becoming powerful through blackmagic, and using it against them or attacking them through various means, including how weird things can be, or things going nasty.

People don’t shy and discuss things, with me, like some entity shouting, marks on their body, some paranormal things happening in their home or office. Loss of business revenues, sudden loss of job, breakups in relationships, divorce, accident, certain diseases like stroke, heart attack, seizure, paralysis are all signs of blackmagic and evil eye. However, I need to check using my mystic chart astrology method, if that is the case.

. Many of my subscribers have first hand experience in blackmagic, evil eye, sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo whatever, people call them with different names. But unfortunately it is real.

There are certain people, their nature, behavior or  character doesn’t align with spirits. There are certain house rules, diet and food habits, which are simple to follow. Annoying spirits, they may stop to help you. It is better to know this.

Whosoever enrolls or practises mystic arts, I analyse the outcome and odds instantly using mystic arts and if I see that spirits are willing to help them, as per the chart, I proceed. Otherwise, not. There are certain countries I don’t deal with mystic arts, because their belief systems are different or just can’t follow simple house rules or just can’t sync with us. Also their character and behavior is important. I could see all these factors or get answers  instantly using mystic charts.

Otherwise, spirits just don’t want to deal with  such people in first place. I just don’t deal with such people in first place or initiate or invoke spirits help. There are certain principles and house rules to follow.

This is what my subscribers call gaurdians, angels, animal spirits, demigods and certain archetypes. We are only connect with friendly spirits. They can help in various aspects of life. They work on different dimensions and planes, but highly sensitive to human needs. 

All my subscribers, are connected with guardians and spirits in one way or other. Such people find us on google search, word of mouth by  my loyal referrals, and some find us naturally by some means or other and we discuss such topics, they feel like how much deeply they are connected with spirit realm. Most of them have 1 or 2 or multiple spirits trying to help them or connect with them.

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My vision:

I believe in helping people, by making them aware of  their existing skills and resources. (few exceptions do apply)  I believe in industrial revolution. That is the reason I am helping maximum business, company and to start factory units worldwide, if my astrology charts are supporting them. Also, factories can generate more jobs and absorb semi skilled workers and improve their quality of life. More factories or more numbers the better. 

My followers bring me lot of new connections in the pool. Some share same beliefs like we do, some are different. These new connections can be industrialist, businessman, entrepreneurs, founders of company, directors, managers, decision makers or CEO’s and real estate owners, regular people who does a 9 to 5 sales, IT or marketing job or various other sectors.

We only deal with those who sync with us. I am only 1 in number and all odds against me most of the time. But my beliefs always connect with someone or I nudge them or they approach me. 

I can do all my household chores all on my own like cooking various cuisine, housekeeping, laundry, gardening, look after pets, driving (frequency is low. I use public transportation like metro, buses, ferry and car pooling to save costs. The money saved from this activities, counts a lot, and I donate them in charity instead or aged person, I see on the streets, which makes a difference in their lives.)

I am DIY person, and only rely on other services, if there is no other option. Basic plumbing repairs, electric repairs, washing and maintaining cars, any household repairs and semi skilled work, I do all on my own. If I have no idea about something, then only I seek professional services.

I never bargained in my life. I always tried to help them or give the exact price they ask for, be it auto driver, fruit seller or any road side vendor. That small amount of extra money, may not make them rich, but it makes a difference in looking after their kids, spouse or daughter. I always see an opportunity to help others be it my social circle, friends or relatives or aged people. If I can’t do any good, atleast I keep quiet.

I spend lot of money on online ads, building relationships, so that reliable people can connect with my website. Now I stopped it for a while, because my loyal subscribers are linking me, many people, using their connections.

I have lot of experience in running ads on all popular social media platforms. I learnt through years of trial and error and optimisation.

Will update this post, if appropriate.