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24/7 available, depending upon queue.

Note: Send an email to or Whatsapp me @ +91 7736569514 to schedule consultation, if interested. A small description about the situation, say 5 to 10 sentences or lines, will do good.

Due to the queue or peak times, I may or may not receive your phone call.

So either send an email or contact me on whatsapp/skype.

Skype consultation request, should be scheduled on email only.
Skype id: mailharsha08

Note: I will add you on skype, only after I decide to proceed with consultation.
I work 24/7 depending upon the schedule available. I am available even on Saturdays and Sundays. I need to look after consulting, spells requests, mystic arts and meditation. Most of my followers, come from different timezones. So send me an email or whatsapp message to schedule consultation. There may be travel on certain days, I may not do any consultation.


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