Spirits, Magic and Mysticism (active community worldwide)

After receiving lot of requests from astrology subscribers in the pool, I have decided to write about this topic.  Remember universe operates on Karma and mysterious laws of nature. No force or magic is above them! Karma takesover after sometime!

But there is a small window of opportunity, for those serious and determined, who can increase their aura and energy levels, their job, business, career, love life, martial relationship, align opportunities relevant to their skill and profile in their way.

Since past 5 years, I am always looking for charts with high potential and believe can be improved. Works either way for me. I can either have a look at their natal or birth chart or randomly erect a chart, requesting the play of energy levels and karma on them and determine the outcome. 80% of the time, these spirit energies and Karma is supporting. I contact these people, whom we have good rapport with and tell them, what I say in the chart. 90% of the the time, they are excited, and wants to tap such sources, which is untapped.  (Spirits have access to magical abilities, beyond the reach of humans) It increases the odds.

So far, I have seen spirit energies working like a charm for IT professionals, doctors, artists, orator, politicians, contractors, sales and marketing professionals, actors/actress in the pool. I always look for someone, who has some kind of marketing talent and potential. For my picks, the odds are very high. I have also denied 50% of the requests, because I could sense they have lot of pending karma, energy levels not syncing that easily. Few exceptions also apply for such people, if they believe in taking calculated risks, I welcome them for mystic arts initiation, otherwise not. Universe is all about energy. The one with highest energy in the pool, always wins. I also charge a small fee for this, in case they want to proceed. Remember, character and behavior of a person is very important to me. Otherwise, we don’t deal with such people in first place.

So these are the experiences for my subscribers in various aspects of life. (By invoking friendly spirits, simple meditation for 20 to 30 minutes a day and some mystic exercises if appropriate, to remove those chakra blocks, which is blocking things and once lifted, all those opportunities will align with that person.)

Promotions in career, change of career for better pay, popularity, recognition. 

tantra 11

Help in love matters, new marriage proposal, ideal match, dating.

Find new home, office, real estate for best price in the available pool.

Visa problems. Increase odds for foreign travel. Foreign settlement and even green card. (energy level matters)

Few cases of fixing divorce cases, also fixing already divorced cases and bringing them back and happy reunion. (I need to see the odds for this in my mystic chart. If yes, jump in. Otherwise no. You can contact me for consultation if interested. It may be a straight yes or no. A small spark is enough is to fix such broken marriages.)

Blocked money reversed, favored in court and litigation matters, enemy problems neutralized. Favored in tenders, contracts and other unexpected surprises which aligns with your energy and good, which is otherwise not possible, through natural planetary energy levels and conventional methods. 

Strange and mysterious are the ways of nature. Currently we only deal with people, who are our subscribers, because I know their energy levels as per the chart. For newcomers, you should mandatory have a consultation with me, and then proceed if appropriate. My subscribers bring me lot of reliable subscribers in the pool, and I am not interested in increasing numbers. 

Note: Always ask for something practical, which you believe you can do and just need some boost in energy. I will analyse the energy levels instantly using mystic chart and determine the outcome. Outcome matters to me! Then only I will proceed! Each situation is reviewed on case to case basis.

Some of my subscribers have even reported some gambling wins in speculation, games of luck and chance. The spirit decides. There are various spirits for various purpose. Each have their own magical abilities, the frequency, how easy you can connect with them? How not to annoy them? Foods to avoid? House rules? ( I will discuss all these during voice calls only, once I find you fit. Otherwise not. We can understand the psychology of any person or outcome within 60 seconds instantly. No birth chart required.)