Spells, enemies, evil eye and blackmagic


Do evil eye and black magic, exists in this world? Yes. They exist since times immemorial. I get lot of horror cases related to evil eye, spells, enemies and black magic.

Competation, envy, jealousy are common reasons. It can also be a stranger, you don’t know. Anything can be seen using my mystic charts. If you are affected by evil eye, blackmagic spells, enemy tantra attacks or witchcraft / sorcery or voodoo they call in some countries, you need help of higher energies and there are certain principles to follow to overcome and neutralise them. Contact me for consultation if interested, and including the names of people, concerned person or stranger or someone unknown and my spirits can connect with their energies and gives us the answers.

Can spells be used for good purposes? 

Yes, I have used spells to get best real estate deal for my followers, sell and buy equipment like machinery, cars at best prices, attract a new buyer,  opportunities, promotion, land a new project or contract, new business partnership and joint venture opportunities., extra source of income and even unexpected financial windfall in some cases, also seen. Everything is energy. Each and every case is different. My mystic charts and spirits, can instantly give outcome of any situation of how energies are working for that particular situation.

Spells and magic ( most common requests)

Note: An astrology consultation is mandatory, to determine your case and energy levels. 

Spell requests are not for everyone. We put requests to spirits for a specific purpose. Spirits may not work with certain people, who doesn’t follow house rules. 

So, we  need to analyse the outcome using mystic charts and then only  proceed, if appropriate. I need to analyse how energies are working for you and whether spirits will help or not.There are many spells, which I didn’t add in the list. There are many principles to follow and we don’t deal with people, who doesn’t sync with our beliefs.

Some spells may also require you to follow basic house rules like avoid non veg, beverages, meditating for atleast 20 minutes a day with simple exercises and other few house rules, I don’t want to mention here. Your mind should be free from other thoughts and distractions and privacy is important. All these things, will be discussed during consultation, only with serious people, I find fit or appropriate or who align with our beliefs.  ( Such spells are not for everyone)


Loans, debts, bankruptcy, insurance, accident, diseases in astrology

Loans, debts, bankruptcy, insurance, accident, diseases in astrology


Insurance and security in astrology:

I have seen lot of horror cases in my astrology career. I have even personally helped lot of people in preparing a repayment plan using astrology, get secondary source of income, help them in answering with insurance proceedings like life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance. I have first hand experience about this, and  can answer any questions I know about this. We have lot of loyal followers, who bring us lot of referrals and I have waived off the consulting fees on many occasions, I feel appropriate.

Accidents, illness, death can strike anytime, and astrology can used as a tool to determine such trends. Such astrological charts should be neutralised and planets pacified using certain rituals. It is connected with past life karma. Sudden job loss and disease or illness can easily land you in debt. It is suggested to set aside 6 months of your monthly income as emergency fund for such occasions. Other factors are car breakdown, immediate house repairs and unexpected expenses, which can strike anytime.

Loans and debts in astrology:

People from all over world, have shared their experiences with me. I have even helped lot of people to go debt free, using astrology, by analysing what the mystic charts have to say. Most of them have lot of mortgage loans or home loans, car loans, personal loans, most important student loans and credit card debt. Pros and cons of when to have different kinds of insurance and coverage limit are also discussed. I have personally helped lot of people about insurance process. Even the money you owe to your family members and friends for personal use or business reasons are considered as debt. You may get these loans, without security or collateral, but chances are, it may spoil the relationships. Anything can be seen, using my mystic charts, instantly. Dealing with dangerous money lenders and loan sharks, threats, repossession, my astrology subscribers have shared all their experiences.

Bankruptcy in astrology:

Companies and individuals go bankrupt for a variety of reasons in astrology. The laws in different countries varies. The astrological chart can also show such trends and how to overcome them or not. Some bankruptcy problems are caused due to market conditions, negligience. Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, I have heard a lot, and I have even prepared a repayment plan, using astrology, if my mystic charts support it. Most of my astrology followers, have overcomed such tough times, and leading a normal life. Even I can answer a lot of questions, about the process, after hearing lot of their experiences.

Diseases , accidents and illness in astrology:

Diseases, illness and accidents can strike anytime in human life. Such trends can be seen using my mystic charts or astrological charts method and any rituals should be done. I even suggest few insurance plans, with different riders (like health insurance + life insurance + critical illness riders) for such people. There is a maturity period, for few years for any untoward incidents happen during the policy period. I have personally seen diseases like cancer, kidney related, heart related problems due to age, liver diseases caused by excessive alcohol and smoking and permanent disability, caused due to accidents. Car and bike accidents, many people have shared their experiences with me.  Astrology can be used as an indicator for what has to come. If you are a frequent traveller, a travel insurance can help you, in case of untoward incidents.

Another factors to look for are solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, enemies blackmagic and evil eye and other mysterious forces of nature. Astrology is a big topic, and we used be sure, we don’t annoy 5 elements of nature, gods or demigods, tantriks or shamans, or who are into black magic and dangerous enemies. If you have such enemy problems, my mystic charts can answer, such questions instantly. If interested, you can contact me for consultation.

Mystic arts

Blackmagic and evil eye





Current affairs and popular global events

current affairs global events astrology

I have decided to do readings for all current affairs and global events using my mystic charts and spirits. I was analysing all the key global events and current affairs in the country, using mystic charts and spirits, but never published them in public domain.

So what kind of questions. fit this charts. See, spirits needs to understand, the meaning of your sentence, it should be a popular global event and all the names or objects involved, should me made clear. Don’t ask me about anything related to sports, betting, gambling. Spirits don’t want others to know. These kinds of questions, spirits can sense from their crystal ball like vision.

So the popular questions, I get from my followers are:

  1. who will be the next pm? (we need all available candidates names for this)
  2. who will be the next president?
  3. Who will be the next mla, mp, governor, local, assembly or parliamentary elections?
  4. Will this law or bill be passed in parliament or implemented?
  5. Is there any danger to this particular person? ( any suggestions if neccessary)
  6. Should he/she travel to this place? Is it safe to travel abroad?
  7. Important parlimentary decisions, wars, opposition, will the government will complete the term or fall or popular global events can be seen, if you can provide the details of the persons involved.


Hi, in the past few days, I am covering a lot of events, the outcome of global events,  wars, hot topics using astrology and spirits. Spirits have crystal ball like vision and they can give instant answers.Many magical abilities to be explored.

Join my whatsapp status to see all those updates. Most of the subscribers, find it very interesting. It can be parliamentary elections, current affairs, global events, and popular notable events. Even mature topics also covered.
Join my whatsapp to see those updates. We have 200K+ audience on whatsapp status alone. 

I see lot of spirits magic on daily basis

I see lot of magic in my astrology followers life on daily basis. Most of them are determined and do any rituals, simple mystic arts and exercises I suggest. There are lot of factors involved like karma, planetary energies and dasha. Each and every case is different. I can determine outcome of any situation, using mystic arts and how energies are influencing you. But spirits energies works wonders in most cases. They can instantly polarise chakras and bring lot of good things in your way. Some of these things are completely random, and it is upto the spirits to consider. Not that difficult, but simple exercises can help to connect with them. I have no control over the events and forces of nature.

So the things, I hear on daily basis are. (From those people, after practising mystic arts.)

  1. I got a promotion, recognition in workplace or relief from office politics. Sudden hike in salary/bonus. Transfer to the higher department or new office.
  2. Got lost money back, got money from unexpected sources like got more than expected in tax refund, unexpected money from speculation, someone owed you money suddenly returned it back, a new second stream of income or other side gigs knocking at your door.
  3. People are very eager to make friends with you, proposals, dating or marriage got fixed. Got call from ex, or someone who didn’t respond for a long time.
  4. Husband- wife issues fixed and things were compromised. Even I got many cases of divorced cases fixed even after 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and more. Spirits are known to create lot of attraction and seduction vibes. They do possess such magical abilities like hypnosis, mind control, seduction, infatuation, subjugation and irresistible aura.
  5. Some even reported small gambling wins in games of chance. It is upto the spirit and it is random luck.
  6. Got a new tenant, property sold at higher prices, car and high end gadgets got more value than expected.
  7. Those who are involved in court cases and litigation, have reported the verdict is in their favour. The opposing party compromised and even went for out of court settlement, a fast resolution unexpected.
  8. Enemies got into some trouble, and they stopped troubling or bothering you like gossip, badmouthing. I mean jealous and envious person exist everywhere and you should be bit careful about these people.
  9. Some of them even won big tenders, projects which can change their financial graph over time. A new unexpected overseas opportunity, an opportunity beyond the normal map or outside your line of work or career like politics, media, government positions.
  10. It can also help in matters of love and lost love cases and patch up any issues with your ex or friend. Shift in energy levels, lady luck.
  11. I have seen lot of my followers sharing their experiences like, they got a big discount, concessions, part of their dues waived off, unexpected money received from various sources, a good trading or business partner, joint venture resources they were looking for a long time and many surprises. These kind of events are generally random. But mystic charts can give me a clear picture.
  12.  Unexpected help like loans, financial help from family members, colleagues, friends, who believes you. Some small loans waived or squared off by friends.
  13. Unexpected discount, a good collateral, offer to buy or some equity in your company, attract investors, someone liked your business idea and willing to fund and raise equity, got that clearance and approval from authorities that you are waiting for a long time.
  14. Got that reimbursement without much hassles and a lot more.

Note: The list is big. But these are the most common cases. Each and every case is unique and different. A consultation is very important to determine how karma and energies are working for you. I can instantly get answers or outcome for any situation, using mystic charts. I may also suggest some exercises and mystic arts if appropriate.

Dealing with old loyal followers and rich experiences

premonitions, astral projection, astrology, remote viewing

When I first started my astrology website in 2012 and later changed the domain to mystichorary.com in 2014, I have met lot of interesting people online. Initially, I used to provide in person astrology consultations, but later I decided to go online since 2016, because I received a surge in online traffic and was not able to handle in person consultations.

So for 1 year (2015), I was providing lot of complimentary astrology consultation and this helped me to build  a large referral base, by my loyal followers. They spread the word out for me. I had interacted with people from different countries like USA, India, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, most of European nations and South East Asia. I got a clear idea about their belief systems, their attitude. So, this time I may not deal with people, who may not sync with our beliefs. We politely ask them to consult someone online or local area. I always ask my spirits, to say something about this person. I get instant answers within 60 seconds to know about their character, attitude and I may prefer to move forward or not. Intuition matters a lot and can help people in many ways.

I have learnt about the economy of these countries, recession, coping with job loss, layoffs, unfair dismissal, cases of home foreclosure, overcome debts, car repossesed. Astrology can help you, depending upon your karma and if you respect universal laws and forces of nature.

Many cases of divorce, problems caused due to competitors, rivals, jealous and envious colleagues and friends or relatives/ neighbors. So understanding these things gives us a lot of intuition. I supported my loyal followers on all these occasions, to overcome all these obstacles and hiccups, and provided them lot of concessions and followups for astrology readings. These people perfectly sync with our beliefs and they also bring me lot of good referrals in the pool.

All these factors caused due to sudden loss of family member, due to accidents, litigation, unexpected death, enemies and other factors beyond one’s control. Many of my astrology followers, have overcome debts, bankruptcy, unexpected litigations, overcome from physical or mental trauma caused due to life changing accidents. Coping with unexpected bills, house repairs, car or bike repairs, mortgage and unexpected medical expenses.  Astrologically planets do influence all these factors.

Enemies black magic and evil eye is very common in most of the countries. Jealousy and envy may take a nasty turn. I have seen lot of people losing their high paying jobs, struck by litigations, accidents and dangerous disease. No matter, how powerful your astrology chart can be, there are certain astrological events, which can turn tables upside down.

Community of psychics and rich experiences

psychic animals and intuition skills

When I first started my astrology website in 2012, I met many interesting people both online and in person. Before that, I use to consult lot of astrologers from different countries online, psychics, tarot, crystal ball, remote viewing and many other divination methods I find interesting. I used to set aside a budget only for this consultations and any rituals, spiritual trip I find appropriate. I have met more than 25+ such psychics from 2011 to 2014. Some 3 to 5 out of these always amazes me with their skills. Learnt different meditation methods, spirits invocation methods from these people and they too learnt a lot from me.

I used to try lot of consultations for tea leaf readings, betel leaf readings (in person, I know a psychic, who is good at it), other scrying, crystal ball and divination methods. I even tried that nadi leaf readings once. Remote viewing, face reading, parrot reading, card reading, even astrology picks done by monkey and parrot, and some funny animals which I don’t want to mention, palmistry on many occasions, aura reading, mind readings based on omens and elements of nature. India has lot of psychics, with different divination methods. If I find someone during my trip to various places in India, I make it a point to try their divination methods or have a reading from them. My good friends of mine, have also introduced me to some psychics or certain mediums like crystal ball, water and mirror scrying experts, fire scrying and readings. Lot of mysterious things exists. When the time is right, or the intuition planet and jupiter  is good in your astrology chart at certain positions, all these things naturally connect with you.

Strong interest and determination to learn things matters. I always set aside a budget for astrology readings, spells, trying amulets, so called lucky charms from 2001 to 2012. Most important, don’t ask stupid questions or anything which may annoy the person, who is trying to give answers using their methods. Tipping is optional. I always used to tip say $3 to $5 extra and they are happy.

Be polite, respect them and always ask base consultation fee upfront. There are some people who just irritate or annoy them. Most of them are fluent only in their regional language, and some can even speak good English and Hindi. Understand the communication barrier or whether you can understand their language or vice versa.

There was a popular astrology website, which used to connect various kind of psychics, readings and even custom made spells, amulets and potions from across globe. Now the website have stopped those services. Even popular ecommerce website, had a category for psychics and other astrology services. Now they have removed that category.

elephants goats intuition

Many of my astrology friends, have also tried ouija boards, spirit boards, mystic or occult boards to connect with spirits. Warning: Connecting with random spirit is dangerous. We should only connect with friendly and mysterious earth spirits. It is better to invoke them under someone supervision. They exist on different planes, dimensions and frequencies. Some people can naturally sense their energies, for some matter of minutes/ hours/ days when the properly invoke it. Each one of them have different house rules and they do possess certain magical abilities. It wont connect with greedy, aggressive people. For some people, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t connect with it. I can see this in my mystic chart instantly. We can discuss all these during consultation if interested. This is not for everyone. There are certain basic principles or rules to follow.

Monkey and parrot astrology picks can be found in certain regions in south India. Animals are psychics and have great intuition. Their horns and tusks, acts like an antenna and receive signals from various frequencies and mysterious earth energies, about where water can be found, sense dangers, attacks, human
presence, enemies and more. When I was a kid, some snake charmers and even some shaman comes home with a bear and the bear dances and blesses you. Even monkey, donkeys, horses, some shamans used to visit my home those days. Some popular beliefs and traditions in that region.

bear pigeons astrology

They consider animals as god. In India, in temples an elephant can bless you with its trunk for a small fee and there are popular beliefs in such regions. I consider all these animals have strong psychic and intuition skills, connected directly with spiritworld and do posess lot of magical abilities. Even certain breeds of pet dogs are considered psychics and my astrology followers used to share lot of their personal experiences.  Now government has banned such animal circus and you cannot keep them as pets. It may exists in some remote places in India.

Animals intuition can sense natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, fire, drought or famine few days in advance. In many countries, people have seen small animals relocating to another place in large numbers, before such an event occurs. They can sense earth vibrations and energies.

Nowadays, internet can connect with any such services instantly. The only drawback, what I have found is that, most of them only support through email, say they take around 24 to 48 hours to respond, after confirmation of order and to and fro communication through email takes lot of time and may be limited to 1 or 2 followups.

This is the reason, I am insisting my subscribers for voice calls only, so that they can get answers instantly in real time and anything you can clarify there and then. I also ask my customers, to write questions on a piece of paper, so that they don’t miss anything during calls. Email is similar to anonymous communication, and there is no relationship.

Okay, let me come to the point. There are many co incidences in meeting these people across globe. Some have near death experiences and survived accidents. Many of them do possess some kind of psychic abilities, and I can sense their energies as soon as they come for consultation. My mystic chart can instantly give me a clear picture. Also spirits have access to such information.

These psychic abilities are random and many of them have experienced telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, sensing dangers, premonitions like what is going to happen after few days or after few hours, sense someone death or danger to loved ones, hear strange and paranormal voices of certain frequencies as if some entity is shouting at their ears. It can be an archetype, demigod, evil spirits  or some kind of angel. Most of my subscribers are connected with animal spirits and I can instantly sense their energy as soon as I meet online or in person.  Everything is energy. Intuition matters a lot. This intuition has saved them from lot of dangers, accidents, enemies and troublesome people.

Note: In my personal observation, animals have good intuition, which helps them to avoid dangers, sense trouble, predict natural calamities, they can feel the vibrations and frequency of earth, and come out fast. Cats, dogs, cows, owl I have observed them. Some information is relayed on them, from mysterious earth energies, and they can also sense any dangers, accidents, death of their owner, spirits and any paranormal realm.

Animals which have horns and tusks, it works like an antenna, which helps them to find food, water, sense trouble and avoid certain paths. Mysterious earth energies rely information to them. Similarly humans too can tap such intuition, by meditating on certain chakras.

If I want to know, anything about a stranger or random person, I just ask my spirits and mystic charts, and I can instantly get an answer for what I ask for.

Some of my astrology subscribers, while driving use this premonitions to find next available parking spot in crowded place, whether it will rain or not, the climate, sense dangers, attacks, accidents in advance and avoid such route, places and people. Such psychic skills are random. Only 1% do possess.

There is this psychic friend of mine, who can sense the death of any person/close friend or relative, just by connecting with your aura. He claims he get certain visuals bit by bit. I have personally seen many danger, accident and death omens, which has lot of co incidence. It is much better you dont know about it. Because things will turn scary, if you see such omens.

cats dogs astrology

There are few of my psychic friends, who I have personally met in person and majority of them online, who get premonitions and intuition  in the form of unknown voices, body sensations, movements, twitch about dangers, which path to go. They say they got this ability by birth and for some it came later in their life and all their intuition connected to that, is a co incidence.

A few of my friends, I met online and few in person are tarot card readers, crystal ball readers, remote viewing, healers and some also use water, mirror and certain spirit infused objects for intuition. What which works for you, may not work with anyone. What which works for them, may not work for you. (I mean divination method used to get answers. Intuition gives you an edge. The key is lot of practise and experience. Initially start with small questions concerning you and later move to big questions as your intuition is helping you.)

Also have met big gamblers, who are highly superstitious. I like gamblers who come for astrology consultation, because they will do anything to improve their luck and always looking for improvement. Karma carries maximum weightage and few + and – here and there can increase odds in their favour. I mean high rollers, sharks,horse race betting, football pools and other forms of gambling like poker, blackjack popular in those countries. We can sense their energies instantly,and I personally don’t deal with people who don’t align with our beliefs. I don’t deal with atheists. We can easily make out from the first point of contact or conversation. We politely ask them to consult someone online or in their local area.

My astrology followers even include celebrities, politicians, artists, ceo, entrepreneurs from various countries who are highly superstitious and I have good relations, who really want to improve their karma, practise meditation and mystic charts, chakras polarise and improve odds in their way with the help of spirits. To be frank, I am superstitious and I have my own beliefs. I could see omens, tell tale signs when anybody approaches me for consultation, moving to new places, certain areas, meeting total strangers and more.

But years of astrology practise and experience have proved such intuition right. I sometimes ask my astrology customers, to never visit a particular place, certain key places, at particular hours and it proved correct most of the times. Many of them have escaped from an accident, an attack from enemies, or some kind of conspiracy. Mystic charts can show that, if we specifically ask for that.

Another exception is one who has survived an accident, near death experience, they can connect easily with paranormal or astral realm. Few of them even experienced astral projection and it is not possible without concentration or built in psychic ability. The universe operates on mysterious pattern and there is a signature about all paranormal entities, spirits.

Many of the astrology followers, also worship spirits, dragons, mermaid, animal spirits, werewolf, angels, certain archetypes and demigods. Note: Certain spirits or animal spirits are popular in certain tribes, traditions and certain countries, which you have not heard about.

Community of psychics astrology and other divination arts


Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse in astrology. Impact on kings, nations, individuals and shamans

 solar-lunar-eclipse-dates-2020 india

Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse are most feared transits in astrology, since the age of kings. In the olden days, kings used to call a shaman or astrologer to check whether this particular solar or lunar eclipse, falls on the zodiac signs of their kingdom, whether there may be any natural calamities, war, invasion, spread of disease or any other dangers.

Eclipses are most feared in astrology by kings, nations and certain individuals. Black magcians and shamans wait for years, for this moment. Evil spirits and dark entities are very powerful during this periods.

It has lot of positive benefits though, it amplifies and multiplies the good and bad aspects.  I have been observing solar and lunar eclipses, since 2011 and its impact on countries, their economy, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, spread of a disease, big accidents and I don’t want to mention certain things. Such is the power and impact caused by solar and lunar eclipses. Eclipses have lot of significance in astrology. Nobody has control over the eclipses. It can destroy any powerful astrological chart, or any powerful kingdom if it wants to.

If there is anyone who considers their astrological chart or planetary alignment very powerful, solar or lunar eclipses, can bring them down with just a gaze. The one who respects nature, universal forces and karma, are an exception. I mean god believer, is given a chance. Atheists do suffer a lot, due to certain forces and odds beyond their control. All my astrology followers are superstitious to some extent, god fearing and don’t want to mess with forces of nature, which cause misfortune or bad luck. They are always looking for room for improvements, using astrology and how to overcome karma.

But those who know how to pacify planets during such periods, and depending upon their karma, they can be spared from any untoward incidents.

So what is solar eclipse as per Indian astrology?

Rahu or Ketu covers the sun for certain hours or minutes. Avoid looking at the eclipse directly through your eyes. There may be darkness and eclipse visible in your country and not visible at all. It may have effects on your country or not. 

Lunar eclipse: Rahu or Ketu covers moon for certain hours or minutes. There may be an average of 3 to 5 or more eclipses in year. (both solar and lunar combined).


  1. It is always advised to have a bath before eclipse.
  2. Do not eat food during eclipse.
  3. If possible, do ritual for rahu and ketu a day before the eclipse. Most of the Navagraha temples, do such pacification rituals.
  4. If Rahu or Ketu, is malefic in your astrology as per astrology, you are suggested to mandatory do rituals during this period. It may aggravate the situation and cause problems, depending upon which zodiac sign it falls.
  5. It is wise to know the dates of solar and lunar eclipses, you can save it in google calendar to get an alert, 2 days in advance or write it in your diary so that you remember.
  6. There is lot of superstition, associated with solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, depending upon the region. Pregnant women should be careful. Avoid physical intimacy, drinking alcohol, non veg during eclipse. If possible chant few mantras for few minutes.
  7. Avoid starting any new venture 3 days before eclipse, and 3 days after eclipse like signing a new contract or tender, a new business venture, foreign travel and visiting suspicious places.

I have observed lot of changes happen worldwide and also mundane life. It can be death of a person, close friend, relative or some old or sick person or bed ridden unexpectedly. A sudden accident, lose of job, litigation, enemy problems, paranormal incidents, blackmagic intensified during such periods.

Certain high level industries like construction, oil and gas, mining and similar risky professions, it is better to stop work for that day. Because I have seen lot of deadly accidents happening, and fatal injuries and even  worse of workers involved after lot of observation, since 2011. There is a strong co incidence due to sudden shift in energy levels, which cannot be controlled.

Good effects can be birth of a baby, a promotion, sudden elevation or promotion or recognition in a company, financial windfall in some cases too, a new opportunity, foreign travel and business proposals. It depends upon the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse and I have observed it always favors 1 zodiac sign and creates problems for some other zodiac sign.

It can either change the tables upside down or just multiply your capacities if extremely lucky. Eclipses have lot of hidden astrological and magical powers. It depends on which zodiac sign their gaze falls and whether it is benefic or malefic. However, remedies can be done, it you believe in astrology. You can request the family member or relative to do a ritual in temple on your behalf, if you are working or make similar arrangements.

All black magicians, tantricks or shamans, voodoo, sorcerers, witchcraft, consider solar eclipse and lunar eclipse as powerful outburst of energy and they do the rituals, which amplifies the effects. A lot of magic and dark or evil entities appeasement, happen during solar eclipses. Avoid risky and adventure sports during this time.

Note: If you need to know, whether planets are benefic or malefic in your chart, seek help of spirits, or you need a consultation, you can approach me on email first.

Bookmark or save this page or above image. Many of my astrology followers are asking for solar and lunar eclipses dates for year 2020 and they were not able to find on internet, and no access to panchang or ephimeris. (astrology planetary calculations book). So all the dates for solar and lunar eclipses are in this above image, you can also download image and send to your astrology friends or keep it for future reference.

Update: I have also included full moon dates 2020 (poornima) and new moon dates 2020 (amavasya) for reference.

full moon and new moon dates 2020

Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse dates 2020 india

Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses dates 2020 india



Vashikaran, akarshan, mesmerism, seduction astrology

Vashikaran, akarshan, mesmerism, seduction astrology


I get lot of enquiries from people asking about Vashikaran, akarshan, mesmerism, seduction topics. Of course attraction factors, subjugation, infatuation, psychological factors, hypnosis are part of dark occult and tantra. In my years of astrology practise, I have seen lot of occult energies, spirits, magical objects, animal mysticism, magical talisman, amulets for protection, popularity, fame, gemstones which brought luck for certain configurations.

Vashikaran means attracting someone to your charm. There are certain principles and house rules to follow. Such energies do exist. If you have good looks or natural good skin complexion, you have an edge, though not necessary. I have seen people in love with each other of different skin complexion, dark and white skin or completely different skin complexions, personality and looks. Wonder what is the attraction factor or some magic?
Such people are very lucky. It is something in their personality, that makes people drool over them. Vashikaran is similar to attraction and love spells in the west.

Akarshan means making yourself attractive. There is something which triggers some psychological attraction in them. There are certain spirits which can help you on this purpose. Most of the people approach me, their love got turned down, just because of skin complexion, marriage denied due to skin complexion. There are certain exercises which can help to polarise the chakras and make yourself attractive. Perhaps your heart, relationship and sexuality chakras and blocked and need some occult help.

mesmerism is holding the gaze of a big crowd or group. There are certain astrological combinations, who do possess hypnotic powers. But they are 1 in million. Even right guidance is required to make use of the hidden potential.

Mature topics  https://mystichorary.com/archives

Hypnotism, Mass hypnotism , sammohan, superstition in astrology

Hypnotism, Mass hypnotism , sammohan, superstition in astrology


I get lot of questions asking me, do hypnotism, hypnosis, mass hypnotism, sam mohan, superstition exist in astrology. What is my stand, view and opinions?
In my astrology practise, I have seen many cases of sudden rise to fame, popularity, authority, a superstar, celebrity, elevation, promotion to higher levels. Some people who made to the top from nothing. It is the magical aura which matters, your communication skills. There are certain combinations in astrology chart, which gives you hypnotism like powers, when the time is ripe. Such odds are just 1 in million. Others need some kind of occult, spirits, magical objects help.

Mass hypnotism do exist. History has proved it and its potential. I can make such person out, by the way they speak. There are certain omens and tell tale signs. It is similar to shakuna shastra. Such people can command control over millions of people and hold the gaze for some time. There are certain people you can’t hypnotise though, because they are of different planes and frequencies. Say in a group of 10,000 people, such people can hypnotise 9900 people. 100 or less may be an exception.

Sam mohan is also kind of hypnotism, popular among secret occult circles. Celebrities, politicians, big businessman and authority figures use this.

Hypnosis can bring a person to trance, and changes the perception towards you by other people. You get lot of authority, respect. Hypnosis can also be used for counselling, self healing and certain therapies.

Different superstition exists in the world. I believe in certain superstitions. There is always a co incidence. Say a big danger, someone death of loved ones, a close relative demise, some omens for good and bad news. A person demeanor, which is very negative and you could feel the negative manifestation of them, say anger, rude behavior, lack of courtesy or gratitude in minutes. I can determine the psychology, mood, attitude and character of any person in 1 minute, just by looking at my mystic chart. Do you want to know about anyone? I can help you on this.

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Blackmagic, evil eye, witchcraft and astrology factors

Black magic, evil eye, witchcraft, voodoo and astrology factors:

disease accidents litigation illness astrology horoscope

Astrology consulting is not complete, without black magic and evil eye. People may also call it as witchcraft, voodoo, sorcery in different countries. Black magic exists since ancient times. Jealousy, envy of other possessions and happiness, competition, ruin someone name and reputation are the main factors for black magic. I can instantly determine black magic and evil eye using mystic charts and horary astrology. There is a clear pattern.

Most of the time, it is someone who know very well, be it a relative, neighbor, close friend, ex lover, spouse due to divorce and breakups, competitors who want unfair advantage, by getting rid of you or tarnishing your reputation. I get lot of cases, connected with black magic and evil eye on daily basis. A lot of evil exists in this world.

black magic evil eye astrology horoscope

I have certain suggestions, through my personal experience and clients experiences. (to those affected by black magic and evil eye)

1. Never make unnecessary enemies. Be polite, don’t be rude or belittle others, their looks, profession. Sometimes, you make enemies, due to factors beyond your control, despite you being good with others. Some people get jealous about your job, income, lifestyle, possessions, happiness, martial life and other luxuries, life gives you.

2. Never flaunt or talk about your possessions like cash, jewelry, cars, properties, job, vacations in front of such people. I know it seems hard, but universe is all about energies. The less eyesore on you and your possessions, there will be no reversals.

3. Keep some secrets to yourself and within the family. Don’t disclose everything about your job, income, planning any vacations, going to marry that particular person, making deals, tenders and contracts. Only talk about such matters, when appropriate. It’s natural you can’t hide certain things or confidential information for too long or your enemies will get to know such information anyway later, but your interests will be protected most of the times.

4. Avoid talking about your lifestyle, your house, cars, vacations, spouse, ex friends, boyfriend, girlfriend on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms. This is where, 70% of people receive unwanted attention from strangers as it pops up in their newsfeed or timeline.

Evil spirits demons genie astrology horoscope

I have seen many on my subscribers in good job positions, losing jobs all of a sudden, fired, laid off, office politics at peak, conspiracy, betrayal, company went out of projects and funds. Any sector, industries, your experience be it entry level, mid term or veteran managers are affected. Even I was surprised due to this trends. Even there are many cases of sexual harrassment and false allegations, conspiracy and many cases, which cannot be mentioned in this blog post. 

Blackmagic and evil eye, also affects your married or martial life, breakups, divorce cases, misunderstandings, bickering about each other are very common. Everything was fine, with this couple for few months after marriage and even upto 1 year, suddenly things turned upside down. One of the spouse, got attracted to someone, extra martial affairs, fit of rage and anger and started abusing the spouse, including domestic violence or physical harm. Some even just abaondon their spouse, say after 2 years, with 2 kids. Many horror cases, I have seen in my career. It is better to do an analysis of such person before marriage. I have cautioned and warned many of my subscribers about such people, they are madly or deeply in love with.

Some distanced marriage option and stayed as friends. Others went away with marriage anyway, after few months relationships turned sour and turned to breakups, divorce and worse. 

To be frank some women are even attracted to criminals, anti social elements, drug addicts and I warn such women, but some never listen. Ultimately they pay a heavy price and invite unneccessary grief and sorrow. Astrology, mystic charts and spirits vision can be used as a leverage, about what has to come, how to avoid certain things or neutralise if possible and find path to happiness. I always advise my loyal subscribers, always love or marry someone, who has strong or true natural feelings for you and such relationships or match last longer. There will be lot of love and understanding in such relationships. Natural energy is what I look for.  

For people with unpredictable behavior, their nakshatra or energy levels doesn’t sync with you, I mean rude behavior,anger and some serious tell tale signs, you just keep a distance or stay as friends. For these people, a small black magic, done by some jealous people can easily cause breakups, divorce, extra martial affairs, lost interest or passion in you and ultimately abandon you. I have seen many cases of blackmagic and evil eye, which can easily destroy a relationship and marriage. In western countries, people use witchcraft, sorcery and voodoo to destroy some marriage and relationships. There are different methods. Never make enemies with such people who practise blackmagic in first place. It may be your close  friend, relatives, neighbor or some nasty stranger who doesn’t like others to have a nice time. Unfortunately such people exist everywhere. 

Ghosts demons devil demigods astrology horoscope

 After sometime such relationships will fade away and they will be attracted to someone and life goes on.  Then they come back to me, for astrology consultation, and I tell them, that I warned about all these things in advance. They just took it for granted and allowed it to happen. In astrology, certain warnings are a protection. If you yourself initiate a divorce for small petty issues or misunderstanding, which can easily be fixed by a small talk and the other spouse is ever willing to listen and fix things and correct anything, despite strong feelings and love for you. You are creating a bad yoga here, even though  you don’t have divorce yogas in your chart. 

Travellers fear black magic and evil eye:  (indirect enemies)

There are few of my loyal astrology subscribers,who  do travel a lot, both domestic and international destinations for business and personal purposes or leisure and vacations. Some even have to pass through shady and short route which has problems with thieves, bandits, robbery or worse. They always discuss such issues with me, and I initiate spirits help for protection. Cases like extortion, money, laptops and possessions stolen are very common. Blackmagic and evil eye has a role to play in it. Even in your astrological chart, if there is any encounter with anti social elements, then you need to take precautions.  There are certain rituals in astrology, to neutralise such incidents. Avoiding travels on certain days, avoiding night travels, escorting with a local can completely avert such incidents. We can have a talk about it during consultation. If you have an enemy who wants to trouble or harm you, can also be seen using mystic charts. Spirits have crystal ball like vision, and can analyse things in all angles. 

Voodoo witchcraft sorcery astrology horoscope


Enemy problems and blackmagic:

Everybody has enemies.No matter how good you are, some just want to belittle you or annoy you through their actions or behavior. Envy and jealousy is the common factor, in most of the cases, I get. Enemy problems are very common. It can be seen through natal chart in astrology or using mystic charts for clear picture. Some people or enemies are just insecure, and they can’t digest others success, despite their hardships, efforts and overcoming all odds. If they can’t get it, others too should not get any opportunities. I get lot of cases, with people facing enemy problems on daily basis. Enemy problems are part of life for many, and overcoming them is the key. Astrology can give a clear picture. We need a small description, about them if possible. 

They way even turn to black magic, cast evil eye, or seek services of shaman, sorcerer to limit you or block your progress. In that case, if your aura is strong, you can overcome such tantra attacks or it will drain all your energy completely. I have personally seen many cases. So what are the astrological factors for enemy problems? I have another method, you just say me their name or suspect, and I can instantly answer such questions within 3 minutes, using spirits. Spirits can sense their energies, connect with them, feel their vibes and instantly give answers. (Photo is optional)

There is a different approach to deal with them.  If you have serious enemies problems and blackmagic done by them, we can have a talk. 

Enemies can be rivals or business competitors, strangers you have just met but hostile for no reason, relatives, neighbors, in laws, own siblings, school bully, college enemies, workplace enemies like colleagues and someone behaving nasty, you find someone nasty or very intimidating when commuting to work, jealous and envious person about your career, possessions, looks and social circle. Some third party or malicious forces interfering in your relationships, marriage or any person who creates an atmosphere of hostility or uneasiness.

The worst these enemies do blackmagic or seek the services of black magicians, who invoke evil spirits and other dark forces to cause unnecessary trouble, obstacles in your way. I get lot of horror cases on daily basis. Enemies blackmagic can cause accidents, loss or job or laid off, financial issues,deadly diseases, debts, car or vehicles breakdown, electrical appliances behaving strangely, litigation or court cases, attack by animals or reptiles, danger due to fire elements of nature like fire, water, sky, earth, air (most black magic turn panchabhutas against you), paranormal attacks like someone shouting at you (only you can ear it), sleep paralysis (feel like some entity sitting on you, pulling you and strange marks on body), destroy the beauty and looks, unexpected vehicle and house expenses, which need immediate repairs, sudden issues with management and government or law authorities. Worse, there are dangerous spells, which enemies do with animal sacrifices and appeasing evil entities like witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo.

Atheists, have no chance. They just suffer. No god or spirits will come to their aid. But for a god believer, and one who worships gods, spirits and visits holy places regularly with strong roots and beliefs, it is bit difficult to harm them. Their guardian, gods and spirits, family deity will create a protective shield or aura and protects them from such evil forces. These guardians may even reverse the spell on doer, which backfires against the enemy. There are lot of magic and black magic hidden in tantra. Tantra also has solutions to all aspects of human life.

Worse enemies may also try gossip or bad mouthing, slander, defamation. They may also try to belittle or insult you in any social occasions through their words or behavior. Stay away from these people. Everybody has enemies in one way or other in this earth. In fact, enemies are a part of human life.

Blackmagic and evil eye:

Black magic and evil eye problems are very common. Every cultures in the world have experienced it and it is connected with their strong beliefs and superstitions on how to overcome them. My mystic charts and spirits, can clearly give answers about evil eye and blackmagic questions instantly. I get lot of cases, with people afflicted by evil eye and black magic and it drains away your luck, resources completely. If you suspect some evil eye and black magic is done on you, by known or unknown enemies, my spirits can sense energies and instantly give yes or no answers and many more insights and their intent.

Black magic is rampant across globe. It is not limited to just one country. Some people are naturally jealous and envy of others, their success or they just don’t like you for no reason. Such people exist everywhere. They seek services of black magicians, to limit you, send obstacles in your way. Your marriage will be ruined, accident, struck by a disease, litigation, loss in business with no scientific reason and things went wrong, all of a sudden and you will also experience lot of paranormal experiences. (many weird and horror stories)

Evil eye problems (Spell casting by tantriks, shamans, black magicians , witch craft, sorcers, voodoo. people call them in different terms in certain countries.)

Everything in this universe is energy. There are good and white energies. Dark energies, appeasing evil entities by certain tribes do exist. If your aura is good, and protected by a guardian or spirit or family deity, it can’t do any harm. For atheists, they have no chance, they just suffer and don’t even understand what’s going on, due to their arrogance.

Ex: Someone may cast a evil eye on your beauty, and suddenly pimples, blemishes and skin complexion may change. Your new car, may meet with an accident or breakdown or a small tent on surface. Sudden loss of job, laid off, unexpected medical expenses and home repairs are forms of evil eye. There are certain astrological remedies to overcome them.

Gossip, slander, defamation are other forms of evil eye energies manifested directly. Evil eye can also destroy a kingdom. In the olden days, kings used to fear evil eye and they just used to do rituals to ward off evil eye on their possessions. Some people become suddenly sick or bed ridden or get into some kind of domestic accident at home, for no scientific reason. Those are evil eye energies, cast at you. My spirits, can instantly give answers about those astrological questions, if you give small description.

Note: If you have any problems with enemies, my mystic charts can give  a clear picture, about their nature, psychology. Just provide a small description about them, their names or photo (optional) and we can tell, what are their intentions and what they think about you. We can analyse all enemies. A voice call on whatsapp/skype/phone after consultation, we can give answers instantly. 



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