Career, Job, Business, Foreign travel settlement , visa, green card using astrology

Career, Job, Business, Foreign travel settlement , visa, green card using astrology

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In this video, I would like to talk about Career, Job, Business, Foreign travel settlement , visa, green card using astrology. Career questions are very common. If you are starting with career please come with 2 or more options if possible to determine the right line of work, which suits you. So that, I can pick the right choice in the pool aligning with your skill and caliber.

And job questions, people come with 1 or 2 job offers in hand. They want me to pick the best one in the pool, whether I can do this job or not, upgrade skills or not? How the market or job market is working? These kind of questions are most welcome, including change of job.

Whether you will get promotion or not? Mystic charts and spirits have vision similar to crystal ball. They can feel the vibrations, frequency, sense the future.

Some people want to start the business. They want to know whether it will be profitable or not? (within 3 months, 6 months). There are many luck factors in astrology, in business matters it is better to align with certain people, will give you better traction, than doing it all alone.

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Most of the people approach me, asking when they can start a business? I erect the chart and instantly analyse the competation, market,whether you will make profits or not in the first place.

Many people approach me for foreign travel and settlement. They want to know about visa status, spouse visa, permanent citizenship, green card and many other aspects to settle in foreign country and even bring their loved ones.

Job related questions like office politics, rivalry, any kind of conspiracy. I do get
lot of these cases particularly from asia and europe. I can analyse the background and tell you the outcome, people involved, their intent whatever. If you are like our kind, get back to us. Hope that helps.


Office politics are very common. I get many cases worldwide, where people have lost their jobs due to office politics, rivalry, false allegations, including false cases of sexual harassment. If you are running a bad phase as per astrology chart, you may have experienced these instances. Worse, the damage is already done and you can cannot do much about it. Astrology has certain remedies for such situations and problems, including seeking divine help and justice. If justice is on your side, there are certain archetypes which can help to bring justice.

Court cases, litigations are very slow in India. Depending upon the type of cases, civil or criminal, it may take few months or years for the final hearing. I can instantly determine the odds and outcome of any case, whether you will get justice, whether to compromise or go for out of court settlement with mutual discussion or talk.

Conspiracy, betrayal are very common. It can be business competitors, rivals, or those with family fueds. Or someone has lot of eyesore on you, due to your talents, skills, personality, beauty, popularity, name, fame, they may go to any extent to see your downfall, even seeking black magic services, cast evil eye intentionally, witchcraft, sorcery and voodoo whatver. I can see such instances in my mystic charts instantly. If you have any such instances, you can consult me for the same.