Binding people in 70+ nations together. 1 common factor

People may hate each other. 2 factions may fight with each other, they may reside in different country, race, language. But there is one thing in common which binds us together.
They submit to us fully, after 1 or 2 conversation.  Today I have  people from 70+ nations, which binds us together, no matter the differences.
There is something in these 70 nations, which binds and unites us together.
When I started with  astrology practise in 2011, I had a dream to unite all factions who share similar beliefs and views. I was able to connect with these people, through internet.
I went very slow, nudging people who sync and align with our beliefs, and distancing from those people, who don’t sync with us.
They believe they have a future, no matter their present situation.
And I was able to win all these factions in my way, using my astrology and spirits help.
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