Astrology for birds and bees and more.

I get lot of requests from my subscribers worldwide about these topics.

One who cares! Unlimited questions welcome about relationships kind. Spirits know a lot about you and your loved ones and outcome! He he

We have given lot of freedom to our loyal subscribers. They keep coming to us for more information. I also have lot of experience in this area, and will do whatever I can, after analysing their karma, energy levels, seeking spirits help for magic. If odds are good and room for magic as per mystic charts, I interfere. Otherwise, not.

Strange are the ways of nature. My system can determine the outcome of any situation instantly. Depending on this information, we will decide to proceed with spirits, magic and mysticism, if I find fit, with the permission of subscribers. I will also deny many such requests, if appropriate.

Can astrology be used to determine the psychology of person?

Mystic charts and spirits have different and powerful vision. They can tell a lot about your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, work buddies, birds, bees and more! It can say about your private life like parrot, for the questions you ask, like yes or no and description, if appropriate. (We deny such requests, if appropriate.)

Like how many crush you have?

Do you love someone? Affairs?

Fling? His/her behavior, attitude, tastes. But I will deny many such questions, because it will be misuse or abuse of such arts.

Instead you can ask me to know about the mileage of relationship, marriage, problems in relationships, dating, marriage later. What he or she thinks about you? What if, you were in good job or career or more, will he/she accept your proposal? Can you still connect with them and stay as good friends?

Using astrology, mystic charts and spirits help, to make certain moves, if odds are favorable. Otherwise, not.

Even you can ask me to know more about your enemies if any, like where they are located, their intentions, whether they will try to harm you or not?

Questions concerning lost love, crush, odds for proposal or marriage are welcome! If you have loved someone in the past, what if you have proposed him/ her few years earlier, will it have worked out or any issues? If yes or no, any suggestions to increase odds. Otherwise, just leave it or let go!

Spying an unknown stranger is possible with the help of spirits and mystic charts, but it is bit time consuming, say 10 minutes to 30 minutes to do that analysis. Any questions can be answered. But I may deny such requests.

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