Astrology for birds and bees

Astrology for birds and bees


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Do you know astrology can speak a lot about your loved ones, relationships, and birds and bees type of questions. Get answers to all love, love life, crush, secret and mysterious questions. Spirits have powerful vision. They have the answers. I just need a detailed description about the situation. Know psychology of your boyfriend, girlfriend, old crush, spouse, husband, wife,  lost love, ignite spark and passion. No shy! No embarrassment! Astrology for birds and bees has all the ingredients, my subscribers are looking for. Say what he or she is thinking about you? Their exact mood or psychology.

Whether it is possible to patch up any lost love, breakups, relationships or not? Ignite spark and passion in old crush or not? Astrology for birds and bees can give instant answers. We also have spirits, which are highly sensitive to human feelings and deeply connected to earth plane. They create some kind of internal awakening among people or strong feelings of love and affection for you. This can be instantly determined during consultation.  Ultimately some kind of communication will take place, due to its powerful vibes, say a text message, a phone call, email or direct in person meeting and it is upto you on how you want to take to the next level.

Works well on voice calls, than email, because to and fro communication is very important and you can ask questions, there and then. Analyse the situation in all angles, what if you do this? , what if you do that?. Understand the outcome and odds using astrology and make moves.

Over years of astrology practice, I know exactly what my subscribers are looking for. They just love this, and keep coming back again and again. Mystic charts can also tell, what kind of person he/she is, their psychology, whether this relationship will survive or not?, the mileage in relationship and marriage, leaving nothing to the imagination. Astrology for birds and bees is well accepted by my subscribers worldwide. They say, this is what they are looking for.

It’s upto me, where to draw a line. This is for loyal subscribers only. Contact me for consultation, if interested.

Mature topics

Seek spirits help for help in marriage and relationship matters.  

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