Our astrology and mystic arts website attracts lot of traffic from globe interested in occult, spirits, magic and astrology and trending topics, current affairs in general.

We do get lot of traffic from India, USA,UK, Canada and other Asian and European countries.

Advertising or placement options:

  1. 5 slots available in content (after paragraph)

2. 3 slots before content + 3 slots after content

3. Popups (optional) + text links

Format accepted: jpeg, png, gif. (300*300, 150*100 or any suitable formats)

tantra 11

Costs starts as low as $25 for 7 days placement. (fixed fee)

Any product/service which is ideal to my astrology audience are welcome. I can also create ads or banners for you, if appropriate. I can also help with other forms of advertising. I have good relationships, with lot of advertisors and publishers, which I have used over the years, to promote my own content.

Contact with subject: “Advertise” and I can schedule a call on whatsapp/skype or phone, if appropriate.

Note: If you are new to advertising and have no idea how to start, I can help you with creatives, video ads, interactive banners, infographics and all graphics elements for a small fee. I can also help you to get your ads approved in different platforms, by compliance with their terms.

I have interacted with lot of websites of different categories like entertainment, news, lifestyle websites and used many forms of advertising in the past to promote my own website or services. A quick analysis is important to know about the business, product or service. I have also used many offline methods like newspapers, magazines,flyers in the past.