Hollywood, Bollywood, celebrities, film industry astrology factors

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Hollywood, Bollywood, celebrities, film industry astrological factors: 

A lot of my subscribers and loyal readers, are asking for astrology factors for celebrities, bollywood, hollywood, various popular film industry in world. There should be strong karma and astrological promise in the natal or birth chart. There are multiple astrological factors for this and I prefer not to mention for alignment and to get connected with Bollywood, Hollywood and other popular film industries. Connections do matter in real world. Talent and good looks, special skills, charm also carries maximum importance in astrology.

If you don’t have birth chart, I can instantly determine the trends using mystic horary charts and even ask directly to spirits, which have crystal ball like vision. Universe is a play of energies. It is all about odds and most of the time, the odds and timing may not be in your favour. Don’t be disappointed, if you get a negative response from spirits. Of course, what it shows is what it shows. If you want to give a try, irrespective of the outcome, get in. Otherwise, it is better to leave as it is. If the odds are very good, as per my astrology chart and spirits response, I will ask you to step into the film industry. Otherwise, no.


There are certain rituals, invoking certain spirits, summon guardians, gods and demigods which do help. For this, I need to check this with mystic charts. The natural energies in your birth or natal chart works like magic, if you have film industry alignment and yogas for Bollywood, Hollywood, TV serials, actors and actress specific roles and brand advertisements. You just need to create a footprint and then next opportunities pop up naturally.  Even reality shows, the popularity, name and fame, becoming an anchor, news reader, respected reporter or journalist, sudden surge in popularity and astrological factors can be determined.

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The spirits will also say whether film industry like Hollywood, bollywood and others is out of your league and don’t be too much carried away by it. Because  to be frank most of my subscribers aspire to be a celebrity, a popular actor, an actress, even child artist and specific roles for children, people or parents do ask any such media or film industry possibilities for their kid or children.  I ask for photo of the kid and specific details and request my spirits to feel the vibes and any possibility to align with this industry? Spirits can give instant answers within minutes. I may also ask for any specific skills, hobbies, and certain specific questions, before asking the spirits. Even mystic charts can show the trends and astrological factors very clearly. What is shows is what it shows.

If there are any suggestions and improvements, I will say that. If it needs a specific meditation to connect with spirits (optional) I may also say this. See, only few possess natural alignment and astrological yogas for hollywood, bollywood and film industry, modelling world, media tycoon and so on. But majority, of them need some vibes and specific energies for required momentum to connect with film industry. Opportunities may come in many form. Somebody may have seen your performance in college, youtube, modelling or an audition, you were organizing an event or promoting a brand in shopping malls and got spotted.


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Astrology, mystic arts and meditation can increase such opportunities and aligns what suits for you. We have certain meditation and mystic exercises for the same. I see their karma, how energy levels are working for  a person using mystic charts instantly, also their aura and chakra levels. Once these chakras are polarised and certain blocks removed, it creates room for new opportunities on the horizon.

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Confidence on camera, public speaking, soft skills, dressing, communication, any specific life skills matters a lot or it helps to stand out. A general suggestion is to improve this front.

Most of my astrology subscribers are connected with film industry, some small time models, artists, doing side roles and roles in TV serials, brand advertisements. Some celebrities, actors and actress  who approach me, don’t want me to talk about them.

If you any exceptional talent or skills, have good communication, natural good looks and want to know the odds to connect with Hollywood, bollywood and any other film industry and various other media outlets or similar professions like agency, consultancy, event management, modelling, I can have a look how karma, energy levels are working for you, can we summon or invoke spirits help if odds are good.

Career in bollywood, hollywood and film industry: 

Many people also contact me, if they can build a career in bollywood, hollywood or popular film industry like film director, photography, cameraman, television, film or video producer, film and audio video editing, makeup assistant, runner, lighting technician, location manager, sound technician, program researcher, script writer, hair and makeup artists and similar jobs. These jobs can be freelancer based, part time or full time. The key is to get into the industry and build good rapport and good connections. Then new opportunities, may pop up, depending upon your luck and many other external factors. A career in film industry is considered a dream job and fancy job for many. I do get many astrology questions in this regard, during consultation. Most of the people are happy to get a specific side role in film, TV serials, documentary, short films and auditions. It helps them stand out.

Spirits can sense your vibes and energies and gives instant answers. Sometimes, it is a big no. It may also give suggestions and room for improvements if any. A consultation is mandatory to analyse all the odds. I may not deal with certain people though, who may not align with our beliefs though. But most of the people are happy to give a try, irrespective of the outcome. This astrology consultation is for them. Most of them are already working in service based industry, like IT, BPO, banking, finance, construction, oil and gas, retail shops, air hostess, CEO’s, managers, directors, even big businessman, industralists, parents who want their children to get into film industry, also contact me for the same. A lot has to do with luck, karma and energy levels. But 99% of people lack that alignment in horoscope and astrology chart. But spirits help are an exception.

Note: Some people have strong astrological factors or yogas for bollywood, hollywood and film industry, but doesn’t get into the industry. It is free will. But 99% of them, need some kind of astrological help to improve the energy levels and odds.  For some people, it is just outside the league. But it is worth giving a try, if odds are good. Otherwise, no.

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