Prostitution and sex workers astrological factors. Sexual wellness and more

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Prostitution and sex workers astrological factors:

A lot of my subscribers are asking me, astrological factors for prostitution and sex workers. A lot of my subscribers and readers are models, artists and event organisers, have a mini studio or home studio. Some are even celebrities and film stars, actors and actress, news readers or anchors, which I don’t want to discuss much. They found my website on various online sources or my referrals or past loyal subscribers, who spread the word about my astrology website.

They say “Prostitution is world’s oldest profession. Some people get involved and become a prostitute or sex worker due to circumstances, poverty or their own peers initiated them to take this step. So what about escorts? I mean lot of escorts and agencies, pimps about there? Nowadays it is a mix on online and offline networks. Escorts are there for money, splurge and lavish style. Female escorts and prostitutes, may work under brothels, pimps or johns and there are some who operate even independently. They have their own client base, referral sources or past customers who are recurring customers. For these people high in sexual hormones, prostitution and sex workers job is like a glamour industry. They are also called as high class female escorts, mistress of someone in certain countries.

A lot of people connected with adult industry, porn stars, escorts, dancers, webcam models, masseurs do contact me for astrology and also to connect with spirits through simple exercises and meditation. My spirits can instantly sense their energies, what kind of person they are and many other quick questions, I want to know about them like character, attitude, caliber, aura and energy levels. No shy! Read about us page to know more.


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Sex workers, mistress, bar or pole dancers:

So what are the astrological factors for sex workers, mistress, bar or pole dancers? Mars and venus, moon position in certain degrees and mutual aspects clearly shows their sexual or sex hormones level, whether they are natural nudist or exhibitionist or someone who is always looking for dating and flirting opportunities. The soliciting behavior and tendency can be instantly seen in horary chart and astrology natal or birth chart.

Note: Having the signs of prostitute or sex worker, doesn’t mean that he or she is promiscuous or flirting. These people are naturally highly sexed and easily fall for others charms, if it captures their imagination and fancy. For some people looks and physical attraction are very important, some are after money and material pursuits, some just need someone loving and caring and a pat on their shoulder. People are different.

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Pimps, Johns, Brothels, escort agency astrology factors:

We can determine this using natal chart and horary chart gives a clear picture about involvement of pimps, johns, brothels, escort agencies. The placement of moon and venus shows the involvement of these external help or agencies.

These people play a huge role in marketing and promotion purposes. They get 20% or more in commissions from this high class escorts and prostitutes. Pimps and johns also turn into internet to solicit clients or customers. I was very reluctant to write a blog post about this particular topic, but my subscribers and loyal readers are asking me to write about adult industry and their astrological factors. I get requests on almost daily basis.


Mistress and live in relationships: 

Many people during astrology consultation ask me about the astrology factors for mistress and live in relationships. Mistress can be easily seen by the placement of moon, mars and venus in certain degrees and houses. 5th house is the house of pleasures, secret entertainment , mistress, fling, dating, courtship, get laid, one night stands and more as per astrology. There may be different schools of thought about this.  Mistress is rich man’s cup of tea. Not all can afford or maintain them. Even women are highly sexed nowadays, I mean high class and they also seek escorts, massage, live in boyfriend and relationships. 

Many of my astrology subscribers are women who are lesbians and their sexual inclination is lesbian. Don’t know why they are not much attracted to men? Sexual preferences of a person can be straight, bisexual, gay or lesbian.  Live in relationships can be easily determined using mystic horary astrology charts and instantly answered using spirits help. In todays age, live in relationships are common, based on the kind of cases I get. People hide nothing from me.

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Sexual wellness, impotence, libido and lack of appetite:

Astrology can also determine factors for sexual wellness, whether balance or imbalance in hormones, impotence can be overcomed or fixed naturally or need medical help, overcome libido issues an lack of appetite.  Masturbation can be seen by mars and venus, which makes you highly sexed or high in harmones and you need to release that sexual energy in some form, be it masturbation or a physical affair. Masturbation is the way to get relieved instantly for such people. Moon’ degree and mutual aspects with mars, venus  gives emotional, erotic and sexual thoughts to people.

Most of my subscribers also agree that sexual wellness is important for happiness and well being. That means they have healthy sex life. Impotence, libido and lack of sexual appetite share the same astrological combinations.

Sperm count, how many children you will have?, miscarriage, abortion, premature death of a child and even any precautions, warnings can be seen using mystic charts.  I can write a whole book about this topic, but this blog posts will give an insight. If you have any issues about sexual wellness, impotence, libido, lack of sexual appetite, I can determine the odds instantly using mystic horary charts, whether natural remedies and even seeking medical help can overcome it or not.

Porn addiction, webcam models astrology factors: 

A lot of my subscribers are asking me for the same, so I am writing about it. What are the astrological factors for porn addiction, webcam models.  Porn addition can be easily seen through the placement of mars and moon in horoscope, either by conjunction in certain degrees and mutual aspects. However, free will can overcome such a tendency. Nowadays due to internet, anyone with good internet, laptop and mobile can access any adult content. Nothing much can be done about it. Of course, there are astrological remedies to overcome it. Whether the person can overcome or not,can also be seen.

Webcam models: These are modern day seductress. The astrological factors common in such people are mars, moon and venus in certain degrees. They are natural nudist and exhibitionist. Perhaps they enjoy exposing their body to others and gives them incredible pleasure. Some may be in various sexy outfits, sex toys, decorated room with good lights and internet connection speed. Majority of them work for agency or online portal and there are some who work independantly. Some are into this webcam industry due to circumstances, poverty. But most of them are for money, entertainment and extra cash. Few models have approached me for astrology consultation and I could see a pattern in most of them. However, free will is very powerful. It is upto them, whether to work in this industry or not.

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