Astrology factors for adult industry, porn stars, escorts, models, masseurs and more

Astrology factors for adult industry, porn stars, escorts, models, prostitutes, masseurs and more.


 Astrology for porn stars, escorts, adult industry, prostitutes, masseurs and more

A lot of my astrology subscribers are asking about this topic for a long time.  What are the astrological factors and combinations that makes a person horny, highly sexed, high on sex hormones and always looking for dating, courtship and adventures? I was answering such questions on astrology consultation or during readings on voice calls. But I decided to provide some insights on this blog post.

A lot of people connected with adult industry, artists, aspiring models do contact me for astrology and also to connect with spirits. My spirits can instantly sense their energies, what kind of person they are and many other quick questions, I want to know about them like character, attitude, caliber, aura and energy levels. No shy! Read about us page to know more about this website.

The world has changed a lot. Due to internet, lot of people post their selfies, nude and semi nude pictures, their vacations, their sexy outfits and clothing. These people always want to attract people of opposite gender and they just cannot control the play of hormones. Some even create a video of their private and intimate moments, and these people are in their own world, in deep fantasy, exploring sexuality. These exhibitionists always want to connect with likeminded people of similar modern views and live adventurous life.

What are the astrological factors and combinations that makes a person very sensuous, erotic and bold? 

These are interesting and hidden aspects of astrology. I can write a whole book about this, based on my experience interacting with astrology subscribers across globe. Maybe due to globalisation, internet and western culture is picking up very fast across asia.

People from all walks of life, contact me for astrology readings, learn mystic exercises to connect with spirits. Infact they are highly sexed by nature and want to know about the astrological combinations for porn stars, escorts, adult industry, prostitutes. Mars and Venus clearly shows such tendencies and emotions very strongly. Mars and Venus can also shows libido, orgasms, impotence and how horny you are using astrology in the astrological chart.

hat are the astrological factors for male escorts, female escorts, hooker, sluts, stripper, country club dancers, pole dancers, gigolos share almost similar astrological factors in sexual astrology.

Mars represents fiery energy and also creates lust and passion in certain houses and asterisms. Venus creates new opportunities for dating, courtship, love, new signals trying to connect with you, which may turn cozy, if you try to align with them. Universe is all about energies and frequencies. It’s about whether you tap it or not. Otherwise, you are leaving lot of dating, courtship opportunities on the table. which can otherwise leveraged to great friendships and companion.

tantra 11

I wonder what state of mind, their mood and psychology of these natural exhibitionists. There are lot of tell tale signs in astrology. Some people are just highly sexed and horny and they just get turned on by just a touch or handshake from opposite gender. It is a play of hormones. In my observation mars and venus makes them looking for fling, dating and courtship and moon aspects makes them shameless or bold in this regard.

Instagram and social media is full of such people. people can be seen in sexy outfits, birthday suits,vacations, adventure sports. It is just a manifestation of energies in some
form. These people don’t care what their friends or relatives, social circles think about them. They are just horny and can’t control their emotions and sexual energies. These people love to expose their bodies, assets, skin, lingerie, their private and intimate love making moments, leaving nothing to imagination.

escorts prostitutes astrology
Astrology factors  female escorts, hooker, sluts, stripper, country club dancers, pole dancers, gigolos

Astrology to improve libido, impotence, sexual wellness and attract more people of opposite gender and polarise chakras and aura. (secret simple exercises)

They are just in another world. They forget their surroundings.
Due to internet, globalisation and deep impact of western culture things are changing very fast. This is astrology for birds and bees. In animal kingdom, animals look for courtship.  As per astrology, these people are highly sexed and always looking for attention from opposite gender and even proposals. In some cases, they may also attract wrong kind of people, who are only after physical fun. It is upto them, where to draw the line or not.

Also, my subscribers or readers, also want to know,  what are the astrological factors for male escorts, female escorts, hooker, sluts, stripper, country club dancers, pole dancers, gigolos share almost similar astrological factors in sexual astrology. Sexuality is hidden part of astrology. Tantra has many forms and it is a combination or balance of male and feminine energies. Some people have also done auditions, acted in bgrade, blue films and documentaries in their beginning of film career.

Using astrology, we can also determine the exact mood and psychology of a person, lust, obsession, infatuation, strong love and crush towards someone. What he/she is thinking about you? where this relationship will lead to? I can give you instant answers. No shy!



Hookers and escorts, all share a common pattern or combinations in astrology. Including masseurs is considered an art or skill, as per astrology chart. They can remove your stress, relieve tension and some even have healing touch, which is sensuous and erotic. Succubus and incubus deals with sexual astrology.
In my astrology practise, I have seen many people be it men or women, who are highly sexed and that energy has to be dissolved or diluted in some form, I mean a physical meetup, will balance such energies. They also get turned on, by just a slight touch or sensation.
porn stars prostitutes astrology

Online dating and online matrimony sites are very popular nowadays.You just need to upload a profile with good photos and basic description about you and certain preferences. It will instantly match likeminded people of similar preferences. Either you can send a message, nudge or wait for other person to respond, have a chat and move to next level.

As per astrology, when it comes to dating, attracting a person is all about your chakra, aura and energy levels. Your heart and relationship chakras should be opened and should not closed. There are certain mystic and simple exercises to polarise these chakras and I can help you if appropriate. Many people have difficulty in attracting a soulmate, love in their life. In those cases, spirits help can work wonders or work like magic.

High sexual energies also turn people into exhibitionist, selfie stars or pop stars as per astrology. The internet is full of such people. They satisfy themselves using masturbation, fling and shady internet hangouts for birds and bees. We can instantly tell, when a person is going to get laid, one night stand, by just a glance at mystic chart or by just asking the spirits. Spirits have crystal ball and radar like vision.
In this age, office romance and flings are very common. Interaction between 2 genders is inevitable in many sectors and most of the time, people spend more time at the workplace, than at home.
Porn stars have natural charm, high mars and venusian energies or by aspect or conjunction. It is their free will to get into the industry or not as per astrology. Having such adult industry alignment or astrological factors, doesn’t mean you can be a porn star or an escort or mistress to someone. There are many tell tale signs to look for. In some countries, porn stars have acted in various auditions, bgrade, blue films and other character supporting roles, before getting into film industry.
 hookers, exhibitionist, porn stars astrology
Astrology factors for hookers, exhibitionist, masseurs, prostitutes.
Models are natural exhibitionists. A lot of models, escorts, masseurs, people connected with adult industry have approached me for astrology consultation and readings. I know their astrological combinations and astrology factors for their dark side and line of work. I can instantly tell their psychology, what state of mind they are,their chakras, aura, energy levels, how sexed they are, as soon as they approach me for reading. It is similar to mind reading and my mystic charts can give a clear picture.

Models are of different types. A lot of models approach me for astrology readings.
Models can be potrait model for magazines, designer clothing, beauty and cosmetics products, promoting brands and services, nude and art models.

Astrological factors for modelling, alignment shows very clear on the chart. It’s their free will to be in modelling industry or not. Mars, venus, moon are the main planets for modelling, in certain conjunction, planets and houses. Modelling is also controlling or releasing sexual energies in some form. They just want to enjoy their sexual freedom and my astrology charts says it very clearly lol.

Dancing is another form of balancing sexual energies for horny people. I have seen many  dancers in my astrology pool, who are always looking for dating and courtship. Dancing  also brings them interesting people, new connections and opportunities and even proposals. It all depends upon your chakras and energy levels. I have seen many of many astrology subscribers, who have built career through dancing. Dancing can be traditional, classic, western, hip hop and many other forms.

Yoga is connected with astrology. A lot of my subscribers, who practise yoga have experienced their heart, relationship and sexual chakras got activated and a sudden flow of new proposals, fling, dating in their way. Yoga stretches the entire body and also helps during child birth, coitus, and even cure impotence, libido issues, sexual wellness along with combination of diet and meditation.

lesbian astrology factors

Lesbian astrology factors : 

What are the astrological factors that makes a girl or women lesbian? Women can either be straight or lesbian right? There are lot of subscribers in my astrology subscribers pool, who are lesbians or inclined to lesbianism. They are attracted to other women, their bodies and sudden urge and cravings to associate with them or their constant presence to discuss things can be seen. These lesbian women, live like a couple. Mars and moon in certain degrees and aspects creates lesbian feelings for each other. Some women share their experiences with me, that they can’t live without her and need their constant physical presence.

gay astrology factors

Gays astrology factors:

What are the astrological factors that makes a man gay or no interest towards opposite sex or gender? I have seen some people contacting me for astrology consultation, and I could feel strong vibes using my mystic charts, that they are attracted to same gender or gay inclination. Some are attracted to women though or a counselling is required to fix things to change their sexual preferences or orientation. Venus and rahu in certain degrees or houses or by aspects causes gay inclination as per astrology. I can instantly determine sexual preferences of any person instantly using spirits help.

Spirits can instantly connect with any person, objects, places and give me  the answers. However their presence should not be misused or abused. We always request or invoke them to get answers. 

Prostitution astrology factors              Prostitutes astrology factors

Prostitution and factors for prostitutes in astrology: 

They say prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. There are many of the subscribers, who are directly or indirectly connected with adult industry. I can instantly make out, if they are a prostitute, hookers, strippers, female escorts, masseur, sex worker,  works in massage parlour or some mistress. Spirits gives us instant answers, as if they are whispering something. Some openly tell me their line of work, some hide it out. It also depends upon the country they live, or how open minded are they in such matters. In this age of internet, prostitution has elevated to a whole new level. Social media platforms are used for solicting purposes, sometimes discreet.

Venus, mars, moon and saturn gives clues about exhbitionism and prostitution factors. These people are also natural exhibitionists.

pornography astrology factors

Pornography, porn stars actors or actress: 

There is a clear pattern in astrology, that makes people involved in pornography industry. It is their free will. Having a yoga doesn’t mean that, you should be involved in such industry. People come with different belief systems. Some are after money, material pursuits and opportunities the industry can provide. Even webcam models come under this category. Many people approach me for astrology consultation or readings connected with adult industry though. They want to know about their prospects and future. Sometimes, their nature or behavior doesn’t sync with me, and I will politely ask them to consult another astrologer. But some are into the industry, due to circumstances or for money.

The people are high in harmones and some love exposing and they are into porn industry for a purpose. There are many tell tale signs and astrologically moon, mars will make them highly sexed and mercury causes solicting nature.

lgbt transgender astrology factors

LGBT and transgender is another topic in astrology. Of course, few of them come to me for astrology consultation or readings here and there. Sexual preferences can be either straight or bi sexual or  inclnation towards both. They share the same astrology factors similar to gay and lesbians and also bit high in harmones. I can write a whole book about all the above mentioned topics. But this gives an insight to astrology factors. For information purposes only.

Note: Please read FAQ + Readings + About us page for astrology consultation or readings. 

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