Hidden friend and mentor – Prabhav – hypnotic vibes


Attract people and opportunities using style and class (spirits vision)

Profession and lifestyle changes:

Using spirits vision, I have helped many women on how to attract people, opportunities, job, promotion, respect, recognition, hike in salary, more money, sales, attract investors, partners, new clients, new business and opportunities.

I am not asking you to date, flirt or get cozy with others. But the opportunities, the spirits can bring in your life and profession. 

My spirits know you, like an open book. 

With spirits vision, I have personally  trained them,

  1. How to smile properly ? (practise, practise) – make other people feel good and sends lot of positive vibes and they will always crave to hangout with you, which opens door to new opportunities and friendships.


2. How to give a proper handshake? – A person can judge you with just a handshake, it speaks a lot about your character and psychology. You are accidentally sending signals. The right grip, greeting, smile and eye contact – everything is important.

3. The right fabric and clothing for both men and women, which attracts people, opportunities, new clients, lot of compliments, sales, respect and authority.  (spirits know this. he he)

Western wear for both men and women.  I have personally seen, my loyal followers got new opportunities, salary hike, promotions, attract new friends and relationships and proposals.

For men how to wear suit and tie? How to maintain right eye contact? Dining etiquette and table manners, grooming, dress code.

For women, I have given suggestions for grooming, changes in clothing and fabric, avoid certain objects which drains your energy.

Note: If you are dark skinned or acne, not confident about face, body structure, beauty or looks whatever don’t worry. Spirits can give irrestible charm, a glow to your face. (including face and full body skin whitening secrets in days – top secret). Just send me your photo. (face and head to toe photo)


4. Secret meditation and exercises, which can give you lot of intuition, what others are thinking about you, irresistible charm, glow on face and body. (You will just be more attractive and even high sex appeal in eyes of others)

5. How to attract opportunities, even during flight travel and train travel?  You meet lot of classy people. Hypnosis energies at work!

6. Helped many people build photo portfolio – (head shot and full body photo) and shooting video portfolio with different dress and combinations.

This photos and videos helped them, to attract new jobs, opportunities, dating, proposals and soulmate. (very important)

7. Personal hygiene is very important and your hairstyle, beard and fixed personality is very important. You are accidentally sending dangerous signals, I don’t want to mention. If you are working in MNC or corporate companies, everyday is like an interview. Many eyes are watching you!

Perfumes which are known to attract both men and women. ( I got 1000+ feedback from my loyal followers). People go very crazy over this. Smell is very important.

8. I have also given such instructions for sales people, managers, small companies and they have seen, they are attracting lot of people in their way.

9. I have also taught public speaking, modern and international etiquette, media communication. A lot of politicians and big celebrities, always take help of such professioanls. I have also provided English script for their speeches in conferences and events.

10. A lot of men/women or couples and even singles do approach me with sexual problems. In the past, I have seen spirits giving amazing answers for the same. It can answer most questions. No shy!  However, I suggest you contact doctor, which is much better.


Personal  message : I can help you connect with such friendly spirits, whose prabhav or vibes are very powerful, they attract many people in your way. Follow basic principles and house rules. If you annoy or irritate spirits unknowingly, they won’t help you for ever. Very simple rules, any determined person can follow. 

Respect mother nature, fellow human beings and animals. Spirits will show its magic. 

These loyal followers, spread the word about our website  in their companies, community, family members, friends, big conferences, events, seminars, parties and social circles, who align with our beliefs. They help us build our community. 

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