Attract amazing Friends = love, energy and happiness

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I can help you attract amazing friends using astrology. Friends are a source of energy, love and happiness. Yes, good one’s do exist, who care.

Don ‘t be aloof, alone or living with loneliness or boredom. I mean friends of opposite sex and gender, who cares for you, and share same views, beliefs.

Most of my astrology followers abroad, live with boredom and loneliness. You always need someone to take care of you, if sick, give emotional and moral support. I am not asking you to date, hangout near bars/nightclubs, pubs, DJ or get cozy.

But friends who can come to your aid, to speak for you, once a need arises. Yes, there are certain spirits which can help on this. Your heart, relationship and sexuality chakras need to be polarised, through simple exercises. If chakras blocked or closed, you will find difficult to find someone who sync with you.

A resourceful friend, who can travel with you, come along with you for function, events, parties.  It will also improve your health, emotional balance, relieve from stress, anxiety and uncertainities in life. Teach you new skills, personality development, give suggestions and makes you comfortable.

There are certain meditation and exercises to attract friends. Seek spirits help. Human brains operates on certain frequencies. There is always someone, thinking the same way, as you would. You just need to connect with them.

I have personally seen and heard amazing stories from my astrology followers, after they followed my instructions. Some even found a soulmate, and their career went to top, after marriage. Friends energies and lady luck energies are different. I can write a big book about it.

Let love, positivity and happiness enter your life.

Note: Such spirits, can even attract opposite sex or gender. You just need to be friendly and approachable and not scare them. Just smile or otherwise leave it, if not interested. But they are an asset and even go cozy, if let wild. It is upto you, where to draw the line, and respect others concern. 


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