Many fights for my loyal followers – a new dimension

I got into many fights for my loyal followers and I am proud about it.

When I learned astrology and tantra, it was originally for personal use to overcome problems of enemies and blackmagic. I just started a website on 2012 and was doing other profession..there was a sudden surge of traffic on July 2017, due to my loyal followers who spoke about my website on events,parties, conferences and social events of companies. Then I decided to go full time with astrology.
It was originally meant for fighting purpose for those who attack you, using black magic and tantra. To counter, we too need to learn the same. Think about some jealous, envious and nasty people who you meet on daily basis. If they are your relatives, colleagues or someone close to your home, the situation is tricky
. you just can’t fight with them physically. Tantra is the best way to deal with them. Just put a request to spirit and follow principles.

Their hands or legs will be broken in few days or a psychic warning. I have seen 1000+ cases for myself. I got into many fights for my loyal followers.. I have helped them to get rid of their enemy, the competition, teach enemies a lesson or low intensity attacks if appropriate.. I get lot of requests for tantra attacks and vashikaran/akarshan. I only deal if I find appropriate..

Enemies can happen for many reasons. I have seen 1000+ cases. These people don’t want you to grow or be happy. They resort to black magic to destroy anyone who comes in your way. Such people exists everywhere.
They have insulted and abused my loyal followers and even physical I ask my spirits, if justice is on their side. If yes, we support them. Otherwise no.. Karma matters! We should always be on the defensive side..

If you are in certain profession or business, using spirits help like vashikaran, akarshan and hypnosis, I have helped many to secure big deals, partners, investors, attract new clients and make big sales. There is hidden tantra for this. Why some people are making big sales and some cannot? They are secretly practising some kind of occult or big shamans (magicians) and spirits to help them. They won’t talk about it. He he

Now I have changed a lot of YouTube videos and added my photo as YouTube thumbnail for video. I attract lot of people, using YouTube videos alone. I have also removed lot of videos and creating studio quality videos like different background, animations in background, different lights and I can put nature like mountains, rivers, moving objects and planets in background. We are transparent with what we say..

Despite having lot of YouTube videos and lot of blog posts on my website, I get lot of jerks on daily basis. Both men and women. Average of 10 to 15 each. 70% men and 30% women.. This is how they behave.they just call at midnight or odd hours. They keep on calling 5 to 10 times after 1 hour, which affects my communication with my people and I end up blocking them for ever. Lack etiquette or manners. I always see omens and shakuna shastra before dealing with anyone.



Personal message : You are not alone.

I am always on  your side. If you sync with our beliefs and principles, there are lot of hidden spirits which can help you. We can have a talk!

Harsha A

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