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A lot of my loyal astrology followers contact me, with beauty and confidence issues. Most of them are working professionals, not confident about their skin tone like dark skin or complexion, looks. They lose self esteem and confidence, and have issues in dating, marriage, workplace.

“This world always play music to the tune of beauty, attraction, charms and good looks. Along with that, your courtesy and attitude towards others makes an impression, where people love to hangout with you. “

There are secret meditation and exercises for the same, if you are seriously interested. Not for kids! You have to follow basic principles and house rules, and soon there will be glow on your face, attraction, irrestible charm and even sex appeal. I have personally observed lot of cases of my followers.

Each and every person psychic energies are different. There is something called heart, relationship and sexuality chakras, if polarised will attract many people in your way. People who never looked at you, will be suddenly interested in you and know more, you will get more requests for dating if single or friendship requests from your daily commute to work, new connections, glances and flirty signals. Just be approachable, friendly and smile, which is very important.  More compliments, recognition, respect, even promotion and salary hike in workplace. Such things are controlled by spirits.

Don’t scare people. Remember you are attracting a new mentor, a new friend who share same views, even opposite gender will have strong inclination towards you. It is upto you, where to draw the line, or left cozy or wild.

To survive marriage, attraction plays a major role. Otherwise your spouse, may lose interest and may be interested in someone. If they get what they want in their home, they won’t venture outside. So charm is very important. Many marriages turn sour, due to lack of attraction factors.

Helped in marriage, dating, friendships, job, career: 

Both single men and women, who are dark skin or not confident about their beauty, looks, appearance contact me. As soon as they practice the exercises I teach them, to connect with spirits, I have seen many wonders. I could see a glow in their face in days (irrestible aura). There are also some exercises and tantra for full body whitening. Don’t worry about body fats. I also have few exercises for the same. You should follow diet and simple rules.

Many marriage proposals, dating requests, many opportunities and jobs than normal, more interviews, big connections and influencers want to know more about you.

Surprise rivals, jealous and nasty people : 

Everybody has enemies in one way or other. No matter, how good you are, they just spread gossip, rumors and don’t want to see others progress. The best way to make them mad, is when you are a factor of attraction, more friends and people who love to hangout with, and sudden surge in popularity. (Priceless)

You don’t need to be rich, drive a posh car, own a villa. There are many attraction triggers. Your asset is the relationships, you have with people. I mean not those nasty friends, who are just after parties and draining our energy. The good ones, you can rely when in distress, sick, for moral support, emotional balance.

I can write a big 100+ pages about this topic. It may even become adult and mature in nature. Such is the charisma of spirits. It just attracts lot of people in your way. You just need to catch those signals, if it comes close.

“Don’t you think, those less educated people than you, are able to attract more friends, promotion, salary hike, good rapport with boss, popular among opposite gender and even sex appeal?” It’s all about play of energies. The more people on your side, the more stronger you become.

Note: If you are some profession for some years, it works wonders. However, I personally review each and every case, before initiating mystic arts. I personally dont deal with students and those people, who just don’t sync with our beliefs. 


Respect mother nature, empathy for fellow human beings and animals, and mother nature takes note and showers positive vibes in your way.

Part 2: 

astrology sexual problems


Self esteem astrology

Personal message. My own blackmagic experience, djinn, genie. Magic and paranormal on daily basis. Listen to full video.

 I spoke about psychic issues, embarrassing issues, sexual issues, which spirits can answer using its vision. No shy! Our website main purpose is to discuss issues, which you cannot discuss with your friends, family members and closed ones. That is our strength.

This is the way, I have managed to attract lot of people worldwide. Just be friendly and appealing to them and they share all their life experiences and gets relieved or tensions lifted. 

Note: I personally have faced lot of issues with blackmagic, evil eye and many issues from other tantriks or black magicians. That attracted me to astrology and tantra. The powerful spirit looks after me, as long as I follow the principles and in their good books.

I have described my experience in this video. (less than 5 min) I have described my experience there. Also, enemy problems, who always does some black magic that causes sudden acne. It happens as soon as I decide to upload youtube videos. He must be tracking me, using crystal ball, remote viewing, scrying or some divination. He also knows remote hypnosis and hypnotism, using which he can take control of anyone. Only due to astrology and tantra, I am able to fight back. I have shared lot of paranormal experiences like djinn or genie posessing my computers, smartphone, lights. As soon as I invoke spirits, it moves away.  Please listen to the above video, to hear my experience and contact me, if you have similar experiences.


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