A big family – Powerful prabhav (vibes)


A big family – how I managed to inspire my loyal followers in 60+ countries using tantra and astrology. Using my spirits help, by analysing their skills and caliber, I helped many to get good jobs, a big promotion, salary hike, incredible friends and social circle.

Using spirits hidden powers like vashikaran and akarshan, I have helped many to find a soulmate, relationships, marriage, patch relationships. Using spirits prabhav or vibes help I have helped many to get big projects and contracts, make more beautiful, attractive, sex appeal.

This is me. Harsha A.

Spirits also have hidden powers of hypnosis and hypnotism. There is a special meditation for the same. Since my college days, I have helped many people with style, fashion, suits and accessories. I attracted big investors and new clients, customers for their services. Now, I know all the trends and western wear for men and women. My spirits tells me which clothing and accesories suits you the most and opens new opportunities. (On a budget). You can ask me such questions.

Using spirits vision and vibes, I have helped many to sell their real estate or property, cars and gadgets. It is tough to sell a house or real estate nowadays. I get lot of requests.

There are certain principles and house rules to follow.. Not for kids!
Now these people are in big companies, positions,,drawing more money only because of my spirits help. If you have the skills and caliber, spirits can do the magic.

If you are not confident about your beauty, looks, there is a tantra, which can give you irrestible charm and sex appeal, which attracts people in your way.

Using my style and youtube videos alone, I was able to attract big ceos. Businessman, industrialist, from 60+ countries. I have also taught both men and women, how spirits energies like vashikaran and akarshan, hypnosis are very important in their career for more money, promotions, recognition, authority and respect. Be favorite among bosses, attract friends, dating, flirting and what not where ever you go to new place. Even spirits have high sex appeal, which instantly draws many opportunities in your favour.

I also got involved in lot of fights for my loyal followers, using tantra. Never fear your enemy. There are certain astrological dates and rituals which can teach enemies a lesson. Not all requests I consider though. Justice should be on your side and many ethics involved. My spirits can instantly sense what kind of person you are. So, I have personally seen 5000+ cases in my career of how vashikaran, akarshan and hypnosis energies work.

We are like a big family. My loyal followers keep on bringing reliable people who sync with our beliefs. Do to my involvement in lot of fights for them, they always listen to what I say.. I am second in line in their company, just next to boss. He he.
What I mean to say is that, anything is possible through mystic arts and spirits. Based on volume of people I interact on daily basis and observing 3000+ cases. The energies of vashikaran and akarshan are incredible. I don’t deal with everyone though. We see the skills and caliber of person, our past relationships, loyalty and whether can sync with our beliefs. (Follow simple house rules and principles). Not for kids!


Part2:    Career and business using vashikaran and akarshan

Astrology and tantra for vashikaran akarshan

This spirit always amazes me. Lot of my customers have small business, entrepreneurs, professionals and even ceos, managers, big industrialists, politicians, key decision makers.

They are always looking for new clients, customers, sales, investors, opportunities, new connections, promotions, friendships. I have personally tested energies of vashikaran, akarshan and hypnosis and it works wonders.

The vashikaran and akarshan does wonders if you are looking for dating, love, soulmate, lot of compliments, flirting signals, attract big people, even soulmate in your way. Even high sex appeal and paranormal energies, it is irrestible. But I don’t deal with people who don’t sync with our beliefs. My loyal followers alone are very determined and serious..

Your clothing and accessories you wear, always have some kind of energy and vibes. My spirits can sense those energies which can bring you opportunities, job, promotions, authority, respect, dating, flirt, high sex appeal.

Are you not confident about your looks, beauty or lack confidence? My spirits can give you irresistible charm, which can help you in career, daily life and many hidden opportunities and more money.

Message: We have lot of loyal followers and determined people across globe, who are serious, matured and believe in learning new things, which can help them in career and life.

Harsha A


I have taught many men and women style, international manners and
dressing using spirits help. I can bring you lot of new opportunities, friendships and lot of  benefits in career. This world is always the play to the tune of attraction, hypnosis, irrestible charm.

This vashikaran and hypnosis, have helped them in mid career, senior management positions, where charm and attraction plays a big role. If not you, others are using it in a big way. I have taught many men and women the style, manners and how to dress in professional situations, which can bring them hidden opportunities. Attraction, hypnosis and irrestible charm works in background.. My spirits says me, what you should change. You just need to do special meditation and exercises. (Very easy any determined person can do..also follow principles and house rules)

I have also helped my followers attract new clients, big business, opportunities on flight travel and train travel. Yes you meet classy people. Opportunities! Spirits prabhav works in mysterious way. Now I know all kinds of style, suits, international etiquette for men and can even teach you same to attract opportunities.

For women, I know all the western wear, which stunned their boss, they got hike, promotion, recognition, respect only due to that. Don’t worry about competition. Just meditate on spirit and it will help you in mysterious ways in line of work

I attract lot of people, using my style, website and YouTube videos. I purposely made the videos to look average. (Experiment)
I can create studio quality videos (with animation + graphics) but I just kept simple. Using YouTube alone, I was able to attract lot of big people. Its all about confidence. Confidence only comes once you have style, skills and mentor. (It took Ne years of trial and error to figure this out)

It’s all about powers of vashikaran, akarshan and spirits help which is the deciding factor. If not you, someone else will be above you.
My spirits are very good at determining what style and clothing, accessories the most, which can bring you new job, opportunities, compliments, salary hike, new connections, meet influential people, recognition, respect, command authority, even dating and flirting opportunities if you looking someone. It’s prabhav or vibes are very powerful.

Do not worry about enemies. I have personally seen they get wiped out using tantra and magic. If they are atheists, not strong beliefs in god or average person, any spells can do damage on them. (Few ethics involved)

For highly religious enemy, there is a different approach. Those families who are into fueds, black magic and rivalry, I have lit of them as my followers. There is a tantra to deal with them. How to deal with jealous people, nasty, envious people, conspiracy there is a tantra. He he. I can share 1000+ stories about my clients experiences about vashikaran, akarshan and mystic arts. This blog post is not enough..

Personal Message: If you are already in some profession or have some skills let me know. Let me see how spirits can help you. Even you should be able to make few changes on style, manners if you are serious to attract opportunities in your way. 

Harsha A

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