Beauty, attraction and charm hidden tantra



A lot of my loyal astrology followers contact me, with beauty and confidence issues. Most of them are working professionals, not confident about their skin tone like dark skin or complexion, looks. They lose self esteem and confidence, and have issues in dating, marriage, workplace.

“This world always play music to the tune of beauty, attraction, charms and good looks. Along with that, your courtesy and attitude towards others makes an impression, where people love to hangout with you. “

There are secret meditation and exercises for the same, if you are seriously interested. Not for kids! You have to follow basic principles and house rules, and soon there will be glow on your face, attraction, irrestible charm and even sex appeal. I have personally observed lot of cases of my followers.

Each and every person psychic energies are different. There is something called heart, relationship and sexuality chakras, if polarised will attract many people in your way. People who never looked at you, will be suddenly interested in you and know more, you will get more requests for dating if single or friendship requests from your daily commute to work, new connections, glances and flirty signals. Just be approachable, friendly and smile, which is very important.  More compliments, recognition, respect, even promotion and salary hike in workplace. Such things are controlled by spirits.

Don’t scare people. Remember you are attracting a new mentor, a new friend who share same views, even opposite gender will have strong inclination towards you. It is upto you, where to draw the line, or left cozy or wild.

To survive marriage, attraction plays a major role. Otherwise your spouse, may lose interest and may be interested in someone. If they get what they want in their home, they won’t venture outside. So charm is very important. Many marriages turn sour, due to lack of attraction factors.

Helped in marriage, dating, friendships, job, career: 

Both single men and women, who are dark skin or not confident about their beauty, looks, appearance contact me. As soon as they practice the exercises I teach them, to connect with spirits, I have seen many wonders. I could see a glow in their face in days (irrestible aura). There are also some exercises and tantra for full body whitening. Don’t worry about body fats. I also have few exercises for the same. You should follow diet and simple rules.

Many marriage proposals, dating requests, many opportunities and jobs than normal, more interviews, big connections and influencers want to know more about you.

Surprise rivals, jealous and nasty people : 

Everybody has enemies in one way or other. No matter, how good you are, they just spread gossip, rumors and don’t want to see others progress. The best way to make them mad, is when you are a factor of attraction, more friends and people who love to hangout with, and sudden surge in popularity. (Priceless)

You don’t need to be rich, drive a posh car, own a villa. There are many attraction triggers. Your asset is the relationships, you have with people. I mean not those nasty friends, who are just after parties and draining our energy. The good ones, you can rely when in distress, sick, for moral support, emotional balance.

I can write a big 100+ pages about this topic. It may even become adult and mature in nature. Such is the charisma of spirits. It just attracts lot of people in your way. You just need to catch those signals, if it comes close.

“Don’t you think, those less educated people than you, are able to attract more friends, promotion, salary hike, good rapport with boss, popular among opposite gender and even sex appeal?” It’s all about play of energies. The more people on your side, the more stronger you become.

Note: If you are some profession for some years, it works wonders. However, I personally review each and every case, before initiating mystic arts. I personally dont deal with students and those people, who just don’t sync with our beliefs. 


Respect mother nature, empathy for fellow human beings and animals, and mother nature takes note and showers positive vibes in your way.

Part 2: 

astrology sexual problems


Self esteem astrology

Personal message. My own blackmagic experience, djinn, genie. Magic and paranormal on daily basis. Listen to full video.

 I spoke about psychic issues, embarrassing issues, sexual issues, which spirits can answer using its vision. No shy! Our website main purpose is to discuss issues, which you cannot discuss with your friends, family members and closed ones. That is our strength.

This is the way, I have managed to attract lot of people worldwide. Just be friendly and appealing to them and they share all their life experiences and gets relieved or tensions lifted. 

Note: I personally have faced lot of issues with blackmagic, evil eye and many issues from other tantriks or black magicians. That attracted me to astrology and tantra. The powerful spirit looks after me, as long as I follow the principles and in their good books.

I have described my experience in this video. (less than 5 min) I have described my experience there. Also, enemy problems, who always does some black magic that causes sudden acne. It happens as soon as I decide to upload youtube videos. He must be tracking me, using crystal ball, remote viewing, scrying or some divination. He also knows remote hypnosis and hypnotism, using which he can take control of anyone. Only due to astrology and tantra, I am able to fight back. I have shared lot of paranormal experiences like djinn or genie posessing my computers, smartphone, lights. As soon as I invoke spirits, it moves away.  Please listen to the above video, to hear my experience and contact me, if you have similar experiences.


Ghosts and evil spirits possessing smartphones, laptops, devices, gadgets, cars, bikes and more


ghost posession astrology


I have even made a 5 min video about ghosts and evil spirits possessing laptops, smartphones, electronic devices and gadgets. 

real proof of spirits


Real proof of ghosts and evil spirits. My astrology followers have experienced it. Electronic gadgets, laptop, smartphones are easily possessed by evil spirits. Automatic typing, mouse moving all on its own, smartphone and laptop crashes, keyword disabled. Electronic gadgets get tripped for no reason, damage, catching fire are all work of devil.

Take a note of computers, laptops, desktops, iphones, android, dslr cameras, batteries, invertor, bulbs in your house and frequent electric trips.

Mischievous evil spirits and ghosts show their power and influence in various ways. Even devices can catch fire, smoke, software corrupted, touch screen devices like smartphone are easily controlled by evil spirits.

What i mean to say is that, different kinds of spirits are hidden in nature. They make their presence known in many ways. Some are very good and some evil and mischevious. Djinn, jinn, genie, spiritworld, guardians, angels, people call them in different ways. Some do possess powerful magical abilities.

Many of my astrology followers their laptops and smartphones like android, iphones and high end phones, dslr cameras, camcorders,invertors, printers,touch screen display anonymous touches and movements, mouse or cursor moving all on its own and many paranormal incidents reported. I hear them on daily basis, in my career as astrologer. Evil spirits or mischevious spirits or ghosts and devil also does such possessions. Including car breakdown, invertor blast, bulb and lights flickering, constant electric devices damage, short circuit, slips, trips and falls. Objects and books falling or displaced or missing.

Someone switching the lights on, ringing calling bell and you to the door, there is no one. Such things are play of spirits. Dogs and cats making weird noises, because they can see such spirits and paranormal realm. Even blackmagic, evil eye, sorcery or witchcraft are connected with it. If you have unwanted and recurring devices connected with computers, smartphones, laptops, always something going wrong, it is likely to be possessed by spirits, because electronic devices behave strangely to such frequencies. ghost touches and anonymous touchscreen touches for tablets, laptops, macbook and many touch screen gadgets. Sending random sms and anonymous calls, even taking pictures through camera, my astrology followers have experienced all this.
Listen to the video to know more.

For mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, powerbanks, gadgets: (evil spirits)

Mobile phones or smartphones like android and iphones or any popular os, behave strangely in the presence of spirits and
ghosts. Anonymous touch screen touches on touch screen phones and tablets, mobile sending sms all on its own and even skype/whatsapp like a random sentence, frequent restart or shutdown after few minutes at certain times of day, phone hangs, losing internet connection while everything looks fine, suddenly smartphones heats up, smokes and even catches fire. Many of my astrology followers have experienced this, throughout the globe. Invertor making wierd noise and frequent beeps, someone pulling your hands or legs or body or tap on shoulder or some mysterious presence.

Powerbanks behave strange in the presence of evil spirits and ghosts. They may even emit smoke and catch small fire at night, while sleeping. Even coolers and AC or air conditioners catching fire are reported by few of my astrology followers. These
are random experiences, reported by lot of my astrology clients worldwide.

For vehicles, cars and bikes: (evil spirits)
Many paranormal experiences reported by my astrology followers while driving. Many felt some mysterious presence around them. Car breakdown and electronic panel going wrong, automatic locking (very scary), someone whispering, sudden flash of light and gaze to eyes for few seconds and you can’t figure out, what it is. This is how some accidents happen, particularly near hair pin bends, cross roads. Late at night after 10 to 2, devil energies will be at peak. This is the
time, when road accidents, hit and run, road rage incidents, assaults, murder, robbery and all anti social elements, drug addicts will be most active.

Bikes engine may seize or get locked, due to evil spirits presence, any component like lights, fuse, battery may go wrong, emitting smoke and even fire. Lot of cases reported by my astrology followers, with no scientific reason. Brakes, gears may get locked, tyre punctured and many things I don’t wan’t to mention.

Many cases of extortion and pick pocketing, theft of valuables and money on travel, happen during this time. Avoid shady places like bars, nighclubs, pubs and lonely areas. If possible avoid travel or self driving around 10 pm to 2 am. Depending upon your astrology natal chart and horoscope, many have experienced serious assaults, theft attempt, extortion, robbery and many things I don’t want to mention. Females in particular should be bit careful.

Bike riders have experienced sudden mist or fog on helmet, thus hindering visibility for few seconds or minutes. In cars, wipers can make things clear. Someone whisper or shouting, pushing, losing traction on ground or wheels, tyre puncture or gears locked like experiences or brake failure. Some of these experiences are common, but some are random experiences. Let alone rash driving of others and accidents, road rage incidents, theft, extortion and some one hits your vehicle.

For computers/laptops: (evil spirits)
For computers/laptops or desktops, suddenly someone typing random letters, either certain alphabets or numbers, interrupting typing, browser always refreshing or crashing or internet timed out for no reason. DSLR cameras and point to shoot cameras, taking automatic photos at late nights, particularly if someone is dead in the locality. Some hidden messages, warning or occult.

Note: If a computer or smartphones like android and iphones crashes frequently, frequent repairs, making automatic calls, sending sms, sending images, such frequencies can be controlled by spirits. There are different ways to deal this spirit. Contact me for consultation and we can have  a talk. 

Household appliances, possessed by evil spirits, jinn, genie: 

A lot of my astrology followers share their experiences, how their certain household appliances possessed by evil spirits like air cooler catching fire, wires burnt, main switch burnt, always electrical connection in home trips for 3 phase line, and you need to manually turn the phase on. Invertor giving weird beeps, vibrations and worst cases, even catching fire, which is scary and smoke emitting out. Lights, tube lights and bulbs always flickering, damaged and burnt and you need to replace them frequently. Such is the nature of evil spirits, djinn, genie or some mischievous spirits. Washing machine producing vibrations and weird sounds on ghosts presence, when turned own and wires and digital boards go faulty.

Your house electrical fuse, always gets burnt, trips and you need to replace them for no scientific reason, electric microwave ovens, electric cookers, switch boards may lose electric connection due to ghosts and evil spirits presence.  Sometimes electric wiring or wires get burnt due to sudden overheating and even catches fire, caused by mischievous spirits. I always ask many people not to play with ouija boards, mystic boards and any divination methods, if they are not sure what they are doing. I have even prepared a youtube video about “dangers and warnings of using ouija boards”.

Fridges may behave strange in presence of ghosts and evil spirits. You may discover unexpected water leaks below fridge and worse may even trips and falls, injuring yourself. Many cases reported. Be careful about wet floors, caused by evil spirits, you may trip and fall and injure yourself.

Water heater wires will heat up, damaging electrical wiring, not easy to figure out, where wires have burnt or short out. Such is the nature of mischevious and evil spirits.

Calling bell, may keep on ringing at random times of day. You will go to see, who is at the door, but find no one. Surprisingly even your dogs and cats may not make noise. Such is the nature of evil spirits.

House, building apartment or structure, equipments: 

Some ghosts, evil spirits, mischievous and paranormal entities, can cause damage to objects and things in your house like building structure, objects keep on falling or disappearing, lights witch on/off without switches, wires burnt and main house fuse burnt out frequently. Beware of such patterns, some spirits want to communicate with you or someone has done black magic on you.

Your shoes or flip flops, outdoor equipments may suddenly disappear. Particularly shoes scratched and damaged by paranormal entities, other entities may even eat wires of vehicle, which is scary. You may experience series of paranormal incidents, if there are ghosts or evil spirits nearby or someone has done blackmagic on you. Better consult an astrologer in that case. I also give consultations in this regard.

Black magicians and shamans:
Black magic, witchcraft and sorcery will be at peak on no moon and dark moon days, eclipse days like solar eclipse and lunar eclipse and certain astrological days. Avoiding important decisions and avoid travel is important to overcome
any untoward incidents. Black magicians and shamans control people. They can control anyone, anytime, cause dangerous rifts, wars, turn things upside down. 10+ years of observation and my astrology followers have described their horror experiences. You too can share any paranormal experiences with me. I understand. As long as there is greed for money, jealousy, envy, competation, rivalry, abuse, insults in this world, there will be forces of black magic or people attracted to its path. I have personally seen many cases in my career. Energy of evil spirits and ghosts or devil we be at peak at dark moon or no moon days. Even black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, tantra badha or psychic attacks, spellcasting will be at peak on such astrological days.

I have written a detailed post about solar eclipse and lunar eclipse in this blog.

Never annoy someone or step into their toes who is into dark arts or practises black magic, sorcey or witchcraft. That is the easiest way. There are tribes, families or groups who constantly into wars with other factions who practises blackmagic and occult. I have written many blog posts about such topics.

But what about evil eye cast by people knowingly or unintentionally, due to jealous and envy about your job, money, looks, possessions, your lifestyle, your freedom, vacations and personality. Such people exist everywhere. Beliefs in evil eye, black magic and superstitions exist everywhere, and some are very specific to particular region or customs. I have personally seen many cases in my astrology career.

Astrology can help you to overcome them and determine who they are, give clues, their intentions and  sense their energies, what they are upto, mind reading and can answer many questions in this regard.


Attract amazing Friends = love, energy and happiness

bear + dog cats

I can help you attract amazing friends using astrology. Friends are a source of energy, love and happiness. Yes, good one’s do exist, who care.

Don ‘t be aloof, alone or living with loneliness or boredom. I mean friends of opposite sex and gender, who cares for you, and share same views, beliefs.

Most of my astrology followers abroad, live with boredom and loneliness. You always need someone to take care of you, if sick, give emotional and moral support. I am not asking you to date, hangout near bars/nightclubs, pubs, DJ or get cozy.

But friends who can come to your aid, to speak for you, once a need arises. Yes, there are certain spirits which can help on this. Your heart, relationship and sexuality chakras need to be polarised, through simple exercises. If chakras blocked or closed, you will find difficult to find someone who sync with you.

A resourceful friend, who can travel with you, come along with you for function, events, parties.  It will also improve your health, emotional balance, relieve from stress, anxiety and uncertainities in life. Teach you new skills, personality development, give suggestions and makes you comfortable.

There are certain meditation and exercises to attract friends. Seek spirits help. Human brains operates on certain frequencies. There is always someone, thinking the same way, as you would. You just need to connect with them.

I have personally seen and heard amazing stories from my astrology followers, after they followed my instructions. Some even found a soulmate, and their career went to top, after marriage. Friends energies and lady luck energies are different. I can write a big book about it.

Let love, positivity and happiness enter your life.

Note: Such spirits, can even attract opposite sex or gender. You just need to be friendly and approachable and not scare them. Just smile or otherwise leave it, if not interested. But they are an asset and even go cozy, if let wild. It is upto you, where to draw the line, and respect others concern. 


Hidden friend and mentor – Prabhav – hypnotic vibes


Attract people and opportunities using style and class (spirits vision)

Profession and lifestyle changes:

Using spirits vision, I have helped many women on how to attract people, opportunities, job, promotion, respect, recognition, hike in salary, more money, sales, attract investors, partners, new clients, new business and opportunities.

I am not asking you to date, flirt or get cozy with others. But the opportunities, the spirits can bring in your life and profession. 

My spirits know you, like an open book. 

With spirits vision, I have personally  trained them,

  1. How to smile properly ? (practise, practise) – make other people feel good and sends lot of positive vibes and they will always crave to hangout with you, which opens door to new opportunities and friendships.


2. How to give a proper handshake? – A person can judge you with just a handshake, it speaks a lot about your character and psychology. You are accidentally sending signals. The right grip, greeting, smile and eye contact – everything is important.

3. The right fabric and clothing for both men and women, which attracts people, opportunities, new clients, lot of compliments, sales, respect and authority.  (spirits know this. he he)

Western wear for both men and women.  I have personally seen, my loyal followers got new opportunities, salary hike, promotions, attract new friends and relationships and proposals.

For men how to wear suit and tie? How to maintain right eye contact? Dining etiquette and table manners, grooming, dress code.

For women, I have given suggestions for grooming, changes in clothing and fabric, avoid certain objects which drains your energy.

Note: If you are dark skinned or acne, not confident about face, body structure, beauty or looks whatever don’t worry. Spirits can give irrestible charm, a glow to your face. (including face and full body skin whitening secrets in days – top secret). Just send me your photo. (face and head to toe photo)


4. Secret meditation and exercises, which can give you lot of intuition, what others are thinking about you, irresistible charm, glow on face and body. (You will just be more attractive and even high sex appeal in eyes of others)

5. How to attract opportunities, even during flight travel and train travel?  You meet lot of classy people. Hypnosis energies at work!

6. Helped many people build photo portfolio – (head shot and full body photo) and shooting video portfolio with different dress and combinations.

This photos and videos helped them, to attract new jobs, opportunities, dating, proposals and soulmate. (very important)

7. Personal hygiene is very important and your hairstyle, beard and fixed personality is very important. You are accidentally sending dangerous signals, I don’t want to mention. If you are working in MNC or corporate companies, everyday is like an interview. Many eyes are watching you!

Perfumes which are known to attract both men and women. ( I got 1000+ feedback from my loyal followers). People go very crazy over this. Smell is very important.

8. I have also given such instructions for sales people, managers, small companies and they have seen, they are attracting lot of people in their way.

9. I have also taught public speaking, modern and international etiquette, media communication. A lot of politicians and big celebrities, always take help of such professioanls. I have also provided English script for their speeches in conferences and events.

10. A lot of men/women or couples and even singles do approach me with sexual problems. In the past, I have seen spirits giving amazing answers for the same. It can answer most questions. No shy!  However, I suggest you contact doctor, which is much better.


Personal  message : I can help you connect with such friendly spirits, whose prabhav or vibes are very powerful, they attract many people in your way. Follow basic principles and house rules. If you annoy or irritate spirits unknowingly, they won’t help you for ever. Very simple rules, any determined person can follow. 

Respect mother nature, fellow human beings and animals. Spirits will show its magic. 

These loyal followers, spread the word about our website  in their companies, community, family members, friends, big conferences, events, seminars, parties and social circles, who align with our beliefs. They help us build our community. 

Many fights for my loyal followers – a new dimension

I got into many fights for my loyal followers and I am proud about it.

When I learned astrology and tantra, it was originally for personal use to overcome problems of enemies and blackmagic. I just started a website on 2012 and was doing other profession..there was a sudden surge of traffic on July 2017, due to my loyal followers who spoke about my website on events,parties, conferences and social events of companies. Then I decided to go full time with astrology.
It was originally meant for fighting purpose for those who attack you, using black magic and tantra. To counter, we too need to learn the same. Think about some jealous, envious and nasty people who you meet on daily basis. If they are your relatives, colleagues or someone close to your home, the situation is tricky
. you just can’t fight with them physically. Tantra is the best way to deal with them. Just put a request to spirit and follow principles.

Their hands or legs will be broken in few days or a psychic warning. I have seen 1000+ cases for myself. I got into many fights for my loyal followers.. I have helped them to get rid of their enemy, the competition, teach enemies a lesson or low intensity attacks if appropriate.. I get lot of requests for tantra attacks and vashikaran/akarshan. I only deal if I find appropriate..

Enemies can happen for many reasons. I have seen 1000+ cases. These people don’t want you to grow or be happy. They resort to black magic to destroy anyone who comes in your way. Such people exists everywhere.
They have insulted and abused my loyal followers and even physical I ask my spirits, if justice is on their side. If yes, we support them. Otherwise no.. Karma matters! We should always be on the defensive side..

If you are in certain profession or business, using spirits help like vashikaran, akarshan and hypnosis, I have helped many to secure big deals, partners, investors, attract new clients and make big sales. There is hidden tantra for this. Why some people are making big sales and some cannot? They are secretly practising some kind of occult or big shamans (magicians) and spirits to help them. They won’t talk about it. He he

Now I have changed a lot of YouTube videos and added my photo as YouTube thumbnail for video. I attract lot of people, using YouTube videos alone. I have also removed lot of videos and creating studio quality videos like different background, animations in background, different lights and I can put nature like mountains, rivers, moving objects and planets in background. We are transparent with what we say..

Despite having lot of YouTube videos and lot of blog posts on my website, I get lot of jerks on daily basis. Both men and women. Average of 10 to 15 each. 70% men and 30% women.. This is how they behave.they just call at midnight or odd hours. They keep on calling 5 to 10 times after 1 hour, which affects my communication with my people and I end up blocking them for ever. Lack etiquette or manners. I always see omens and shakuna shastra before dealing with anyone.



Personal message : You are not alone.

I am always on  your side. If you sync with our beliefs and principles, there are lot of hidden spirits which can help you. We can have a talk!

Harsha A

A big family – Powerful prabhav (vibes)


A big family – how I managed to inspire my loyal followers in 60+ countries using tantra and astrology. Using my spirits help, by analysing their skills and caliber, I helped many to get good jobs, a big promotion, salary hike, incredible friends and social circle.

Using spirits hidden powers like vashikaran and akarshan, I have helped many to find a soulmate, relationships, marriage, patch relationships. Using spirits prabhav or vibes help I have helped many to get big projects and contracts, make more beautiful, attractive, sex appeal.

This is me. Harsha A.

Spirits also have hidden powers of hypnosis and hypnotism. There is a special meditation for the same. Since my college days, I have helped many people with style, fashion, suits and accessories. I attracted big investors and new clients, customers for their services. Now, I know all the trends and western wear for men and women. My spirits tells me which clothing and accesories suits you the most and opens new opportunities. (On a budget). You can ask me such questions.

Using spirits vision and vibes, I have helped many to sell their real estate or property, cars and gadgets. It is tough to sell a house or real estate nowadays. I get lot of requests.

There are certain principles and house rules to follow.. Not for kids!
Now these people are in big companies, positions,,drawing more money only because of my spirits help. If you have the skills and caliber, spirits can do the magic.

If you are not confident about your beauty, looks, there is a tantra, which can give you irrestible charm and sex appeal, which attracts people in your way.

Using my style and youtube videos alone, I was able to attract big ceos. Businessman, industrialist, from 60+ countries. I have also taught both men and women, how spirits energies like vashikaran and akarshan, hypnosis are very important in their career for more money, promotions, recognition, authority and respect. Be favorite among bosses, attract friends, dating, flirting and what not where ever you go to new place. Even spirits have high sex appeal, which instantly draws many opportunities in your favour.

I also got involved in lot of fights for my loyal followers, using tantra. Never fear your enemy. There are certain astrological dates and rituals which can teach enemies a lesson. Not all requests I consider though. Justice should be on your side and many ethics involved. My spirits can instantly sense what kind of person you are. So, I have personally seen 5000+ cases in my career of how vashikaran, akarshan and hypnosis energies work.

We are like a big family. My loyal followers keep on bringing reliable people who sync with our beliefs. Do to my involvement in lot of fights for them, they always listen to what I say.. I am second in line in their company, just next to boss. He he.
What I mean to say is that, anything is possible through mystic arts and spirits. Based on volume of people I interact on daily basis and observing 3000+ cases. The energies of vashikaran and akarshan are incredible. I don’t deal with everyone though. We see the skills and caliber of person, our past relationships, loyalty and whether can sync with our beliefs. (Follow simple house rules and principles). Not for kids!


Part2:    Career and business using vashikaran and akarshan

Astrology and tantra for vashikaran akarshan

This spirit always amazes me. Lot of my customers have small business, entrepreneurs, professionals and even ceos, managers, big industrialists, politicians, key decision makers.

They are always looking for new clients, customers, sales, investors, opportunities, new connections, promotions, friendships. I have personally tested energies of vashikaran, akarshan and hypnosis and it works wonders.

The vashikaran and akarshan does wonders if you are looking for dating, love, soulmate, lot of compliments, flirting signals, attract big people, even soulmate in your way. Even high sex appeal and paranormal energies, it is irrestible. But I don’t deal with people who don’t sync with our beliefs. My loyal followers alone are very determined and serious..

Your clothing and accessories you wear, always have some kind of energy and vibes. My spirits can sense those energies which can bring you opportunities, job, promotions, authority, respect, dating, flirt, high sex appeal.

Are you not confident about your looks, beauty or lack confidence? My spirits can give you irresistible charm, which can help you in career, daily life and many hidden opportunities and more money.

Message: We have lot of loyal followers and determined people across globe, who are serious, matured and believe in learning new things, which can help them in career and life.

Harsha A


I have taught many men and women style, international manners and
dressing using spirits help. I can bring you lot of new opportunities, friendships and lot of  benefits in career. This world is always the play to the tune of attraction, hypnosis, irrestible charm.

This vashikaran and hypnosis, have helped them in mid career, senior management positions, where charm and attraction plays a big role. If not you, others are using it in a big way. I have taught many men and women the style, manners and how to dress in professional situations, which can bring them hidden opportunities. Attraction, hypnosis and irrestible charm works in background.. My spirits says me, what you should change. You just need to do special meditation and exercises. (Very easy any determined person can do..also follow principles and house rules)

I have also helped my followers attract new clients, big business, opportunities on flight travel and train travel. Yes you meet classy people. Opportunities! Spirits prabhav works in mysterious way. Now I know all kinds of style, suits, international etiquette for men and can even teach you same to attract opportunities.

For women, I know all the western wear, which stunned their boss, they got hike, promotion, recognition, respect only due to that. Don’t worry about competition. Just meditate on spirit and it will help you in mysterious ways in line of work

I attract lot of people, using my style, website and YouTube videos. I purposely made the videos to look average. (Experiment)
I can create studio quality videos (with animation + graphics) but I just kept simple. Using YouTube alone, I was able to attract lot of big people. Its all about confidence. Confidence only comes once you have style, skills and mentor. (It took Ne years of trial and error to figure this out)

It’s all about powers of vashikaran, akarshan and spirits help which is the deciding factor. If not you, someone else will be above you.
My spirits are very good at determining what style and clothing, accessories the most, which can bring you new job, opportunities, compliments, salary hike, new connections, meet influential people, recognition, respect, command authority, even dating and flirting opportunities if you looking someone. It’s prabhav or vibes are very powerful.

Do not worry about enemies. I have personally seen they get wiped out using tantra and magic. If they are atheists, not strong beliefs in god or average person, any spells can do damage on them. (Few ethics involved)

For highly religious enemy, there is a different approach. Those families who are into fueds, black magic and rivalry, I have lit of them as my followers. There is a tantra to deal with them. How to deal with jealous people, nasty, envious people, conspiracy there is a tantra. He he. I can share 1000+ stories about my clients experiences about vashikaran, akarshan and mystic arts. This blog post is not enough..

Personal Message: If you are already in some profession or have some skills let me know. Let me see how spirits can help you. Even you should be able to make few changes on style, manners if you are serious to attract opportunities in your way. 

Harsha A

Vashikaran akarshan astrology followup

Vashikaran akarshan hypnosis astrology. Many of my followers ask a lot about this on daily basis. If you ask me, such energies do exist, I have personally seen 1000+ cases. Such vibes or vashikaran prabhav is very powerful. It depends upon spirit to help or not.. We view it on case to case basis. This is very popular among people of all ages.

I don’t approve all requests. Some ethics involved. Spirits can do any magic, if it wants to. Not for kids! But for serious issues in marriage, love, relationships, find a soulmate i consider. There are basic house rules to follow. Its prabhav is very powerful, it may even surpass a celebrity.


I have described everything in detail in the following blog posts. Very popular
among youth and even people of all ages. Information purposes only.
Its prabhav or spirit energies work in mysterious ways. Some simple principles you need to follow. Not for kids or immature people. Karma has a role.

Since I am friendly with people of 60+ countries, who sync with our beliefs, these people are our very loyal followers. I tell you everything is attraction, charm and seductive paranormal energies at play. Why people buy high end cars and gadgets like iPhone, because they are attracted to it. So hypnosis in the background. No shy! Please read these 3 blog posts in detail. I can even write 100+ blog posts about such mature topics.

Even job, promotion, high positions, consideration, proposals, friendships, dating, courtship, sex appeal and paranormal energies are connected with it. Your skills and education qualifications, can help to land foot in industry easily. Then to elevate, you need help of such energies. Perhaps others are using it discreetly.

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Part 2 : Charisma of spirits for attraction and beauty ( hidden tantra)

sex magic tantra astrology

 We also have tantra, secret exercises and meditation to connect with spirits, if appropriate. Not for kids!
Embarrassing problems, sexual problems, psychic issues all can be discussed. No shy! Spirits can answer using its vision. No shy! We have discussed this in YouTube channel. This is the way, we are able to build an audience worldwide. (who sync with our beliefs)

I can help you attract good marriage proposals, dating and good friends of opposite gender using tantra, which also helps in career and many opportunities.
For those having issues after marriage, finding a partner, attract opposite gender, we have certain exercises invoking spirits, which makes you very attractive and even sex appeal. No shy!

Don’t be worried about skin color or body structure, beauty or confidence issues. Discussing with someone certain embarrassing issues or secrets, will lift your spirits and you will feel like you are not alone. There are many like you, with similar issues and views. 

Spirits can make you highly sexually appealing and skin color and full body complexion changes, once you connect spirits. I have personally helped many, I find appropriate. This can open door to new opportunities. Everything is attraction!

This is real astrology and tantra. Enhance your skills with charisma of spirits. Many new friendships, flirty signals, dating, marriage proposals, the energy is too much to handle. Many people will be attracted to you.

Note:Ideal for men/women below 50. No students and certain categories and we don’t deal with people, who don’t sync with our beliefs.  No shy! Think about the way, how it can help in your life, career and new opportunities. We can have a discussion if interested ( for my existing followers only).

Personal observation for 7+ years: 

I wonder, why people spend lot of money on luxury houses, high end cars, designer clothes, perfumes and lot of expensive beauty products. You don’t need all these. You can just attract people using the charisma of spirits. (They don’t know this). Depending upon your profession and skills combination, it works in mysterious ways. I am amazed, my followers share their experiences, after practising these exercises.


Vashikaran hypnosis using spirits

We are openly challenging that spirits exist and they do have powerful vibes.
However, they only connect who aligns with their principles and house rules.
Now, I want to demonstrate that Vashikaran, akarshan, hypnosis, attraction energies do exist. This is a hidden tantra.  (Nobody does this)
I can give you 10 to 15 min, free demo for you. I will request my spirits to make its presence and no matter, where you live in the world, you could sense some mysterious presence near you. (Not all can sense it in 1 go)
For some people, it connects instantly in few minutes, some takes 1 day, for some 1 week. There are some people, where spirits doesn’t want to connect.
This spirit energies are used for people having issues in love, relationships, marriage, soulmate, dating. Attract new friends and opportunities aligning with your skills and energy. They do possess irresistible charm.
So contact me immediately if interested. This is real magic. I also have a queue to manage and it costs you nothing. 
Things required: 
I just require your recent photo and privacy of room, free from all distractions is important. 

Part 2 : Sexual wellness astrology, energies of men women. 

I got lot of requests to prepare videos about adult and mature topics globally. So, I am already preparing the content for today. Sexual wellness, sex drive, I have decided to cover everything. Including ageing, embarrassing and psychic issues. No shy to discuss with me. I don’t deal with atheists.
So existing followers can suggest me topics, and I will prepare videos based on interest. Subscribe to YouTube channel using this link.
I  may won’t update on WhatsApp status and send emails. No shy! You can discuss such issues with us. Spirits have answers and also we have tantra if appropriate..


Hidden guardian to help you – Not for kids!


Never fear anyone, when I am there. Whether it is enemy problems and confidence issues, we have lot of hidden tantra for the same. In my observation it has worked wonders. It spread worldwide.

In my previous posts, I have described how to face enemies or fight back using astrological magical dates and invoking spirits. Also, don’t be intimidated by anyone. We have hidden tantra for the same which can give you irrestible charm and appeal.


Years of observation and tantra practise, I have seen lot of magic. So 90% of my followers repeat multiple times in just 3 months. They need clarity on lot of issues and also what is possible using spirits help and then connect.

We don’t deal with atheists, egoist, arrogant or anti Hindu people, who don’t sync with our beliefs. My spirits can instantly make out within 60 seconds, what they are upto. I just keep silent for such people. We politely ask them
to keep looking someone. But those who are with us, around 85% always stay with us.

Hidden tantra – very popular

1. Hidden tantra to deal enemies, blackmagic and evil eye.

We capitalise on human grievances. I personally faced lot of issues from my enemies, attacks, evil eye and blackmagic which attracted me to astrology and occult.

I personally learnt few hidden tantra for self defense and magic. I personally tested them with lot of occasions and also on behalf of my clients and it worked wonders like magic. You also need to align with the simple house rules and principles to seek its magical help. It’s highly paranormal and dark energies.

Many of my astrology followers, contact me with horror stories,misery, enemy problems, blackmagic, evil eye caused by their enemies. So I do initiate spirits help, if I find appropriate. We give them all kind of moral support, how to fight back, by analysing strength and weakness of enemies using tantra.

If you have an enemy now or in the future, these things we can do.
All are considered as requests to spirits, and we see the ethics, whether justice is on your side. We may not approve each and every requests. Karma is very powerful.We only deal with people, who sync with our beliefs.
Also, some people come from strong tantra and blackmagic backgrounds. But any determined person, following simple rules, we can fight back. I see the fighting spirit of the people. This is not for kids.

hidden tantra enemies blackmagic evil eye

2. Hidden tantra for attraction, beauty, hypnosis:

I have personally tested this tantra for myself and lot of my loyal followers and find spirits energies incredible. This tantra is not for kids. Spirits do respond and the events are random. If you follow house rules properly,
you can connect with them,within hours.

2 hidden tantra attraction beauty hypnosis

A lot of people approach me for help in marriage, dating, lack of confidence, beauty, looks.  No matter how you look like, skin complexion, there are certain triggers which can draw people towards you. It can also alter full body and creates irrestible charm and attraction. (Even sex appeal)

Many people have experienced hypnosis powers, which helped them in interviews, make big deals or sales, win a contracts.
If you believe you have the skills, and still not able to get that job, position, business deals, then this is for you.

If you ask me, everything is attaction, seduction, beauty, looks and charm.
If you have good looks + basic skills, you have an edge over competation and opportunities.  This hidden energies of hypnosis or hypnotism, works for job interviews, secure business deals, marriage, find a soulmate,
or can even make you a celebrity, using its charishma. High paranormal energies.

Since I am friendly with people of 60+ countries, who sync with our beliefs, these people are our very loyal followers. I tell you everything is attraction, charm and seductive paranormal energies at play. Why people buy high end cars and gadgets like iPhone, because they are attracted to it. So hypnosis in the background. No shy! Please read these 3 blog posts in detail. I can even write 100+ blog posts about such mature topics.

Even job, promotion, high positions, consideration, proposals, friendships, dating, courtship, sex appeal and paranormal energies are connected with it. Your skills and education qualifications, can help to land foot in industry easily. Then to elevate, you need help of such energies. Perhaps others are using it discreetly.

We provide our loyal followers all kind of moral support.
Note: Spirits response can be from 1 days, 3 days, 7, 14 to 21 days.

Reminder: We don’t deal with people, who don’t sync with our beliefs, conflicting energies or cases we find  appropriate. If you need a clear picture, we can have a voice call for 10 minutes.