About us

I do take issues like love, relationships, marriage, divorce, breakups seriously. Spirits have instant answers. 50% of our followers have many questions to ask and they keep coming back again and again.  No shy! Most of the people discuss issues, with me that they cannot even discuss with their close friends. No shy!

Then some need answers to general questions like career, job, money, start a new business, business or job prospects, promotions, relocation options, career changes, visa status, immigration, foreign travel, settlement. Is this the right time to start business, change job? what about working in different jobs/ companies? Spirits have answers for all these. It doesnt matter you have 20 or 100 questions. 30% of my astrology followers form this group.

Then serious incidents like victims of crime, accidents, conspiracy, murder, loss of a loved one, extortion, physical attacks, betrayal, false allegations, court cases, harrasment cases, theft, robbery, defamation, black magic problems, evil eye, jealousy and envy of some people. My astrology followers, naturally have many questions to ask.   20% followers form this group.



We have tantra, spells and meditation for serious and determined people. Astrology and spirits give the answers, possibilities and different angles. It may be due to bad astrological phase you are going through, but can also be due to black magic and evil eye. For love, tantra and meditation is different. For career and job, tantra is different. For serious enemy problems, tantra, spells, meditation is different. I have sense the energies of different people using spirits. I then decide to proceed with tantra, spells, meditation or not. 

I have managed to attract astrology followers from 35+ countries. I have made lot of videos in my youtube channel. I have discussed about my personal experiences, a lot of topics, even adult and mature topics.

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