About us

Name: Harsha

skype id: mailharsha08
Email: info@mystichorary.com
Country: India

I am practising this astrology art, since 2011 and we strongly believe in Karmic theory or Karma. I like mediating in lot of issues for my clients, in love, love life, relationships, marriage, divorce, litigation, blackmagic, evil eye, career and mysterious ways of human psychology. We welcome people from all walks of life, who sync with our beliefs.

I can always determine the astrological odds for any situation. Using my mystic charts, I can instantly determine, how energies of nature are working on  a person. I always see, if there is any room and opportunity for magic? If the odds and outcome is good, we may proceed with spirits initiation for help, otherwise no. Universe works on a pattern. This is tested and proven.

I personally believe in spirits, magic and mysticism. People from all over the world, particularly from Asia, Europe and North America introduce me to lot of new spirits in the pool. (There are lot of blog posts about these spirits, magic, mysticism and also real life issues, marriage, past life topics. Please have a look.)

We personally suggest for those people who come to us for consultation, to consult with an astrologer locally in their own territory/city or jurisdiction. Because I believe in long term relationship and not interested in people, who doesn’t stick in one place. When I got started with astrology a few years ago, after gaining necessary experience in the art, I decided to contact people who have strong inclination for occult, astrology, mysticism, spirits and conversation got initiated on emails, VOIP, phone calls and naturally they got attracted to our system and most of them are very active members of this community worldwide, who themselves come to me for consultation, say daily, multiple times in a week, once in a month, once in 3 months or 6 months with various questions and aspects of human life, decision making process, because the spirits can pick the best choices for them in the pool. I have carefully picked people with high odds, Karma and initiated them to spirits realm, with their permission. If I find someone, who has good potential or some kind of marketing talent, skills, as per my mystic chart, we contact them. There is lot of room to tap spirit energies and magic. My mystic chart, can instantly show me the energy levels and the outcome.

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Our subscribers are also into spirits and they respect nature. There are different kinds of spirits  like nature spirits, animal spirits, friendly spirits whose vibes are very powerful and can influence the physical world and help humans in lot of matters. They are friendly for those who believe in them. Any determined person can feel their energies and their magic can help you in various aspects of life.

I don’t deal with people with negative sentiment, troublesome, odd behavior. I just takes me 60 seconds ro understand, what kind of person he/she is. Spirits can directly sync with your energy levels and determine your attitude.

There are certain clients of mine, repeat customers, who come back to us, say 3 times in a row or more in just 1 week. They use this art for decision making, buying decisions, incorporation, partnership, know more about a stranger, unknown fears, enemies, paranormal realm and more. Our website 80% of the traffic comes from these loyal members of community who in turn refer their friends, colleagues, company, relatives, spread the word out and thus increasing the members of the community. I only need reliable people whom we can build good relationship and friendship with and building this community, not interested in newcomers who don’t align with our principles.

It just takes 60 seconds, to understand what kind of person you are, your psychology, my mystic chart can instantly tell me a lot about you.

It’s all about new friendships, connections and a reliable community and ideology, we have international reach and internet bringing new visitors and members in our pool of subscribers.

It’s not always people come to me for consultation or readings. I personally contact people, by just randomly casting a chart about a random person, using this art, and it clearly shows me  the energy level or calibre of the person in question and if I find something interesting, I suggest them to follow certain path, initiate spirits help and ask them to take advantage of those energies or what destiny has in store for them or surprises in their way.


We also have mystic arts for people who are interested to develop chakra and energy levels for specific purpose. I also have many followers worldwide, who are practising this. Have a look. https://mystichorary.com/mysticarts

With our existing subscribers or members of inner circle, we discuss topics about astrology, occult, mysticism, vaastu shastra, spirits initiation, magic, hypnosis, paranormal realm, aura, chakras, mystic, tantric  and occult items and these members refer reliable people. They are highly passionate about these kinds of topics and my website gives them a platform to connect with spirit realm.   Once we have good rapport with our existing members or community, we also give them an opportunity to meet me in person. Sorry, at present we are not doing any in person consultation, because the internet is bringing me, lot of new visitors and clients, whom we have no control, over our existing queue. But, I only deal with those people, whose character, behavior, beliefs, align with our principles.

For our repeat customers, we have waived off the consultation fees on multiple occasions as a surprise and they even bring more members and referrals to this community.

There are a lot of people, who believe in astrology, planetary cycles, science of timing. Our calculations are strictly based on karmic theory. That means, for any event to manifest, there should be strong planetary support in your natal/birth chart. Also timing and planetary support is what we look for. 

We have stopped giving in person astrology consultation, at the moment and only concentrating online, because it gives me a wider reach. Some people prefer to consult in person/offline. I frankly suggest, to consult someone in your local area in that case. But there are good numbers, who are seeking astrology consulting services online, and this website caters to them. To be frank, we frankly suggest 30% of our visitors to visit someone in their local area, who are uncomfortable online.

We are not interested in merely increasing  our numbers. We also offer other services for our existing pool of subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. I believe in an ideology and we don’t want to compromise with it. 

I have done 4 different jobs in my past and now I believe there is some potential in astrology, planetary cycles, horary and decided to practise the same.

Leverage the power of astrology community. (existing members only)

We are a strong community of 200K members and growing. I have built my own reputation over the years. All my customers, contacts, connections are reliable, and we believe in lifetime friendships, than anything else.

Enter the community of likeminded people, who believe in astrology, mysticism, spirits and paranormal realm and you are free and have complete liberty to share your experiences, fears, emotional and psychic issues.

This community survives on mutual trust and friendship. We also have newsletter subscription, where we send emails once or thrice in a week, 1 click unsubscribe to opt out anytime. Any questions concerning any aspect of human life, can be explained using mystic charts. It is an answer from the nature or universe  itself. Not only human life, but we can also analyse and time movement of stocks, commodities and sports.

I have also kept a database of existing members, with their permission to expand for new proposals, opportunities, horizons. Some started their own factory, some their own business venture, joint venture, partnerships, including a soulmate,new connections, friendships, fix divorce/breakups/ past love if odds are good as per mystic chart, find companion, fellow traveller to explore world using the members in my database, I have forwarded to people to whom I feel fit. So there is lot of activity. The community is very active looking for reliable friends and connections and lot more. So once you become our subscriber or customer, I may ask certain details about you, to connect with this active members of community, through email. It’s upto you to leverage or not.  You know what? There are hundreds of people thinking the same way as you and eager for new friendships.

You can also have a look, on the kind of research and development we have done in these fields. (confidential)

We also have full liberty to decide on whom to deal with and whom not to deal with.



Contact me directly, if you need consultation.