About us

I am practising this astrology art, since 2011 and we strongly believe in Karmic theory or Karma. I like mediating in lot of issues for my clients, in love, love life, relationships, marriage, divorce, litigation, blackmagic, evil eye, career and mysterious ways of human psychology. We welcome people from all walks of life, who sync with our beliefs.

Karma is the main foundation of our astrology method. I personally believe in tantra, connect and invoke spirits and demigods. There are lot of blog posts in this website, about this topic. There is lot of things hidden in indian tantra and our community have been connecting with little known spirits. If you are interested to connect with various spirits, we have certain exercises and meditation methods for the same. There are lot of basic or simple principles to follow. We consider serious or determined people only for invoking spirits for certain work or magical purposes. Not for kids or those who don’t align with our principles.

I can always determine the astrological odds and outcome for any issues of human life. Using my mystic charts, I can instantly determine, how energies of nature are working on  a person. I always see, if there is any room and opportunity for magic? If the odds and outcome is good, we may proceed with spirits initiation for help, otherwise no. Universe works on a pattern. This is tested and proven.

I personally believe in spirits, magic and mysticism. People from all over the world, particularly from Asia, Europe and North America introduce me to lot of new spirits in the pool. (There are lot of blog posts about these spirits, magic, mysticism and also real life issues, marriage, past life topics. Please have a look.


Astrology is all about principles, how planetary energies are influencing you, good or bad planetary alignment and transits. I believe in Karma, the foundation of our astrology system and fundamental.Your natal or birth chart is just the manifestation of the past life karma, and how those pending karma is going to fructify in the past, present and future. Karma is something, which cannot be controlled, but can be neutralised and diluted by timely intervention of astrological remedies. Good Karma comes in many forms and can help you in many aspects of life,like job, career, love, marriage, health, wealth, popularity, fame, financial windfall, foreign opportunities, recognition, natural charm and more, with no efforts.

People with different energy levels, aura or chakras contact me. Our spirits can instantly sense their energies or vibes.  Some have fantastic combinations in their birth chart or natal chart. We suggest them to use those planetary energies to full potential. (just 2%). Everything is energy. My mystic charts, can also determine whether they can connect with friendly spirits or not, which can benefit them in their line of work or caliber. Each and every case is different. A quick analysis, gives a clear picture. We also suggest certain mystic arts or exercises which polarises the chakras, by considering what the spirits have to say. 98% of them, need some kind of astrology help or remedies or spirits help to balance chakra, aura or energies. I believe in karma and certain astrology principles. 

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I believe in transparency and also a regular guy like you. Certain incidents and co incidences pushed me to study astrology, vaastu shastra and I believed in spirits and magic since long time. I even created a Youtube channel and explained most of the topics, we get on daily basis. Even we have enemies, but anyway I started an youtube channel, added lot of videos since august 2019. Even I was afflicted by evil eye, blackmagic and some paranormal experiences, which is also a factor, which motivated me to study astrology and any magical arts, within our reach.

I have given complete freedom to our subscribers. They talk about relationships, love life, embarassing issues, sexual issues, health issues, enemy problems, paranormal experiences which they even shy or hesitate to speak with their close friends. Topics like vashikaran, hypnosis, seduction, attraction and all are discussed. Spirits have access to such magical abilities.

Even people connected with adult industry, do contact us to know what is in store for them. Nothing to shy about! They feel that this is the platform, they can rely on later, and keep coming back again with more questions.

If you have sexual or health issues, or not confidant about your beauty or looks, face, body type, not able to find a soulmate or attract someone special, not attracted to opposite gender, we can see the chart and see the odds and outcome, and what can be done. No shy! We can seek the help of friendly spirits, if appropriate. I have certain time tested methods. However, spirits only help if it aligns with their beliefs. We don’t deal with such people in first place. 

If you love someone and want to know what’s in his/her mind and know the outcome, we can give you instant answers and all kinds of questions. Our website is very popular among age group in the range of 23 to 45. 

I have seen lot of magic in my astrology practice or career, be it marriage, love life, career, job, wealth, financial windfall, speculation, hypnosis, infatuation and many things, which cannot be discussed here. It all depends on your karma and spirits help, which varies from person to person.

“If we hold things tight or stubborn, people shy to talk their real issues. Once they feel comfortable, and know the discussion is private and secure, the discussion never ends. They need to analyse things from all angles and we have spirits, which have crystal ball or radar like vision, which sees through its own eyes and gives answers in minutes.”

People come from different belief systems. Who so ever, approaches me for consultation or readings, I can instantly feel their vibes, their nature, character, attitude using our art in just 60 seconds. I then decide to proceed with them or not. We personally suggest for those people, to consult with an astrologer locally in their own territory/city or jurisdiction or some other online portal. Because I believe in long term relationship and not interested in people, who doesn’t stick in one place.

When I got started with astrology a few years ago, after gaining necessary experience in the art, I decided to contact people who have strong inclination for occult, astrology, mysticism, spirits and conversation got initiated on emails, VOIP, phone calls and naturally they got attracted to our system and most of them are very active members of this community worldwide, who themselves come to me for consultation, say daily, multiple times in a week, once in a month, once in 3 months or 6 months with various questions and aspects of human life, decision making process, because the spirits can pick the best choices for them in the pool. I have carefully picked people with high odds, Karma and initiated them to spirits realm, with their permission. If I find someone, who has good potential or some kind of marketing talent, skills, as per my mystic chart, we contact them. There is lot of room to tap spirit energies and magic. My mystic chart, can instantly show me the energy levels and the outcome.

New blog post (must read). An insight to our community and what we do? What kind of people approach us for consultation? Most common issues. Gives you a clear picture.   : My daily activities along with astrology 

Our subscribers are also into spirits and they respect nature. There are different kinds of spirits  like nature spirits, animal spirits, guardians, angels whose vibes are very powerful and can influence the physical world and help humans in lot of matters. They are friendly for those who believe in them. Any determined person can feel their energies and their magic can help you in various aspects of life.

I don’t deal with people with negative sentiment, troublesome, odd behavior. I just takes me 60 seconds to understand, what kind of person he/she is. Spirits can directly sync with your energy levels and determine your attitude.

There are certain clients of mine, repeat customers, who come back to us, say 3 times in a row or more in just 1 week. They use this art for decision making, buying decisions, incorporation, partnership, know more about a stranger, unknown fears, enemies, paranormal realm and more. Our website 80% of the traffic comes from these loyal members of community who in turn refer their friends, colleagues, company, relatives, spread the word out and thus increasing the members of the community. I only need reliable people whom we can build good relationship and friendship with and building this community, not interested in newcomers who don’t align with our principles.

It just takes 60 seconds, to understand what kind of person you are, your psychology, my mystic chart can instantly tell me a lot about you.

It’s all about new friendships, connections and a reliable community and ideology, we have international reach and internet bringing new visitors and members in our pool of subscribers.

It’s not always people come to me for consultation or readings. I personally contact people, by just randomly casting a chart about a random person, using this art, and it clearly shows me  the energy level or caliber of the person in question and if I find something interesting, I suggest them to follow certain path, initiate spirits help and ask them to take advantage of those energies or what destiny has in store for them or surprises in their way.


We also have mystic arts for people who are interested to develop chakra and energy levels for specific purpose. I also have many followers worldwide, who are practising this. Have a look. https://mystichorary.com/mysticarts

With our existing subscribers or members of inner circle, we discuss topics about astrology, occult, mysticism, vaastu shastra, spirits initiation, magic, hypnosis, paranormal realm, aura, chakras, mystic, tantric  and occult items and these members refer reliable people. They are highly passionate about these kinds of topics and my website gives them a platform to connect with spirit realm.   Once we have good rapport with our existing members or community, we also give them an opportunity to meet me in person. Sorry, at present we are not doing any in person consultation, because the internet is bringing me, lot of new visitors and clients, whom we have no control, over our existing queue. But, I only deal with those people, whose character, behavior, beliefs, align with our principles.

For our repeat customers, we have waived off the consultation fees on multiple occasions as a surprise and they even bring more members and referrals to this community.

There are a lot of people, who believe in astrology, planetary cycles, science of timing. Our calculations are strictly based on karmic theory. That means, for any event to manifest, there should be strong planetary support in your natal/birth chart. Also timing and planetary support is what we look for. 

We have stopped giving in person astrology consultation, at the moment and only concentrating online, because it gives me a wider reach. Some people prefer to consult in person/offline. I frankly suggest, to consult someone in your local area in that case. But there are good numbers, who are seeking astrology consulting services online, and this website caters to them. To be frank, we frankly suggest 30% of our visitors to visit someone in their local area, who are uncomfortable online.

We are not interested in merely increasing  our numbers. We also offer other services for our existing pool of subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. 

I have done 4 different jobs in my past and now I believe there is some potential in astrology, planetary cycles, horary and decided to practise the same. There are lot of blog posts in this website and I have written this posts, based on requests from my subscribers.