Control and neutralise diseases using astrology


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Since january 2016, I am practising medical astrology on my astrology clients, whom we have good rapport with. Medical costs and surgeries are very costly in USA, UK, Canada and after hearing lot of grievances from my astrology clients, I decided to test medical astrology using the movement of planets, astrology principles and time tested remedies, which are very ancient, with their permission. In some countries health insurance is mandatory and sometimes it cannot help, because there are certain exceptions, which those insurances don’t cover. Medical costs and surgeries have drained their entire life savings and I want to help them if possible as per my astrology principles. (few exceptions)

70% of the diseases got controlled and neutralised, saving my astrology clients thousands of dollars in medical costs, surgeries, doctor visit and more. Remember most of the diseases are Karmic in nature. We believe in this ideology (karmic nature) and give instantly a reply, whether it can cured or not. It is an answer from the universe itself.  Even early signs and indications, diagnosing it early makes a lot of difference, before it is too late or beyond recovery.

If you or your loved ones is afflicted by certain diseases, we can have a look and see what can be done. My astrology art, instantly gives an analysis, about your health condition, and what can be done or worst scenario for certain karmic diseases.

Diseases which can be neutralised and brought under control using astrology and ancient remedies  (karmic theory, has few exceptions)

Sugar, B.P, Diabetes, Cholesterol, kidney stones, Hernia, skin diseases. (full control) Joint pains, arthritis, control asthma, cancer during initial and mid level situations.

Another thing, which surprised me is that most of them exhibit, little to no symptoms at all. Even children have obesity, sugar, diabetes with no symptoms.

Most of the diseases or medical conditions are not mentioned here. There are certain Karmic and chronic diseases by nature, with some exceptions.

Surprisingly we were also able to save many people from heart attacks, stroke and heart diseases. Karma has a big role to play.

We suggest them to avoid certain foods, drinks, red meat, diet and certain ancient remedies after analysing the chart throughly. It can be seen through horary chart alone and natal/birth chart will also help in a big way.

Everybody welcome. We can have a talk.

So, how does this work and how to approach you in this regard?

See, we have tested this art in the past, with my previous customers, whom we are in good terms or in good rapport. We don’t support email for this, because to and fro communication is very important in real time, and communication is only through phone call, voice call on skype/whatsapp. You will instantly get answers in real time. I will probe you with certain questions like How long you are afflicted or facing this issue, symptoms and more. Your past history or medical condition and this is very important for instant analysis.

I will cast a astrology chart instantly, specific to your medical conditions and see what can be done. Remember, the universe itself an answer for any questions and I could see in this chart very clearly.

So the answers could be (the planetary positions and energies, gives us a clear picture)

  1. The chart will suggest that it can be cured (light intensity) through natural remedies and you have a choice here. (saves lot of money) You can save lot of money on doctor visit, scans, surgery,medical bills, admission in this case. It is tested and proven in lot of cases for my astrology clients.
  2. The chart suggests us, to better consult the doctor itself and go forward with his suggestions, surgery, operation  whatever.
  3. The chart suggests, there is no cure or too late or the disease can only be neutralised to certain extent and learn to cope with it and live with it.
  4. You can approach me with any medical condition or disease. Nothing to shy about, the astrology chart will show clearly, what can be done.

If you are willing to move forward with natural remedies, the unique herbs, how to procure it and its intake, we can help you in this regard. A real time communication is important and email communication is not practical and I don’t consider replying through email.

You can ask me questions like

  1. Can I cure this using natural remedies or surgery is mandatory?
  2. The doctor has suggested me an operation, what is your opinion in this regard? (in some cases, the concerned doctors are right, and surgery is the need of the hour. But in most of the cases, surgery is not required and there are lot of ways to neutralise it)
  3. Some diseases are hereditary or caused by genes or mutation and if the parents have diabetes, sugar, obesity, cholesterol, cancer, certain skin diseases, there is 70% chances the child will also get it, later in lifeor in early age. This can also be seen.