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After death rituals + last rites (modern perspective)

After death rituals + last rites (hindu beliefs)

So there is a death in the family. You have never experienced or seen death of someone in past, or never attended a funeral before. (Hindu beliefs and customs may vary from region, and may be different in your state). This is South Indian after death rituals.

As per Hindu beliefs, the body has to be buried within 24 hours. You are allowing the soul journey to reach salvation (moksha). Cremating the body (burning) and burial are 2 options. Cremating (burning) the dead body is the
cheapest method. You can either burn the body in your own house, if you have backyard or space.

For burial, you need death certificate from doctor or registrar office, if you want to cremate the body in crematorium or burial grounds, located in city. The cause of death is natural, you can cremate fast. In case of unnatural death, like suicide/murder/ accident there may be autopsy or post mortem to determine the cause of death. It may take few hours.

There are lot of undertaker/funeral services. They offer in packages. In case of cremation, they bring all the items like wood, buring pyre, ganga jal, flowers, clothes, towels, pots. There will be 2 helpers and 1 pandit, who will guide
you on cremation process. 10 to 15 min on average. They will ask you to wet your clothes, with towel.

Then mortuary van or ambulance, may drive to cremation grounds, if there is no space in your house. They may use manual burning methods or electric burning methods, where the dead body will be burnt in less than 3 hours.
80% of Hindus, cremate or burn the body as it is the cheapest and fastest method.
Few opt for burial in the house or cremation grounds. In that case, you need death certicate, book the space, sometimes police clearance. You need to spend some money and even maintain it later over time.

So the family members or relatives, will be in different countries or working in different states?

In that case, you can keep the dead body in mortuary in hospitals. They have freezers and ideal temperature is set, so the body doesn’t decay. You can keep the body in mortuary for 2 to 5 days.
(Mortuary rent for 1 dead body/per day = Rs 800. It may vary depending on hospitals)
You can also rent the freezer box, and keep the dead body in it, say for 2 to 5 days in your house. But that is bit expensive, depending on the city you live. Freezer box = Rs 2500 a day on average. The temp is set to 19’c, so the body doesn’t
decay fast or produce bad smell or odour. You need electricity 24/7 for this.

I personally suggest to keep the body in mortuary, and bring home, just few hours before burial. (say if the delay is more than 2 to 5 days)

Preparing the body for cremation or burial.
After the person is declared dead in hospital or death happens at home, so signs of life is left, its time to assist the soul in journey(moksha)
You may call all your relatives, neighbors or friends as soon as possible.
Some communities, your friends, relatives and neighbors will help you to wash and clean the body. In modern age, some relatives, neighbors hesitate and there are people who provide professional services.

They will clean or wash the body, do embalming services, remove any fluids or waste from the body, dress the body in white cloth or sheet, say prayers and keep it in freezer box or front of room, ready for all visitors to see or funeral.

For washing the body, water, milk, yogurt, honey, sacred water is used. (mostly done in backyard of house or covering using bed sheet on all 4 sides for privacy). The body is then draped the clean white sheet or cloth.
Sandalwood is applied on male body head, and turmeric on head of females.

The toes are then tied together, and hands are held in prayer position or near abdomen. The dead body head should face south direction and legs north direction. Incense sticks and lamps are lit and it should be continously lit from now on, until the body is cremated or upto 24 hours. To assist the soul in the journey.

Note: Some communities, may not allow hugging and physical affection of body, one last farewell. Some may want to kiss or hug the body. It was restricted during COVID times. They have been with you for a lifetime, so last time sudden burst of emotions, are common.


You can arrange a Pandit to recite Mahabharatha, Ramayana and Sanskrit slokas.
The dead body may be displayed in 2 or more places before funeral. If the person is a well known social figure, it may be displayed  inside house for hours, then outside house, if there is space, in hearse van decorated for the
community to see for last time. (There will be 2 glass windows on both sides so people can see while driving on road.)
You can also display the body in memorial hall, in case of celebrity/political figures.

Now everybody has got a last glimpse of deceased person. You bring the body to cremation spot. It may be space near your house or cremation grounds. A pandit and 2 helpers will put wood and burning pyre, materials, flowers,
sacred water on the water, put oil on different parts of pyre. The elderly son of the family is called. If no elderly son, then a male relative or sibling or even their daughter can light the pyre.

A pot is filled with sacred water. you will be asked to circle the body holding pot on shoulder few times. Every round, a hole is hit on pot. A burning stick is given, and you light it first time. Then other male members
may also be asked to light the pyre. (Customs may vary from region to state. Just follow the instructions). You may be asked to repeat few mantras or slokas few times. The helpers will look after the burning body, and you
may be asked to leave. You can stay if required. (optional)

Food and water:
This customs may vary from state to state. We only eat rice porridge and Tea/ snacks, until the body is cremated. You can also arrange catering service, to provide tea to visitors. Rice porridge with fried vegetables or pickle
is permitted, until the body is cremated. Then you can eat veg dishes upto 16 days as usual. No non veg food for upto 16 days.

Ash collection:
2 days after cremating the body, you will wake up early in the morning and collect ash and bones and keep it in a pot. A pandit may guide you in ash collection, may even recite mantras. Then you travel to nearest river bank, say some mantras and prayers and immerse the ash in water. Every city/state has designated places for this, the pandit may guide you.

Your relatives and visitors keep on visiting during 16 day period, to console you/comfort you. Many of the relatives will stay in the house, upto 16 days, talk with you, about different topics, memories of person.

On the 16th day, you do Shradda (offering to ancestors). There will be a temple nearby which will assist on this. Follow the instructions of Pandit. You use rice, coin, leaves, flowers, bowl of water and ritual is done to help
the soul in its journey to attain moksha or salvation. You also honor all your ancestors on this day.

Every year, you need to visit the temple, and repeat this ritual of “annual offering of ancestors”. The food and water given to ancestors on this particular day, will be the food for entire year.

Memorial Day:

On the 16th day, those who have the money, have hold a memorial day on behalf of the deceased. (Optional: You can skip this. Or just call your close relatives, neighbors) You serve the guests food in the evening and dinner.
You can consume non veg on this day. Depends upon regional customs.

Budget for funeral and memorial:
Budget for funeral can be as less as Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh. There are certain people who offer funeral services + memorial day service in packages.
Cremating or burning the body is cheapest option. So cremation, fees to Pandit + materials + tea/snacks can be average of Rs 15K or even less.
It depends upon city you live. If you skip memorial day, you can save lot of money. (upto 70%. Either personal choice or have financial difficulties its optional).

Note: Never think about last momemts of person, days in bed/illness or cremation events. Instead analyse the life of person, how far he/she has lived. Memories, travels, achievements, work done. We all will die one day. That is inevitable. It death approaches after the age of 72+, that is common. Healthy
and vibrant life is important, than living upto 80s, 90s, bed ridden, confined to how. We all love our family members, and we desire they live to maximum. Some people die in 50s, 40s, 30s. That is early death and tragedy.

80+ is old ripe age or living to the fullest.
You may face financial difficulties during funeral or later, but most of the time your relatives/neighbors may arrange it.
Someone will make newspaper announcement or obituary. (I can also help to draft obituary and news paper announcement for
my astrology followers. For social media, flex, banners)

Note: I have attended lot of funerals, assisted my community many times. You may have 100+ questions, what caused death, if untimely, financial difficulties, uncertain future, how to deal with enemies, competation, do mind reading of people, like who is most affected by death, who is sympathetic or helpful to you like relatives, neighbors, friends. You have write 100+ names on paper in advance and I can do a mind reading. My spirits can answer all these things.

All family members can contact me together in a consultation, I can fix the schedule. Sometimes your friends, neighbors and relatives, may not be helpful, so we have  a community for same. We can also meet in person, if appropriate.

You should also read this blog post, How to respect the soul after death is covered here. Do this immediately. Very imp






Longevity astrology, meetups and Tantra Yoga


Many people, aspire to live healthy above age 80. They take care at the age of 65, prepare for long life. I have seen many people do yoga, gym memberships, do aerobic and breathing exercises take  supplements, fruit juices, alter diet to get long life. 

Death is very mysterious. It is not under our control. Have you heard, many healthy people have died of sudden cardiac arrest at young age. Leave about accidents and other risk factors. In Hinduism, death is fixed. It cannot be altered under any circumstances. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, untimely death won’t approach you so fast. But, if your time has arrived, even in your 40s, 50s, you may die under mysterious circumstances.

In astrology, there is dasha system, to determine longevity. Some may die at 60s due to heart attacks or cancer, many in their 70s, few make up upto age 90. Health is very important, than mere longevity. If you are bed ridden at 75, and live above the age of 90, confined to home, aloof from soceity and public, is not vibrant life. Even though you live around 75, very vibrant and active, that is more quality of life. In this dark age, 10 to 20 precious years of elderly, got cut short, due to COVID. There is no guarantee. Life is so unpredictable for many. Time is short. Enjoy the maximum.Those who had pre existing complications, which are old age related, suffered heart attacks, kidney failure and even diabetics passed away. Diabetics causes lot of complications. It is deadly for elderly people. 

In India, if a death happens, spouse believes, it is because of me, my husband or wife died. Our prayers went wrong. Or children also have some guilt or confusion, that they were not able to save their parents, by spirtual means.

Any death, above the age of 80, I personally don’t consider a tragedy. They have lived ripe full age and naturally, the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, bones weaken and gives up. But death below the age of 65 is tragedy. This is dark age, and the average life span of India  as of 2024 is 69 years. Some live 90+, some 80+, some 50+, if you take average of 100 people, it comes to 69. 

Due to improvement in healthcare, medicines, longevity upto age 80 is a possibility, provided you don’t have lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension. 

There is Tantra Yoga, for serious and determined people, to boost longevity. It needs to be learnt in person. Not at the last minute. If you want your parents to lead long life, hospital emergency situations, you can follow this. Not for kids and immature people. Remember, if you  lose 1 family member or parent, things won’t be the same. We all will die one day. That is the bitter truth. Tantra Yoga, can delay death to the maximum, not escape death. There are simple principles to follow. 

At 70s, body aches, for some heart problems may arise, diabetics, cholesterol, hypertension

can be seen in Indian population. Diabetics

is very dangerous at that age. It makes heart weaker, double or triple the risk of heart attacks, stroke, damages nerves, blurry vision, kidney failure or even coma. 

In India, diabetes kills 7 lakh people in a year as of 2024. People with all kind of medical conditions contact me. Some in critical situations and in ventilator support/ICU. I stayed for 6 months in 6 multi speciality hospitals, caring for my elderly parent.

People share lot of paranormal experiences, with me, before accident or death. Just be friendly and ask them, what they are talking. If they constantly see any animal in dream or ancestors, last stage of death has approached. They may be aloof, lose appetite for food, unexplained fear, talking about cremation or after death events, like where to bury or what next. I have seen lot of people. 

My father died at the age of 74, due to heart attack and diabetes complications. I wish I knew this, when he was in the 70s, so he could have got few more years or upto 80 max. Next month, I made lot of research about Diabetics, cholesterol, hypertension, which is very common cause of death worldwide nowadays.

when my father died, my mother age was 61. so a gap of 12+ years. (my age 36)  

 Father was most beloved for family and community. He used to organise lot of charity and helped many. Both father and mother share symbolic role of protector. They have been with you for many years, and once you lose them untimely, you may naturally feel the void for few months. 

Some say, we can be without father or mother.

But if you lose one, happiness may not be the same. Both are important. So whatever you can to save them. Do regular screening for diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and few cancer screening, if you want them to live longer. I can help you to get started, about health parameters. (if you are an astrology follower, you can also meet me in person)

I organise meetups, educating my community about lifestyle diseases, which can be avoided. 

whenever I attend my friends and relatives, I ask them whether they have Diabetics, cholesterol, hypertension and ask them to change diet, exercise, walk for atleast 30 min a day, be physically active, avoid smoking, alcohol. We discuss all safe practises, how diet can change blood sugar levels and parameters of sodium, potassium and creatine.  Sodium and blood sugar fluctuations are very deadly for 70+ ages.

I have seen lot of people with Type 2 diabetes and even Type 1 and see most people, find it difficult to manage. Some people, even contact me about cancer at 3 or 4 stages. Early detection and prevention can increase survival chances. 

If your parents have survived heart attacks in the past, just be careful, it may come again. Regular screening can help to avert or delay for years. I have seen many cases.

If you need any help about Diabetics diet, heart attacks post care, looking sodium and blood sugar levels, hospital care, learn about various health parameters, you can schedule to visit me, stay as long as you can and learn. Learn Tantra Yoga, and use it in emergency situations. Contact me on whatsapp. 

I have few dedicated posts for senior citizens.


Longevity astrology, meetups and Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga – for hospital emergency and caring elderly parents


So your family member, got into accident and in life and death situation in ventilator. or elderly parent in serious condition. there is tantra yoga, to delay death by few months or years. we need to understand stages of death. Strong Hindu beliefs.

 2 window of opportunity. only for serious people. no kids. we all have done this many times. Our astrology followers. we love our family and parents.

1. before brain dead, rituals are possible to extend life by few months or years.

2. person is dead, within 5 minutes we can revive them through tantra yoga. you need to learn this in advance. not in last minute

(note point 2 : this is 10% remote possibility. requires lot of moral courage. I have personally seen this many times. don’t give up to last minute)

 nobody has control over death. if you are a lord shiva devotee, untimely death, wont approach too easily. but if last stage of death arrives, person may go mysteriously.

Note: This is only for serious and determined people. Moral courage to give CPR, last signs of life even though person died in hospital is important. Another person to do simple rituals is very important.

We all love our parents and family members like spouse and children. If you lose an elderly parent, either father or mother, things are not the same. Even though you are fully grown adults, in 30s 40s you may experience lot of grief. You have just  lost a protector. 

In Hinduism, death is fixed. Death cannot be altered by any circusmtances. But there are certain tantric rituals to not escape death, but delay death by few months and even years. You need to learn this in advance. Not at the last minute, when your elderly parents or family member is in the hospital. So during their hospital stays, post discharge, you can do this simple rituals. (No nasty things. No animal sacrifice. Just follow simple meditation, by avoiding non veg, no intimacy, no alchohol, no smoking)

Personal experience:

I have increased the life span of my elderly parent by 2.6 years, after first medical emergency like heart attack. He was in 6 different hospitals for 6 months (multi speciality). Survived death 9 times. 

2 times, doctors almost declared brain dead and we put him in 2 days in ventilator first time and again 11 days in ventilator second time. Any minute death may happen. Its the power of tantra yoga, which saved him. 6 near death in hospitals. We gave CPR, never gave up and so survived. My mother and younger brother, used to look him at morning. I used to look him at night. 

Almost in Coma state for 2 months. Bathing, cleaning all we sacrificed our time to look him. Post discharge 2 accidents at home, 2 falls outdoor again survived. The condition was stable for 16 months after last hospital discharge. Even had dementia for 2 months, lot of physiotherapy sessions to come to normal.  Only timely checkups. 

In the 10th attempt, he got silent attack and passed away mysteriously. (diabetes complications) more than 45+ lakhs in medical expenses. We were ready to sell our property, house, just to see him alive for 1 to 2 years. Entire family, ready for anything. 

Note: Only serious people I support. You need to learn this inperson from me. Just 2 days is enough. Many astrology followers have learned from me, and doing this. Accident cases, Terminal illness, anything can happen, but I have seen many mysterious survival and living for few years. Miracles did happen for many, after major accident or medical emergency life and death situation. 

But it doesn’t work the same for anyone. It may lead to giving false hopes or resentment. Each and every case, I need to personally see, using my spirits vision. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. You need to restrict and do meditation as said, even though person may die. That moral courage and support from other family members to do CPR and last signs of life is very imp. Never give up, until person is dead. 

Even cancer patients, it all depends upon what stage you are.

For elderly parents, we have lot of control. Its upon you, how much determined to increase their longevity. Remember from my personal experience, losing a parent or family member means lost happiness. Do whatever you can to save them. I am happy to share all Hospital care and experiences for post heart attack care and diabetes, since i looked after my elderly parent for astrology followers i find it. I do get lot of hospital cases everyday. Its a vibrant community. we all are together. 

Diabetics, cancer, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, lifestyle diseases i save seen a lot in my astrology followers. I personally have cared for a person for 6 months in hospital for heart attack and diabetes complications.

My personal experience: 

I have done a lot, to save my family member from inevitable death, sacrificing career for 2.5 years. I have a agricultural farm or do business if I find appropriate. Save the parent at any cost. Parents are our source of happiness.

I am  not asking you to give up your ambitions, study abroad, work abroad. But i put lot of emphasis to care for parents. Be careful, if they are 70s. Life is unpredictable. 

We all will die one day. We are just delaying to maximum by Tantra Yoga. 

Circle of life – Uncertainity, happiness, death – stay together community

We all go through different stages of life. New jobs, marriage, buying a house, children, their 

upbringing, looking after parents, their untimely death, accidents. Life cut short. 

We all have gone through such experiences. That is the reason a strong community is important. I personally use astrology, spirits and paranormal methods to see the side of things and give answers instantly. spirits can detect most of frequencies. Your friends, neighbors or relatives, may not have experienced grief before. 

You need to get back in life and keep moving. We all will die, one day. First grand parents, then our relatives, parents. As soon as you lose your 1 parent, you may feel intense grief. That is a part of life. Some people it may come 

early in the form of accidents or disease. There is

no guarantee for life. So the strength lies in astrology and vibrant community. We share experiences. I personally organise lot of meetups, where we meet in person and most of communication happens on whatsapp- voice or video calls. 

If you are in your 70s and 80s, you could see all people in your age groups dying. In this dark age, life is cut short by 10 years. Covid cut short life of many senior citizens. Age 69 is the average lifespan in India, as of 2024.

Loss of job, business loss, loss of a  family member are all part of life. We can get any other job – don’t worry. We can even make money later- dont worry. But any death of family member is irreversible. You may mourn for days, depending upon relationship.

 So why not you share those experiences, in the form of post, I can share in my website, you can get support from our community, after reading your story, if they find similar experiences. Contact me on whatsapp. 

Whether it may be your family member in hospital in ventilator or ICU in critical situation, we have rituals for serious people. This should learnt before. Not at last minute.We call it Tantra yoga.  After death rituals for elderly people and we support each other. 

I personally have seen many accidents, deaths, funerals, done many hospital emergency rituals for my community, after death rituals. Some die of cardiac arrest, cancer, accidents, flu, old age and list goes on. 

Diabetics, cancer, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, lifestyle diseases i save seen a lot in my astrology followers. I personally have cared for a person for 6 months in hospital for heart attack and diabetes complications.

If your parents are in critical situation, care for them first. Don’t listen to relatives, neighbors, friends. You can still make money later. But if you lose a parent or family member, you never get it back. Don’t be caught in rat race. 

 If your job is flexible, try to be near to them, like relocating to same city, or same country. If they are 70s, be careful about their health. Anything unexpected may happen. Regular screenings, yoga can help to extend life and longevity. 

death may approach any person anytime respectively of class, age, gender. If you have lost any family member or someone you love recently just let me know. Accidents, heart attacks are very common in youngsters, it is a disturbing trend. We are a big community, we face bad phases of life together. You are not alone. After death rituals hindu, i can guide on this. 

Diabetes, cancer, old age complications, hypertension, lifestyle diseases you can discuss with me. you can also schedule and meet me in person if appropriate.Contact me on whatsapp.

Life is full of uncertainity. You need support in the form of family members or community. If you live or work, study outside the country or different state in same country, you may not get support during tough times. That is the purpose of our online astrology community, on what can be done on those tough phases of life. We all are together. 

What happens to soul after death – do this immediately


Respect soul after death. Do this immediately. Your elderly family member or grandparents or even spouse or children have met an untimely death, due to accidents, disease or old age. Whatever it may be, the soul still hangs out in the
earth plane for 8 days, before moving to otherworld. I have a discussion with many astrologers and elderly people, some say its 8 days, some 13 days, some even said 1 year. It varies from customs. Strong hindu beliefs.

Most of the hindu customs, have just 24 hours to either bury or cremate the body. The dead person, may be in confused state if untimely death. It could see everyone visiting the home, hear what your talking about, hangout in favorite
places like bedroom, balcony, hall, garden and favorite spots near house. So This window of opportunity for 8 to 13 days is very important to respect deceased soul. I also organise after death rituals. It could even see, the emotions of people,
like who is crying, cremating the body, strong emotions. I personally felt lot of paranormal experiences, when my elderly parent passed away and it may require another post.

The first 16 days, we avoid non veg food, no alcohol, no smoking, avoid physical intimacy with spouse, don’t watch adult theme content or self gratification. If you are in relationship with someone, tell your boyfriend/girlfriend, I have lost
a family member and will get back after 16 days. (The dead person can watch everyone in this 16 days period, due to its attachment) By cremating or bury the body, both get into reality, that the person is dead, and get into terms.
Each and every person have their own mourning and bereavement periods. This happens due to sudden loss and untimely death of a most beloved family member.

You can call all family members or closed ones in a different room, and explain to the soul, that it was an accident and how it happened. We all miss you and love you. This communication, it can hear. (Assume the person is standing in
front of you)

I personally lost my younger brother and elderly father at age 74, due to cardiac arrest and diabetic complications. It was very untimely death. I felt the strong presence of my parent for next 8 days. As an astrologer, I even tried to communicate with other paranormal methods and meditation. My elderly parent said “I tried to call you. But you didn’t hear” and cried for everyone. Such frequency, others can feel, but I felt a strong presence.

In many houses, after death first few days many paranormal things happen, like electric devices trip or defective. Grief and mourning in first 2 weeks is common. No matter the age of the person, if the person is very beloved or loved by everyone it is a loss. Any death, after 80+ is not a personal tragedy. The body becomes weak and naturally gives up. The average lifespan is 69 in India, as of 2024. Any death below the age of 65 is considered untimely.
But you will cope with that, due to strong support system of relatives and other family members.

Things not to do:

1. Don’t sit on their favorite chair, don’t use their personal belongings like watches, jewelry, their clothes for the first 20 days. The deceased person, may see this and may feel bad.

2. For charity of their personal belongings, wait for atleast 20 days or upto 1 year. Imagine the person, seeing you giving their personal belongings. It may feel bad. We have strong beliefs.

3. Some animals visit your home, in different forms, some birds come within a month. Please don’t chase them. Just pray like namaste and ask for forgiveness. It’s the soul in different form. If possible feed them
with rice, water and other foods. I have seen birds in distress.

4. Every year on Shradda day, please do after death rituals. Different regions in India, have different Hindu customs. You provide the soul with rice and water on this day. All ancestors of fathers and mothers side, are honored on this day.
Please don’t make them hungry. This one day food offering of rice and water, is food for entire year.

5. People most important to the deceased person, like their friends, relatives or colleagues, if they visit your home during mourning days, treat them well. The deceased may feel upset, if you are indifferent to them.

6. Don’t visit temples, for first 14 days.

7. Don’t speak anything negative or bad about the deceased person during first 15 days. The soul may feel bad.

I don’t attend any functions, marriages for upto 1 year. It’s your option. I also do lot of charity, to honour my dead soul, using their photo and name. Most beloved people, I consider.

Note: You can contact me on whatsapp, if you need any guidance. We all have gone through tough times. I have visited lot of funerals, done lot of hospital emergency rituals, after death rituals, visited many hospitals where my
astrology followers are in serious condition. I personally have lost 2 family members, my younger brother and elderly father, at the time of writing this post, and understand others grief.

We are a vibrant community. You may not get support from relatives, friends sometimes. But we support each other. Many of my astrology followers have lost most beloved ones in accidents, untimely death. We stay together. You are not alone.

I personally have Grief support group for my astrology followers. I may also meet them, in person if appropriate. Also share this blog post to people in grief or just lost someone. Don’t miss the window of opportunity of
first 16 days to respect the soul.


You should also read this post.  The practical aspects are mentioned here. 


Hindu Grief Support

Grief support group (Hindu)

We all lose our family members at some point in life, due to old age, accidents and acts of nature. Sometimes, your friends, neighbors, relatives may not be supportive, because they have never experienced similar grief before. You need the help of real community. You are not alone. 

I also organise, physical meetups, if appropriate.

Death may approach any person anytime respectively of class, age, gender. If you have lost any family member or someone you love recently just let me know. I do hear lot of accidents, deaths on daily basis of my astrology followers. We do meet in person if appropriate. 

Accidents, heart attacks are very common in youngsters, it is a disturbing trend. We are a big community, we face bad phases of life together. You are not alone. After death rituals hindu, i can guide on this.

Diabetes, cancer, old age complications you can discuss with me. you can also schedule and meet me in person if appropriate. I organise lot of meetups, and we also meet if appropriate.

Join the community.  You are not alone. How to participate in the discussion is described in the link. Click here.

Group rules:

  1. communication english only
  2. no abuse/profanity
  3. keep it simple and respect each other privacy

my own experience.

I lost 2 family members. my younger brother at early age. I lost my father in april 2024, due to heart attack and diabetes complications. I was 36, when father died at age 74 unexpectedly. so i understand others grief.


Share your experiences:

Pls share your experiences like hospital, paranormal experiences, grief after losing most beloved one, i can feature on my blog. we are a vibrant community. we all have gone through such experiences. you are not alone.

I also organise physical meetups to share hospital and paranormal experiences. After death rituals, emergency hospital rituals and Tantra yoga for serious critical situations. 

Secrets of full moon and dark moon in astrology l amavasya poornima

A quick 5 minute video, about amavasya, purnima.

Westerners call it as full moon day, dark moon (no moon) day. These 2 astrological phases of moon, have lot of significance in hindu astrology and many schools of astrology in particular. Every month, we have 1 dark moon (no moon) and 1 full moon (new moon) day. So we have average of 12 full moon day and 12 dark moon (or no moon) days in a year. Most of the important festivals in various cultures, if it falls in these days, then the day is considered powerful as per almanac. There will be mood swings in human about love, relationships, sex, dating, attraction, jobs, career, business opportunities, evil eye and black magic, witchcraft, occult, summon spirits at peak on these days.

No moon (dark moon) or amavasya secrets: 

Evil spirits energies will be at the peak on no moon or dark moon days. Ghosts, pretas, vampires, paranormal entities will be in peak of power. Most of the shamans and black magicians are most active on these days.

Appeasing kshudra devathas, evil spirits and various nature spirits and animal spirits to build a strong bond or connection with them or honour them. The next 15 days, after no moon or dark moon, the moon gains visibility, as each day passes by.

There will be high tides in ocean, accidents, crimes, murders, dangerous fights, rifts and even random terrorists attacks based on my years of observation. So avoid major travels for personal/business purpose on these days. You may travel the next day or plan accordingly. Including avoid signing new business proposals, new venture, buying new car, equipment or gadgets, hiring employees on these days.

People born on these days, have some kind of psychic powers and intuition, which will be visible in later stages in life. Avoid visiting shady areas like nightclubs, pubs, bars, lonely and deserted places, because chances of encounter with anti social elements, drug addicts are high. Many cases reported, particularly at night. Always be on light and crowded areas, where there is lot of foot traffic and be careful about your keys, gadgets like smartphone, cash and valuables. Most of the things get stolen and misplaced on these days. There is no light in atmosphere, and anything can happen in just few seconds. Avoid  certain trees, where evil spirits hang out. Most of the astrology and superstitious inclined people, take lot of vows and fulfill small vows, celibacy, avoid sex. alcohol, no non veg, and any other forms of entertainment of senses. In return, the spirits gets pleased and bless them with various magical abilities, as per various customs. So, most of my astrology followers are highly superstitious and plan these 2 days in advance, their schedule, travel and daily activities. Many of them observe fast from morning to evening or as per their capacity, with small intake of food here and there. Vows for good marriage (if looking for a soul mate), business opportunities, partnerships, seek help in enemy problems, improve financial positions, jobs, promotions, hike in salary and various, tantra and occult practises are done on these days.

Full moon (new moon) or purnima secrets

After 15 days, we will have full moon day where moon’s energy keeps on increasing in strength after no moon day. On Poornima (full moon day) is of great astrological significance in hindu astrology and various astrology schools in world. Various rituals, vows are made to gods, guardians and good spirits. A bowl of rice and glass of water is offered to dead ancestors on amavasya days (no moon and dark moon days). Practises vary on different regions and customs. Honoring the dead ancestors on amavasya are of great significance.

A lot of whitemagic rituals, honour guardians and spirits, spellcasting or spells, travels, new business agreements signing, partnerships, partnerships, start of new business, buying costly gadgets and equipments are done on this day, along with consultation of astrologer for certain almanac timings. If your horoscope operating dasha and placement is very good, many surprises and opportunities come in your way.

In Indian astrology and hindu astrology, dead ancestors are also honoured on this day, start of a new venture. The position of moon cycle is at the peak and light intensity at peak. People born on these days, have intuition and hidden occult abilities. Most of the popular festivals in hindu astrology, come on this day, since the day is considered very auspicious for multiple purposes.

Amavasya and Purnima secrets: 

Moon energies are very important for attraction, charishma, charm and win grace and goodwill of female dieties and even females. Moon determines the human nature, sudden behavior, mood swings, anxiety, depression, restlessness and hidden fears.

So stable condition of moon is very important. Otherwise you will be always worried about past, imaginary fears, nostalgia, obsessed with love, dating, relationships.

If Moon is good in your chart, you will receive lot of support from mature and elderly females, emotional and even financial support if appropriate. So most of the superstitious people, they do lot of rituals, take vow for a day, avoid sex, alcohol, avoid non veg and treat forces of  mother nature well. In return, the supernatural bless you with opportunities and lot of surprises on the way. You need to win over them, and they can sense your intent or intention.


If you are looking for soulmate or marriage, life partner, overcome enemy problems, evil eye, court cases, litigations, attract new opportunities in career, business partners, then we strongly suggest you to do certain rituals and take vow upto your capacity on these days, under the guidance of astrologer.


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Astrology on visa, green card, foreign travels, settlement, citizenship (full clarity)

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Astrology on visa, green card, foreign travels, settlement, citizenship (full clarity)

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