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Planetary influence and wave theory (new theory)

Horary astrology and innovative applications.

Used for tracking movements to own or flip real estate, cars, boats, industrial equipment, products, services, franchise and any other items of value) (Holy grail)

horary astrologer timing flip flipping astrology

Note: I have prepared 5 minutes video about “Planetary influence and waves theory”. Pls have a look. 



Planetary influence and waves theory.

This is my own theory. In the past few years, I was working on a system. How to sell real estate, cars, boats, gadgets, equipment, machinery okay,articles like that. So we can calculate any kind of buyers, sellers in the pool and any transactions, so that you can decide, whether to buy an item, whether to rent an equipment, whether buying is ideal or not. So many people approach me for the same, I mean loyal subscribers. Some people are highly passionate about real estate. They love buying and selling real estate, holding it for some time, flipping it after few months to make a profit.

We can say how the market is moving, whether we can make sale with that particular person or buyer or prospect, what is the exact or average price range or scale or ratio you can sell. I mean average. I can give you answers instantly. Spirits can check the vibes. Spirits have crytal ball or radar like vision. It looks through its own eyes, and gives us the answers, through their medium, which is magical.

Some people are passionate about buying and selling luxury cars. They love buying cars, holding for some time and flipping it for profit. Even gadgets and high end machinery and
equipment. High end mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, DSLR or high end cameras,studio equipment. Even big showroom dealers, shop owners they approach me.

I can calculate and tell you the time frame, when you will get the buyer, what is the exact time frame and price range you can sell.we can calculate these kind of combinations using astrology.

I need a basic description of the product to get started. Ex: If you are selling a car, I want to know the make of the car, model, a photo will be ideal, to help spirits to directly connect with its energies and give instant answers or within few minutes.
If you are selling a smartphone, the make and model of the phone. Whatever it is, a photo will do fine. The same principle works for boats, real estate and any othet physical item, which you can buy sell and flip it for profit. Spirits will instantly connect with that
object, article or items energy and instantly gives answers.

Spirits have crytal ball and radar like vision. It knows what happens after few hours, days, weeks, months, years in advance. However, we should not, abuse or misuse its energies. We may lose the relationship with the spirit, and may not respond. So there are certain people, we don’t deal with them in first place.

If you are interested to buy sell and flipping timing, price range and calculations, pls schedule consultation through email and I will arrange time for voice call.

buy-sell-horary timing astrology buying selling



This information is very crucial, before getting into any deal. A lot of people are using this science in certain parts of globe. But they never discuss, any such system in general public. This art gained a lot of momentum on 17th century, then went underground, to protect likes and interests of few people.

bear is back in woods mystic horary astrology

Any deal they enter, be it developing real estate, flipping cars, boats, business, industrial equipment, contracts,lease/rent or any items of commercial value, high stakes games (movements tracked using astrology) so that they know very well when a desired movement (buy/sell/flip) is going to happen in advance. Timing is an important factor in todays fast changing world.

You must also visit this post. Astrology = Language of hope 

But the real problem is “The science is kept hidden to protect likes and interests of few people. The general public doesn’t even know, there exists a system to track such movements with great accuracy. Most of the time, people don’t know whom to contact for such info, so that they can take calculated decisions. There is pain in the marketplace to buy/sell and flipping certain assets. Here is a fix for that. Contact me, before you jump into any deal. I can tell you the pros n cons of the venture or movement, whether to go forward or avoid it for good.”

I have dedicated a lot of time and years of observation to understand this planetary pattern and its influence, and it worked very well like a charm. Build your reserves or resources using this system, avoid bad deals for good, save time and avoid putting all your efforts to sell that particular asset later.

This system is kept hidden to balance the buyer/seller ratio.

If you need a clear picture, of how this system helps you, contact me using the below mentioned methods. Somewhat, revived the system to put it in good use.

skype id: mailharsha08 (Skype call setup/VOIP)

I can calculate and give a accurate time frame, when the particular movement is going to happen.

Disclaimer: Currently we are also doing lot of beta test, to perfect the art. This art is purely based on timing, and I may discard certain requests, if appropriate.

Note: Information required from you to get started. 

A small description about the object you are going to buy or sell. (Ex: Car or real estate). Describe whatever you know about the object. A photo will be ideal. (optional)

I will request my spirits, to determine a prospect or buyer/seller, the date frame, the price range and other metrics and any other suggestions and improvements, if the spirits provide me. 

Other questions, which match this category. (optional)

Do I need to lower the price range? (to sell faster or to just make a sale)

Market conditions? Is this price range ideal? Is this buyer or seller trustworthy or shady deal?  

Horary astrology and innovative applications.

Astrology = Language of hope


Gemstones hidden power – invisible forces of nature

Gemstones hidden power – invisible forces of nature


Gemstones have hidden powers and can take you to great heights, if used properly. It is embedded inside earth crust for 1000 years and then mined. Anybody who can invoke the planet and then wear this gemstone on a particular lunar day, as per your horoscope, gives the owner great powers. It changes the vibrations,frequency and energy level,aura of your body, which opens the doors to lot of hidden opportunities, which is otherwise not possible using mundane efforts.

Leverage the power of energised gemstones from an expert,and bring mysterious changes in your life.Everybody needs some
energy from the planets.

Order a custom reading, if interested.


Gemstone recommendation $15 only (2 to 3 paragraph reading) + followup 2 times on email if appropriate.

The reading consists of 2 to 3 paragraph. I will analyse your natal chart, the astrological configuration. Please provide me the correct details. I will suggest a gemstone and all compatible gemstones, suitable to your astrological configuration.

We will also provide details like carat, weight, name of gemstome, whether it can be embedded in gold, silver or copper, whether it can be worn as ring, amulet or talisman. You can directly approach a jewellery store with this info or a gemstone dealer and get custom made for you

The energisation ritual is very important. I will also suggest  the time to wear that ring on particular lunar day or key auspicious day. Since gemstone is embedded on earth crust for 100’s of years it carries certain powers. Just wear the gemstone on particular time/date of lunar day and that particular planet will be pleased with you. There are other key external factors (confidential) along with this, and I will explain it either through email or voice calls.

Cost $15 only

I need the following details to get started. Please provide correct details.


2. Date of birth format : dd/mm/yyyy

3. Time of birth : 24 hours format (or mention am or pm correctly)

4. city/country

5. total no of questions to be asked, as per reading.

Email the above details to (OR) we support voice calls too. 

The reading will be sent through email, within 24 hours. Thanks for buying.

(OR) I suggest voice calls on skype, whatsapp or FB, for best user experience, because you can ask questions in real time.

Lost and found – find, trace, search or locate lost items, missing dogs and cats using astrology

Lost and found – find, trace, search or locate lost items, missing dogs and cats using astrology


Lost dogs or cats? Missing cats or dogs cases are very common. I could see lot of cases posted on social media like facebook and twitter. On average 1000s of cats, dogs, parrots, pigeon and other pets go missing worldwide on daily basis. The figure is much more. The guardians or loved ones are very desperate during such situations. They invest lot of money on flyers, newspapers, agencies, law authorities and more and what not. There is a big community of animal and wildlife admirers worldwide. I care for animals and wildlife too. They need a space on their own.

Even I get lost or missing cases of horses, exotic animals and pets. Spirits have radar like vision and instantly connect with the object. They work on different planes and frequencies.


lost and found cats dogs horse son daughter man woman

I can understand, how much the owner is depressed once they lose their pets like cats or dogs or any animals, birds just missing for some minutes. You can contact me for the same, I can analyse the situation and give insights.

Make sure, you provide information such as pets last seen or spotted, enquire with the neighborhood, look the places they hangout too often, inform authorities if possible. Then you can contact me. I will do my best to help you, using astrology.
Skype id: mailharsha08
We support email too.


I have lost an object or item. Can you help me? (most common request, I hear on daily basis)

Lost your favorite item, articles, ring, necklace, chain,keys, car, bike, pets. I can help you using astrology and spirits help. Instant answers. High chances they can be misplaced or even theft or stolen. Any stolen goods can be detected by spirits and horary astrology help. In some cases, nothing much can be done about it. It is already transferred or passed on to someone. Lost objects or items can be anything of commercial value or sentimental value, connected with object. Gold jewellery, diamonds, wedding ring, laptop, phones, smartphones, gadgets, wallet, purse, money, debit or credit cards, currency, dollar bills, gold or silver coins, amulets, bracelet, ear rings, special protection lucky charms,even designer or trending and flashy clothes, shoes, vehicles, luggages or suitcases, important documents, and many security cameras, house decoration addons, idols, antique and vintage items or any handmade handicrafts or articles are common list of lost objects and items, I get on daily basis. Even stolen goods and theft can be determined using horary astrology and spirits help.

Mobile phone or smartphone thefts (android, apple ios and other high end mobiles), laptops, cash, jewellery, credit or debit cards theft, misplaced or luggage or personal goods stolen during travel are very common.

stolen goods or theft horary astrology
find or locate stolen goods, items and theft using horary astrology l burglary robbery
mugging extortion using vedic astrology


Note: Information required from you to get started:

A small description about the animal, the city/state/country,  where animal is last seen, did you make any enquiries/searches or contacting me, as soon as you lost contact with them.   

Since how long the animal  is missing? (Ex: just now, 5 hours, 3 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or 1 year)

Did you approach law authorities or not? A photo of the animal, will be ideal. (optional). This will help my spirits, to easily detect the animal and sync with their energies. 

Note: In case of lost objects or items, replace animal with <lost object>

I have seen many miracles in my career, that is the lost object itself magnifies to the owner, once a spirit energy is invoked. Misplaced items and if you don’t remember it, it manifests in some form. Karma matters for this. 

But in cases of theft and robbery or stolen scenarios, nothing much can be done about it. 

lost missing articles items astrology
find or locate lost or missing articles items or misplaced money, purse, wallet, debit or credit cards, cars, bikes, motorcycle, jewellery or gold silver chain, documents, keys, files using horary astrology


Seek spirits help

 stolen-goods-dacoity-robbery-astrology      theft-extortion-mugging-gunpoint-knifepoint-astrology theft-robbery-dacoity-extortion-horary-astrology

Missing person –find, trace, search or locate lost or missing person using astrology

Missing person –find, trace, search or locate lost or missing person using astrology

Missing person: Everyday 1000’s of people are missing worldwide. I can help you to trace or locate missing person. I will do my best to help you. No obligations!! Make sure you give information such as person last seen or found, enquire the neighborhood and contact authorities if appropriate.

Missing person –find, trace, search or locate lost or missing person using astrology


Get clues about missing person using horary astrology. Instant answers

Contact me asap, so that I can do an analysis, before situation goes out of hand. No obligations!!

Skype id: mailharsha08
We support email too.


Get clues about missing person, using horary astrology and spirits. So the possibilities are alive, dead, wounded, captured, lost in forest or woods, under captive, drugged, mugged or worse. Even cases of abduction, kidnapping, ransom cannot be ruled out. Some people are just unpredictable and aggressive, and just disappear without informing their loves ones. They must have done this many times in the past. Whatever, my spirits  have radar like vision and can give clues, where he can be right now.  Old people and children are the most common missing cases.

Missing person cases are very common. I could see lot of cases posted on social media like facebook and twitter. On average 1000s of people go missing worldwide on daily basis. The figure is much more. The guardians or loved ones are very desperate during such situations. They invest lot of money on flyers, newspapers, agencies, law authorities and more and what not.

My astrology art, can give an insight of the situation and guides you, what can be done during such tough situations.(stressful situations) Most of the times, the person in question will do come back soon, without any afflictions. But its good to analyse the same.

Sometimes the missing person can be found, after lot of efforts in searching, like lost in the woods during hikes or worse. Whatever, I can give insights about the situation, if you can contact me soon, before it is too late.

Most of the common missing person or lost  cases can be father, mother, brother, sister, children, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, cousin, close relative, friend or neighbor. Children under 18 and adults above 60+ are most common missing person cases.

Share this on all social media, whatsapp and other platforms. Thanks.

Note: Information required from you to get started:

A small description about the person, the city/state/country,  where he/she is last seen, did you make any enquiries/searches or contacting me, as soon as you lost contact with them. 

Since how long he/she is missing? (Ex: just now, 5 hours, 3 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or 1 year)

Did you approach law authorities or not? A photo of the person, will be ideal. (optional). This will help my spirits, to easily detect the person and sync with their energies. 


murders mass killing astrology horoscope  Rape Prostitution serial killers Astrology

Analyse gambling, betting, wagering and speculation luck using vedic astrology

Analyse gambling, betting, wagering and speculation luck using  vedic astrology

gambling astrology sports betting casinos

A lot of my astrology followers, do believe in luck, destiny, karma and games of chance. (They align with our principles and house rules of spirits)

Everyday millions in the world aspire to win lottery, sweepstakes,games of chance or some kind of financial windfall, through gambling, betting, speculation, wagering, horse racing, unexpected sudden wealth, will or inheritance is also a kind of pennies from heaven. Using astrology, such trends can be seen.  To be frank,there should be a strong karma or planetary promise to make it happen. You can consult me for the same for gambling astrology. I shall do an analysis, and see all possible combinations and odds.

A lot of gamblers worldwide contact me on daily basis. Most of them are good friends of mine. Horse racing bets and football pools are very popular among them followed by other betting forms in their country. Even people who try their luck in casinos, both online and offline like blackjack, poker, dealing with cards, slots machines, wheel of fortune and games of chance, dice all contact me. 

I could sense the energies of gamblers instantly, as soon as they contact me on phone, whatsapp, email, skype or in person. Astrologically gambling is all about luck and energy (aura) which varies from person to person. Very few are extremely lucky in gambling or other forms of games of chance. A particular spirit, can influence the wheel, dice, cards and even intuition. Many mysteries here and many principles to follow. Gambling is not for everyone. For serious people, we have certain mystic exercises. But I don’t entertain all such requests. We also have a queue to manage. Since a lot of my astrology followers are gamblers, align with our principles, I am writing this post. These astrology followers have good relationship with me. 

gambling sports betting join ad

Some of these guys, have won jackpots and I  hear lot of small winnings here and there, few times in a week. It is completely random luck. Astrology and spirits may help to increase odds, for those guys who follow principles and house rules of spirits. To be frank, gambling is not for everyone. Atleast, there are few people, who play lottery and other games of chance. They set aside a small budget for lottery every month, and it doesn’t affect their lifestyle. Everyone aspires (most of my astrology followers) to try their luck in games of chance. The house always has an advantage or edge and always wins. 

People with good gambling combinations in astrology chart (na tal or birth chart), I see them on daily basis. They have an edge over games of chance. Other people, you can request help of spirits, but there are certain principles and house rules to follow. (Includes spells, simple exercises and meditation). People do share their gambling experiences with me. For some, gambling addiction is a serious problem. Such people, it is better to stay away from gambling.

Note: This gambling astrology reading is not for everyone. It is for my established subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. Please contact me before if you want to buy reading about gambling astrology. (for newcomers). The payment tab is enabled to cater needs of my established followers or customers. 

However, there are certain spirits, which can help you in gambling. There are certain rules to follow and it doesn’t suits everyone. I should see the karma in your chart, whether planetary combinations are supporting for certain kinds of gambling and then proceed if appropriate. Betting astrology is not everyone’s cup of tea. (Lot of casino players, request astrology exercises on daily basis)

In my astrology system, there are certain houses and calculations, which gives a clear idea about gambling gains, the appropriate time and when to exit. However, spirits have different energies and any determined person can win over them, which has certain abilities like magical, which helps in wagering or betting as per astrology. Spirits energies work on certain frequencies and vibrations, and there are certain people spirits like to work with, if you align with their principles and don’t annoy them. 

Karma and planetary combinations carries maximum weightage. I have lot of followers from different countries, who believe in spirits and incorporate them in their life. However, there are certain people, we don’t deal with them in the first place. You can have a look at the FAQ page for reasons. 

Some charts are considered lucky, otherwise please stay away from speculation or gambling. However,certain rituals and with the help of lucky charms can help you to increase odds to some extent. (many exceptions)

A lot of people,inbox me about gambling astrology readings and speculation on daily basis. There are certain people, we may not deal with. Please read “FAQ” for more information. You can consider to try someone in your local area, some other astrologer or website. I also have a queue to manage and may not have time to look after gambling readings in particular.

Community of gamblers worldwide: (my past astrology followers)

I have managed to built a community of gamblers worldwide, who are interested in sports betting like horse racing, football pools and those guys who frequent casinos, play slot machines and other games of chance. Most of my astrology followers are highly superstitious about gambling. Luck is what matters in gambling. My mystic charts and spirits can instantly determine, how those energies are working for you.

gambling sports betting join ad


My personal experience, while interacting with lot of gamblers:

A lot of gamblers, I have interacted with, are very superstitious and highly interesting people. They follow astrology principles, and spirit rules to improve their luck. My astrology followers (those into gambling) avoid non veg foods, alcohol and other beverages, toxic and smoking and abstinence. Including the clothes they wear while gambling, have showed some difference in my observation. If possible, don’t wear shoes, jewellers, watches (except amulets and talisman if any) because they may restrict energy flow.

Meditation is required to be calm at table or venue. There are certain objects, where gamblers get rid through, because it is associated with bad luck. Some of the gamblers only consider playing certain tables, certain dealers, certain dates and only favorite games. Gambling is played for pleasure and leisure. Of course, there are few of my astrology followers itself, who have gambling addiction problem. Some have lost a lot and I don’t want to mention. Most of the gambling venues, having disclaimers for responsible gambling.

They even have options like self exclusion, time outs, daily/weekly budget limit. Certain astrology combinations, in my astrology practise are known to support forms of gambling. But majority of them, it is all about random luck and seeking help of certain spirits, meditation and exercises. (for risk takers only)

Most of them are also practising my mystic arts, simple exercises and meditation to improve their chakras and energy levels. Most of them follow certain rituals before gambling, having bath, meditate for few minutes, request help from talisman, amulets and occult object binded if any. They also believe in vaastu shastra, avoid hurting animals and other fellow human beings.

gambling sports betting join ad

Mystic arts (a lot of my astrology followers practise this.




Marriage, Astrology, Psychology and other factors (natural lucky charm)

A lot of people worldwide, approach me for marriage, match making, dating, soulmate, choose the best compatibility in the pool of  available options. A lot of my subscribers, requested me to write a post on this topic.


I have prepared 10 min video, speaking about marriage, psychology, luck and astrology factors.Pls have a look.


I have analysed 3000+ astrology charts in this area. I could see a clear pattern which determines mileage in marriage, birth chart not needed, I can instantly erect a mystic chart and determine this, within 5 minutes, how long this relationship will survive or breakup after marriage, divorce, issues after marriage, ego and arrogant issues, dowry, alimony, difficult to sync with in laws or too demanding, domestic violence, freedom compromised, imposed lot of restrictions say few months after marriage. It is wise, both the people discuss these aspects after marriage upfront, to avoid any issues or misunderstanding later. I can also help you on this, to determine the best odds. If you have multiple proposals in line, or just a specific proposal, we can have a look.

For those having difficulty to find a soulmate or love, I also have mystic exercises, by invoking a particular spirit, who has helped many in such matters. I don’t want to speak much about it, but you can contact me for consultation if appropriate. The Karma in your chart matters. I have seen many marriages, with lot of breakups and divorces in a row. Their natal or birth chart clearly shows me such pattern. They are high risk charts. I can also give you suggestions to improve that love karma , marriage and relationship karma with certain simple exercises, which can increase the aura and remove such blocks. We can determine the odds.

Don’t take chances. It is better to consult a good astrologer in your area, before initiating the final step.

I consider factors like matching and compatibility by universe, which is clearly shown in match making analysis. Next is their karma levels, what they have to tide through in this life, good and bad. Longevity of both spouses.

Also physical, emotional and psychological match is the key source of happiness and spark factor after marriage and mileage for the relationship. After having lot of experiences in this area, dealing with different people, I personally give them few suggestions and improvements if any.I give lot of consideration to this, and always choose the best in the pool, if you bring me multiple options or picks.

Marriage if done correctly with right astrological factors, will multiply luck or creates luck. I have personally seen many such cases, in my available pool of subscribers and happy with them. Seen their career improving in just 3 to 12 months, their business expanding and skyrocketing like never before, name, fame, popularity, more authority and favors from high authorities. Some luck exchange has happened and one spouse lucky chart, has saved the other. Also, if one spouse is having bad transition in life, the other lucky spouse chart, will neutralise and balance such energies. Everything in this universe is energy.

Also after the child birth, I have seen many instances of luck creation. Yes, children can bring luck to the couple. It is also a mystery of nature. I dont want to talk much. But I have seen major shift in energy levels, bond strengthened and more mature after having children. Career, luck changes after child birth.

Remember reverse is also true, if marriage is matched with wrong compatibility. I have also seen many marriages breaking after few months, just because one side is egoistic and arrogant, very difficult to control and handle. I have seen many marriages broken, due to two couples fighting with each other, like competing who is the best, who is earning more, he he. This is particularly common in IT industry, doctors and some notable professions. I have many such stories, and don’t want to mention here. Can give lot of examples during consultation, he he.

Dowry : Root of all evil

Dowry demands after marriage is increasing. . I have seen many pestering cases. There are many good people in this world, who don’t impose such demands. So a caution in this area. Instead go for the one who understands you, respect who you are, your skills, more than dowry. Odds of surviving such marriages are very low.  Its a free will. If you are not comfortable with such customs, rampant in few parts of the world, it is wise to walk away from such proposals.

Blackmagic and evil eye:

Also, I  believe blackmagic and evil eye destroying marriages. Yes, It is 100% possible. I could see a clear pattern in my mystic chart. Don’t annoy any holy men, tantrik, sacrilege, provoke any person who practices blackmagic or dark arts. I have personally seen lot of cases, and found worth mentioning. A spark is enough to turn everything upside down, and I have seen it taking a toll.  Jealousy, envy is the major factor and this concerns worldwide, not limited to a particular country.

I believe marriage is an opportunity to understand each other problems, setbacks and work a way to fix the problems, not create problems or stir problems after marriage.

Manglik dosh and other compatibility mismatch: (few have it)

Manglik dosh is another one serious affliction in the house of mangalya. The marriages of such people are affected worldwide. I suggest a mandatory remedy for this, if you have it. Contact me directly for consultation, I will give you suggestions on how to neutralise this. Because each any every chart is different. Accidents, divorce, diseases, untimely death, ego and emotional outbursts after marriage are linked to this dosh. So please don’t take chances. Once mandatory remedy is done, you can lead normal life, with small remedies at certain time intervals here and there.

Also, there is lot about karma, for both spouses, which varies for person to person. Contact me directly for consultation and I could give a clear picture.

Psychology: (my new theory)

This is my own addition. Psychology of a spouse matters for happiness, content and understanding throughout their life. I have seen good marriages turning hostile, due to difference in views and opinions, their taste and mentality is different. I personally suggest my clients, to choose a spouse who matches and aligns with your qualities.

compatibility mismatch:

There is also a compatibility mismatch, which makes other spouse bed ridden and sick after marriage. I have advised not to proceed with such combination, because Karma matters and takes over after some time. There are certain forces of nature, which we have no control, despite any remedies. Strange are the workings of nature.  There were some exceptional cases, which I found compatibility mismatch, they were deep in love cases and I personally suggest if the particular spouse can give you happiness, despite the universe doesn’t want to unite you, go for it. Let them live happily for a short period of time. After some time, Karma will take full effect and they are obliged to payback consequences of past life Karma, which I don’t want to discuss here. There are always charts in match making to neutralise your bad afflictions if any. You just need to keep looking, until a perfect match aligns in your way!

Divorce cases:

Those who are unfortunately divorced, by forces of nature not under our control, we have see the odds for future marriage and other possibilities. Many are doing well, after second marriage and living normal and happy and content. We can also see, if there is any possibility to fix the old marriage, even after divorce. There are odds, if Karma supports it. There may be small window of opportunity, but most of them just let it go. We can have a look, at this angle. Divorce is not the end of world, right? It is just a manifestation of some Karma, and the energy has to be diverted in some form. Some people, even have multiple divorces to be frank. Karma playing on them. We can see what are the available options in the pool, and see if there is someone who can still match you?


Extreme cases:

I have also seen many extreme cases, where mutiple marriage proposals are denied in a row or no marriage due to afflictions and curses in astrological chart, Karma, curses specific to family and lineage. Also problems after marriage and many series of divorces after marriage. We can determine the odds and see, what can be sone. You just need  a boost in energy, work on the Karma, which is causing this, and things stabilise. There are certain simple exercises, which can increase the odds for marriage. Karma matters!

How to properly use matrimonial sites online? ( for people who believe in astrology and match making factors)

I get lot of these kind of questions, either from the parents looking for a match for their son or daughter and even from people actively searching for match in online matrimonial sites.

Most of the people waste a lot of time on matrimonial sites. They schedule a meeting with whomever they find fit, welcome them to their home, have a talk, and at the final stage, discovers that horoscope is not matching and decides to quit. It is a waste of time, energy and resources. I have seen people scheduling in person meeting with match for 20+ to 50+ and finally discovers horoscope not matching, if everything matching, they themselves find its not their kind and dodge the proposal.

I suggest to hide the phone number and email address, initiate chat through chat window only or inbuilt inbox or message system. If someone profile interests you and exactly matches, what you are looking for, ask for their date of birth, time and location, in case it is not displayed in the profile in advance. See whether the horoscopes are matching and also Karma is supporting. If yes, its upto you to schedule a  meeting or introduce them to your parents and see, what they want to say.

marriage matrimony astrology

Only schedule in person meeting, if the probability of matching the marriage is high.You can ask any concerns or few questions directly on phone and then schedule a meeting if appropriate.  Just my views and opinion. I have seen lot of my astrology subscribers, who went through all these, and cannot leave this point. Marriage turned down at last minute, due to horoscope not matching  and other reasons. Understand the psychology of person on phone, only schedule a meeting, if odds for fix are high. This way you will avoid wasting lot of time, energy and resources, for those proposals which will be denied at last minute.

How can an astrologer help you?

As soon as you find, few profiles interesting, their job, place, attitude, and other factors, you feel they physically, emotionally and psychologically can sync with you or you searching for son/daughter on their behalf, note down their date of birth, time and location. The more the profiles much better. I can analyse the match making factors, their Karma levels and pick the best in the available pool given to me. you can then make a direct contact with them, and proceed if appropriate. This way you can save lot of time and unnecessary frustation. There is always a match, which the universe aligns with you. (few exceptions)

My son or daughter is not interested in marriage? what can be done?

I get lot of these questions on daily basis. Nothing to worry. We could see the trends, their mood in the mystic charts instantly, whether they will change their mind or not. I have seen such persons changing their decision overnight, suddenly someone came in their life, they became mad in love and approached me. 1000+ such cases. Universe decides, when that should happen. If your son/daughter is above 30+ or 35+ age, some parents are just worried.

No matter, however adamant or reluctant they are, they have changed their views and changed their mind. (few exceptions).Otherwise just wait and give them the option to pick someone on their own, citing the terms if any. I have seen many people suddenly obsessed with a person, going to different city, different state, different country, travelling 1000 of miles to fix the marriage, requesting their guardians, if there is any possibility to match. People are different. If their guardians doesn’t agree despite requests, waiting and any suggestions for improvement in career and other fronts, its not worth the time. Just let it slip by, and keep looking! he he.

Infatuation is the common factor!

Fixing already divorced cases:

Karma matters a lot for fixing divorce cases. There are certain odds. I can see this trend in the mystic chart instantly as soon as you approach me. A small talk with both husband and wife can fix the marriage. I have seen happy reunion of already divorced cases, say after 3 years, 5 years. People feel for each other, realise they are losing some important element in life, and one spouse initiates a conversation abouts it. We also have mystic exercises, which increases the odds. But Karma is important to me. Some cases, just cannot be fixed. If my chart say “yes” and there is room for comeback and happy reunion, I will help you to initiate next steps. Otherwise no.  Perhaps, a small spark is enough to fix everything.

You can  share this link, to such people so that they can contact me for consultation, analyse the odds and then only proceed if appropriate. I can instantly determine the outcome. 

Outcome:  (saves you lot of time and avoid frustation) 

But my mystic chart, can give instant answers for such questions. Depending upon the outcome, its upto you to make the move or not. Otherwise, it is just not worth the time. You can have a consultation with me, if you need a clear picture for such scenarios. 

I can write a 100 pages book about this particular topic. I may update this post if appropriate. Please share this post, if appropriate.

I have also written an article about Mystic arts, for those having issues in marriage and relationships. You can have a look, and contact me for consultation if interested.



marriage matrimony astrology
marriage matrimony astrology
fix divorce breakups astrology
find astrological odds to fix divorce breakups using astrology




Dowry alimony astrology
Dowry, alimony and harassment in astrology
Harassment factors in astrology: 

There are many cases of harassment experienced by my astrology subscribers. It can be harassment for dowry, money, material possessions or assets after marriage. There are many astrology factors, which clearly shows harassment after marriage, and threats of divorce, intimidation, domestic violence or physical abuse and emotional abuse, which ruins the marriage. Harassment can be either from spouse or in laws. In most of the cases, this kind of harassment ends in divorce. Always see the pros and cons, psychology analysis before marriage. You can approach me for consultation in this regard. Bring 2 to 5 proposals, so that we can choose the best, which aligns with you, brings lot of joy and happiness.


Timing Buying / Selling in marketplace using mystic horary astrology

Timing Buy / Sell  in marketplace using mystic horary astrology

During my practise as mystic horary astrologer, I used to get lot of such questions from my existing pool of subscribers, whom we have good rapport with.

They want to buy new home, cars, a special gadget and want to know the best odds and time. Since 7 years, I am practising this system.   Buying selling questions or buy sell questions to flip a product for profits after holding for some time can also be seen and we are able to time this, using this art.

So we can give the timeframe, like when the deal is likely to occur in days/ weeks, months, years and even hours for certain kind of purchases, sales and transactions.

Listen to the video above, I have explained it with more clarity.

So the popular questions are:

When will I buy home?
When can I buy that dream car?
When can I sell that flat?
when can I buy/sell that gadget?

At present we only deal with our existing pool of astrology subscribers.

The astrology chart, gives a clear analysis of the outcome. It takes years of experience to understand this art.

I may also discard certain requests, which we find appropriate.

For these kind of questions,we don’t support email, because I believe in to and fro communication, which is very important.

Note: Information required from you to get started. 

A small description about the object you are going to buy or sell. (Ex: Car or real estate). Describe whatever you know about the object. A photo will be ideal. (optional)

I will request my spirits, to determine a prospect or buyer/seller, the date frame, the price range and other metrics and any other suggestions and improvements, if the spirits provide me. 

Other questions, which match this category. (optional)

Do I need to lower the price range? (to sell faster or to just make a sale)

Market conditions? Is this price range ideal? Is this buyer or seller trustworthy or shady deal?  

Real estate astrology

Other references:

Astrology on visa, green card, foreign travels, settlement, citizenship (full clarity)

visa foreign travel settlement green card citizenship astrology


Since january 2017, there was a surge on these kind of questions from my clients worldwide. Since  Dec 2016 USA elections, there was some changes in immigration laws, visa policy , H1B and other kinds of visas worldwide.


Using my astrology art, I can predict visa, work permit, citizenship/residency permit cases. We can also help you to choose right degree/vocation/ higher studies suitable to your profile or career. Student visa/Investor visa/dependant visa and all kinds of visas.

Whether foreign settlement is on the cards for work/study and business purpose.

If you are the one, looking for green card, I can determine the odds using astrology. For those with no skills/experience/ qualifications there are certain methods to enter top countries legally. I can also detect them, using my astrology art. So there is hope! Let us analyse all the possibilities. You will get a description about the situation or a straight yes/no answers, depending upon what my horary chart says.

The universe or nature always show me, what works best for you, using horary chart. This can help in decision making process and see whether things are in your favour or not?

Note: Communication methods is through voice calls only, where you get instant answers in real time, and you can also clarify things there and then.  We cannot support email for these kind of questions, at the moment.

Astrology on visa, green card, foreign travels, settlement, citizenship (full clarity)


Information needed from you to get started:

What kind of visa you are applying for? Did you apply before or first time? Your profession if any? Years of experience and company if any?  Whether I will get visa or not this time? Any possibility? 

I will request my spirits, to sync with your energies and determine the outcome. (few minutes). You can then ask whatever questions you want, about this particular topic. 

Learn mystic arts – Seek spirits help for help in visa, foreign settlement matters.

Other references

what men women want, their desires using astrology and spirits?

Read the mind of any people, using spirits..

Many people come with love, relationship, get a soulmate, help in marriage or madly in love with someone. I just ask my spirits, whether the concerned person is good for him/her. I believe in certain ethics.

If it is men, who have approached me saying they are in love with someone or marriage, I see the girl relationship with boy parents, good with boy friends and social circles or community, cooking or basic homemaker skills and social life. What is more important is the willingness to learn life skills. I understand it is difficult to get such all qualities, but that is important for mileage in marriage. I don’t like people taking dowry or any gifts, from both sides. Even i dont believe in fabulous marriage, spending lot of money.

Even if parents give some gifts or money, if their financial situation is good, it could be used as emergency fund. Not mere sexual attraction.
If a women approaches me for astrology, regarding they are in love with boy or marry, i see the qualities in men like they are not criminals or crime record, rude or aggressive behavior, respect girl and girls family, treat her in respect in public, look after kids and being responsible.

Most imp , we see whether both parents agree or not. I can instantly get answers for all these, using spirits. I reject a lot of cases on daily basis, some after only money and later divorce, only sexual satisfaction but doesn’t want to commit family. We understand men or women are not perfect. At one point in time, you will be attracted to one other. Why people move to western countries. They think there is more sexual freedom. Times have changed now. India has more sexual freedom. But beware of men/women linked with crime syndicates. Whatever i say as an astrologer, is best interest of the person who are loyal to us. We dont want to see them in harm or grief later.

1. Finding perfect match. (Using spirits magic)

I used to practise many forms of chakra activation. This time I found something new.

What it does is, the spirit alerts me, whenever a new person enters just 2 to 3 meters from me. It causes a strong body sensation on left, right center, front and back of body.

So i used to ask my spirits to find someone, who matches my interests.
So right now I am age 34 and a decided to test my spirit powers in dating, finding friends and marriage. So I used to hangout near supermarkets malls parks beaches public restaurants hotels airports bus terminal railway stations bus stop.
As soon as spirits detect someone it tells me the girl to the right is very perfect for you, the girl to the left is very suitable for friendship, and the girl in the centre is very good for marriage, it just alerts me my body keeps on beating very very hardly okay that means is spirit is signaling okay you just go and initiate the talk with them and they do reciprocate. I was surprised. People spend lot of money on dating sites, matrimony, clubs and other friendship clubs and here spirits connects someone for free, he he.
Anybody can achieve this with little bit of practice. okay this is called chakra activation and what it does it polarised the chakras and alliances free with your body so as soon as you want someone, say a new business partner, see you looking someone for friendship, you looking someone for dating or or marriage this period just alerts you the thing is you should be just few metres away from them so that they spirit can recognised with their energy level it works in different frequency and wavelength.
When I used to walk near bus terminal or stop, the spirit recognize someone that this person need to your right she can be high possibility for a soulmate or marriage, and even restaurant also it gives signals me very clearly. A strong signal the person to the right to you this very much interested carefully matches with you. okay including railway station, airport, parks, if I move okay yoga centre and what to say near a club, outside a pub or bar whatever five star hotel, restaurant this works like magic for me.
The good thing is, i can use it instantly anywhere, i don’t even need a birth chart or waste time. I have instructed someone to just alert who can match my interests and high possibility of soul mate. It signals perfectly. Age + or – 4, job or career a bit insecure, cares for family and children, religion no issue, just a good. So i can narrow interests like just had a breakup, divorced, widow so they are serious about life and more mature. It works like magic.
You too can achieve this by little practise. He he.
I do watch lot of bollywood movies, and liked 3 actress. Spirits have matched my interests and brought an exact lookalike like them to me, with many years younger and they have lot of unknown fears. My astrology and spirits can connect anyone to me. Different frequencies and wave length. Including 2 college love, spirits brought them back 3 times and surprised me. They have lot of feelings for me, but don’t know why. Magic do exists. He he. Chakra activation
My life would have been different, if spirits help me in friendships at age 21 or beyond. Lot of lost time, won’t come back. No rich person can get lost time. Once you sense someone is showing lot of interest and glances on you, just smile, be approachable and lot of room to talk or room for conversation. Don’t be hostile or indifferent. So this can help you in career, friends who can support in times of need.
There are many girls/women or men/boys out there who are looking for someone who can lend a helping hand, share responsibilities, look after spouse and kids, active social life, respect for parents and aged ones, mature and responsible. No rude behavior or abuse. Spirits can help you in multiple ways by alerting you such matches instantly. Nobody speaks about this. I tested this for a long time and share experiences here.

2. Spirits powers in dating, friendships and marriage. Cont…

Though spirits directly signals me or matches me someone who matches my interests. I don’t follow up or pursue them. It works like magic. Why? I consider economy very imp. Girls and women have lot of desires. I mean some need happy married life, some vacations, some cannot be away from cared parents. Some need a 2 to 3 bhk house, a car, a husband who can also help in their career. Some need designer clothes, fashion and jewellery. Some just need love and care, they crave for.
That means, it matches in different frequencies and wave lengths, common people have no access to. These women have unknown fears, not sure about career or where they will reach, just had a breakup or divorce or a personal tragedy. I just need to be few metres away from them, and spirits pinches my body as soon they approach magnetic area. Such people can also turn to great friends if want to. I have seen many people starting a conversation with me.. just smile, be approachable and lines of communication open.
I don’t believe in dowry and totaly against splurge on marriage. The same money can be used for insurance/ maternity or kids education.. most of the people in India are middle class families.

I travelled upto 14 states in india, many cities and met many interesting people. Interestingly my spirits connects someone who is at entry level job, have liabilities due to education, not sure about life or career, had a breakup/ divorce. Maybe such people are in different state of mind, or craving for love or affection.
If you can avoid alcohol or non veg food for few days, you can connect with this spirit.

I am a seafood guy, and used to eat 10 varieties of fish 12 years ago. Alcohol also I drank and spirits got angry and got me into accidents. So i stop.. No beef, pork. Mutton stopped eating at 2017. Chicken occasionally. But spirits don’t connect or help. They want me to avoid non veg.
In the past, when i used to like a girl, say some have healing powers, some hypnotic, due to my astrology or meditation they too connect with me randomly. So I used to go home, use something similar to Ouija boards, mediate for few minutes, invoke spirits and ask my spirits. What does she wants? Can we satisfy all their desires? I mean some just need a good and caring person, who dont abuse or violence. Some have lot of desires like they need all fashion, gadgets, cars, independant house, club, beauty parlour/spa and cosmetic procedures. Guess what? Some are affordable. Some not in my league. So i keep quiet. They do have lot of desires and if you can match them, they will do anything for you.

3. Read the mind of any people, using spirits..

Just because you like a person doesn’t mean that, you should marry. They have great potential for friendships. So no damage.

But I just want to know the depth of their desires. My spirits only signals me, who reciprocated same feelings. Otherwise no..

Money is also an important or decisive factor. But not all happiness is money.
In the past, i used to ask few questions about few potential wife. (using similar to Ouija boards) the spirits used to answer. This women considers career most and no value for relationships and marriage. Another one, lot of desires like car, house, lot of foreign trips and lifestyle which you cannot manage in long run…. Let them be happy who can match their desires or expensive lifestyle. While they find someone? 50: 50 chance

I keep silent. But there are many, good caring people out there. Some people desires or appetite, lifestyle just cannot be controlled.

4. I have been to emergency and trauma of hospitals 100+ times. my paranormal experiences.

Have you ever been to emergency room of hospitals? Accident and trauma. I have been there many times. I took many people there in my life. Some vehicle accidents, attacks and friends, heart attack, slips and falls, fractures.
Have you ever sit in ambulance? I sat in front cabin and back of ambulance in life and death situation, with ventilator and life support.
Icu experience? Once i was waiting for a live or death confirmation from the ICU nurse whether person Is still alive for 20 days continuously. I used to visit for 12 hours outside icu, and the person in question almost had near death experience 2 times. Doctors told they may not savd him. I contact house and told to clean, any time dead body may arrive and be in alert mode
By astrology and God Grace, i have lot of experience handling nastro gastric tube, full sedation and on ventilator support, tube on stomach, a tube on throat (tracheatomy) iv lines and feed, Foley catheter tube, bathing and dressing an almost unconscious patient many times. I took many people to hospital, dialysis, xray scan, ct scan, MRI scan, neuro surgeon tests. Taking them to psychatatist,
Taking them to physiotherapy sessions and rehabilitation after car accident and heart attacks, trauma and injury..

I brought a medical insurance, because i personally got into accidents, a major one and few minor injuries
When I was standing outside icu, i could see a confirmed death approaching. Say out of 15 patients in ICU ward, someone will die now, and i used to get a strong sensation..after few minuturs, i could see a body ties on strecher and loud moans only i can hear.. death has different frequencies. Anything can happen in icu..a critical person may survive mysteriously and most unexpected person may die.

5. My different style using astrology, spirits and mystic charts.

Let me tell you one thing. Once i was obsessed with occult and astrology and consulted more than 50+ astrologers, psychics in 3 years. Then i never thought that I will be an astrologer one day. So i am different from all.
1. 24/7 i don’t keep day or night restrictions. I reply back whenever available to keep people in various timezones in sync. (Many astrologers only look from day to evening)

2. I use spirits, similar to Ouija boards. So they can ask unlimited questions, whatever fits in 45 min.
(Many psychics limit to only few questions and ask you come some other day)

3. Available on voice/video calls, so that there
4. I manage to get loyal followers from more than 35 + countries using my goodwill. Mostly English speaking people so there is no language barrier. Being Hindu, I am open to people of all religions. but cannot tolerate any abuse. ok we just don’t deal with such people in first place.

5. I do secret screening process using spirits. They do all the hard work. okay we don’t deal with criminals and anti social elements.
6. I don’t deal with old people. Even 60+. They lack desire, and conflict with my principles. I give lot of emphasis for love, relationships, marriage. Even they try to control me. I don’t need them.
Why I give lot of emphasis for love, relationships, marriage, i will explain in tomorrow post. I believe in attraction. Desire to come up in life, is very imp to me..old people lack that element. Few 20% are good and i may deal. Others no way!!

6. Friendship and love with people of all religions.

Many people think, that i am a hindu hardliner and indifferent to other religions. I had lot of near love and even near to marriage with muslim and christain girls, if i wanted to. But i was careful.

I love their human nature and innocence, more than their religion. I have an edge in love matters, no matter the religion. But i stick to my ethics or principles. they are good with me, i too reciprocate the same.
past few months, i was doing chakra meditation with preferences. i just said, match people with desires and liabilities, which women have. women too have loans or debts, not sure about career or after few years of working, they are not sure about money or life. my spirits automatically detects such people and signals me. some are in breakup or some craving for love and happiness. if you want you can approach me, and they do reply back. guess whst happened? they try to start a conversation and lot more curious to know more about me, likr where you live and what do you do? married or not? age?
A few days ago, when i was practising chakra meditation, i just asked my spirits to connect anyone, this time religion no problem, a strange thing happened a christain girl, who looks almost like bollywood actress got attracted to me. she works in a popular supermarket in city. and wherever i go, she too appears from nowhere like magnet. this store has 2 shift system for 6 hours each and they keep on rotating shifts each day. so i asked my spirits, to signal my body, when her shift starts. this time whenever i go morning or evening, i always meet her at counter. i just see her and no talk. she confused and thinking, how i managed to meet at perfect time when her shift starts.
since i practise chakra meditation of different types, people of different frequencies connect me. once a muslim women got attracted to me. she has a mysterious appearance. 3 years elder than me. looks like a bollywood actress. i was average looking guy. this meditation, makes you very attractive in front of their eyes. such is the power. she was almost interested in marriage with me. i liked her nature too, her face shape shifting and very mysterious. since i worship animal spirits, that is the only reason, she was drawn to me. many rich people in city, trying to establish friendship but she not interested. believe she has lot of healing powers and feminine nature.

It happened 10 yrs ago. she is management position and i just at entry level in mnc international. similarly the spurits attracted 3 more people, face almost similar to bollywood actress. i watch lot of movies those days. so chakras have understood my prefetences.. so the meeting can be for my astrology consultation. some just had a breakup, a divorce, problems or abuse after days. they were almost attracted to me, and conversation with them went for about 1 to 2 weeks snd no stopping both.. maybe sexual chemistry or mystetious attraction. married women also have more cravings. if they get insulted, abused, or not cared, they look for that love elsewhere.
and this ended my trips to various states in india and meeting them at public places. they were very excited. where ever i go, many women approach me to ask for directions and address, even though there is 100+ people beside me. maybe power of chakra meditation.. my body gives me signals within seconds, what they are craving for. love, friendship, dating or even marriage.
these bollywood actress lookalike.

spirits understood my preferences.
And a month ago, when i was connecting spirits, this time it attracted a muslim girl.. maybe she too a psychic. For continous 10 days, when i used to go for some paperwork done in that building, sge used to co incide with me in lift, in canteen, in supervisor office, on steps, on elevator, getting from bus and nearby shop.. she was looking at my face like anything or checking . my spirits instantly calculated and gave her desires and cravings. she believes, i am related to her in past, can satisfy all her desires and satisfy other preferences. 2 days ago, again we saw face to face, she was about to cry. that shows signs of love and i am not accepting her advances.

but i dont want to annoy my own men.
in the past, i used to watch lot of bollywood movies. i liked some 4 actress. i was doing different forms of meditation. spirits connected me, a lookalike of all 4. some had breakup, some divorce, some personal tragedy or lost love. there was lot of sexual chemistry pull. the conversation went for about 1 to 2 week continous.. it could have even lead to marriage, if i want to. i used spirits to calculate their desires and liabilities. not just merely love. some women are happy witn just love. money + unconditional love is perfect combination.. so i was happy about the connevtions.
what is imp in life is economy. making money. love takes a second stage. because to maintain that love in long run, you may need a own house, car, bank balance and satisfy her desires like shopping, vacations, even beauty parlour, spa, designer clothes, jewellery, respect for her parents abd elderly. it takes some time. maternity costs and life and medical insurance. independence and freedom.

7. Desires of people

many girls nowadays want to settle in usa, uk, canada, which makes situation tricky. so wish them good luck. i am honest about what i have, but want my wife and kids to be happy.
the most imp question is, are you happy with what i got?

of course, yes.

some people are happy when tbey get a car, bike, house, vacations and make lots of money. of course, economy is an imp factor.

so i shift to new city, brought a lot of things, which women want. i dont need any dowry. so no liability. but want my kids and wife to be worry free. to achieve that, i neet to still improve my financ
love = different kind of energies. i am happy with the people i met, i mean lookalike of 4 actress and they reciprocate love. i kept their friendship anyway so they are happy. like someone doesnt mean one should marry. they are potential great friends too. my views.

spirits meditation very effective in love, relationships, marriage.
in my college days, there were these 2 girls who were attracted to me. i too had strong feelings for them. but i was fresh out of college and considered economy to top priority. unconditional love + money is dangerous combination. they were just staring at me, my face and lot of co incidences and face to face meet. i just wished them good luck.
i could sense their energies very clearly. after a year, both got married.. one is very mysterious and another one full of healing powers. i connect with spirits (similar to ouija boards) a year later and was surprised, if i would have asked them to wait for 6 months to 1 year, they would have married me. they are not concerned about my entry level job or settle in life for marriage. they were ready to do anything for me. but i still believe, economy is imp than love.
later my spirits understood my preferences and sent a lookalike of that girl, with exact same gana and qualities. almost 3 times, their face exact lookalike. they were also drawn and attracted towards me, upto extent of marriage. using spirits, i asked them what are their desires and unknown fears, liabilities. these women were in breakup stage, divorce, lost love due to social restrictions like caste and some petsonal tragedy. conversation went on daily basis with them, for 2 weeks to month. At that stage, my spirits told me, if i asked leave me or come to me for marriage, they would have strongly agreed it. 3 people, exact lookalike. same gana and qualities. i could feel their energies,
A lot of factors play here. their state of mind and desires is very imp. also a huge disparity in social status, job, income . i mean they were above me. some are managers and management position. but they bring lot of new energy in your life. their just mere presence, you win anytjing in life, expect mother love. a lot of sexual chemistry and strong pull. they were insisting for a meetup. people know me, i have a youtube channel. not a total stranger. i am not anonymous. but i kept their friendship anyway. so no emotional or psychological damage. we bring lot of energies in each other lives.
imagine, you lose a love in life due to you are fresh out of college or some other reasons. people with same qualities and lookalike face comes multiple times in your life. i am an astrologer, they come to me in professional and social setting. and i could turn them any way including flirt, date or marriage if i want to. i am a average looking guy. there are lot of people, who look better than me, well established. but spirits makes you very attractive, builds sexual chemistry and some psychological reason for source of happiness.
so i use spirits, to know about their desires. of course, sexual chemistry works in big way. and later, say after 1 to 3 months, after marriage they feel posessed or obsessed by you. so their desires can be, settke in foreign country likevusa,uk. lifestyle is imp. some need lot of luxury in life like designer clithes, car, house, some need vacations in a year or foreign trips, things to post on facebook and invite their friends. so i keep quiet. some girls, better they marry some producer, director, media person. high sex energies. some need lot of freedom. so i keep friebdship witb these people. physical intimacy was at peak. but we need to control. as per me, what is more imp in life is
job, career and economy. to my luck, i attracted girls, who were just happy with my company. they dont need luxurious. its just sexual chemistry pull. but my spirits, always signals me such people, whenever thry jusy few meters from me. this is ideal for you. go just havr a talk. to my surprise, they are ones starting conversation and interest.

but i just love to make such friends. you like someone doesnt mean that you should marry. you can make them happy, keep their friendship. so no emotional and psychological damage 😃😃😃😃. i am just a call awsy. just reciprocated love back.

8. Sexual chemistry and animal magnetism using spirits

sexual chemistry using spirits. chakra meditation increases sexual chemistry. i believe it is very imp that differentiates you from others. i have tested it in 100+ scenarios and was surprised. ex: when i wait in public places, females always comes asking for address and directions, even though there is 100+ people beside me. in shopping malls, airports, restaurants, city walkways, these young looking girls always used to stop me. they want to ask me something, but end up asking random address or directions. that means it creates strong magnetic pull, and sexual tension.
so what the spirits does is, it makes me look very attractive in their eyes. like body to body matching, irrestible sexual energies. no matter who much imprtfections you have, your face or body type. they have a strong urge for physical intimacy or cravings.
this benefited me a lot. these girls, if they eatch bollywood movies, i have an edge. it makes me look like an popular film star in their vision. so they are psychologically and even sexually drawn to me. such is the influence of movies. what happens, if you meet a lookalike of someone you love or admire, be it men or women, you will do whatever to maintain their friendship.
so due to this women, i got big discount on shopping, deals and business and even almost hired for a position. i got big discount in supermarket purchases. someone said, a lady owner randomly selected me. i dont know exact reason in goa. maybe part of PR.

2. i used to visit cosmetic surgeons or clinics a lot. in this new city for first time, that lady told me, she doesnt know what happened, but wants to give me 50% discount. business need margin to survive and i thry givr me disvoubt even if i refused. she also look like some actress and her body mstches with my dimensions. maybe sexual tension
in this city, an online wifi service provider lady, gave me 40% discount below market rate. she told me, not to discuss with others. during a visit to doctor appointment offuce in this city, after looking at me, for few minutes, she didnt even accept consulting fees. finally i secretly put the money in her letterpad. she tested my health and even curioud to know wther married or not, whrre i live. maybe she met someone interesting. i used to lot of discount from fruits and veg shops from females. i have seen they charging 30% extra from other men. they stare at me and check me out for few seconds. maybe they are very happy abd wants me to come back again and again. sexual chemistry.
once an interview hapoened 12 years ago for an immigration company. just 1 position. i used to dobchakra meditation those times. i was just an average looking guy. but spirits made me look very irrestible and build up srxual chemistry. 20 girls were in that interview. i thought no wsy. thry were all beautiful and smart. business need sales girls and good looking women. but she called me next day after interview, and said i saw something irrestible in you and believe you are above thisr 20 girls.
i always believe in sexual chemistry. it has brought me lot of benefits. an average looking person, it can make you look very popular and sexually irrestible in their eyes. be it men/women it always attract opposite gender like a magnet. irrespective of how many impetfections. they will do anything just for your presence, comeback or companion. in job, company, sales jobs i believe sexual chemistry can also bring lot of financial benefits. its upto whete to draw line.

9. Animal djinn experiences

in past video, i took a video of dog, which landed on my house today. i suspect very paranormal enrrgies. i put her in gunny bag, rode bike fir 5 kms and put her near to fish market. a new location. guess what, aftrr 3 hours she came back home. 🥰 my diubts are correct. it is a djinn, genie. otherwise it cannit come back home, so fast, witb accuracy. she was inside gunny bag, so no vision of road route🥰
It is a strong love message. 🥰🥰 . 3 weeks ago, i met a strange and mysterious girl. since i watch lot of bollywood movies, this time it randomly connected me. whereever i go in a building, she appears out of nowhere. i believe she too is a psychic. (msybe she is unaware).

Even christain and muslim girls are also psychic. they have healing powers as well as bring you lot of luck, if you assosiate with right ganas (qualities). every human being has a hidden animal spirit, that is the only reason they got attracted to me like magnet. a lot of glances, they looking my face, checking me out, trying to initiate a communication. initially i avoid it. later, i am very weak in such matters. if we have strong love for someone, we make them known.

maybe spirits, want me to earn goodwill of other religions, through their love. if you threat them well, reciprocate love or even marry, it sends a different message.

this time spirits connected me both on a purpose. maybe we are all in same frequencies and wave length.
djinn and genie come in form of animals. a reptile, a black cat and black dog, crow, pigeons and i dont want to scare you. he he. many forms

10. Hospital paranormal experiences

i have been to hospital and emergency room many times. seen lot of deaths at hospitals. my sixth sense gives strong signals. near accident and trauma casualty room. so lot of strong feelings for nurse. they take care of almost unconscious patient in icu and ward, bathing, dressing, feeding food, ease pain, foley catherer and bowel movement. nobody remember them. expect main doctor becomes popular. past 10 days, 3 times in hospital. he he.
today 3 emergency cases within 5 minutes,i approached accident and casualty. 1. hit by speeding bus. 2. cardiac arrest. 3. bike acvident. my person was not so critical so allowed them main assessment bed. they chevk heart rate, oxygen and ecg and damage and record it. today also i sleep in hospital. past 3 days night i sleep in hospital. so know many things. today a person got very angry with the nurse and he almost shouted at her and bad words at nurse team. i got very angry. nurses saved my parents life in critical care icu many times. but i remember their face. nobody remember them. only theyvremember main doctor name, because once unconscious and mentally unstable condition,
they show lot of love and mother affection. i got into bike accident few years ago, it was paining and burning everywhrre, when i saw the face of mysterious nurse, she was full of healing powers, they eased the pain within minutes. a unique quality. i can feel energies of such people with just a few meters away.

11. India, land of happiness. things have changed a lot. Nri and spouse problems.

if things are so good in india, you dont need to migrate any foreign country. there is lot of happiness in home country india in matters of love, relationships, marriage. i dont have anything personal, people visiting foreign country for better life, more money. you just miss lot of happiness in india. particularly women on spouse visa in canada, uk, usa face loneliness, depression. you cannot compete in job market or have a job.
if you dont have supporting husband,abusive or lack love in foreign country, you feel stuck. even expensive to come back. once you return to india, you will be nri and many men, women consider outside league in matter of love, relationships, marriage. unless you specifically show interest on someone.
you need to bold and approach someone and make them know, you like them. they consider you engaged. i got extremely lucky in matters of love multiple times. using my spirits (ouija boards like) when i asked questions upto what extent, she is willing to sacrifice all luxurious, lifestyle for me. i mean she will abandon everything for me, her family and evetything.
my monkey brain always does calculations. i secretly want to know what are her desires. i ask spirits. my problem is different. i have lot of issues with my father. he has lot of houses and many suv cars. i have left home many times, due to differences. i even worked in his company for 2 years and later i quit, after lot of issues with him. very toxic job and his behavior, doesnt go well with me. i was earning upto a lakh. but no freedom. i dont want anything from my father. i believe i can make all wealth, and more than him in a matter of few years. so i should make clear to my wife, dont expect anything and be happy with what i make.
so i rented a house in goa, and brought a lot of things, appliances, furniture with my own money. so any problems she face with my family, i can take her to my rented home. i am in good terms with my mother. but sometimes issues msy be with mother and wife. tell my wife ” this is what i have. if you are happy come. otherwise no.” i need to build a house. independant!! he he.
some girls see husband father position and assets. i dont believe in dowry or splurge in marriage. just a simple marriage with upto 100 members, a single day event will do.
spirits randomly connrct a lot of interesting people to me. 4 times lookalike of my college love with almost same face and qualities.also lookalike of many actress and lot of conversation. this time it connect a christain girl and a muslim girl. both are mysterious. that muslim girl is psychic. but they trust us and come to me. so i need to provide some luxury and other happiness.
when i ask my spirits about that muslim girl, i got answer, she believes she gets lot of freedom and happiness in my pressnce. I want to provide all luxury and happiness to my wife and kid. beauty, cosmetics, spa, designer clothes, trips within india and asia, study more whatever, i support. dress whatevrr she want and enjoy life. maybe she is restricted in their own community. sexual chemistry and magnetic pull very strong. she is psychologically aligned with me, because she could have felt my energies.
so my young brother 2yrs, took care of my father company and visited 10+ countries. he even got married, but now facing lot of issues with wife. he he. i am happy with india. i have been to 14 states till now.. a spirits bring lot of love in my life. i care about their happiness and luxury, so i kept quiet till now. this time anything may happen. i know lot of monkey tricks, worthy of bollywood script. many producers and directors are contacting me. they just need a powerful story.

12. Spirits magic are worthy of film script.

I am happy because, i have 500+ monkey tricks, worthy of bollywood hollywood script. consists of mind control, seduction, attraction and high sexual energies. i and my followers have seen and experienced it. both men and women are social animals. they need someone to care, love and work recognised. that boosts their psychic energy levels. they are always looking to flirt, date and psyvhologically inclined, who they believe source of happuness and fulfill their desires. spirits build up the sexual chemistry and makes oppisite gender think or confused. he he
so i told you, i had lot of issues with my father and left home many times. people may ask, why not fix problem using astrology. yes, but i purposefully kept the fight alive, because i end up inventing something and other benefits and make money through many sources. when i connected spurits, my father hinted to buy me a home, a car and foreign education many times..such is the influence of spirits. i want to earn and buy evrrything on my own..
this spirits meditation is tested and proven.. i asked my spirits, to cancel benefits from parents. instead look for othrr sources. in love and relationships, if you have your own home or car, you have an edge.. play with desires and happiness. i had lot of questions in different phases in life. i mean 100+ quesyions about love, relationships and marriage.
and my spirits can answer unlimited questions. i used to set a body clock alarm, when girl i liked, about to meet face to face and body signals like anything and i met lot of girls many times, leaving them confused. how exactly i am meeting them with perfect timing. spirits can sense their movements. i was surprised. it was so real.
today something strange happened. that psychic girl was within few meters range for more than a hour like magnet. prior to that, i just asked animal spirit to connect someone intetesting. when i was near bus terminal, spirits showed me 2 potential matches. i looked at their face. all average and good looking. they were all worried about sometjing. it was so real.

13. alternative to matrimony, dating and tinder. using spirits

i was looking for few marriage prospects. instead of using matrimony, dating and tinder, i used spirits, which have lot of monkey tricks. if it finds someone interesting and my preferences, it alerts me instantly. i just looked at their face from distance, height and body type. it was so accurate. they too observing me discreetly and they dont know why. there is some magnetic pull and sexual chemistry.
generally what happens, you may be married to someone, with no attraction and sexual chemistry. spirits have even calculated great. any determined person, can access that spirits realm to get answers, by simple ecercises and chakra meditation. many new experiences on daily basis. so money saved on pubs, friendship, adult and dating clubs, which people spend lot ofvmoney nowadays. i told you both men and women are social animals.

14. Walking and sleeping meditation using spirits.

for love, dating, friendship and marriage.
3 days ago, i was doing walking meditation using spirits. i mean just wondering, what it may show. so i was busy hangout shopping mall, near food court, supermarkets. i put a alarm to my body, that means if anybody is checking me out or attrracted to me, just show srnsation. my spirits are catching all signals. these 2 girls in their age 25 to 30 were staring at me. i was not maintaining any eye contact. they even came near to me and look at my face for 10 seconds. they maybe fresh out of college, modern dressed, wondering what to do in life. job next, date someone, or marry someone. high sexed energies. he he. they enjoy freedom
or sleep with someone, flirt, dating or searching potential soulmate, book in advance and later marriage. i cant control my laughing. full mischief. spirits show me many girls, who watch me discreetly and potential for great friendship. maybe they look for love and intimacy, which school kids cannot fulfill
i have seen many girls are very childish, even though they reach age 40. they just need love, caring and support. most imp, i always keep a style.
in restaurant, it showed me a just breakup girl, and on same day it showed me a divorced women, all craving for some love. high sexual chemistry. all good in my vision and matching. chakras have activated animal magnetism. i mean opposite gender, gets attracted to you, but dont know why? he he
i cannot control laughing, everytime it show me someone. my body automatically gives me alarm, when someone matches me, is checking me out.
so certain parts of the body, my spurits give sensation for answers. warning it may also lead to physical intimacy, if you initiate conversation.such is the sexual tension, spirit creates. its upto you where to draw line.
i also use sleeping meditation, to get answers about certain people, i met later. my body gives sensation at vatious pressure points to give answers like yes, no, proceed.
the great advantage of being in astrology is, i always travel a lot of places in india. so i explored almost 14 states this way. new people, new love energies. today 2 different women tried to make friendship with me. sudden love, respect and admiration. they were asking many questions. today i was exploring this coastel city. this place has navy, beautiful hills, rivers, lakes, bridges and 5 beautiful beaches with no crowd and no litter. this place has good locations for film making and photography.

15. Invisible Antenna or radar of spirits

spirits are always a king in love, relationships, marriage. it has an antenna or radar. it autimatically detects people looking for love, friendship and marriage. so no dating sites, tinder, matrimony sites required. he he. these 2 girls are highly sexed energies, modern and good looking. one girl purposefully sat beside me on bus, despite many seats around. so i was between 2 girls. later i requested her and came to edge of seat. spirits animal magnetism, always creates sexual tension. another one on return trip, sat beside me. she was counting money for ticket, but disappointed. i thought she was short of money. i decided to help her. she had no change. i paid ticket change on behalf of
her. she almost fell on me, while getting down. spirits full mischief. someone placed a small box, near to her leg. a conversation started and i could feel their desires. but i am happy, every new travel new companion. he he.
it happened many times during long train travel. they always get aligned next to my seat. sometimes a conversation may last for an hour. i told that both genders have flirt, date energies. they just need to express it. just meditating on spirits, hooks people with similar sexual energies, frequencies, wave length like magnet.

Spirits always connects me with people of same wave length and frequencies.

using astrology and spirits meditation, works like charm in love, relationships and marriage. i got 7 near marriage match. my parents know only 1 or 2. they were all good. its paranormal and psychic level. i use to use ouija boards like chart and spirits to understand their desires. it always surprises me. but potential for great friends. also, i dont have any issues in inter caste marriage, inter faith marriage like hindu, muslim or christain combinations. what matters me, i see all the risks, complications, abuse, insult. i ask all these questions to spirits and get answers instantly.

say hindu- muslim, muslim – christain. sometimes you may find love in someone
i mean opposite gender, with same frequency and wave length. also, i dont consider age difference in marriage. my astrology followers have married someone for than 10 years, 15 and even 25. love was strong. but i was only concerned about longevity. if your spouse dies 20 years before you, you lack that happiness right. + 4 -4 age difference is ideal.. i have seen all kind of unique love and marriage combinations in my astrology career.
1. this girl i met in 2006. very paranormal energies i felt after contact. wherever i go, she used to appear. i had few arrears,when i wrote exam thinking about her, it got cleared mysteriously. i thought it was a difficult subject and onky studied some 12 questions. my roommate insisted me to visit exam and come back after 30 minutes, if questions not favirable. i decided to drop. luckily for me, 8 questions appeared out of 12. it was a miracle. maybe her grace is so strong on me, you can survive using their luck.
2. this girl, i met in 2009. high healing energies and paranormal. later when i calculated using spirits, these 2 girls were willing for marriage with me, after college. i was just 21. get a job, few work expetience, most imp money. priority was different. though i landed a good entry level job, marriage is far away. the girl parents, want them to be married soon..but for me, economy is very imp. also, i had lot of issues with my father. usibg spirits, i understood their desires, happiness, what luxury they need. money is everything. no good looks and good behavior can compensate that. still very young at 21, priority is different. asking them to wait for1 or 2 years, is not good.
their parents got a good mstch and got married. guess what, these 2 are 4 years elder than me.

3. this one i met in this city. i was working there for a while. animal magnetism and high sexual energies
i always felt some paranormal energies, under her presence. she was 4 years elder to me. but always used to appear like magnet. spirits create sexual chemistry and strong msgnetic pull, leaving them confused. for 3 years, whenever i sleep, her face appears. dont know whether they practise magic. it is gana (qualities) i saw irrestible, despite different community.

4. this girl in met in 2018, is from north india. i felt lot of magic and paranormal experiences after the contact. whenever i do spirits meditation for few minutes, she used to either call or whatsapp me. this one, both my parents know about it. and i ask what about marriage possibility.. she is 2500 kms away and 2 years elder than me. but i dont have any issues. she just got married a month later. whenever she contacts me, i could feel sudden jolt of energy, we are connected with same animal spirit.
5. this girl from rajasthan, i met on 2019. her good qualities and certain mysterious appearance, attracted me. conversation went for about a month. her house is 2500 kms away. but i am willing to take risk. animal spirits, have given her mysterious appearance. later she got married in 2020.
6. this girl is most powerful influence on me.. her husband got killed in an accident and she has a 2 year old kid. it was only because of her, i came to goa, rented a home, brought all appliances, furniture, gadgets and home decor, utilities. guess what kind of energy she possess, making me do things. she always comes in my memory at night. i calculated what she wants. her desires, liabilities, luxury, happiness. i am looking for possibilities for marriage. let 15 months pass by, my spirits told me. she is disappointed witb her husband death and thinks thats the end of all.
a christain girl, got connected to me, where i stay. she appears everywhere i go..almost a bollywood actress in appearance. she is disappointed, because i may be engaged. thats the reality. if i have never met that widow, who lost husband, a strong possibility, that i have insisted for marriage with this girl. i could understand people from their eyes, body language and expressions.
. 7. this one i met on social setting. she is from different community, 7 years younger than me. some people very rare, with good qualities, healing and magic gets drawn to me, because i meditate on spirits. i felt strong sexual chemistry and animal magnetism. a lot of co incidence and face to face in close quarters. why spirits linked me is that, i always watch a bollywood movie and actress, resembles like her. spirits understood my preferences. a great friendship is possible, if not marriage. maybe she is restricted by her own people, desires freedom, luxury, travel, happiness, which she believes i can fulfill as per spirits.


if you find someone interesting in your workplace, professional or social setting, mysterious, just let me know. i could see possibilities of love and marriage. 100+ questions, dont worry. spirits can sense energies and answer. age, religion, caste is just a barrier. if you like someone, doesnt mean that you should marry. they can be potential great friends and happiness.

Secrets of full moon and dark moon in astrology l amavasya poornima

A quick 5 minute video, about amavasya, purnima.

Westerners call it as full moon day, dark moon (no moon) day. These 2 astrological phases of moon, have lot of significance in hindu astrology and many schools of astrology in particular. Every month, we have 1 dark moon (no moon) and 1 full moon (new moon) day. So we have average of 12 full moon day and 12 dark moon (or no moon) days in a year. Most of the important festivals in various cultures, if it falls in these days, then the day is considered powerful as per almanac. There will be mood swings in human about love, relationships, sex, dating, attraction, jobs, career, business opportunities, evil eye and black magic, witchcraft, occult, summon spirits at peak on these days.

No moon (dark moon) or amavasya secrets: 

Evil spirits energies will be at the peak on no moon or dark moon days. Ghosts, pretas, vampires, paranormal entities will be in peak of power. Most of the shamans and black magicians are most active on these days.

Appeasing kshudra devathas, evil spirits and various nature spirits and animal spirits to build a strong bond or connection with them or honour them. The next 15 days, after no moon or dark moon, the moon gains visibility, as each day passes by.

There will be high tides in ocean, accidents, crimes, murders, dangerous fights, rifts and even random terrorists attacks based on my years of observation. So avoid major travels for personal/business purpose on these days. You may travel the next day or plan accordingly. Including avoid signing new business proposals, new venture, buying new car, equipment or gadgets, hiring employees on these days.

People born on these days, have some kind of psychic powers and intuition, which will be visible in later stages in life. Avoid visiting shady areas like nightclubs, pubs, bars, lonely and deserted places, because chances of encounter with anti social elements, drug addicts are high. Many cases reported, particularly at night. Always be on light and crowded areas, where there is lot of foot traffic and be careful about your keys, gadgets like smartphone, cash and valuables. Most of the things get stolen and misplaced on these days. There is no light in atmosphere, and anything can happen in just few seconds. Avoid  certain trees, where evil spirits hang out. Most of the astrology and superstitious inclined people, take lot of vows and fulfill small vows, celibacy, avoid sex. alcohol, no non veg, and any other forms of entertainment of senses. In return, the spirits gets pleased and bless them with various magical abilities, as per various customs. So, most of my astrology followers are highly superstitious and plan these 2 days in advance, their schedule, travel and daily activities. Many of them observe fast from morning to evening or as per their capacity, with small intake of food here and there. Vows for good marriage (if looking for a soul mate), business opportunities, partnerships, seek help in enemy problems, improve financial positions, jobs, promotions, hike in salary and various, tantra and occult practises are done on these days.

Full moon (new moon) or purnima secrets

After 15 days, we will have full moon day where moon’s energy keeps on increasing in strength after no moon day. On Poornima (full moon day) is of great astrological significance in hindu astrology and various astrology schools in world. Various rituals, vows are made to gods, guardians and good spirits. A bowl of rice and glass of water is offered to dead ancestors on amavasya days (no moon and dark moon days). Practises vary on different regions and customs. Honoring the dead ancestors on amavasya are of great significance.

A lot of whitemagic rituals, honour guardians and spirits, spellcasting or spells, travels, new business agreements signing, partnerships, partnerships, start of new business, buying costly gadgets and equipments are done on this day, along with consultation of astrologer for certain almanac timings. If your horoscope operating dasha and placement is very good, many surprises and opportunities come in your way.

In Indian astrology and hindu astrology, dead ancestors are also honoured on this day, start of a new venture. The position of moon cycle is at the peak and light intensity at peak. People born on these days, have intuition and hidden occult abilities. Most of the popular festivals in hindu astrology, come on this day, since the day is considered very auspicious for multiple purposes.

Amavasya and Purnima secrets: 

Moon energies are very important for attraction, charishma, charm and win grace and goodwill of female dieties and even females. Moon determines the human nature, sudden behavior, mood swings, anxiety, depression, restlessness and hidden fears.

So stable condition of moon is very important. Otherwise you will be always worried about past, imaginary fears, nostalgia, obsessed with love, dating, relationships.

If Moon is good in your chart, you will receive lot of support from mature and elderly females, emotional and even financial support if appropriate. So most of the superstitious people, they do lot of rituals, take vow for a day, avoid sex, alcohol, avoid non veg and treat forces of  mother nature well. In return, the supernatural bless you with opportunities and lot of surprises on the way. You need to win over them, and they can sense your intent or intention.


If you are looking for soulmate or marriage, life partner, overcome enemy problems, evil eye, court cases, litigations, attract new opportunities in career, business partners, then we strongly suggest you to do certain rituals and take vow upto your capacity on these days, under the guidance of astrologer.


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Amavasya pournami dates 2020 2021 l full moon day no moon day dates 2020 2021 l new moon day dark moon day dates 2020 2021

Studio and advertising. My old job

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Cinematic videos. After changing my videos and YouTube banners, design or thumbnails I am getting lot of views than normal. So, I decided to provide service to my astrology followers. Recently l learnt about DSLR, film making, video editing, graphic design, how to work with camera and lights. Now I may reach equal to American astrologer….

I also do lot of jobs on side, along with astrology. My entry to astrology is accidental. I was selling advertising services to companies globally. My astrology style, got lot of attention among my peers and they spread it worldwide in different parties and conferences. That is the reason, I have decided to continue with astrology..otherwise I would have left it long ago. I liked my advertising job (independent) in past. Before that I worked in 4 different companies.
Graphic design and YouTube design services.

You may get lot of viral shares and content may go viral. Depends on luck too.
Beauty services. I have lot of my astrology followers interested in this.

I also have a small studio and helped many business owners, shooting videos, video editing, studio and movie effects.. I do have basic gear and equipment.
It took me years, but spare or free time to learn all this on my own. Lot of experiments, trial and error, 1000+ hours on different projects for different people. I am very happy to share my experience for small fee, if interested.

I have created photo portfolio for people, shoot videos outdoor, which helped them in marriage, dating, jobs and hidden opportunities. Video is very imp. It shows your personality, body language, how you look, secret power signals , style, accent. Also how to work with green screen/chroma key. Do video editing, add graphics to video, sub titles, correct videos clarity if possible, audio and light issues.

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You will have issues, if you start all alone in the beginning. I never had a mentor or support. I learnt through trial and error, but it took me 2 years for perfection. But I can guide you on all this if interested. Along with astrology, I also help others in their line of work.
Have a look at my YouTube channel, the banners or thumbnails which is bringing more clicks and visitors. I can do better. Just testing with different designs.

Instagram profile, which brought me calls from dating, membership, friendship and secret clubs. He he.

Note: you may get lot of flirting, dating signals, calls and messages. If not interested, just say engaged and be polite
Etiquette, manners, dress code everything matters. I have YouTube channel, which speaks about my style and personality. So naturally I attract many hidden opportunities. If you shy to show your face, or video, or behave like jerk, such opportunities always goes to someone. Any confidence and beauty issues, contact me personally and we have certain exercises and meditation to connect with spirits.

Note: I do get lot of friendship requests, dating, flirt, proposals, hidden job opportunities, meetup from various clubs. Its all about charisma and energy. I have helped many men and women on this. If divorced, breakups don’t worry. If you meet some interesting people, it will boost energy. I am helped many people since 2012. Not interested, leave it. Opportunity j and signals ust moves to someone. Simple!

Indian tantra is very big, mysterious and hidden

tantra 1

Our astrology is based on strong foundation of karma and tantra. I personally believe in lot of tantric traditions and Indian tantra is so big, mysterious and most of the occult are almost hidden from public view. Selected groups, cults in different parts of world embrace Indian tantra and there are certain rituals every year to honour them. A lot of magic is hidden in Indian tantra. (many years of observation)

Indian tantra is also practised in many european and asian countries and including USA and canada. Lot of shamans (tantriks) and magicians have lot of similarities with Indian tantra, and lot of them approach me for different spell requests, astrology readings. These energies, the spirits and guardians work in mysterious ways.

But there are lot of ethics and principles involved. My spirits can instantly sense your energies and gives a lot of information about you remotely. Please read this FAQ page to know more about it. In simple words, there are certain people whom we don’t deal with and reasons are mentioned in FAQ page.

tantra 11

tantra 3





Corona virus: Curse of mysterious animal spirit

corona virus astrology astrological reasons


Kalachakra wheel of time


Corona virus astrological analysis (spirits have answers):

Corona virus or Covid19 is the curse of mysterious animal spirit. SARS, Ebola, MERS, spanish flu and many virus outbreak or respiratory infections of the past, are caused due to rage and anger of animal spirits. It is also caused due to humans abuse or kill poor animals and laws of nature. These viral or virus outbreaks or pandemic are cyclic in nature and comes and disappears from time to time. It has now gone global and its impact (prabhav) or vibes is so huge, that 80% of countries have went to complete lockdown.

People have never seen virus outbreaks of such intensity and global lockdown. In the past, we have seen many virus outbreaks like SARS,MERS, Spanish flu and small pandemic limited to certain countries or regions, here and there. But they were brought to control or medicines/vaccines were discovered to overcome it.

The economy came to a standstill due to lockdown. Many sectors were badly hit like airlines, hospitality, tourism, retail stores, small business bear the brunt of this outbreak. In some countries, government have decided to support industries or sectors affected by lockdown.

 This world is always controlled by black magicians, magicians and shamans. They decide want to happen. We humans are just pawns or puppets. I have seen 1000+ cases in my astrology interactions. It is like  a game to them.

 Corona virus is the game of black magicians. It has even caught rich persons off guard, and many lost crores or billions of rupees due to lack of production and shutdown mode. My involvement with astrology, occult and tantra, should be also a play of black magicians. I have described the experiences in previous post.

Such mysterious illness and disease are always connected with black magic.
Even world war 1 and 2 are game of black magicians. War will break out in Europe anyway, if not for Hitler or Stalin. Such was the atmosphere or powerful prabhav (vibes).

But our belief systems, faith in god and supernatural will protect us. Atheists are a big joke. Any small black magic or spell on them can destroy them. They should come in contact with black magicians or shamans. I have seen 1000+ cases in my astrology practise.. Atheists just suffer.

Corona virus astrological planets transit astrology

World war 3 was due for a long time. There was an solar eclipse on dec 26 2019. I expected some kind of imminent danger to particular nation, nuclear exchange, wars, global tensions, natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, drought, famine and other forms of natural calamities. But this covid 19 or corona virus outbreak is creating world war 3 scenario.

Instead of people running to doomsday bunkers in advanced countries, or any other forms of shelter available with food and essential supplies inside it for months or few days, one mysterious viral outbreak, has created a similar world war 3 situation. There is an astrological reason for this situation. It is called corona virus or covid19. Virus outbreaks come in different names and go. Covid19 is similar to SARS. During 2003 SARS viral outbreak, only few countries were affected by it. But Corona virus, almost 80% of countries are directly afflicted by mysterious forces of nature.

Even the animal spirit didn’t spare healthcare workers, doctors, nurses who were treating the patients. They themselves got afflicted by virus and few of the doctors, nurses also passed away. Such is the rage and anger of the animal spirit curse. Slowly it’s vibes (prabhav) or influence has spread to 80% of the globe. There is fear, anxiety and uncertainty everywhere. It has effected all sectors of economy and most of the industries are in hibernation mode.

Although, there were few viral outbreaks in the past, it was limited to only particular region, country or continent. They have never seen anything like this before, of high intensity. Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses are most feared in astrology for particular nations, I have written a entire blog post about it. But dragon nodes, locking all planets this time, has created very volatile situation which just cannot be controlled for some time. Many magical beings, animal spirits exists since ages. There is a spirit for ocean, volcanoes, forests, mountain and it is upto the people belief systems in certain regions on how they pacify them. Energies are hidden in mystical beings or powerspots. Sometimes, such mysteries just cannot be scientifically explained.They have different vibrations, frequencies. Even human beings have certain vibrations and frequencies in the form of chakras or aura. It acts as an psychic shield.

Illegal trading and poaching of exotic animals, animals kept captive must have annoyed the animal spirit. The coronavirus existed 100’s of years ago. It lived parallel with human beings. It always resided in animals. It never used to disturb humans in the past. This time, the virus has jumped to humans, due to mutation. Stop killing exotic animals like pangolins, bats, tigers and bears and other animals connected with spiritworld for human consumption and medicinal value. Stop abusing animals like tigers, lions and elephants. This attitude of people towards poor and defenceless animals should change, they should be given space in the eco system and should not disturb them.

So the corona virus caused by the rage of animal spirit, will move away or disappear to different dimensions. Animal spirit rage comes in different forms, frequencies, dimensions and astral plane. There is lot of spiritual connection in it. It has even bypassed and surpassed the medical system for a while, and many health workers, doctors, nurses have lost their lives. Such is the intensity or prabhav (vibes) of the animal spirit. It just wants to leave animals all on its own.

Nature fury corona virus covid 19

When I cast a mystic chart for corona virus outbreak, all the planets are hemmed between dragon nodes. So planets lose their powers or potential in their clutches.  It is a strange astrological event. ( Dragon head and dragon tail all planets locked, so loses 50% powers or influence. ) Animal spirits like other spirits have control over pancha bhutas or elements of nature. They can cause viral diseases, natural calamities like drought, famine, accidents and even earthquakes and tsunami. But viral disease breakout is their nature or pattern. 

Around 70% of the global population is under lockdown state. Nothing much can be done, no big economic activity, until april 31. Slowly and partially all the restrictions will be lifted. But damage already done and irreversible and has short term impact, equal to world war 3 impact. All countries are directly or indirectly involved. Economies of many countries are badly hit, and it may take a while to recover.

The worse are yet to come for certain sectors, when this crisis is over or under control. Unemployment, job losses, pay cuts, salary cuts, cash flow of companies effected, bankruptcy cases surge, retail outlets do shrink in size, layoff employees and few units shutdown. Some online sectors or companies have benefited a lot in this period though. But traditional, brick and mortar business are badly effected and some recover after a while. The situation or panic caused is 3 times worse than 2008 global recession. The good thing is, everything is cyclic in astrology and things will come to normal in a year. Just avoid splurge, unneccessary travel and unwanted expenses. This is dark age and forces of nature will show its wrath, once people abuse laws of nature. No power can stop it or control it, such is nature of certain animal spirits in astrology.

So how can we stop virus outbreaks in the future? (Astrology point of view)

Respect laws of nature, stop abusing or kill poor animals and these virus outbreaks will stop. But that is not fully possible, because people belief systems are different. In India alone, we consider lot of animals sacred. Only few are permitted for consumption.

There are people who eat animals half cooked alive, skin it alive, drip in hot oil alive and laugh at their plight. Remember karma comes back! There are certain principles in astrology and earthquakes, natural disasters, virus outbreaks are connected with spirit world or animal spirits and can all be predicted using astrology. But that cannot stop, what has to come. Astrology can give reminders, hint and information about what has to come.

They have serious karmic consequences, because animals are connected with spiritworld. There will be virus outbreaks, every 15 to 20 years and each country or government should be prepared with healthcare. Nature itself is cleaning in its own way and there is lot of grief and sorrow in affected countries.

The sad and grief part is that, many people were caught all of a sudden, surprise and silent death.Such is the nature of animal spirits. The situation will be control after may 30 2020. Death messenger, snatched away the close and loved ones. Very volatile period right now. All governments have no other choice, but lockdown is the only way to save lives and balance cases, with existing healthcare infrastructure.

Note: Spirits have crystal ball like vision. They can detect most of things, not visible to human eye. It can answer lot of questions about corona virus. My existing followers are asking lot of questions on daily basis, and that is the reason, I am writing this blog post. 

But nobody can stop its rage and anger of this curse of animal spirit. It will disappear soon, after doing lot of collateral damage. 

We do active discussions about corona virus in our whatsapp group among our existing followers. People have lot of questions to ask, and I request spirits for answers. They have crystal ball like vision and know lot of things, which is not visible to human eye. 

I may update answers in this blog post, safe to community. We are discussing astrological reasons. There are certain forces of nature and universe, which is beyond the control of human beings. They are cyclic in nature and operates on universal principle of karma. Such rare planetary alignment, which caused corona virus or similar virus outbreaks in the past,is a part of the astrological cycles as per divination. I and my astrology followers believe in astrology, gods, demons, different kinds of spirits and most of them yearly ritual (mandatory) to pacify spirits or make them happy. Some people are atheists in nature, and it is just understood. But provoking with forces of nature, its significations and even animals comes in the list, which are directly connected with spirit world. 

They may accidentally or unknowingly cause harm to such animals or animal spirits, which triggers some kind of karmic repercussions. It’s all about the belief systems. Some people believe in god, respect the principles and don’t hurt significations of nature. Animals spirits do have control over forces or elements of nature. They control water, sky, fire, earth, air (pancha bhutas or 5 elements of nature). They do have mysterious and strange appearances like half human and half animal form. (animal spirits) They have been living parallel to human race, since ages. Not all, can see them or feel their vibes of frequencies. But they do make their presence known over time.

dark age era astrology covid 19

Interaction with astrology subscribers, who work in various sectors:

I have interacted with lot of my astrology subscribers, who work in different sectors and industries. The corona virus lockdown have brought their economy or source of income to complete halt or hibernation mode. Most of them Have big industries, textile shops, retail shops, entertainment niche like movie theaters, event management freelancers, lot of freelancers, movie production, ad shoots, outdoor advertising all felt the real dip. Many of them have turned to freelancing (depending upon their skills) and experimenting other sources of income.

Even big advertising industries were affected, where certain sectors or industries cancelled their ad campaigns or reduced the ad spend by a big margin or just running limited ads. It has affected print media, TV, radios, billboards, brochures, flyers and all other forms of marketing. No movie trailer ads, events or concerts, casinos, restaurants, hotels, flights, resorts, entire tourism sector which relies on international tourists as their main source of economy.

Schools, colleges and universities, are insisting for online classrooms, video conferencing and many of students lack proper infrastructure of hardware. How to procure computers, smartphone and broadband connection in this lockdown period is a big channels, as most of such retail shops are shut down, because they come under non essential items as per government. Many of the countries imposing strict rules for lockdown and lockdown violations are dealt with huge fines. This has also made the situation worse in some households, who have relationship or compatibility issues after marriage. Some companies or sectors have freezed hiring temporarily due  to global uncertainity and there may be changes in structure.

Most of my astrology followers have learnt not to waste resources like food, water, electricity, use mobile data responsibly to avoid congestion of network. (Lockdown request by government, in certain countries). There is fear and uncertainity in the minds of my astrology subscribers, about their future, whether there will be a repeat like 2008 recession or worse, pay cuts, layoff or job losses. IT companies are just operating with 35% workforce and must of them are just asked to work from home.

Impact on nature and environment:

The nature or environment is becoming very clear, clear water on rivers, canals, parks, dolphins and strange fishes spotted. Animals are fearlessly roaming in neighborhoods (their orginal habitat) and I have also seen many of my astrology followers belief in gods, almighty and karma has increased. Whether they are directly affected or not, many are requesting the mysterious animal spirit to stop its anger and rage. The world has suffered a lot. The universe or forces of nature (pancha bhutas) always have an edge. It’s all about the beliefs. I personally requested my astrology followers don’t hurt poor animals.

Spirits response: (many followers asked me)

When I asked my spirits, about this covid 19 virus outbreak, they told me it will be in control after may 30 and lockdown and restrictions lifted and will be in full control after August 30. This is not the time for international travel and only travel if there is no alternative after may 30. (selected countries)

Social distancing, wearing masks and limited travel will be upto 1 year in certain parts of globe. (to avoid new hotspots from emerging or minimise risks)

Spirits also told me, that world war 3 was due for  a long time and corona virus was the alternative approach. Such events are cyclic and it is waiting for a catalyst.

World war 1 started after assassination of  Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Siberia.

World war 2 started after Hitler invaded Poland. 

The world almost came near to world war 3, many times atleast 7+ times after WW2. Nuclear exchanges, missile crisis, regional wars goes out of control, shift of bi polar politics and humans way of thinking has changed. This is dark age and natural calamities comes in one way or other. 

Note: Spirits can answer any questions about corona virus or impact, the approx numbers and what is on the horizon? They have crystal ball like vision, they can see things not visible to human eye. I am just a medium. I can put  a request to them or ask questions and they will respond using their own vision. I have no control over them, or what they have to say. Please read “FAQ” for more information. The questions should make sense and reliable and clear. 

Few of my astrology subsribers are presumed dead or struggling in hospital: 

I have lot of astrology subscribers in USA, UK, France, Singapore (in the list of most affected countries). In the past, once I send a email/phone call or whatsapp or skype message, they just used to respond instantly, or after few hours, when they are available. But now even after 2 days, I have no response from them.Most of these people, come in the age group of 50 to 70. That means, they are already under quarantine, admitted in hospital or presumed dead. The list is big. I need to check with my spirits later, perhaps they can answer, whether they are dead or alive.

Few of my astrology followers, have lost their friends, next door neighbor, colleagues, their grand parents and they messaged me about the incident. The emotional trauma is huge. People are either dying in homes or nursing care homes, hospitals and other places of self isolation. Health care is not able to handle the sudden surge in cases.

They are not able to talk with their closed ones, and can only see them through glass windows and hospital sends death notifications, which is inconsolable. Even burial process has strict protocols and they are not supposed to see the body, touch it to avoid the risk of spreading. People do update me with their experiences, I mean those who have lost someone, in this virus outbreak.

I have personally seen lot of cases of evil eye, black magic, curses of strange spirits, but this mysterious animal spirit is something of high intensity, lot of amger and rage for human race. Nations, families or individuals get destroyed due to their prabhav (vibes). Some imbalance in pancha bhutas or forces of nature, caused by some kind of provocation to the spirit world. Once this crisis is over, the world won’t be the same. Health care will be a top priority for many countries and many changes in the way, we interact with other people. We are living in dark age era, as per astrological cycles. So there will be wars, nuclear exchange, natural calamities, global warming, missile crisis, curse of mysterious
animal spirits, acts of god/nature. However, respecting laws of nature and aligning with it, can avert or neutralise many things.

Personal message to my readers or loyal subscribers.

tide any uncertainity - personal message



Spells, enemies, evil eye and blackmagic

Do evil eye and black magic, exists in this world? Yes. They exist since times immemorial. I get lot of horror cases related to evil eye, spells, enemies and black magic.

Competation, envy, jealousy are common reasons. It can also be a stranger, you don’t know. Anything can be seen using my mystic charts. If you are affected by evil eye, blackmagic spells, enemy tantra attacks or witchcraft / sorcery or voodoo they call in some countries, you need help of higher energies and there are certain principles to follow to overcome and neutralise them. Contact me for consultation if interested, and including the names of people, concerned person or stranger or someone unknown and my spirits can connect with their energies and gives us the answers.

Can spells be used for good purposes? 

Yes, I have used spells to get best real estate deal for my followers, sell and buy equipment like machinery, cars at best prices, attract a new buyer,  opportunities, promotion, land a new project or contract, new business partnership and joint venture opportunities., extra source of income and even unexpected financial windfall in some cases, also seen. Everything is energy. Each and every case is different. My mystic charts and spirits, can instantly give outcome of any situation of how energies are working for that particular situation.

Spells and magic ( most common requests)

Note: An astrology consultation is mandatory, to determine your case and energy levels. 

Spell requests are not for everyone. We put requests to spirits for a specific purpose. Spirits may not work with certain people, who doesn’t follow house rules. 

So, we  need to analyse the outcome using mystic charts and then only  proceed, if appropriate. I need to analyse how energies are working for you and whether spirits will help or not.There are many spells, which I didn’t add in the list. There are many principles to follow and we don’t deal with people, who doesn’t sync with our beliefs.

Some spells may also require you to follow basic house rules like avoid non veg, beverages, meditating for atleast 20 minutes a day with simple exercises and other few house rules, I don’t want to mention here. Your mind should be free from other thoughts and distractions and privacy is important. All these things, will be discussed during consultation, only with serious people, I find fit or appropriate or who align with our beliefs.  ( Such spells are not for everyone)


Part 2 : Spell requests for enemy problems 

 I have structured my astrology website in 60+ countries globally, by mediating in their enemy problems, disputes, fights, if they are on right side. So my loyal followers come again and again, if appropriate. We have a strong bond.

There are certain principles to follow. Spirits can give a clear idea about intention of enemies and many other answers, using its vision in minutes. Enemies can be unknown, thieves, robbery, gossip, rumours, slander, jealous and envy people, who does things behind your back, cast evil eye,  perform black magic spells,  attacks or grave injustice.  I have supported many, if justice is on their side. There are many ethics and principles involved.

We can put spells on them or request supernatural for help. I have mentioned in blog post. Such problematic people exist everywhere.

 Dangerous enemies. Don’t worry. If you align with our principles and believe in astrology principles, I have seen many magic. I have seen many gangsters, terrorists, mafia wiped out on magical astrological days. Black magicians and shamans have full Control over anyone.

10+ yrs of observation. Not for kids. This tantra is only for serious people.
I have a big list of gangsters, terrorists, mafia, got weak and wiped out, by acts of mother nature.   10+ yrs of observation. Any enemy problems now or in future, let me know. That is how my website spread to 60+ countries. He he

I want to know exact reasons, whether justice is on your side. My spirits can sense instantly.

Just because you don’t like a person, is not a reason. Also even unknown enemies like thieves,  anonymous, also gets hit by supernatural gaze.  Ex: murders, hit and run case, robbery, assault, but you don’t know their identity.

I don’t speak or deal with kids. Only serious people I feel fit.
We can put  a spell on them. Thieves and anti social elements will get caught, weak, accident, paranormal haunt. I will only explain personally.

You too need to follow certain basic principles and I only consider serious people. I am happy to answer any questions you have on this regard.
I never thought I will be an astrologer one day. I believed in astrology, tantra and magic. Despite working for 4 different companies, I was drawn to astrology, due to certain paranormal experiences in my life. He he. So I understand the problems.

Loans, debts, bankruptcy, insurance, accident, diseases in astrology

Loans, debts, bankruptcy, insurance, accident, diseases in astrology


Insurance and security in astrology:

I have seen lot of horror cases in my astrology career. I have even personally helped lot of people in preparing a repayment plan using astrology, get secondary source of income, help them in answering with insurance proceedings like life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance. I have first hand experience about this, and  can answer any questions I know about this. We have lot of loyal followers, who bring us lot of referrals and I have waived off the consulting fees on many occasions, I feel appropriate.

Accidents, illness, death can strike anytime, and astrology can used as a tool to determine such trends. Such astrological charts should be neutralised and planets pacified using certain rituals. It is connected with past life karma. Sudden job loss and disease or illness can easily land you in debt. It is suggested to set aside 6 months of your monthly income as emergency fund for such occasions. Other factors are car breakdown, immediate house repairs and unexpected expenses, which can strike anytime.

Loans and debts in astrology:

People from all over world, have shared their experiences with me. I have even helped lot of people to go debt free, using astrology, by analysing what the mystic charts have to say. Most of them have lot of mortgage loans or home loans, car loans, personal loans, most important student loans and credit card debt. Pros and cons of when to have different kinds of insurance and coverage limit are also discussed. I have personally helped lot of people about insurance process. Even the money you owe to your family members and friends for personal use or business reasons are considered as debt. You may get these loans, without security or collateral, but chances are, it may spoil the relationships. Anything can be seen, using my mystic charts, instantly. Dealing with dangerous money lenders and loan sharks, threats, repossession, my astrology subscribers have shared all their experiences.

Bankruptcy in astrology:

Companies and individuals go bankrupt for a variety of reasons in astrology. The laws in different countries varies. The astrological chart can also show such trends and how to overcome them or not. Some bankruptcy problems are caused due to market conditions, negligience. Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, I have heard a lot, and I have even prepared a repayment plan, using astrology, if my mystic charts support it. Most of my astrology followers, have overcomed such tough times, and leading a normal life. Even I can answer a lot of questions, about the process, after hearing lot of their experiences.

Diseases , accidents and illness in astrology:

Diseases, illness and accidents can strike anytime in human life. Such trends can be seen using my mystic charts or astrological charts method and any rituals should be done. I even suggest few insurance plans, with different riders (like health insurance + life insurance + critical illness riders) for such people. There is a maturity period, for few years for any untoward incidents happen during the policy period. I have personally seen diseases like cancer, kidney related, heart related problems due to age, liver diseases caused by excessive alcohol and smoking and permanent disability, caused due to accidents. Car and bike accidents, many people have shared their experiences with me.  Astrology can be used as an indicator for what has to come. If you are a frequent traveller, a travel insurance can help you, in case of untoward incidents.

Another factors to look for are solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, enemies blackmagic and evil eye and other mysterious forces of nature. Astrology is a big topic, and we used be sure, we don’t annoy 5 elements of nature, gods or demigods, tantriks or shamans, or who are into black magic and dangerous enemies. If you have such enemy problems, my mystic charts can answer, such questions instantly. If interested, you can contact me for consultation.

Mystic arts

Blackmagic and evil eye





Current affairs and popular global events

current affairs global events astrology

I have decided to do readings for all current affairs and global events using my mystic charts and spirits. I was analysing all the key global events and current affairs in the country, using mystic charts and spirits, but never published them in public domain.

So what kind of questions. fit this charts. See, spirits needs to understand, the meaning of your sentence, it should be a popular global event and all the names or objects involved, should me made clear. Don’t ask me about anything related to sports, betting, gambling. Spirits don’t want others to know. These kinds of questions, spirits can sense from their crystal ball like vision.

So the popular questions, I get from my followers are:

  1. who will be the next pm? (we need all available candidates names for this)
  2. who will be the next president?
  3. Who will be the next mla, mp, governor, local, assembly or parliamentary elections?
  4. Will this law or bill be passed in parliament or implemented?
  5. Is there any danger to this particular person? ( any suggestions if neccessary)
  6. Should he/she travel to this place? Is it safe to travel abroad?
  7. Important parlimentary decisions, wars, opposition, will the government will complete the term or fall or popular global events can be seen, if you can provide the details of the persons involved.


Hi, in the past few days, I am covering a lot of events, the outcome of global events,  wars, hot topics using astrology and spirits. Spirits have crystal ball like vision and they can give instant answers.Many magical abilities to be explored.

Join my whatsapp status to see all those updates. Most of the subscribers, find it very interesting. It can be parliamentary elections, current affairs, global events, and popular notable events. Even mature topics also covered.
Join my whatsapp to see those updates. We have 200K+ audience on whatsapp status alone. 

I see lot of spirits magic on daily basis

I see lot of magic in my astrology followers life on daily basis. Most of them are determined and do any rituals, simple mystic arts and exercises I suggest. There are lot of factors involved like karma, planetary energies and dasha. Each and every case is different. I can determine outcome of any situation, using mystic arts and how energies are influencing you. But spirits energies works wonders in most cases. They can instantly polarise chakras and bring lot of good things in your way. Some of these things are completely random, and it is upto the spirits to consider. Not that difficult, but simple exercises can help to connect with them. I have no control over the events and forces of nature.

So the things, I hear on daily basis are. (From those people, after practising mystic arts.)

  1. I got a promotion, recognition in workplace or relief from office politics. Sudden hike in salary/bonus. Transfer to the higher department or new office.
  2. Got lost money back, got money from unexpected sources like got more than expected in tax refund, unexpected money from speculation, someone owed you money suddenly returned it back, a new second stream of income or other side gigs knocking at your door.
  3. People are very eager to make friends with you, proposals, dating or marriage got fixed. Got call from ex, or someone who didn’t respond for a long time.
  4. Husband- wife issues fixed and things were compromised. Even I got many cases of divorced cases fixed even after 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and more. Spirits are known to create lot of attraction and seduction vibes. They do possess such magical abilities like hypnosis, mind control, seduction, infatuation, subjugation and irresistible aura.
  5. Some even reported small gambling wins in games of chance. It is upto the spirit and it is random luck.
  6. Got a new tenant, property sold at higher prices, car and high end gadgets got more value than expected.
  7. Those who are involved in court cases and litigation, have reported the verdict is in their favour. The opposing party compromised and even went for out of court settlement, a fast resolution unexpected.
  8. Enemies got into some trouble, and they stopped troubling or bothering you like gossip, badmouthing. I mean jealous and envious person exist everywhere and you should be bit careful about these people.
  9. Some of them even won big tenders, projects which can change their financial graph over time. A new unexpected overseas opportunity, an opportunity beyond the normal map or outside your line of work or career like politics, media, government positions.
  10. It can also help in matters of love and lost love cases and patch up any issues with your ex or friend. Shift in energy levels, lady luck.
  11. I have seen lot of my followers sharing their experiences like, they got a big discount, concessions, part of their dues waived off, unexpected money received from various sources, a good trading or business partner, joint venture resources they were looking for a long time and many surprises. These kind of events are generally random. But mystic charts can give me a clear picture.
  12.  Unexpected help like loans, financial help from family members, colleagues, friends, who believes you. Some small loans waived or squared off by friends.
  13. Unexpected discount, a good collateral, offer to buy or some equity in your company, attract investors, someone liked your business idea and willing to fund and raise equity, got that clearance and approval from authorities that you are waiting for a long time.
  14. Got that reimbursement without much hassles and a lot more.

Note: The list is big. But these are the most common cases. Each and every case is unique and different. A consultation is very important to determine how karma and energies are working for you. I can instantly get answers or outcome for any situation, using mystic charts. I may also suggest some exercises and mystic arts if appropriate.

Dealing with old loyal followers and rich experiences

premonitions, astral projection, astrology, remote viewing

When I first started my astrology website in 2012 and later changed the domain to in 2014, I have met lot of interesting people online. Initially, I used to provide in person astrology consultations, but later I decided to go online since 2016, because I received a surge in online traffic and was not able to handle in person consultations.

So for 1 year (2015), I was providing lot of complimentary astrology consultation and this helped me to build  a large referral base, by my loyal followers. They spread the word out for me. I had interacted with people from different countries like USA, India, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, most of European nations and South East Asia. I got a clear idea about their belief systems, their attitude. So, this time I may not deal with people, who may not sync with our beliefs. We politely ask them to consult someone online or local area. I always ask my spirits, to say something about this person. I get instant answers within 60 seconds to know about their character, attitude and I may prefer to move forward or not. Intuition matters a lot and can help people in many ways.

I have learnt about the economy of these countries, recession, coping with job loss, layoffs, unfair dismissal, cases of home foreclosure, overcome debts, car repossesed. Astrology can help you, depending upon your karma and if you respect universal laws and forces of nature.

Many cases of divorce, problems caused due to competitors, rivals, jealous and envious colleagues and friends or relatives/ neighbors. So understanding these things gives us a lot of intuition. I supported my loyal followers on all these occasions, to overcome all these obstacles and hiccups, and provided them lot of concessions and followups for astrology readings. These people perfectly sync with our beliefs and they also bring me lot of good referrals in the pool.

All these factors caused due to sudden loss of family member, due to accidents, litigation, unexpected death, enemies and other factors beyond one’s control. Many of my astrology followers, have overcome debts, bankruptcy, unexpected litigations, overcome from physical or mental trauma caused due to life changing accidents. Coping with unexpected bills, house repairs, car or bike repairs, mortgage and unexpected medical expenses.  Astrologically planets do influence all these factors.

Enemies black magic and evil eye is very common in most of the countries. Jealousy and envy may take a nasty turn. I have seen lot of people losing their high paying jobs, struck by litigations, accidents and dangerous disease. No matter, how powerful your astrology chart can be, there are certain astrological events, which can turn tables upside down.