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Name: Harsha

whatsapp +91 7736569514 (not handling phone calls)
skype id: mailharsha08
Email: mailharsha08@gmail.com
Country: India


I am practising this astrology art, since 7 years. Each client or reading, has given me a better insight for a particular situation.

There are a lot of people, who believe in astrology, planetary cycles, science of timing. Our calculations are strictly based on karmic theory. That means, for any event to manifest, there should be strong planetary support in your natal/birth chart. Also timing and planetary support is what we look for. 

We have stopped giving in person astrology consultation, at the moment and only concentrating online, because it gives me a wider reach. Some people prefer to consult in person/offline. I frankly suggest, to consult someone in your local area in that case. But there are good numbers, who are seeking astrology consulting services online, and this website caters to them. To be frank, we frankly suggest 30% of our visitors to visit someone in their local area, who are uncomfortable online.

We are not interested in merely increasing  our numbers. We also offer other services for our existing pool of subscribers, whom we have good rapport with. I believe in an ideology and we don’t want to compromise with it. 

How to order a reading from this website?
1. Buy a reading from “reading” tab at the top of page.
2. Choose “submit form” and provide appropriate details.
For natal chart reading, put subject of query as “nil” and give your exact date, time and location of birth chart.
3. You can always call me, before you order the reading, incase if you have any doubts.

I have done 4 different jobs in my past and now I believe there is some potential in astrology, planetary cycles, horary and decided to practise the same.


Any questions concerning any aspect of human life, can be explained using horary charts. It is an answer from the nature or universe  itself. Not only human life, but we can also analyse and time movement of stocks, commodities and sports.

There are certain groups, who integrate astrology to time stock markets,commodities and sports events. They have dedicated horary astrologers to keep track of their movements..

Other than that we can also integrate astrology on medical fields, weather forecasting and world event charts. I have time tested this art on real estate markets, and it is working like a charm. (buy/sell/flip) (few exceptions)

I am also into stock markets, commodities and sports astrology. I am practising with horary charts in these areas. I have got some insights in this area and I am happy to share with reliable person, if appropriate. Always ready to learn new systems of astrology. Perfection is my motto.

Most of the western and other countries, have set aside astrology funds in millions for research in these areas. Confidential projects. Horary charts are used to control and track certain movements. There are different kinds of movements in astrology.
1.Yearly movements
2. Monthly movements
3. Hourly movements
4. Minutes movements (to control sports events)
5. Seconds movements

Contact me directly, if you need more information.